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Still waiting for your letter from Hogwarts?

Join the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Live your schooling years at Hogwarts. Friendship, lessons, exploration, adventures await you: your imagination will be the only limit!

Attend classes
Build up your schooling path by following the thirteen subjects taught at Hogwarts and earn points for your house through your grades.

Play Quidditch
Participate in the Inter-House Quidditch Cup, and support your team in the national and international tournaments!

Discover the Wizarding World
From St Mungo’s Hospital all the way down to Godric’s Hollow, travel all around the magical world and its almost 200 locations!

Live the Hogwarts’ life
Discover your house, share your everyday life with the other students, explore Hogwarts and live your adventures!

Potions ingredients, jokes and hoaxes or maintenance kit for broomsticks, spend your Galleons on more than 290 objects.

Complete your collections
Collect all Chocolate Frogs cards or every available flavors from the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

Adopt a pet
Owls and cats, frogs and rats, Pygmy Puffs and so many others will accompany you throughout your school years!

Enter contests
Help your House win the Cup and win prizes by entering contests and participating to major animations organized every month.

Read the Wizarding World’s press
Subscribe to the Daily Prophet and your House’s Press so as to not miss any news from the Wizarding World.
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