Care of Magical Creatures

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Nothing More Loyal  PV Sonya Carlson   Closed 

A few days had passed and Neculai still hadn't made any friends. It was hard for this boy to socialise, interaction with any other human was a concept he didn't truelly grasp and a trait he hadn't inherited from his parents. How could something that seemed so easy, be so hard?! No matter how many books he read on the subject he just couldn't make it work. Frustration, anger all feelings he felt when yet another socially awkward interaction happened. For example his latest interaction, was with someone in the corridors, he had tried to start just a small conversation as he had promised his parents to do so. It resulted in his head turning into a tomato once more and every time that happens, he ends the conversation and makes a run for it. Which then again results in people exchanging weird glances. This time reading a book just woudln't help him to forget the experience. No, he had to go outside get some fresh air and cool himself off.

Once he was outside the fresh air did what he had foretold and most of the frustration seeped away while he was trying to occupy his mind with admiring the breathtaking view of the courtyard that Hogwarts had. Suddenly a thought struck him, "They must have Magical Creatures here, right? Where else would Newt have found his love and passion for Magical Creatures?" Yes, he remembered now. Care of Magical Creatures was one of his lessons he would be attending soon, he was looking forward to this lesson as his parents were zoo-keepers and he had developed a strong bond with several of their Creatures. He decided to go and search for the Stables where they were keeping them and was curious what kind of Creatures Hogwarts had to offer. "Will they have some Creatures here that my parents don't keep? Only one way to find out." He thought to himself.

After a long walk, he finally arrived at what at first sight seemed like a stone fortress. "What by Merlin's beard..., no, this can't be it? Can it?!" None of the Creatures were roaming freely. He wasn't expecting to see any Graphorns roaming around, but none of the tamer ones were roaming freely either. He walked up closer to the stone rectangular longhouse and heard some screeches. "There most certainly are some Creatures in there. Would there be a way to get in there? Definitely, but how?" He decided he would be walking around the stone building to see, if it had any weaknesses.

Nothing More Loyal  PV Sonya Carlson   Closed 

Sonya decided to get outside and go for a walk. She loved the fresh air and the cool breeze that the Hogwarts castle seemed to lack. It was calm outside, not as crowded and stuffy as inside the castle, not many students spent their time on the grounds. Sonya was a fairly social person and loved talking with and interacting with people but she still enjoyed being alone at times.

She walked through the grounds aimlessly, daydreaming. It was nice to just have time alone with her thoughts, which flowed uninterrupted. Every so often she would step on leaves and hear a satisfying crunch sound. She remembered the days when she'd gather up all the leaves she could and pile them up. Unlike all the other kids, she didn't jump into them, she'd just sit in them and look up to the sky or read. Her logic was that jumping into them would mess up the pile and ruin all the fun. She was a bit more careful then most other kids. Although she loved to explore and try new things, she most certainly wasn't reckless.

She continued her walk for a bit longer until she came upon the stables. "I forgot these were even here," she murmured to herself. It was true, she'd forgotten all about the magical creatures at Hogwarts. She didn't have the class until third year, so she simply never came out this way on purpose. She'd only ever seen it once, in the same situation as now, but then it was getting late and she decided to turn back to the castle.

She decided to stay this time. She waked closer to the building where the creatures were kept and walked around it. Seemed pretty secure for just a school stable. She had heard that the professor was a bit rough around the edges, she hoped he wouldn't come out and yell at her. Just as she turned the corner she saw another student inspecting the building. "Hello," she greeted and gave a small wave.

"Life is never what you plan"

Nothing More Loyal  PV Sonya Carlson   Closed 

Neculai was deep in thought, studying the stone prison, he began to think of a few options how he might be able to get in without drawing too much attention to himself. He was looking to one of the stone doors when suddenly out of nowhere a "hello" came. Startled by the sudden sound Neculai almost lost control of his legs. He quickly dropped to one knee and acted like he was tying a shoelace. As he was on his knees he tried to calm himself. "You did not nothing wrong, if they ask what you're doing, just say you were looking for some creatures... No, don't do that! Uhm... Say that I was looking for the professor? Yes, that ought to do it." With that Neculai took a deep breath. He turned around to face this new threat and had his speech at the ready. Neculai saw a girl, his age, just waving at him. Suddenly all forgotten about the excuse he had prepared he just stood there waving at her.

He decided he would walk up to the girl and go do some talking. "By Merlin's beard... Why is it always when I try to find some alone time that people seem to find me?!" He shook his head and gulped some air remembering the words of his mother and father to socialize and try to make some friends. "What should I say to her?" Just the thought of socializing with the girl already made his heart beat faster, his face turned redder by the blood flowing faster and his palms got sweaty.

Neculai reached the girl and put a smile on his face. "Hello! What brings you to these parts of the grounds?" "Oh great... Now she thinks you're a nosy guy..." Neculai immediately added "I didn't mean to pry and its most likely none of my business anyway! I-I just wanted to try some small talk." he said with a sheepish smile. "I should probably introduce me now, Neculai Dragos Lazar the Third of House Ravenclaw." He felt so uncomfortable doing this and he hoped the girl would look past his awkwardness and give him a chance to possibly make a friend.

Nothing More Loyal  PV Sonya Carlson   Closed 

After she said the greeting she saw the boy drop to his knee and fiddle with his shoelace. He seemed distraught but got up and waved back. He seemed like a bit of a mess as he walked up to her. She wondered why he seemed so... she didn't know exactly what he was. Maybe nervous? Upset? She wasn't sure.

He soon approached her and started speaking. He first asked her what brought her to this place and Sonya opened her mouth to respond. Before she got a word out the boy dismissed the question. She was right, he was a bit of a mess. He was stuttering and seemed pretty nervous as he spoke. He then introduced himself as Neculai. Well, not exactly. He stated a full title and everything, must be a rich pureblood. She never would've guessed it from his demeanor. Not that that was a bad thing, in fact she thought that his awkwardness was much better than the coldness of some of the rich privileged purebloods.

"Hi Neculai. I'm Sonya, Sonya Carlson," she introduced herself. Although he had dismissed his first question she decided to answer it anyways. "I was just on a walk," she gave a small laugh, "I forgot that this was even here." She smiled, hoping that she came off as friendly. He seemed to me nervous in the face of socialization and she wouldn't be helping if she seemed disinterested.

"Life is never what you plan"

Nothing More Loyal  PV Sonya Carlson   Closed 

The brown haired girl was laughing and smiling while she introduced herself and replied on Neculai’s prying question of what she was doing at the stables. He let out a relieved sigh. “Good, good. You didn’t screw it up just yet. Now keep the conversation going, just think of another question… No, don’t think or you’ll overthink it… But you got to think a little about it or otherwise you can’t ask a question right? Oh for Merlin’s sake, why is this so hard?!”

“Just Sonya? Is that it? Not, that that’s wrong or anything just a little… uhm well ye… Short.” He let out a nervous chuckle. “Either way, it is very nice to meet you. So you were just walking by? Does that mean you like going for walks?” He really hoped she wasn’t the outdoorsy kind of person as he rather just stayed inside reading a book and only when really necessary go outside. “Are you also a first year? I’m new here to the school and went out to see what kind of creatures they kept in here. Seems the Professor doesn’t really trust the creatures with the students… Or perhaps even the other way around.”

He didn’t really knew what else he could ask or say to the girl. Most of his experiences interacting with others of his age, were very limited conversations where he most of the times got strange looks and just gave up on it. This was the farthest he had come to making a friend who was also a human and not a creature. It was quite the experience and he was thrilled about it.

Nothing More Loyal  PV Sonya Carlson   Closed 

Sonya smiled and laughed in response to his first statement. She was yet again proved that she was right about his awkwardness and his social skills were sub par. Saying someones name was too short was a bit rude, but Sonya looked past that. Neculai then asked a question. "Well I like to occasionally," she answered, "It's nice to get some fresh air. Oh, and I've been liking exploring Hogwarts. But other than that honestly, I'm much more of an indoors person." It was true, if she had to choose between the inside and outside she'd probably pick inside. He asked her a question about what year she was in. "Yep. I'm a first year," she smiled and confirmed.

Neculai said that he wanted to see what creatures that Hogwarts had. From that she assumed that magical creatures was his passion. She liked learning about what things others enjoyed. She never had too much interest in creatures, not ever having much exposure to them. She liked exploring new things and was exited to see some creatures in her later years at Hogwarts, but she didn't have any big expectations.

"Well I hear students say that the professor is a bit strange and paranoid," she said. She couldn't quite remember what his name was, but she heard people talking about him. She heard he could be quite unfriendly, hopefully he wouldn't find them here.

"Life is never what you plan"