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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 


The tall man was standing outside of the stables, in the snow. He had shovelled out a large circle for the event to take place in, and wasn’t all that worried about the cold. The kids could cope, and the kruppies weren’t going to care, as long as they stayed snuggled in the blankets that lined the basket. They looked like jack russel terrier puppies but with two tails. The only other difference between them and a regular puppy were the tiny elf hats comedically perched on their heads. He assumed that the christmas touch would be appreciated.

The puppies were able to see at this point, and scamper about playfully. They were too small to pose an actual danger, aside from the occasional nibbled fingers, which were aptly prevented by the use of gloves. There were no seats provided, but when the students started to trickle in, he gestured to the floor with the arm not holding the basket, slipping it out of his pocket only long enough to complete the gesture before stashing it back in the cavernous compartment.

He actually recognized a few of the students, including the slytherin girl, Elena. He had been planning on visiting her to make sure she was doing alright after he had done a slapdash job of trying to mop up her past. He also recognized Eris, the little gryffindor girl he had taken to. He had seen anastasia before, in the common room, and Rowan. And the kids he didn’t know looked decent enough. This might turn out to be a nicer event than he would have originally guessed it would be.

“Welcome to this R.O.A.M event. If you could please all be seated, I’ll go ahead and begin with the boring bit that you need to listen to anyway. Sound acceptable? What I have here are baby Crups. The proper term is Cruppy, and I find it to be cuter anyway.

Crups are, in most respects, like dogs. They were bred by Wizards, however, presumably to help protect them against muggles, because Crups are hostile towards them. You have to have a special permit to own one in muggle areas, and to get the permit you need training so the ministry knows you can handle controlling a Crup. Most Crups actually have one tail painlessly removed, but I prefer mine to be more natural.

These are living creatures, but they are babies. It’s almost impossible for them to not like you, and I can promise that if they don’t like you, it is most certainly your fault, but they will also forgive if you just fix whatever you’re doing wrong. That said, here are some rules. If these are broken, you will not set foot in one of these events again, and you will be doing detention. And no, detention is not scooping poop while you play with the dragons.

First of all, you will not squeeze them, you won’t hug them tight. You can hold them, by providing support to their bellies like a cradle with one hand, and you can rub them behind the ears with the other, or you can let them romp and then play with them.

Second off, no hurting them in any way. No tail pulling or ear pulling or kicking or biting, even if they start it.

Third off, you’re not keeping these.

This isn’t really a lesson, just more of an introduction, and a chance to play with some cool creatures you might not have been allowed to interact with. So use common sense, and we should get along fine, Cruppies aren’t very complicated. Please be nice with each other, there are enough of them for everyone to play with their own, but you can trade them, or just play with both together, I don’t care.

Last rule, and this one’s important, so listen up. You each have to come up with a name for your Cruppy. Hard, I know. I want a good name from each of you before you leave here in an hour or so. I reserve the right to come up with more rules as I see fit.”

Finished with his spiel, the welshman dumped out the basket of Cruppies, and tossed around blankets for the students to use, if they wanted to.

“Try to enjoy yourselves. Just ask if you have any questions.”

Since these are all puppies, essentially, I’m not going to rp them. Feel free to godmod a Cruppy. Do not Godmod someone else's Cruppy. You can give your Cruppy a quirk, distinct coloration etc. However, be reasonable. None of them are injured, have scars or are missing an ear etc. One could have more perky ears, or a spot over an eye, etc. Some could be more energetic, others could just want a nap. They could either be scruffy or clean, it’s entirely up to you. I will send you an owl if anything you’ve done is unrealistic. Otherwise, the word count here is reduced to 100 words. This means I will be expecting you all to post relatively frequently. You have a set amount of time, probably no more than a week, so make it count. If you want to have a visual reference, just look up jack russel terrier puppies.

Please include a header for each of your posts saying who you are adressing. I.e
"Interacting with Professor Griffith and King george, Mentions Marvin Martian"
to avoid confusion.
List of Participants:
1. @Tina Addington
3. @Elena Jangleton
4. @Eris Fawley
5. @Rowan Bane
6. @Elena Jones
7. @Vales Minter
8. @Marissa North
9. @Alan Vanes
10. @David Moore

I have limited the amount of people to 10. Again, this is the first event of it's kind, and I will tweak and adapt, depending on how this goes. If you have any feedback, please owl me.

The word count is 100

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."

R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting with a cruppy, open for interaction once settled.

“Have a seat.” The professor said. Good pun, as Rowan had legitimately no other choice.
The rules weren’t obnoxious, and he already knew about the naming thing. He knew this would just be play time. Had been looking forward to it all week, with the mayhem of current events. As he drew his attention back to the pups, he could have sworn he recognised the pup he had played with before. Yeah, it had a clump of little spots on it’s right shoulder, same markings as before.  
The only trouble was getting over to it once they were dropped. The puppies weaved below Rowan’s wheelchair, and he was worried he was going to crush one if he moved. Once the initial wave of furry bodies moved on to more interesting people, Rowan made his way over to the familiar pup, who had decided he wanted to attack a blanket rather than play with the others.
The child picked the cruppy up, as well as the blanket, holding it in his lap. Rowan was a little heater so as soon as he wrapped the cruppy in the blanket, it decided to snuggle, curling up on his lap so Rowan could just pet it. Nikolai. That was an acceptable name, right? He figured the pup looked like a Nikolai. It was also more original than a flower name, which he would usually do, sadly. So Nikolai is what he would dub him as for now.
He looked up from Nikolai to observe the other students, still afraid to get too close lest he crush a pup under the wheelchair. That would be a day. Let’s see if someone decided to strike up conversation with him now.

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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting with Professor Griffith and a Cruppy
Somehow Elena didn't think she'd actually get to this point, being one of seventeen people out of the whole school to get into ROAM, and one of ten to be at the first event. Jangles and Alan were both here, which was cool. She'd have to talk to them later, for now there were cruppies! Elena knelt down and smiled at a little one with a ginger splotch on its eye, "Hey there little fellow, I'm Elena..."

The cruppy sniffed Elena's hand before bounding a little closer, she smiled and scooped the sweet little creature up, carefully heeding Griffith's instructions. Now came the hard part, thinking up a name.

She gave the little cruppy some rubs behind the ears as she thought. Although the girl barely managed to resist the urge to just name it after Griffith. Leo would be good for a boy, but Elena realised that she had absolutely no idea whether they were a boy or a girl, which needed to be solved, after she figured out the alternative of course...

Rosa! Perfect, it was a pretty nice name, and would work brilliantly for her purposes, now came the hard part. Elena carefully made her way over to the professor and gave him a small smile.

"Hello Griffi- Professor." Elena barely managed to correct herself, "I was wondering if maybe you could tell me if this little sweetheart is a Leo or a Rosa?"

Elena looked back down at the cruppy and gave it a few more ear rubs.
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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting with Cruppies
Alan was standing their, on the outside of the stables. Of course he was not alone; for once there was Griffith, or Professor hw he would have to call him here in public. There also were nine other students except for him, but he only knew a few of them, which was kind of sad. But as Griffith had told him, the excursions were a way and an opportunity for him to learn more about these ittle creatures. When he had read the flyer he could not help but excitedly rush to the library, bothering the librarian. But then when he was about to open the book, he had shook his head and placed the book back on the shelf. He wanted this ecperience to be a surprise for him, as earned knowledge would help him better than if he just knew everything about them beforehand. He at least once read about them when he was younger, he even had treied to convince his mother to get him one for his birthday and only had given up bothering her, when she explained to him that he had to grow older before he could take up the resposibility for a small and fragile creature like that.

He was happy that he know would have finally the possibility to get in contact with those small cuties. He could barely concentrate, he just flashed Elena a smile, before he fixed his gaze on the Professor. Alan actually only once saw him in person or interacted with him, but he was not sure if Griffith would even remember this. He would probably remember him through all those owls that he send to him, but he rarely or only belated received replies from the man. He must have been busy or... no he was probably busy. When the older man asked them to get seated, the young Gryffindor would take a look to the ground. A big enough space had been shoveled free of the snow, which must have taken the gruff looking man quite a bit of time. It always took up o much time to shovel snow away and it seemed to be kind of funny most of the times, as it easily led to snow fights; even though the second year was pretty sure that he did not have any snow fight because he probably shoveled away on his own. Maybe he could tell him, that he would help for the preparations for the next event? After all the professor would go through the lenghts of teaching them about creatures event though he did not have to do that. He could have simply chosen to only concentrate on the upper years, but decided against it to teach even younger years some of his knowledge.

So he just sat down on the ground, shiverig slightly as his fingers grazed the cold, frozen gras beneath him. He quickly brushed the protective gloves over his slim hands, even though that was a pity. He would not really be able to feel the Cruppies soft fur that way so maybe he could ask Griffith to take them off later on, when the Crup were in a good mood. He really hoped so as he listened about what the man told them. He knew about how the tail of most Crups got severed painlessly, but Alan did not think that was okay. If those wizards living in Muggle communities wanted a Muggle looking dog they should get one of theirs instead of severing a puppies tail that had been bred just for wizards. Alan got a bit comfortable, shuffling around quietly as he continued to listen to Griffith's lecture about the creatures. He really liked that Griffith preferred them more natural, but he honestly did not think anything else. Griffith did not seem to be someone who changed an animal's features just to make them accepted by society.

When Griffith placed a basket on the ground, giving them the okay to meet these small troublemakers, a smile sneaked its way on the brunettes boy. He watched as another boy and Elena got their Cruppy and while the boy preferred to keep to himself, he watched Elena head to Griffith, making him smile slightly. She did seem to really like the professor, which Alan could understand as he indeed seemed like a nice person and the animals loved him. While his appearance would scare those away who were blinded by optics the energy he had was pleasant or so Alan thought to himself as he carefully shuffled closer to the basket in the middle of the circle and peaked into it. There they were, multiple cruppies wrapped up in soft blankets to keep them warm in the cold weather. Alan wondered where their mom was and turned to face Griffith, for a moment forgetting that Elena had began talking with him, so he stopped himself before he could say Griffith's name or well, his position. He just turned back to the basket and saw a cruppy whose blanket had kind of slipped, exposing its fuzzy belly to the cold air, making the small crup shiver slightly.

Alan gently reached out to slip the small blanket back over the cruppy, who tried to nip at his fingers, making the Gryffindor chuckle slightly. "Well, hello there little one~", the young boy whispered amused as he carefully scooped up the beast that was wrapped up in a light blue blanket. The small crup wiggled slightlyin his hold, still shaken by small shivers, until the Gryffindor placed the crup over hs heart, supporting the puppy by placing a gloved hand bellow its belly and making sure that it was held securely against his body. He made sure that the young creature could listen to the rhythm of his heart as he began to spend t some warmth.

The crup itself seemed to be an active one as it tried to snap for the laces of the Gryffindor's hoodie that were soflty tickling the young cruppy right behind its right ear. It would always try to turn its small head, narrowing its deep brown eyes as he launched for it. Alan could not help but laugh at the small ones attics, picking up the lace with hisleft hand and wiggling it in front of the cruppies face, letting it play with his clothes, not caring the he was slightly chewing through it. What were destroyed clothes against the happy yipping of a small creature anyway?

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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting with Cruppy, free for interaction

When Vales had first arrived at the Roam event, the small first year was nervous. She had seen a few of the people there before, but did not know them nearly enough to go and start a conversation. Instead, as soon as Professor Griffith finished his lecture, Vales stood up, quietly walking over to where most of the cruppies were playing together. She knelt down, sticking one of her hands out calmly as she waited for a cruppy to wander over to her.

In about a few seconds, her wish was granted. A cruppy walked over to her, sniffing her hand, then giving it a few licks. Vales's face broke out into a smile, and she calmly scooped the small thing up into her arms, following the directions Professor Griffith had said earlier. The cruppy seemed to like this action, swinging it's two tails side to side.

Vales had remembered that she needed to name this little fluffball, and started thinking up names in her head, trying name after name, until finally, the perfect syllables came together in her head.

"Hey Azi!", Vales said carefully, trying out the new name.

“You don't spend your life hanging around books without learning a thing or two.”

R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting with: Elena Jones. Open to interaction

When the students started to interact with the Cruppies, the tall man originally pretty happy with how things were going. The little dogs were playing nicely, and even Mr. Bane was able to get himself one without much difficulty. Everything suddenly went downhill, however, when Ms. Jones came up to him asking whether her Cruppy was a boy or a girl. Wasn't this a base biology fact that kids either found out for themselves or got explained to them by a parent? He wasn't a parent, he wasn't even close, so why was he in this position?

Luckily, she hadn't asked to explain how he knew what he did, and he remembered the Cruppy she was holding. So it was a simple matter to say

"Definitely a Rosa."

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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

interactions: cruppy puppy & professor griffith || stance: open to interaction from others.
Eris' eyes shone with excitement, or maybe that was just the snow reflecting off her eyes. The little child was bundled up in an outfit that looked remarkably warm, but she seemed happy to play with the snow drifting around her. Sitting on the ground, with a humming sort of apprehension, Eris remarked upon the snow with a giddy expression--before hastily trying to make a chair out of snow. She only half heard the conversations of the other children, and once seated in her snow throne, turned towards Professor Griffith with rapt attention.

Eris did not understand that she was supposed to be proud of being at such an event. No, she just wanted to see a niffler and maybe some other creatures. Hopefully a dragon. Whatever a cruppy was, it wasn't on her list of amazing creatures to give love and support to. No, it seemed a bit too basic for her wildfire tastes.

Then the puppies were handed out, and Eris was instantly reminded of her own bulldog. Buster the bulldog, who had not lived to see Eris' admittance into Hogwarts. Overwhelmed with the feeling of holding something small in her hands, Eris carefully held the crupp up, careful to protect its belly. She gave it an awful lot of support and care. Far more care than she would ever give a human.

Eris seemed lost in her own little world. The rest of the children went away, as did her lingering fear and shivers. Open hand reaching up to pet the little thing, the 12-year-old couldn't help but remark upon the softness of the puppy. It didn't seem poised to attack her, didn't seem to want to spread rumours about her, or judge Eris. It was just an animal, and it couldn't hurt Eris.

Taking the blanket and setting it down on the area cleared of snow, Eris pointed at the blanket with her free hand. "This will be our home base. We can relax there later, but you?! I think you want to run." Eris softly cooed down at the puppy, studying the twin tails wagging and the patch over the terrier's eyes. It looked similar to any dog, really, besides for the two tails. Other than that, Eris would find it hard to believe that this was an actual magic creature.

Dogs were amazing though! There was fun to be had in playing with dogs. Setting the crupp down in the snow, Eris stared at the puppy for a moment. She was young and fascinated with Harry Potter and Marvel comics. Closing her eyes, scrunching her nose up, as if thinking deeply, Eris almost missed the puppy taking a step into the depths of snow.

Crawling on her knees after the dog with a breathless laugh, Eris proceeded to pull herself up and run in a circle. Delighted to find that her small puppy was following after her, Eris stopped running to let him catch up. She assumed it was a him.

The little crupp was struggling to wade through the snow, leaping up and down to match Eris' hurried pace through the snow. Grinning at the small thing when it got to her, Eris picked up the crupp again and carefully brought it up to her face, giggling happily as the pup licked at her face.

"You're a firecracker, aren't you? Just like me. It's okay, I'm not going to name you that. We can save names until we get to know each other, but I'm Eris." She spoke down at the crup, seemingly holding off naming it. She wasn't going to name the animal until she got a full view of its personality, although, Eris was already thinking through a list of names.

Marching over to Griffith, new crup in tow, Eris beamed in greeting. "I was promised e-wooks." She meant ewok, but evidently, could not say the thing out loud.

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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting with a Crup, mentions Griffith|open
The young Gryffindor, again took a glance at the professor. Apparently Eris also thought about going to the professor that stood there tall. He could pick up the conversation between him and Elena making him smile. Earlier in the basket, while the young Crup had been laying on its back without a blanket to protect it from the warmth he did notice that the small creature was male. For someone who loved to spend his time with animals it did not seem like anythimg weird; it was just a person making it weird so he just cradled the cruppy gently, as it continued to play with the laces of his pullover that dangled in front of his face. With the cruppy playing, the blanket threatened to slip from its body, making Alan gently drop the lace from between his pointer and thumb not caring as the crup ruthlessly attacked the string of fabric. While the crub was distracted the second year carefully wrapped him up in a blanket once again, smiling sweetly at the creature with the cute face. Thick lashes framed its dark brown eyes with caramel colored splotches. His fur had been mostly white except for the rusty brown splotches that stretched over the crups small chest and another one made it look like it was wearing a brown sock on its front right paw.

Alan got up from the cold ground, holding the crup safey and looked in Griffith's general direction, thinking about whether he should make a move in his direction or to just ask later. He was not sure and there already were so many people crowded around him. The young Gryffindor never understood were people took that confidence from. He was distracted by a soft yip coming from the Crup in his hand, making him look down and giggle slightly at the cruppy who proudly presented its prey to him, the chewed off string of his hoodie. Alan carefuly took the piece away making a joking 'tsk tsk' sound by lightly clicking his tongue. "That is not very nice of you~" he scolded lightly, without any malice or roughness in his voice as he tapped the cruppies nose lightly, smiling slightly as the small crup began to lick the gloved hand slightly.

"If that is your way of apologizing you can chew through as many laces as you want, mister", he said chuckling softly as he continued to pet him. The perfect name already found, but he would firstly have to play a bit more with the pup, before making his final decision.

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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting with Cruppy
Sitting towards the back, Tina listened intently to the Professor's instructions. She had seen many different kinds of creatures, but she never saw a Crup let alone a Cruppy. Some of the rules seemed obvious while others expanded her mind. When it was time, she carefully picked a small black Cruppy with tiny white spots. It was as if it resembled polka dots. While cradling the pup as if it was a baby, she couldn't help but to appreciate the puppy's peaceful nature. They didn't jump around and only barked a little like a greeting. However, they did wag their tail a lot, especially when she rubbed their belly. She sighed as she realized she had already come up with a million names after her Cruppy made their first impression, but she didn't know which one to choose. She sat down away from the others, watching the pup walk in a circle with determination to catch bot of their tails. She chuckled a little, deciding to wait and see what else the puppy could do.

Tina Addington
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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting with Cruppy and Alan Vanes, mentions Riley Williams. 
Rowan actually recognised someone here. Crazy, huh? What was the child’s name? Right, Alan. Riley had pointed him out earlier. They knew each other one way or another, thought Rowan forgot from where. Maybe he could get to know him too. I mean, he liked animals, Rowan liked animals... yeah let’s just do this before he started to rethink. 
Rowan rolled himself over, still holding the Cruppy in his lap. Once he stopped close to Alan, he contemplated how to introduce himself. Well- too late. Just go for it. 

“Hey. My name’s Rowan. Sorry if I’m interrupting your bonding time. Just figured I would try to say hello to someone.”

Rowan was soft spoken, a calm aura following him, whether it was real or fake was the question. Though this time it was real. He was always calm around soft puppies like this. 

“What are you thinking of naming him? Or her. Can’t tell from here, sorry. I’ll even tell you what I’m naming this little one, if you want. Name for a name.” 

Another pain of the wheelchair. He was SO SHORT. It was a tad bit annoying. Though he put it past him, ignoring the troublesome detail. His Cruppy was a he. Nikolai was almost completely white, save for a patch of dark brown spots grouped over his right shoulder and paw. Thats how he could tell which one he was. As well as the fact that Nikolai was pretty uninterested in being all yappy. He just wanted a nap. Very much like Rowan at times. 

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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting with: Eris Fawley. Open to interaction

The man's discomfort lifted quite a bit when Eris walked over to him, after playing around with the Cruppy she had chosen. It was good to see the students enjoying what he had gotten together for them. She looked incredibly happy, and the little fuzzy magical dog wriggling about in her arms looked equally glad. He had played with them before, but the welshman also had other things to attend to, and the Cruppies needed a lot more attention than he could give them. They could play by themselves, to be sure. But if they didn't get enough social interaction now they wouldn't be as tame when they got older.

"I think you might be getting old already, did you become turn into a old lady while I wasn't looking? I said if I came across a niffler I would name it ewok and then show you, these are Crups, and you can name them whatever you want. Be patient or I'll just go ahead and call you ewok instead. Do you already have a name for that one?"

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."

R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting With: Rosa the Cruppy, Professor Griffith, Eris Fawley, and Alan Vanes
Mentions: Rowan Bane
Elena saw the kid in the wheelchair heading over towards Alan. She frowned, Alan was absolutely the sweetest person Elena had ever met, and felt protective. Not that the other kid had actually done anything to anyone, and was in a wheelchair, but she still felt the need to be near enough to her friend in case something happened. As well as being a little bit intimidated with the ease at with Griffith had greeted Eris, she felt sort of like an intruder. She frowned down at Rosa.

'Backing off for now would probably be good...' Elena thought.

"I think I might talk to you later Professor, it looks like I need to save Alan from an awkward social situation." She gave him one of her few genuine smiles, then turned and nodded at Eris, before making her way over to Alan.

She smiled at him, but didn't say anything, just kept cuddling Rosa and giving her little ear rubs.

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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting with Cruppy, Rowan and Elena | mentions Eris&Griffith | open
Alan was sitting standing there peacefully at 4 feet and 8 inches, playing with the pup in his arms. He kind of blocked out what was going on around him, only occasionally looking towards Griffith, Elena and Eris to see if he would get a chance to speak to the professor. He would not mind though, if that was not the case; knowing that the professor was most likely busy a lot and he did not want to be a hindrance like that. Still there was like this voice in his head, urging him to get some confidence and to speak with the man. It was weird for the young boy but he wanted to learn from Griffith how it was to live with all the animals and beautiful creatures around him.

”...-ur bonding time. Just figured I would try to say hello to someone.”, he heard someone say, but did not look up from the cruppies adorable little doggo face. Was that person even speaking to him? It would be awkward if that person was not speaking to him and he would look up now, turning to him like a fool, when in just that moment the person the boy was really talking to would speak up. Alan could not remember ever hearing that voice either and he did not hear him say a name. He would peak through his hazel-brown bangs that fell over his eyes, to steal a glance at whoever was around him. No. He did not seem familiar at al and he could not recall ever seeing him anywhere close to him. But now he was sure that the boy was talking to him and instinctively he would hold the small puppy with the forked tail closer. Sensing the change in his mood and the young boy's sudden discomfort the crup would look around for the threat and paw and straighten its fuzzy ears in Rowan's direction.

"Y-you talking to me?", the Gryffindor asked dumbly not knowing how else to react without making a fool out of himself. He looked around, noticing Elena coming his way and instantly felt himself relax a bit, as he hold the protective cruppy closer to himself, who yipped happily and began licking over Alan's chin excitedly, thinking he had just successfully saved the kid. Not wanting to destroy the little creature's excitement the young boy let the small creature have some fun, while smiling back at Elena.

Finally he turned back to Rowan still a bit unsure, but more at peace with his friend there. "Who are you?", he finally got to ask, having missed the other's introduction earlier.

"The world can only be as beautifuly as you let it be."

R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting With Cruppy; Open to Interactions
Tina watched the Cruppy fall asleep on her lap, worn out from its amusing exercise. After observing such a strange and adorable Cruppy, she decided the pup would be called Wrep. It would be a secret acronym for weird, rowdy, enormous, and puppy. She thought they were weird and sometimes rowdy. She also had a lot of faith that they would grow into a big strong Crup, but at the meantime, she was going to enjoy the comfort of the Cruppy. She tried not to get to attached since she knew this would be the first and last time she would see Wrep. It seemed rather cruel to allow the students to get attached to the Cruppies when they could not be kept. She decided to wait awhile before telling the professor the name of her Crup so she wouldn't disrupt Wrep's nap.

Tina Addington
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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting with Alan Vanes and Nikolai the crup. Mentions Elena Jones and Professor Griffiths
Nikolai felt Rowan subtly tense up under him, and sat up slightly, raising his head to look at the male. One of the few indicators of what was going on in Rowan’s head at the moment. 
So Rowan casually wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Thanks Professor, for recommending getting to know people! The worst decision ever!
He sighed softly, looking over at the Wix now approaching them. He didn’t know their name, but they seemed protective of Alan. Hopefully she wouldn’t beat him up. Kinda rude to beat someone up when they were in a wheelchair and couldn’t fight back. 

In true Rowan fashion, all of this went through his mind in about .6 seconds, and he kept up the mildly calm facade, even if it was splintering in his grasp. Wouldn’t be there for long at this rate.

“Rowan Bane, at your service... I apologise- I believe I have made you uncomfortable- I just recognised you from the common room and figured I would try to meet someone else in the club.”

Poor decision. He thought. 
Should he leave? He felt like he should leave. The uncomfortable tension coming from Alan was nearly palpable. But he wanted to give the other a chance to respond. 

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