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Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

A black silk cord with a knot at the bottom had been glued firmly to the slab of a front door, one of two entrances to the Care of Magical Creatures stables. Morfran had no interest in an Office, he was not going to sit around all day staring at a stack of papers waiting for a bratty student with no sense of manners to come and ask him questions about something he thoroughly explained in a lesson. And then, of course, there was bound to be those students that grew up with their father teaching them everything he knew, or those that claimed to be naturally gifted at creatures.

He could hear them now, clamoring about how all the dogs loved them, or how they had totally learned how to tame a dragon. What fool would believe a 11 year old claiming they could train a dragon? You might as well go out looking for a kelpie in the desert. It was ridiculous how powerful some of these students claimed to be. And arguably worse were those that simply had no respect at all. No respect, or manners for that matter.

Still, he was contractually obligated to provide some way of getting in contact with him, and had set up this pull cord.

This is his equivalent of an office. You can pull on the cord as hard as you want, it won't come off. The silk is slightly stretchy, however, so it will have some give to let you know you pulled hard enough. If you pull on the cord, he may or may not come. This is for IC questions. If your character just wanted to pull on the cord to see what happens, that is allowed as well, however you can also just make a separate thread for that.

Pulling the cord does not produce any noticeable sound or reaction. You cannot Roleplay hearing me come to the door, me coming to the door or anything of the sort. You may, however, hear miscellaneous creature sounds coming from inside. Roars, screams screeches etc. Have "fun" Roleplaying.

For a better description, check out the Stables

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."

Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

Elena had heard about the professor's notoriously surly nature in the past but that hadn't stopped her from walking from the castle all the way down to the stables. She pulled her hoodie tighter around her against the cold weather, why was Scotland always so cold? It was supposed to be Autumn.

She stood in front of the door, there was a pull cord hanging there and for a moment Elena considered going back up to the castle, she could always seek refuge somewhere else, the professor probably wouldn't let her stay anyway.

Elena felt the letters in her pocket, she needed somewhere to read them, she was waiting for the day somebody was taken away. It rested heavy in her heart, the idea she wasn't there to protect them. The ministry might intervene to save her, but not her friends, her friends were non-magical, so they would be left behind.

The cord hung from the door, she couldn't figure out any other way to procrastinate, she was here for a purpose. She had to be sincere, her trademark Elena bluster wouldn't work for this, for once she'd have to actually show weakness.

She sighed, pulled the cord, and waited.

"I got my ticket for the long way 'round, the one with the prettiest of views."
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Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

He had been deep within the stables when the cord rang, messing with his wand and a hammer, trying his level best to fix a harness with a twisted buckle. How had that even happened? If someone came up and told him that there was a fairy that randomly made things go wrong he would not have doubted a word of it. It was a solid metal buckle, twisted into a pretzel. A dawning realization began to light up the man’s gaze. He hadn’t escaped, had he?

His worst suspicions were confirmed a minute later as he glanced into an empty cage. Bars twisted together to allow for a small creature to escape. And there was still the matter of that stupid bell ringing. Who in their right mind would even come here? Where the signs not obvious enough? Did they not make it abundantly clear that he didn’t want anyone here, didn’t want to be bothered and in general didn’t care?

Why did students have to always be so dang annoying? He had a creature on the loose, a buckle to fix and a cage to repair and now some bratty snot to talk to. Or, even worse, it could be one of his incompetent fellow professors. How wonderful, how perfectly wonderful to think about. He was just about to ignore the door and pretend he wasn’t home, perhaps driving in how distasteful he thought the person on the other side of the door was with the classic move of screaming ‘I’m not home’ at the top of his lungs.

But Griffith had a conscious, and one that happened to be working overtime. He heard the little voice clearly reprimanding him, reminding the man that the person on the other side of the door could be a student that needed help, actual help. That was why he was here, right? It had taken him roughly fifteen minutes before the stone slab slowly swung open. Just a little. Just wide enough for him to place his shoulders in between the door and the frame, barring entrance to the slightly shivering form outside.

He hardly felt the effects of the cold, heavy leather jacket banishing the wind. It was a little girl with blue strands of hair peeking out from her hoody. Her blasted hoodie. No wonder she was cold, what kind of wizard would wear a hoodie, did no one care about robes these days?

In a voice surprisingly soft, considering the words said, he accosted her.

“My name is Professor Griffith. What is yours, and what possessed you to be so desperate as to come to me of all people. If your cat died, I’m not telling you it went to heaven.”

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."

Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

Elena you messed up this time, you should've just asked Elaine or Aoi, but here you are. You idiot. The professor was notoriously surly, and she had seen him interact with the others during Octoberfest. The chances of her actually being allowed to stay were slim to none. Oh well, no turning back now. She pulled her hood back.

"I'm Elena, I’m really sorry to bother you but I was hoping that maybe I could hide here for a while? If you want I could try to help with something or pay you.” Elena shuffled a bit, “I don’t have a cat or anything, I just need to get out of the castle for a while, I have some letters and when I read them out on the grounds people keep stealing them, and when I read them in the school, people keep stealing them. I also think my dorm mates might have read them as well, they know much more about me than I told them.”

“I’m really sorry, I can just go if you want, but I was really hoping I could stay. As I said, I’m willing to help you around the stables if you need me to.” Elena pulled her hoodie closer around her.

Elena looked up at the professor hopefully.

"I got my ticket for the long way 'round, the one with the prettiest of views."
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Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

“You came here to hide? Here? To a class you don’t attend, and a Professor you don’t know, a professor that has clearly placed signs illustrating himself as a grouchy man to to be interfered with? Any of the other classrooms would have worked, if you were in front of a teacher, no one would have dared steal your things, unless we’re talking about some kind of ghost, or poltergeist. Money means extremely little to me, and there’s precious little you can do for me without ending up dead. So, with all those facts in mind, why here? Is this some sort of elaborate prank to fool the cranky old Professor into letting you pet the nifflers?

I should like an actual reason, if you please. You may be young, but I am now going to expect you to act like an adult. It doesn’t have to be for long, just a minute or so while you lay out exactly what you’re doing here. Give me the honest answer as to why you came here, to my door, and what you were thinking when you pulled on that black silk cord. If you don’t want to tell me, the castle is directly behind you. If I don’t like what I hear, the castle is still directly behind you. Now go ahead, I’m listening.”

She looked miserable, but defiant. A combination of things that usually stabbed the aging professor directly in the heart. But not this time, not with students. He was going to have to hear her out before he decided on anything. Wanting to randomly hide somewhere was not a reason, she could have gone anywhere. She knew that, he knew that. So why did she even try that pathetic excuse? It very well may have been a piece of the truth, but it certainly wasn’t all of it.

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."

Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

The professor had caught her, she did want privacy for her letters, but privacy was something she could get with Aoi Risa or Elaine Seaborne, or even Hjørdis, all were already in a way people that would trust her. She needed this professor for something much more important, she needed to hide all her money and her journal.

It was weird, Elena could admit that, but she couldn't risk anyone taking her money or her livelihood, she needed both of those for her friends. If she could get the the money she'd saved they'd be able to rent an apartment, granted it wouldn't be the nicest apartment, but it would be shelter. Shelter would keep them alive and warm through winter, and maybe she could even get Eliza that cat.

Elena visibly sagged, she reached into her hoodie pocket and held up her coin-purse and journal, "I need to hide these. If someone else gets their hands on them, then I can't get money to the people who need it. I'm from London but I never had a place to live, neither do any of my friends. This is my only chance to get them into an apartment."

Elena looked down at her feet, "I'm sorry to waste your time."

"I got my ticket for the long way 'round, the one with the prettiest of views."
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Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

The girl had answered nothing. She wanted letter opened, sure. She wanted a place to hide, sure. She wanted a place to hide her money. But she expected him to believe that she needed to hide her money, and the best place to do it was with an old man she couldn't trust? Really? She looked freezing, and he was starting to feel a little bit bad. But only a little. This girl was not going to get in without actually telling him something. He decided to lay it out, harsh words deceptively layered with his soft voice.

"So, to clarify. You braved the cold wearing a muggle hoodie to come to a professor that clearly doesn't like people in order to hide money even though you have never talked with him before and don't know if you can trust him? For friends? No offense to your friends, but if they're so bad off you're sending them money, then they're scamming you. On second thought, offense to your friends.

Muggles these days get handouts, free shelter. If they're asking for you to give them money, you're being scammed. Has that thought ever crossed your mind? Now think really hard. Does your reasoning really make any sense? Now, please. You're shivering out there, and frankly I'd rather decide what to do with you before you get frostbite. Now, this is your last chance. What is going on?"

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."

Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

Elena was dejected. Why would anyone think her friends would try to scam her? They had practically raised her, she couldn’t remember anything before them. Well she couldn’t remember anything before age five.

What was worse was that the professor didn’t think she was telling the truth. She wasn’t lying, she had told him the complete truth. Why on earth would he think she was lying. She had no reason to. She only wanted to help her friends, that’s the whole reason she was here, at this school.

“I’m not lying, that’s why I’m here! You weren’t meant to know I hid the money here, nobody but me was meant to. I thought no one would look for it here, I mean, you are notoriously scary.” Elena started rambling a bit, she was worried. Sue her.

“I know my friends would never scam me! I’ve known as long as I can remember, which granted was age five but that’s not the point. They raised me. I just wanted to make sure I could repay them. They’re all I have.” Elena tried to stop the tears misting at her eyes, she blamed them on the weather and looked defiantly up at the teacher.

Her friends have never told her anyone would help her, why would they lie? She’d have to check when she got back to the castle. Not because she didn’t believe them, just to calm her nerves. That’s what she told herself.

"I got my ticket for the long way 'round, the one with the prettiest of views."
Strength - 7 Agility - 8 Control - 9 Stamina - 6

Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

"If I'm scary for the rest of you children, then why not you? Are you that desperate, that stupid? Because there's no way there was a reason, right? No way there was any backbone behind the chilling rumors of the Care of Magical Creatures Professor.

But of course, it seems that simple stupidity isn't enough, you've got to add monstrous amounts of gullibility to your repertoire. You just said that they wouldn't scam you because they told you they wouldn't, and you're alone enough to grasp at straws. When, do tell, was the last time they gave you money? When was the last time they saved up their every sickle and knut and sent them to you?

If they're as good friends and caretakers as you say they are, I'm quite sure it's often. If it is, I will admit that you were right. But if you've been the one giving them all your savings all this time, you should maybe rip your head out of the sand instead of acting like a damned Ostrich."

But, at least, he probably knew what she was up to. He opened the door a bit more, to reveal a mudporch with a second door leading further into the stables. There was a ladder going up on one side, and a desk with a few chairs on the other. This, then, was his office. It doubled as a security measure to make sure no creature could slip through the cracks of the door and escape. As he walked to his desk, expecting the girl to follow, he grabbed a winter cloak off of a hook and slung it behind him, in her general direction.

"There, it's yours. It'll do you a lot more good than that deficient hoody of yours, and it was too small for me anyway. Glad to be rid of it."

And with that, he sat down.

This is the end of their interaction by the door. To continue, please make a thread with your reply, and OWL me when it's up. Thank you.

As this interaction is over, it is safe to assume that the event has passed as well. Any students looking for Prof. Griffith are welcome to pull on the cord.

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."

Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

Rowan had had an episode again. And it wasn’t pretty.
He was a mess. 
Still crying silently, tears running down his cheeks, he approached the office.
Animals seemed to be the only thing that calmed him down really. There was an arrangement of them at home. But now he was here... great... without any animals... 
Don’t get me wrong, he loved hogwarts, but one of the only drawbacks for him was the fact that he had no pet yet.
And from what he heard, and seen, the professor didn’t take kindly to visitors. This was going to be interesting. But at least he had a plan.
Rowan had changed into his muck clothes. Clay covered pants, shirt, and winter cloak. Still with the signature flower crown. 
If he wanted to be around the animals, he would need a reason. 
He was willing to clean.
Animals were messy.
He was fit to do physical labor.
So he pulled the cord. 
He looked substantially under dressed, but the pale 11yr old had no trouble waiting in the cold, infact enjoyed it a bit, even if it was creating frost on his eyelashes. And so he waited, his tears continuing to run paths down his cheeks, never completely frozen.
What was he to expect?
What was his approach gonna be? Sweet talking? Right to the point? Bribery of some sort? His family line was known for being quite generous. And even though he had no money... well that didn’t mean it had to be a monetary bribe.
One way or another he really did want to just be around animals.
And who knows. Maybe the professor would be in a good mood.
He just needed to quiet his panicking mind and focus on the subtle needs of the animals. He could shovel shit any day. But take care of a Niffler, Bowtruckle, Thestral, Cat, Owl, Rat, Frog, you name it. He’d even seen baby dragons before. Never handled one, but seen it up close. Maybe he could help in that way too. If he let him.
Although Rowan would probably just be shoveling shit.

Often lying, but not to you.

Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

The professor heard the ringing, and walked to the door. His stride wasn't especially fast, but his long legs ate up the ground with surprising rapidity. Who was it, who was bothering him this time? It happened so often, nowadays. It was like the signs didn't exist. If this wasn't a student with a homework problem he was not going to be happy. He opened the first stone door, and, walking into the mudroom that functioned as an office, he closed the door behind him, and opened the front door to find a little boy in really messy clothes wearing a crown of flowers.

He honestly didn't know what to think, but he did know for a fact that this person was not a third year, and hence had not come to talk about homework, which was the only acceptable reason for someone to come talk with him, as far as Griffith was concerned. It was a sight to see, the tall man with wild hair and scraggly beard wearing his long, heavy leather jacket and looking down a a little boy with a flower crown on his head. The welshman wasn't quite willing to let the boy come into his office, not until he knew that his services would actually be required, so he stood in the doorway, and began to talk.

"Professor Griffith, Care of Magical Creatures. How can I help you?"

The boy looked a little worse for wear, even if you ignored the grungy clothes. But that could just be the snow and the wind. It was probably nothing to worry about.

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."

Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

Ah yes. Right to the point it would be. He didn’t seem to be the patent type, much less the kind type. Offer your services and be done. Otherwise he’ll just say fuck off. 

“Rowan Bane. I’m not here to waste your time, Professor, so I’ll be quick. I want to be around the animals, they calm me down, however I know you won’t tolerate it. So instead I’ll offer you a deal.” 

The male wiped the frost and tears from his face, his pale eyes looking up at him. 
“Animals are messy, and I assume you don’t like shoveling their shit or cleaning up feathers and whatnot. I know a decent bit about creatures from hippogiffs to kelpies, so I won’t get myself killed. I clean the enclosures, and stay out of your way, and you let me hang around them from time to time. I’m not asking to learn from you yet or be your friend. I’ll do you a service and stay out of your hair. And I can get up into the rafters and whatnot if you need someone small for repairs or cleaning in tight spaces.”  

He tilted his head to the side slightly. 
“Hence why I’m currently wearing... this. Don’t want to mess up real clothes. I’ll sign whatever papers you want for liability and, it’s not a commitment, if you find me annoying or grow tired of me being around, I’ll leave you alone no questions asked.” 

Now... wait. Let him decide. Don’t continue talking or he’ll just say no.  You made your point.w

Often lying, but not to you.

Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 


So, this kid didn't make much sense. He wanted to be around animals because they calmed him down, okay, sure, he could understand that. He could empathize with the feeling. He knew what it felt like to want comfort that wasn't going to judge you, that forgave you no matter what happened. Creatures, for the most part, were some of the most understanding things he knew of, and he wasn't about to turn this boy away for wanting companionship his fellow students couldn't give.

But the professor was also a bit wiser than that. Creatures could sense your emotional state, and they reacted to it. He was also immediately wary of the boy's supposed knowledge of everything creature related. He either studied a lot about creatures, in which case the knowledge was probably enough to keep him from killing himself. Or he had 'practical knowledge', which was either a lie or a half truth. If a mentor was helping him, Griffith could believe that a magical creature would let the boy come near it. But otherwise, there was just no way. Not in the state this boy was in.

Something else that interested him was that this boy was not dumb. Far from it, in fact. He thought that if he made sure that he wasn't a liability in any way that it would be a lot more likely for him to get this weird job he wanted. Eliminating the downsides with signatures that said anything that happened to the boy wasn't the professor's fault, that he wasn't liable for any damages that happened as a result of the flower crown wearing boy.

But there was a slight miscalculation. Similar, he was sure, to the boy's feelings on this particular matter, Griffith didn't mind cleaning up after his creatures. He didn't mind mucking the pens or sweeping or scrubbing. He kept his stables, and himself, as clean as he could possibly manage to avoid infection or disease.

Still, the boy needed help. In some form or another.

"I don't accept that kind of deal. It's called child labor, kid. And if you got eaten Ms. Wright would have my head on a stake. You say you're experienced with creatures. Where did you learn about them? And what the hell happened that makes you need calming down?"

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."

Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

That didn’t go as planned.
“It’s called volunteering. Child labor would have to mean I get paid. Which I’m not. But sure, whatever. Pureblooded family. On my father’s side he works for the ministry with creatures and such. We have a collection of them at home. I grew up with them. Books can only tell you so much, in all honesty. Sure it’ll give you facts but nothing is like working with a baby hungarian horntail. I’m not saying I know everything, but I know enough to keep me upright and functional, not dead in the ground.” 
Rowan had quickly stopped crying, instead seemed to focus on the little details of things. Odd child.
“Muggles call it sensory overload. My brain overanalyzes things. Animals follow certain patterns. They follow simple rules. They don’t talk back, they don’t argue, they don’t judge you or-“
He took a breath.
“Yet they’re still complex. They still have feelings. They’re still so beautiful. They don’t care what day you had, just that they get fed like everyone else. Some of them are even loyal to you, if you’re nice enough. Pack bonding and all that.”
He shrugged, drawing a circle in the snow with his toe.
“What I’m trying to say is animals are a perfect middle ground for me. They aren’t- not talking about you, because you’re right to the point- they aren’t manipulative like humans or judgemental or any number of things, and they’re not just plain loneliness, which is frankly depressing.”
He rolled his eyes and sighed.
“I’m rambling. You get the point. Humans suck, animals are nice and calm, I like them, they keep me from having panic attacks. Happy? There’s my sob story. Half of it doesn’t make sense, I know, I can’t think of it off the top of my head every detail, but if you really want, I’ll tell you the full thing when I can focus. Just- yes or no? Will you let me just hang out and take care of the animals? I’m assuming no, but I’m still asking.”

Often lying, but not to you.

Prof. Griffith's door.  IC questions 

There was a huge flaw with what the boy said, right off the bat. So he had that kind of parent, then. Sure, there were good people in the ministry, but the ministry was only concerned with one thing when it came to magical creatures. Restraint and control, in some form or another. There wasn't a division for happy fun playtime zoo magical creature keeper. That, and the boy had specifically said collection. An odd choice of words for the family pet, and apt word for the gathering of rare creatures they probably had locked up.

However, the boy was young, young enough to probably not know what was going on. Which is why when the professor felt his eyes gaining intensity, felt his jaw clench with a quiet rage, he closed his eyes and relaxed before opening them again and accosting the 11 year old further. What really amused him was that towards the end he said that it was his sob story, but the only thing he mentioned that had to do with sadness was that the implication he was lonely and the fact that he had panic attacks.

"Creatures aren't all that complex. You're overthinking this. Come on back, little man, and let me explain some things. First of all, you're 11, 12 tops. I frankly can't believe that you're already adept at not dying. Second of all, I have a program for kids sorta like you. Kids that want to interact with creatures. You should send in an application, if you're interested. Research Opportunities for Aspiring Magizoologists. R.O.A.M.

Do you understand why I might not want you around magical creatures? If you have a point to make, then make it. That said, what kind of candy do you like?"

It was possible that the boy was just going to walk off, and leave the professor speaking with the wind. But the welshman was going to try, anyway.

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."
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