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Hippogriff Stables
September 7th, 2018

Aurelia walked out from the big doors of the Scottish castle, as soon as she did, the cool autumn’s air hit her. The brunette took a deep breath, inhaling all the fresh air and letting and the stuffy air from the school out from her lungs.

Friday. Finally it was Friday, the last weekday of the week. She had survived the first week of school. Her first week as a Second year. It was a small accomplishment for the twelve year old. She had dreaded all the lectures that came with it. At least she had learnt some new knowledge but to her dissapointment, there weren’t any new spells taught.

For the past week, Aurelia also had a new discovery. From the words in her Brother’s diary, girl found herself to be an adopted child. There was always a downside to almost every week, what seem like a perfectly good week would be ruined by a peice of information or something as negative as getting a burnt back from the lock in.

Aureli took big steps as she made her way towards the lake. Maybe there would be some Peace and quietness there. She couldn’t guarantee that, there were sometimes a handful of students there. Perhaps she might take a longer route there, there was still 5 hours to curfew. Aurelia had no plans to go to the library or any to head up to the dormitories and to deal with her new roommates. Her week didn’t quite go as well.

She knew a longer route to the lake, it was pass the care of magical creature’s classroom. She might get a glimpse of the Hippogryffs, those creatures at a distance. Even though the creatures were majestic, they weren’t the friendliest, Aurelia knew not to get to close to them.

As Aurelia made her way, from a far distance, she could see the wooden fence surrounding the green patch of grass. But then she saw a few figures, they weren’t hippogriffs, they were students. The students looked young, they definitely weren’t third years. Aurelia took longer strides as she walked towards their direction. It was dangerous for them to be so close to the creatures.

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After a particularly difficult and turbulent week, Marianne desired a little silence and peace. On the first day of class at Hogwarts her amulet had been destroyed by an older Gryffindor girl, and later received a letter from her mother informing of a sad illness that her grandfather had developed that made him forget his recent memories. It was similar to that muggle disease called Alzheimer's, but as a wizard having a wand in such circumstances was extremely dangerous. It was difficult to confiscate it and convince him that it was the best solution. Unable to see her grandfather, Marianne decided to write a letter to him and then went for a walk around the school grounds. She overheard a group of older students commenting about the majestic hippogriffs and how incredible such creatures were.

Curious - and enchanted -, Marianne walked toward the stables of the mentioned magical creatures and was the first to arrive to the place. She watched the hippogriffs at a distance and was shielded by the wooden fence and confined herself to admiring them. The brilliant feathers, huge wings and upper posture of a proud and wild animal were features that a Slytherin would easily enjoy in nature. She rested her arms on the fence and her head on them, distracted by the landscape. One of them came to stare at her and Marianne instinctively lowered her eyes. The animal moved by hitting the hooves on the ground and raising the wingspan. She did not know that she should bow or how to treat him properly.

The sound frightened her that took greater distance from them, which seemed to please the magical creatures. Then from a safe distance, Marianne sat down on a nearby tree to continue to watch them in silence.

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The view from the Astronomy Tower was hard to beat. Though a little unconventional, the professor's policy of requiring students to work with people from outside their house was surprisingly effective at getting everyone to talk outside their own little bubbles, ultimately fostering a more open and collaborative dialogue between the student body as a whole. People were comfortable talking across groups to others in their house, meaning information spread quickly between the students. He was glad for it too. There was a girl in his Astronomy class who knew all the the gossip.

Today's was that a group of Hippogryffs had been moved to the Care of Magical Creatures building for the older students' lessons. Arthur knew about Hippogryffs from books and movies, but the idea of seeing one for real was incredible! Even magic-born kids were enthralled. And they all spent half of the lesson watching them from the Astronomy Tower windows until professor Barclay yelled at them to get back to work.

He was putting away his things at the end of the lesson when someone said, "Hey! Who wants to get a closer look?" The suggestion was met with scattered agreements. And so, a group of them walked down from the Astronomy Tower, across the grounds, and towards the Hippogryffs stables. He could see as they approached that someone was already, sitting beneath a nearby tree. He turned his attention towards the Hippogryffs (who looked even more amazing close up than they did from afar) but didn't get too close.

Anyone feel free to be part of the group that walks down. Otherwise, just assume that they're NPCs who look briefly and then leave