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The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 

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November 29th, 2018. 5 PM

⠀⠀⠀ Today's classes had finally come to an end for Falentra. It had yet been another boring day. Charms had been her last class of the day, and it always did lower her mood. She wasn't necessarily bad at the subject, she simply just did not enjoy it. If she was able to choose to do lessons based only around Transfigurations, it would make life that much easier.
Students rushed throughout the corridors once the clock struck five. By this point, dinner was on most the students' mind, but not Falentras. She preferred going to the Great Hall at a later time when it was less rowdy and full, just so she could eat in peace.

Once the sound of screaming children had gone, she made her move and hurried through the now empty and almost ghostly corridors. When it was past five in the evening, it had become the norm for Falentra to make her way outside and down the path that led to the forest. The winds were calmer this evening and thankfully, treated her hair with a bit more respect but although the air was calm, the sky was filled with clouds. Dark gloomy clouds that were packed with rain. It didn't stop Falentra from carrying on down the path towards 'her spot' in the entrance of the Forest. Her quiet spot was located behind a few thick tree trunks, big enough to keep her hidden away from students.
She had never had really paid much attention to her surrounds when it came to the school grounds. She had been out here, on this route, that many times that she had no need to. That was until today. Today she was admiring the darkened skies. The corner of her eye caught large building further down beside the Forest. How could she have never seen this before? It was... huge. Was she that bad and not noticing what was around her?
Her usual route now became a new one. It was defiantly out of her comfort zone, but she was a curious kid and a stubborn one too, even to herself when it came to wanting something. Her conscience; the 'angel', was on one shoulder and her mind; the 'devil', was on the other.

The high walls apparently went on forever, even in height. Did it need to be so long and high? She questioned herself. It was like a miniature castle in ways. The stone walls were clean and fresh looking; no moss had grown on them, so maybe it was a new layout. That may have been the reason for her not taking note on the place sooner. She was definitely intrigued, but indeed wary of what could hide behind such walls as these.
Taking a few small steps closer towards the building lead her to notice a sign up on the wall. It read: 'Use front door', followed by another sign to which she decided not to read thoroughly, and in her mistake lead her to not knowing that this had belonged to Professor Griffith. She was far too busy on wanting to know where the nearest door were. ''Front door? And where the 'ell is that then?'' She asked herself in both confusion and frustration.

In the end, the Second Year has no other choice than to follow the high walls. She strolled around and came across a large set of door, too large of any human. Did a giant live here or something?
She had no idea and didn't really want to find out at this point. She wasn't stupid, especially not when hearing unexplainable noises coming from behind the locked doors. In reaction, her pace increased, and soon enough she came to a corner that led her to a smaller door, one that looked more fit for a human. It put her at ease in a way.
Her eyes flickered down to yet another sign, scoffing to herself and rolling her eyes. 'If you have no business here, I don't want you here.'
Whoever lived here clearly didn't wish to be disturbed, and she understood that. She was very much the same in that sense. Maybe she was to put some signs around her area in the forest.

'' ...'ey?! Is anyone in?'' She shouted out loud. The walls were thick so she needed to speak up. Her Manchester accent was quite strong anyway so it helped make her voice come across louder than it actually was but many students seemed to struggle to understand her slang and overall accent.
Whilst waiting for a response, she shook her hair back into place, a few black hairs still spiralling out of control and covering her seemingly large dark brown hues which starred continuously up to the wooden door, waiting eagerly to see if anyone actually was on the other side of the door.
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It's hard to judge cruelty when you've never know kindness.

The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 


The girl was waiting for a response from inside that wasn’t going to come. The professor wasn’t home, was not hidden away in the stone expanse of the stables. He had been by the great lake, looking at the giant squid wistfully. Imagining what it would be like to be able to go down there, to befriend the wonderful creature. To learn about it and protect it and give it someone to lean on if it ever needed one. He could use Gillyweed or a spell, sure. But he didn’t really trust those methods. Not enough to try and befriend something that colossal, anyway. If it was just something like a hippogriff or a Kelpie he would probably give it a shot. They were so beautiful. He wasn’t exactly an expert in squids, but horses, or horse like creatures were another matter entirely. He loved them to death, with a heart that couldn’t get enough of the beautiful equestrian grace. Unicorns, Abraxans, Hippogriffs… His mind trailed along the list of wonderful creatures that shared horse like traits when he heard a voice call out from near the stables.

Some girl was shouting, asking if anyone was in. It was a pretty forceful shout, too. Which probably meant something was urgent. His footsteps quickened. He was a tall man. Easily passing 6’ 6’’ but his real height was a bit hard to guess at. He wore large, heavy boots that didn’t seem to slow down his brisk pace at all. His feet didn’t drag at all. Silence, then a crunch and a flapping sound as the boot landed and the heavy leather coat slapped at his calves. Both his hands were deeply set in his coats cavernous pockets, and his sharp blue eyes searched on ahead for what the girl looked like, who it was. His long strides ate up the ground faster, and faster until he walked over a rise, and saw the student who had called for him. Black hair, robes. Standard slytherin green scarf. This was going to be interesting.

He wondered for a moment if she had a injured creature, but that idea was soon dispelled. As he approached it soon became clear that she wasn’t carrying anything, much less a creature. So she was either obnoxious and just calling because she was bored and curious, or she had a question for him. The girl carried herself like a pureblood. She looked bored, bored with everything. The way she stood, the way she had called out with no semblance of manners. She either wasn’t shy, or what she was wanting to know was more pressing than social anxiety. Still, speculation was going to get him nowhere, and by that point in time he had already managed to make it behind the girl.

“No, but there is someone out. I am Professor Griffith, Care of Magical Creatures. I’m assuming you were looking for me? There is a bell, you know. You could pull the cord instead of shouting at my door.”

So many different kids had been seeking him out. Why was that? What made these children feel like they had to talk to him? If he had to guess, it was all a conspiracy to get on his nerves. But had it really gotten on his nerves? He had enjoyed a lot of it. Had enjoyed the feeling he got when he owled with the little Gryffindor. He supposed he did like people, just not very many of them. Looking down at the girl with the wild black hair he tried to not think of her like a creature. He was a strict professor, he had mean signs and didn’t want to talk with people. He had a good reason, it’s not like he was just being mean for the heck of it. But he couldn’t help it, couldn’t help thinking, just for an instant, when the last time the little girl had someone care for her, talk with her.

It was only for an instant, and based entirely off of the look in her eyes that he knew so well. The feeling passed, the wondering what her life was like. A look in someone’s eyes wasn’t enough to base a opinion off of. She could have a perfectly loving family, have a perfectly healthy childhood but simply be bored.

“Is there anything you needed help with?”

He would talk with her, figure out why she had come. Plans could come after he knew what was going on. No use raising a chick before it hatched. Assuming it does hatch, it could be a boy or a girl, be curious or more timid. You never knew, and he had always found his improv was better than his planning skills. Master Yoda himself had said that there was no try. There was do, or do not. And while Yoda was just a rather good character from a muggle movie, what he said still held true. He didn’t try to help creatures. He either helped them, or he didn’t.

Professor Griffith had wild, long hair and a scraggly beard, the two conspiring to make him look a lot older than he would otherwise, and just a little bit crazy. He firmly believed that people judged books by their covers, and saw no reason to not look like this. It helped people know he wasn’t social, and helped get student’s attention. Either through fear or plain curiosity and amusement. Either worked just fine.

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The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 

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Her shoulders jolted up when hearing the voice of a man. It hadn't scared her, she just wasn't expecting it to come from behind, rather in front of her. Spinning on her heels, she swiftly turned to face the man, scanning him up and down briefly. He was a Professor? The young Slytherin had no idea. She hadn't heard of him before. Or maybe she had but decided not to take the information in at the time.

Judging from the surroundings and noises she had heard beforehand all made sense now, with him teaching those the Care of Magical Creatures. Falentra hadn't thought it through, if it had come to someone answering the door, let alone someone behind her. It had put her off.
She really didn't know how to speak to him at this point. It had caused her to react in awkwardness; her right hand raising to the back of her head, rubbing and tugging gently on a few strands of hair that stuck out from the rest. Thoughts now began to run through her head on how to respond to the Professor. From going off both the signs she saw on her journey around The Stables and now the vibe he was giving off, it was certified that he didn't like company. She sensed it easily and knew the signs all too well within herself. She knew to keep it short and be on her way. But of course, Falentras choice in words was never, ever the best choices. She was about to welcome him with her unmeaningly rudeness and bluntness.

'' Nah. I think I'll pass on using that...uh...cord, thing. '' She gave it a look of disgusted, almost judging it up and down as if it was a person. She was good at that; wearing a face of disgust, or just a general annoyed expression. At most times she never meant to look that way, but when she did, it was dramatised and overall not the nicest of sights to see.
'' I dread to think how many students or god knows what have touched that thing. ''
Her words could have come across harsh to some, but she spoke her mind and it was the truth, in her opinion. Her bluntness was a gift, yet a curse at the same time, depending on how that particular person was to take it. '' Anyhow... '' She changed the subject quickly, knowing her words were probably pointless towards him. '' I honestly didn't know you were a Professor, or that this area was even a thing until about fifteen minutes ago. '' Her eyes narrowed as she tried to pick up on his expressions and movement. '' I didn't mean to bother ya. Just wanted to have a nosey. You've got quite a nice place 'ere... Must be nice being away from people. '' Falentra wore a quick smile, a slightly jealous one from the thought of peacefulness.

⠀⠀⠀She jumped away from the step beside the door and landed onto the mushy mixture of grass and mud. Walking towards and passed the man, she made her way to the corner that she came from originally. '' I'll be on my way then. I'm sensin' the pestering off us students isn't somethin' you enjoy. '' Before she continued on around the corner, she came to a halt. A question had suddenly popped to mind.
A small groan could be heard leaving her parted lips. She hated the fact that she now had to show a sign of interest, especially when she knew he probably didn't want to answer it.

Whilst most children were seemingly obsessed with Hippogriffs and probably questioned the man on them far too often, Falentras question was probably one he didn't get all too often. She was fond of Occamys. In fact, she was somewhat obsessed with them. She had obviously never seen one, but pictures, on the other hand, she had seen dozens. Although she didn't seem the type, she surprisingly spent a lot of time in the Study Room researching on almost anything that could just past the time, whether she enjoyed that topic or not.
'' ... 'ave you ever encountered an Occamy? I uh... I think they are very beautiful creatures, don't you? Their aggressiveness makes them that much more excitin'.'' She hesitated before looking over her shoulder towards the Professor. Her eyes filled with excitement but hid it away behind her messy fringe. Her tone, on the other hand, had now changed and gave away the hint of excitement that she hid in her eyes.
The last part to her question was indeed true, but more of a childish side to her starting to showing without meaning. Aggressiveness was not to be taken as 'fun' and she knew that, but she still could not help but feel some sort of thrill just from the thought.
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It's hard to judge cruelty when you've never know kindness.

The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 

The little girl jolted, just a little, and turned to face him, awkwardly fiddling with her hair. She was nervous, then. A nervous little girl that didn’t really know how to talk to professors, or was just flustered that he had caught her yelling at his door. Her hair was the kind to whip about in the wind, and twirl around a finger. Her eyes shifted about, clearly analyzing the situation before she decided to declare the cord thoroughly disgusting. He sighed internally to himself. A little pureblood, spoiled as they came. She probably got her backyard washed with soap and water before she went out to play in it as a kid. Well, she was a kid. She probably got her backyards washed now, come to think of it.

What did confuse him, however, was that she had just now learned of the stable’s existence. It should be obvious that it existed, after all it was one of the classes they were going to take in third year. She had been in Hogwarts for months, at the very least. Had she never ventured out to the ground to poke about? It didn’t sit right with him. And that last remark she made. That it must be nice to be away from people. What did that mean? Well, it was obvious if you looked at it bluntly. She didn’t like people, didn’t have any good connections or just didn’t like social interaction. But she was only eleven, or twelve. A love of solitude was certainly not a good thing to have. Kids needed to play, to interact, at least a little bit.

When she started to leave, he wasn’t sure if he was supposed to be relieved or worried. She certainly didn’t seem very healthy. Pale skin and a indifferent attitude. She was smart enough to pick up on the fact he didn’t want visitors, and although that fact was clearly advertised, it seemed that not very many other students were as perceptive. He looked after the little figure as it walked away, until she stopped and looked behind her, back at him.

And there it was, he found it. She wasn’t totally indifferent and blunt, she wasn’t just another intelligent pureblood walking around in solitude. She liked something, she was excited about it. The little, hidden spark in her eyes, the increase in excitement evident in her tone. It wasn’t a lot, it wasn’t obvious. But it was there. He knew that look well, the glance a hungry animal gave food, the look a curious raven gave to a shiny ring someone dropped on the ground.

“Have I encountered an Occamy? Why yes, I’ve met quite a few. A soaring occamy is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see. Maybe one day I’ll bring one in to class. You’d have to be a few years older, but would you like that?”

A question was like a hook. If someone answered it, they bit the hook. And if they stayed to actually give their opinion then you had them, at least for a little bit. You had them in a conversation, one that could go in a multitude of directions both good and bad. Still, he wanted to know a little bit more about this girl. See if he could help at all. No one liked to be alone without a reason, and he doubted that a girl that small had some scarring backstory to make them want to be alone. She had been excited, just a second ago. There was a happy, smiling face in there somewhere.

“I raced an occamy once, to see how fast it could go. Do you like stories?”

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The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 

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All these thoughts that Morfran had of the troublesome girl were far from perfect. If anything, it was the complete opposite. If her Mother, Fleur was still alive, she would have been able to guide Falentra through her adolescence years to come. Falentras mannerisms were far from perfect. She lacked them and would have definitely been taught how not to act like she was doing nowadays. Fleurs own Mother brought her up with great manners and respect, it was just a shame that she could pass it down and do the same to Falentra. The kid had issues, sure, but not having that mother figure that every child needed just made her that much worse when it came to social interactions.
So in this case, it was probably for the best that he kept those internal thoughts to himself. It would have broken a part of Falentra inside if she was to hear how he thought of her and her status.

Her thoughts were soon disrupted when hearing the Professor respond to her question on Occamys. He had seen them before? Even raced one? She had no idea you could even do that without getting killed.
This wasn't good. Falentras excitement was barely able to hide away any longer. She blurted out not even seconds after he had finished speaking. ''—Yes! ... I uh, would like that very much!'' Her voice had more life and a hint of softness to it, her accent appearing less harsh now that she had no reason to have as much of a defensive up.
She stood there, her back still to him, wondering of what stories he had to share. They were sure to be amazing. Better than those she read in a book. Knowing just about the small facts he had told her about his adventures with Occamys made her wonder on what other beasts he had encountered. Obviously, there were to be many more, but just that thought of hearing his stories sent chills down her spine and brought the hairs up on her skin.

⠀⠀⠀The sky was still light, but an overcast had appeared over a short period of time and caused the atmosphere to almost feel as though it was preparing the two for a miniature campfire. One that you would sit by and tell ghost stories and roast marshmallows by. It felt like the perfect opportunity for Falentra to ask if they were able to stay outside, rather than go indoors.
What better place was there than to tell stories of his encounters with Occamys, along with other Magical Creatures than by the forest. The sound of birds chirping away in the background and trees rustling in the wind. It would be a perfect match and add that bit more of a dramatic feel to his storytelling.

Eventually, she turned herself around to face the man. Her hand ran through her hair, pulling it back to show her face fully. Her pale complexion was already noticeable from the first meeting, or even if it was from a distance, the contrast it had with her dark black hair made her skin stand out all the more than it needed to. Her brown hues now clearly visible were accompanied by dark circles beneath her eyes, giving her a skeleton-like appearance. They shifted over to the forest before making their way back to him. '' Can you tell me these stories outside? I think it would fit your storytelling nicely.''

Falentra headed over in his direction but stopped not far from him. She respecting his personal space, as she would expect the same from anyone else. She just waited there now, patiently, not saying another word until the other was to respond, hoping he would accept her offer. As much as she enjoyed the silence, it felt awkward when having to wait for someone to respond to a question that she has asked, let alone waiting around awkwardly in front of them and having no idea how to act or where to look without making it obvious that she was slowly starting to get that nervous feeling back.
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It's hard to judge cruelty when you've never know kindness.

The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 


He smiled, a large, happy smile that showed off a large amount of geniality hidden behind a surprisingly thin shell. He saw the surprise light up, and he knew that at least for a little bit, he had her attention. The welshman knew all too well the captivating potential of a good story, although he wasn’t honestly the best at telling one. She turned to face him, and asked for the stories to be told outside. That was fine by him, the tall man loved the outdoors, and the best way to tell a story was around a campfire, anyway.

“Find yourself a log or a rock or something for a seat, and you can eat this while you listen”

He tossed a chocolate bar to the girl and then strode off to the edges of the forest, found a few sizable sticks and walked back to where the little girl was hopefully finding a nice place to sit. Dropping the sticks in a pile large enough to burn for a half hour or so, he pulled his wand out of a pocket and pointed it at the wood. A small mote flickered from the wand tip and ignited the sticks with a loud pop and snap. Instead of sitting on a rock or log, he simply squatted, looking into the flames, and then up at the little girl.

“People have told stories around fires for so long. The best stories have always been told around a fire. There are so many stories about why that is, but that’s not why you’re here.

I was young, and not very bright. It was around 4 years after I graduated from Hogwarts, and I was pretty stupid. I forget where I was, but that doesn’t really matter. It was a mountainous region, green trees and valleys that looked like someone had painted them the brightest green with a brush. Trees so thick you couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. I found a cave, a little ways up. I had been hiking all day, and was pretty thirsty, so when I heard the stream inside the cave, I thought I was pretty lucky and didn’t think much of it.

The cave was dry, and smelled like dust, which was my first clue that something was wrong. A cave with a stream should have been wet and gross, but it wasn’t. Anyway, it turns out that the cave entrance was pretty small, about big enough for two men to walk side by side. But farther in it opened up. There was straw lining the floor, but it was too dark for me to see anything but the entrance and the little stream where the light was reflecting off the water.

I started to drink the water when I heard this huge hiss, like steam coming out of one of those old trains. Your mom or dad might have given you a little version. Anyway, I turned slowly and saw two snake eyes, staring at me. Now, I’m not scared of snakes. And you look pretty brave, so I don’t think you’d be scared of a snake either. But each eye was as big as I was. I hadn’t known exactly how big this cave was, but although it had a small opening, it opened up into a monstrous cavern, and in this cavern lived an occamy. And it must have had eggs, because it was very, very upset.

I could tell it wasn’t hungry because it had hissed at me. If it was hungry, I wouldn’t be here right now. And usually, you never run from creatures. But I was so scared I didn’t think about it at all. I didn’t think about what you’re supposed to do, I just ran. And let me tell you, that occamy was right behind me. It was one foot behind me the whole way out of the tunnel, but for the last 6 yards or so, in the narrow passageway, I looked next to me, and there it was. It was racing right beside me, and right before I leapt out of that cave, I looked one more time, and even though I know it’s impossible I swear I saw that beautiful creature smile.”

The man had been looking at the fire during the retelling of the adventure, his face a small, soft smile. But now he looked up, expectantly. He didn’t really tell stories to other people, and wasn’t at all sure how he had done. It was nice, anyway. He had always liked fires, they were so warm, and interesting and captivating. Dangerous, and beautiful.

"Sorry the story wasn't any longer."

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The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 

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It took Falentra a moment to realise he had thrown her a chocolate bar, to which she reached out for and automatically caught. It wasn't something she had expected from the man. Going off the signs he left around already made him seem an introvert, but it seemed she had him all wrong. Or maybe just parts of him anyway. It was wrong of her to judge the Professor, as she herself hated others in doing so to her, with having a surname such as her own. Nonethertheless she whispered under her breath and thanked the man for his kind gesture.

Morfran had wandered into the outskirts of the forest by now, and Falentra had tried to keep up with his long strides. He walked like he was in a hurry, so much so that the Slytherins little legs couldn't keep up but thankfully she still had him in sight and managed to catch up once he came to a halt.
She dropped onto the floor. Not a log or a stone, but the hard, cold, dirty floor. She didn't mind it. In fact, she had grown to enjoy it over time. Before she came to Hogwarts, she had spent the past few months on the streets, sleeping on the cobblestone roads and alleyways. They were horrible memories, ones she wished to never speak of. Not just because of how dreadful they were, but because she didn't want the pitty.

He had begun his story and Falentra listened in, positioning herself onto her knees and leaning forward, eagerly awaiting his every word to follow. She was mesmerized through and through. Not once did her eyes leave his direction. It was only after a few minutes that she had realised she had still not touched her chocolate bar. She pulled it from her pocket and fiddled with the paper and foil wrapper, peeling it back and breaking off piece after piece, her eyes still managing not to leave their place. She barely chewed on the sweet properly and managed to get it all over her mouth and fingers. Not a care in the world was given for leaving such a mess. That was until he had finished his story.
''Ya what... That's it? Ya can't end it like that! Did you not go back? If it smiled at you...maybe...maybe it liked ya and was just 'avin' a bit of fun!'' She smiled brightly, her pearl white teeth showing. They were covered in the leftover chocolate, a sight he probably would have preferred to avoid, but she didn't know, or care for that matter. She was still overwhelmed by the story he had just told. ''It was really amazin'. You told it well! Not as good as me mams stories, but it was good!'' Her smile briefly faded and her eyes lowered to the empty wrapper, fiddling with it once more for a moment before stuffing it back into her pocket. She rooted deeper into the same pocket and took out a napkin, wiping her mouth and hands with it.

Being in a more presentable state now, she lifted her head again to him and smirked for a second. ''Thanks for the chocolate by the way. Don't think ya 'eard me before.'' If she remembered rightly, she had picked up a pie before she left the castle. A mince pie. She liked them more than chocolate, just a little bit. It was a snack she always snuck out with her after school hours. Besides, it would have only been fair if she was to give him something in return, especially after such a story. ''... uh... 'ere, I think I 'ave somethin' for you to...'' She swung her small scruffy backpack over her shoulder and rested it on the ground. Rooting through, she eventually pulled out the pie and threw it over to him.

It was rare of her to share, but she was learning that it seemed to be a common thing to do amongst each other. It did feel good in doing so too... but she did love those pies. Her stomach rumbled from the thought, one which she ignored and brushed it off by standing herself up and dusting herself off.
Her eyes shifted over towards the direction to where they had originally come from. She was hesitant on what she was about to ask but knew she had to either way. She would have held a grudge on herself if she hadn't. ''Have you got any creatures in that stable of yours that you could show me?'' She knew the answer was going to be no, but there was no harm in asking, right?
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Falentra. B
It's hard to judge cruelty when you've never know kindness.

The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 

He was pretty happy with how it turned out. The girl had ended up liking the story, to the point of being obviously disappointed when it was eventually over, and asking follow up questions. There was more to the story, sure. But he was going to save that for himself. What happened afterwards had no business being shared with anyone in hogwarts, or most of the people outside of hogwarts, for that matter. The story he told would be able to stand on it’s own just fine without any added information that should never have existed in the first place. His memory wandered for an instant, a wavering of focus that was quickly regained as soon as he realized it was happening. It wasn’t a big deal.

“Nope, that’s all that happens in this story. And once you go out and start making your own, mine isn’t really going to seem like that big of a deal. And snakes can’t even smile, so it was probably just the light.”

She thanked him for the chocolate and passed him a mince pie, which honestly did look pretty good. Griffith himself wasn’t the biggest fan of candies, but he carried them around in his pocket anyway, for some reason he couldn’t really fathom. Sure, he knew why. It was to give to kids who needed them, people who were stressed, or needed some sugar to help them stabilize. For whatever reason, a lot of the students in Hogwarts had some kind of mental disorder or disease. Anything from depression to social anxiety was rampant, and he was blaming society.

He had even heard of a LGBTQ club in Hogwarts, which he was perfectly fine with. He supported the community, but he had also heard that most of the kids there were first years. And that thought didn’t sit right with him. Griffith was fully aware he was behind the times, but was this really what the students nowadays were like? At least he knew of a few that were very nice kids, so it wasn’t like it was totally hopeless. He wasn’t completely out of the loop by any means, he was just mostly out of the loop.

The girl passed him a mince pie, but he wasn’t entirely fooled. If she had a mince pie in her bag, then she was probably planning on eating it, but had given it to him because she was being sweet. The dilemma he was in was that although he wanted to give it back to her, he didn’t want to just reject her gift.

“You’re welcome, don’t worry about it.”

He took the mince pie and then inspected it dramatically, looking at it from the top, then from the bottom, squinting at it up close, then farther away before holding it back out to the little girl.

“It looks really good, but how do I know you didn’t poison it? What if you made it super spicy and then hid the smell with a potion your professor told you? I’ll need to see you take a big bite first.”

He smiled at her, and then answered her last question.

“Want to meet gretchen?”

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The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 

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The girls' brows furrowed, her arms soon following into a folding position. Poison? Potions? She knew absolutely nothing of that subject. In fact, now that she thought about it, she hadn't listened to anything during those lessons. It was the only one that she truly struggled with, but was too stubborn to ever ask Anton Nagal. To Falentra, it would have made her look stupid and weak, and that was the last thing she wanted.
So, in fact, Morfran had nothing to fear if he thought she was that serious in planning on poisoning him. It hadn't even crossed her mind.

''Ey, you cheeky sod!!! It's not poison, I promise. I'd never do such a thing... At least not t—...'' She paused and lowered her gaze to the mince pie, tapping her fingertips around the crust in a nervous manner. She then continued on, in a more quieter tone. '' At least never to someone I think is pretty cool an'...stuff.'' A small huff could be heard leaving her parted lips. Although, what was to follow was unexpected. Her eyes widened down at the pie, staring it at all angles, wondering at which part she would get the best amount of dried fruits and spices from. Then, all of a sudden, the child took a large, aggressive bite out of the pie. She threw it back at him afterwards with some force, but in his defence, it would have felt like nothing. '' 'ave it w..wi..will yaa... It's a'' She mumbled out in between munching on the sweet pie, crumbs dropping down from her mouth and resting on her now dirtied cloak. It was already covered in mud, so a few crumbs weren't going to make much of a difference.

Once she finished with her mouthful, she wiped away the remaining crumbs with her sleeve. ''Not bad...'' She judged the taste and texture of the pie. Was there anything she wasn't able to judge? '' But it ain't nothin' like mine. I make the best! And no, before you ask, I will not share the recipe! It's uh, really me mams recipe... She... She was the best at makin' 'em...'' She paused once more, her brows making her face turn into a frown.

She was unaware of how long she had paused for or wore the sad expression, but it soon changed once she heard the other speak not long after. '' Gretchen? Is that your pet?!'' She asked in excitement, her eyes lightening up. ''Yes! Yes, I would love to see them!''
Before he knew it, she had already made her way back up towards the stables, her legs moving so fast that they couldn't keep up with the rest of her, causing a few wobbles here and there, not to mention the mushy soft mixture of mud and grass gripping at her shoes. Her eyes took the odd few glances over her shoulder, just to make sure that he wasn't far behind, to which he most likely wasn't. She had picked up already on how fast he walked. He was for sure tall. His long legs made him have some sort of super speed power. He was a human version of a Pholcidae. Where she was from, they called them 'Daddy Long-legs', and oh how she was going to have fun with such a name. ''Come on, 'urry up Daddy long-legs!!'' Laughter could be heard from her, always laughing when she made a joke up, whether it was actually funny or not, she just thought she was the best comedian going.
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It's hard to judge cruelty when you've never know kindness.

The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 

Slain and defeated. When someone hears those words, they often conjure up images of dragons and knights, of a bloody warrior laying down on the ground, dead . Of a second warrior standing over him, confident and strong. Bloody as well, because it was most likely a hard fought battle. But clearly victorious. One was alive, the other dead. It is one of the oldest definitions of victor. What had just happened was not a complete victory, it was not a obliteration of a foe. But it was a heavy blow, a powerful strike dealt almost unknowingly to a man who tried and failed to don his armor.

“Okay then, I believe you. It’s probably not poison. And it’s a very nice gift. Mince pies are some of my favorite. But I do want to know why you were randomly carrying a pie around.”

He was still smiling when he caught the pie, currently very pleased with the girl, and the world in general. He had been wrong, then. She certainly didn’t act like a entitle brat of a pureblood. More like a kid who didn’t really have many social skills. The kind of kid who either had no friends, or just a few really close ones. The man ate the pie in a few gigantic bites, chewing just enough to not choke himself. Hunger was something he was familiar with, and it was entirely his own fault. But who had time to look after themselves, anyway? And even when he had time, he occasionally just forgot.

“You make the best pies? Is that a challenge? I’ll have you know I make the best pies this side of the line.”

As he declared himself master of something he wasn’t honestly at all good at, he drew a small line in the dirt with the heel of his boot, in between himself and the little girl.

“We can have a pie competition sometime. The last 3 guys who tasted mine didn’t even puke, so I’m pretty confident. And don’t worry, I’d never take a fellow pie maker’s recipe. That would dishonor me, my cow and my whole family, and we can’t have that, now can we?”

He was joking, even as he saw the girl stand up and head off to the stables, telling him to hurry up and calling him daddy long legs at the same time, which was something he found incredibly amusing. Leave it to a little kid to come up with some crazy nickname he he didn’t need in the first place.

“Hey, I didn’t spend 7 years in pretending-to-be-human school just for someone to figure out that I was a bug this whole time. And Gretchen isn’t over there, she’s here.”

Pulling a hand out of his pocket where it had somehow drifted, as it usually did, he wondered what the reaction was going to be. He was pretty confident it was going to be fine, even though you couldn’t really pet gretchen. There was a very large, bright blue shimmering butterfly on his finger, that fluttered slightly when it was brought out of the pocket. It didn’t look especially special, although it was probably some rare variety.

“Say hello”

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."

The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 

Image Image

The sky was darkening now and the air grew colder by the minute. This was Natures way of telling Falentra that it was soon to head back to the Castle, or at least somewhere that had more of a warm welcoming to it. The crisp air had a somewhat soft touch from the faint winds that came with it, so gentle that even the trees filled the air with pure silence, not a rustle heard from the now dried and crunched up leaves that would normally fight among one another.
For a moment, the cold winds almost took Falentras thoughts high up into the dark sky. That was until something flying caught the corner of her eye. It was a large blue butterfly and its beauty was not something she was able to compare anything to. It flew so elegantly and with confidence, a creature that clearly knew its own beauty alone. In all honestly, Falentra was expecting a Hippogriff or something along those lines, even a cat. A butterfly was probably way down at the bottom of her list.

''This is Gretchen? That's a weird name for a butterfly. Thought you'd call it some sorta Disney Princess' name or somethin'... ya know to match its appearance 'n all.'' She hesitated for a moment before continuing. ''I was expectin' some beast to pounce outta nowhere.'' Her voice was without intonation or expressiveness, but she was in fact quite surprised by the beauty that he showed her. Was she allowed to hold it? Probably not. She was a child and all children nowadays came across ridiculously immature and childlike in the eyes of an adult. They had a lot to learn, but to learn you have to try, and that's what Falentra loved to do, even if it meant breaking any rules in the process.

She wasn't going to ask Morfran if she could hold it, but she was more than willing to try through her actions. Slowly and steadily, making sure not to alarm the creature with any sudden movement, she took a few steps forward and held out her arm with her index finger pointing out. Whether or not it could fit on her finger she did not know, it was just a natural instinct.
Her eyes then slid closed, making sure not to come into eye contact with the animal, just in case it made it feel as nervous as when people stare at her. She waited patiently to see what was to happen next. For all she knew, he could have wandered off and hidden away, joking with her.

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It's hard to judge cruelty when you've never know kindness.

The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 

"What do you mean, some beast did pounce out of nowhere. Look, gretchen wasn't here, but then she pounced out. An exceptionally ferocious beast, if I do say so myself. You have to be careful around her.

The tall man kept smiling, although it wasn't entirely clear if it was a joking smile to let her know gretchen wasn't actually dangerous, or if it was a "you got this champ, don't get eaten" smile. But it turns out it didn't matter what kind of smile the man was wearing, because the girl had her eyes closed, and her finger outstretched.

Gretchen was in no mood to fly anywhere, but Griffith didn't want the moment to go to waste and the little girl to end up disappointed. There were ways to help along a disney moment. He reached his own finger with Gretchen still perched right underneath the girl's own, and breathed the word "Up" under his breath so the girl couldn't hear. But gretchen apparently understood, because with a short fluttering kind of hop, the butterfly alighted upon the girl's finger, and seemed satisfied to stay there for a bit.

Griffith leaned back to where he was before, standing straight so the girl wouldn't easily be able to figure out that it was him who placed the butterfly on her finger. Creatures were amazing, and touching one was even more so. It was special, and wonderful. This was her moment to feel special, to feel chosen in a way by a beautiful bug. He wasn't going to interfere.

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."

The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 


Within the first few moments that the Slytherin had felt the small legs of the bug land on her boney little finger, she let her eyes slowly slide open to see the beautiful blues shimmering effortlessly up close. The wings looked like a mixture of silk and velvet, so soft that she was tempted to reach out with her free hand to give it a stroke, or even just a quick gentle touch. They were so thin and fragile looking for all they were probably stronger than they looked, she didn't want to risk it. As much as the thought of touching the wings of Gretchen excited her, she wasn't going overstep the line. It was a butterfly, yes, but it wasn't your ordinary one, meaning it was most likely capable of doing something that your ordinary one couldn't.

It took a moment for Falentras eyes to finish examining its exquisite beauty. '' Hello there, '' She whispered quietly under her breath before continuing. '' You sure are pretty. I bet you get that a lot though don't you? I can imagine it never gets tiring to hear though.'' Falentra questioned the animal as if it was going to respond casually to her. It wasn't long before her arm bent in, making her view much clearer and closer to Gretchen. It may have been too close and startled her, making her fly off back to Morfran, but just for that extra moment of being able to take a closer look at the creature was worth it. Defiantly a memory she wouldn't forget and one to be added to her sketchbook.

If the creature was to stay on her hand for a few more minutes, Falentra would have simply remained to stare at her, completely forgetting of all that surrounded her, including the Professor. She felt confident in handling and was somewhat proud of herself for performing a simple task such as this. ''I wonder if you get a butterfly chocolate treat.'' The gaze between the two was broke once Falentra finally came to and now focused her gaze on Morfran, but continued to 'slyly' talk to Gretchen under her breath. ''If not, I promise to sneak you something in. Like... a worm.. o-or or a breadcrumb... coated in chocolate, okay?'' Come to think of it, she had no idea what a butterfly ate.
Smiling with confidence, she was now able to show it through her expressions. Slowly after, her arm stretched back out towards Morfran, allowing his creature to return to him.

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It's hard to judge cruelty when you've never know kindness.

The Lone Wolf  PV Morfran Griffith 

Sometimes, children surprised him. Sometimes, he looked on a little kid only about a third his age and saw something good, something he recognized. A love for creatures, a passion for other living things. Griffith hadn't really been good at much else. His wand never cooperated in class, never paid attention to the commands the young welshman tried so fervently to master. He had understood transfiguration with great difficulty, and could hardly remember any of the dates from history of magic.

But he was good with creatures. Very good. He was one of the greats and he knew it, was proud of it. If he wanted to, he probably could have become famous, a renowned expert on magical creatures. But he was prevented, there was no helping it. He didn't have a chance to publish anything he discovered, and it wasn't likely that he would ever get the chance. But that didn't matter, not really. What mattered to him was that he live to see the next day to help those creatures that needed it. And it helped to know that there were some young wizards out there who would carry the torch. He couldn't run forever, after all. It was a matter of time.

Gretchen, for her part, loved attention, and was lazy. Those two elements combined to ensure that the butterfly sat where she was on the slytherin's finger, gently moving her wings up and down until the finger it was perched on moved back to the professor. It flew up, and then in a circle around the large man's head before fluttering down into his pocket and vanishing from sight.

"Gretchen doesn't eat people food. Only liquids. Most butterflies drink the nectar from flowers, but Gretchen prefers blood."

He turned to look at the castle on the hill, before looking back at the little girl. It was getting late, and they had been talking for a while. He didn't want to be the reason why some head of house had to come give him a talking to. The goal at the moment was to avoid the other staff, not give them cause to come and talk with him.

"Hey, you can stop by later if you want, but you should probably get yourself back to the castle, or they'll wonder where you've been. Thank you for keeping an old man company. Gretchen says to make sure you get sleep tonight, by the way. Either that or to be careful."

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."