Care of Magical Creatures

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Irritated  Closed 

Phoebe was puzzled, and that irked her. She was irked, and that puzzled her. At that moment in time, she was trapped in a loop of confusion and irritation, not knowing which caused the other. Oh, she was furious. So furious.

She practically stomped all the way to the stables. She was so irritated, she just wanted to scream or cry or destroy something, anything. Even a simple chirp that was too loud had the power to make her want to fight someone. She didn't know why at all, but she was just oh so mad!

She plopped down on the snowy ground and leaned against the stone wall. She was seething, her confusion adding onto her anger within every second that passed. She simply did not know what to do about her anger, and that also made it worse. Every single tiny detail of anything and everything seemed to just pile onto her anger, festering into a large boil in the back of her brain. She screamed at absolutely nothing, causing some birds in a nearby treeline to fly away from their nests. Phoebe thought about all of the abandoned chicks still in the nest, and that added onto her anger.

"Are you kidding me? Go back to your nests, you stupid, worthless birds! Your chicks are there, you cowards!" she screamed, too angry to realize that she was acting completely insane. She was so angry, she started crying from all of the irritation. It was possible that she knew how crazy she was acting, but she just didn't care. She didn't care at all. If it were up to her, she'd sit in a pitch black, sound-proof room with nobody else.

She grabbed the snow in fistfuls, feeling it compress and melt in her hands. She breathed heavily, noticing the stinging sensation in her hands that occurred during frostnip. She let go of the snow and screamed again, not caring about anything. She didn't care if any students, professors, or animals heard; she only wanted to feel calm, and the fact that she couldn't make herself calm made her mad.

"I hate this stupid school, I hate this stupid snow, I hate those stupid birds, I hate stupid winter and stupid Christmas, I hate my dead parents, and I hate my stupid handkerchiefs!" she bellowed, not thinking about what she was yelling about. She didn't doubt her voice was loud enough to reach even the Slytherin common room, but she just didn't care. She didn't care if she interrupted any classes or whatever. She had never ever been so irritated before.

She breathed heavily, the fire in her chest beginning to die out. She rubbed the tears from her eyes. Phoebe was still irritated, but she was too exhausted to express it. All she could do at that moment was sleep, and sleep she did. Out in the cold, hands tucked in her lap.

The trees cry in autumn because their hearts are growing cold.
Phoebe McCrary

Irritated  Closed 

Alex liked wandering around the grounds of Hogwarts. There was always a chance that a Care of Magical Creatures class was going on and he could get a glimpse of some creature that he hadn't seen yet, or even better, hadn't heard of.

It was snowy today though, and bitter cold, so he wasn't sure what kinds of creatures might even be suited to stay out in this kind of weather. Where did the class creatures go during the winter? Were they just borrowed for class or did they all live nearby? He didn't really know enough about them to say. Being a first year was really frustrating sometimes. There was so much he knew was out there, but so little he could do. He wasn't even able to go into Hogsmeade yet. So far, he'd been able to bribe his brothers to bring him back some candies- and they usually did- but it wasn't the same.

Alex pulled his hat farther down onto his head and blew into his mitten-covered hands to warm his cold nose. He probably shouldn't stay out for too long, but it was nice to have a walk even if it was a bit nippy. Living in Oxford meant he was no stranger to snow this time of year. So many Brits complained about it, but Alex thought it was kind of beautiful. Especially now- a soft dusting of white covering everything. It made the castle look more magical. Well, magical in the Muggle meaning of the word anyway. Beautiful.

Alex was staring at the castle as he walked and didn't notice the snow-covered shape on the ground until he tripped over it and landed face first in the snow.

He wondered what he had tripped over as he got to his feet, brushing the snow off of his pants and spitting it out of his face.

A girl- bloody hell! What had she been doing sitting out in the snow?

"I'm so sorry!" Alex apologized, offering a hand to help her up. "I wasn't looking where I was walking. Er, may I ask why you were sitting out here?"

Irritated  Closed 

Phoebe had lost all of her anger within that one single nap, but the confusion still carried itself quite strongly within her. She was startled awake, but it was only after the boy tripped over her. His loud exclamations were what woke her up. She wasn't even aware that he had fallen until she noticed the patches of snow that strangley rested only on the front side of his body. It was obvious he had unfortunately landed on his face. She blushed, quite embarrassed with herself.

Phoebe stood up quickly, not even bothering to take his hand. She noticed how cold and wet her hair felt, and the fact that some strands of her hair had frozen solid greatly disturbed her. She shook off the snow that rested on her head, and she roughly patted the snow off her shoulders, working her way down to her toes. She ignored the fact that her nose had gone completely numb, as well.

She finally caught a glimpse of the boy who had asked if she was alright. For some reason, she immediately felt jealous of him. Well, honestly, she felt jealous of everyone in the school. She didn't like how mediocre her looks were compared to everyone else. She would never outwardly express that, though.

"No," she said, beginning to walk away. "Also, don't apologize. You're probably more embarrassed than I."

The trees cry in autumn because their hearts are growing cold.
Phoebe McCrary

Irritated  Closed 

Alex stared, open-mouthed, as the girl just got up and walked away. She really wasn't very nice. But then again, not everyone could be a Hufflepuff.

"Embarassed? Why would I be-- " He looked down- there was still snow stuck in awkward clumps all over his robe. He began brushing them off as he followed after her, but it was a bit of a challenge to multi-task so he wasn't moving very fast.

"Okay, well, I'm sure you had a good reason for lying in the snow." Well, he honestly couldn't think of one, but it was probably the right thing to say to make her feel better. "Are you impervious to cold or some such? If not, I can't imagine it was very comfortable to be there. I mean, your hair looks mostly frozen."

Alex wished that he knew some kind of warming spell or drying spell or something that could actually be useful in this situation. He was pretty sure this girl didn't like him very much and he couldn't imagine that his words now really endeared him to her much more.

"They have really good hot cocoa in the Great Hall." There, at least he had a useful suggestion. That was where he had planned to go after his walk anyway.

Irritated  Closed 

Phoebe was obviously more embarrassed than he was, but never in a million years would she admit it. Her cheeks made her look like her blood was boiling beneath her skin, but she could easily brush it off and make it seem like it was due to the cold. Yes, it was very cold, extremely cold. She shivered, hyperaware of how numb her toes, fingers, and nose felt.

Anyways, back to her embarrassment. She was quite embarrassed, so embarrassed, absolutely embarrassed. How could she allow herself to be caught in such a state? And by someone she didn't even know? She felt vulnerable, and she didn't like it at all. She didn't want others to think she was strange, but then again, she put herself in this position. She was painfully aware of how careless she was being a few... hours ago? Minutes? How much time had passed since she had fallen asleep?

Phoebe panicked a little. How long had she been out here? Had anyone noticed she had gone missing? Had she even been out long enough to raise suspicion? She brushed it off. She doubted anyone had looked for her at all, and that seemed to calm her down a bit. She wouldn't be in trouble.

"I'm fine," she randomly blurted out. She stopped in her tracks, turning her head to the boy. She was about to say something regarding the hot chocolate he mentioned, but a lump caught itself in her throat. She was too embarrassed to say anything, and she knew it. She knew how stupid she felt. She knew she couldn't keep up her brave facade. She bit her lip, turning back to the school. She started walking again, moving noticeably faster than before. She silently begged he wouldn't look at her face. She could feel her tears trying to escape from her eyes, and she knew it'd be the end if he saw her cry.

The trees cry in autumn because their hearts are growing cold.
Phoebe McCrary