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 Errand   Glitter andbe Gay  Astronomy Ambush  CLOSED

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Glitter and be Gay Errand
Students would enter to see this was no ordinary classroom... There were no rows of desks neat and orderly facing a chalkboard. Nor rows of benches resting under wide desks for students to sit two or three across. Instead they would find themselves in a large indoor classroom with plenty of room for various activities. To the immediate left when entering the classroom would be a set of shelving with spots for students to keep their notes, journals, extra jumper or gear for colder weather, or other classroom materials necessary should they choose to, in part to not give any excuses for students to come to class unprepared nor too cold and uncomfortable. Along the other side of the circular room were carefully stacked square cushions that students could use to sit on when they found themselves doing an indoor lecture.

The various smaller enchanted orreries for class use are locked away, please do not touch them. There is still the largest orrery in the middle changing magically to reflect the current movements and keeping up in real time through another more involved enchantment than the smaller ones set for specific seasons etc. The constellations that had also been in the class during previous Professors still moved in a silent evolution around the spiral staircase that lead first up to the area with Kateri's desk.

Though mostly untouched, her desk would not reveal its lack of use as atop it are scattered pages and notes from her own research. One quill with dried ink on it resting on an old piece of parchment with haphazardly scratched reminders while another sits in its inkwell longing to be used. A more modern writing implement, a pen would be tucked instead behind the Professor's ear while she works. A large oak drawer could be seen partially pulled out with a scrolls wedged inside and peeking out from over the edge of their wooden housing. On the back of the velvet padded chair would rest not one, not two, but three different cardigans, pull-overs or button up jackets of some kind long forgotten by the Professor who was too chilly to leave it in her closet but too warm to take it back with her upon leaving for the morning. On the shelving behind the desk were neatly stacked, shocking I know, books of all kinds from all eras, whatever the Professor had gotten her hands on. If it involved Astronomy or an inkling of it, it would be there. Staggered on the shelves were small totems of animals, some linked to various Zodiac or cultures including her own. Most were carved from stone or bone, the most prominent a larger moonstone carved wolf standing on all fours with its ears alert... eyes some sort of other unrecognizable gems... but almost as if they were watching the students every move.

As always the open walls of the classroom were blocked by invisible walls given the illusion that it was open-air when in fact it was not, not completely anyway. The door to the main classroom is currently unlocked. She does not have a connecting office and instead uses the classroom space, her desk to one side.

Kateri will be in the upper locked observatory tower section, unsuspecting and minding her own business while students decorate. Towards the end of the errand, or if it seems to be slowing down I will have her come down and give a reaction as well as be open to student interaction if anyone would like to stick around. The stairway leading up to where she is on the top level WILL.STILL.BE.LOCKED. Happy decorating!

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 Errand   Glitter andbe Gay  Astronomy Ambush  CLOSED


The stairs to the top of the astronomy tower were long and many. When two fools decided to actually run up them, you would expect them to be some pair of eager first years making the climb for the very first time. But this time, they were in fact two professors. Head of Houses to be exact even. Doc wasn't sure just how many student or even colleagues would have seen them running around school. But he sure realised his Slytherin counterpart had wind behind her legs. He basically saw her disappear up the steps beyond his view as he tried climbing them with a quick but steady pace.

You can imagine the smirk on his face as he eventually found her exhausted near the end of the stairs. Almost at the top, but she did not make it. Running past her he yelled: "Who's the slow poke now huh?" as he winked and blew some glitter at her that had stuck on his shirt.

Finally, reaching the classroom, he was panting heavily as he opened the door. As he walked through the room he simply pointed his wand towards the different planets and painted them blue, pink, red, gold and bright white. As a finishing touch he drew faces on them all in a different emotion. Satisfied with the plethora of emotions explained through the bodies of the universe. He looked down to the floor and grinned. People ought to know his love for all things of space and time. His wand quickly shot down as he started moving in a heart shape around the room. Leaving it bright and shining on the floor.

Next he walked up to edges of the tower and hung up dozens of paper decorations and pompoms. Quickly turning heel, he pointed upwards to the middle of the room and shouted: "Nix Facitur!" it instantly began to snow inside the room over the orreries as he ran for the door. It was high time to get out of here.

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 Errand   Glitter andbe Gay  Astronomy Ambush  CLOSED

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Hjørdis panted more audibly now. They had not been smart about this. They had run from the third floor to the first floor to the grounds and then all the way back up to the Astronomy Tower. It was made worse by the fact that she was actively trying to beat Caradoc in a sprint up the stairs, whilst trying to avoid being caught by anyone. She almost made. She sprinted past him and held the spot for a while. But by the sixth floor, she was dying. There were so many stairs in this castle! It did not help that she was unfamiliar with all of the secret passageways.

She leaned against the wall, clutching her side as she started to get a stitch. Why did she just try and run up all to the Astronomy Tower? She was not made for this. It was then that Caradoc overtook her. She was the hare of the turtle and the hare story. Whilst she was faster, she might not have had the stamina to outlast him all the way to the top. So close. Hjørdis gritted her teeth and shot him a glare as he passed her, throwing glitter at her. That little punk! She gave herself a few moments before quickly moving into another dash. Come on, she could catch up.

She paused outside the Astronomy tower, her hand resting on the door as wall as she panted before leaning straight into the wall, "Oh my lord... Wh- Why did- we- just ru- ow ow ow, I have a stitch," She groaned as she caught her breath back.

Once she had managed to regain some of her composure, she quietly slipped in. Opening up her bag, she pulled out some paper rosettes and pompoms. There was a range of colours - crossing the entire rainbow. She cast under her breathe, making them larger before levitating them up in the sky. This classroom was far too pretty to wreck entirely, in her eyes. But she could make it more colourful! Though, she could not guarantee that her partner in crime would be able to commit to that too.

Levitating the rainbow coloured pompoms and rosettes, she quickly filled the room with them. They were not at the ceiling, per se, but rather at different heights across the room. With the snow falling, the rainbow pompoms looked even more pretty. Kateri would have to walk through them carefully so she was not hit in the face. Once she was done, she quickly made her way out of the classroom as quietly as she could to avoid catching Kateri's attention. Though... if the Astronomy Professor did not realise soon then the pompoms would likely get soggy and wet from the snow.

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 Errand   Glitter andbe Gay  Astronomy Ambush  CLOSED

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As soon as Ivy walked into the Astronomy Tower, she was hit in the face with something fuzzy and small, and flinched backwards slightly, grey eyes squeezing shut as a reflex. "Ack!" Stepping back to look at the offending object, she discovered it was a pompom levitating in mid-air. The Gryffindor laughed, perplexed, and glanced around the room to see who else was here. The first person who caught her eye was a girl with shockingly red hair, and moved towards her, waving. As she neared, Ivy realised that she recognized her - wasn't she the girl who had moderated the Gobstones match between her and Cecily? She couldn't quite remember her name, but from what she recalled, she was nice enough...

"Whoever was here before us seemed to have pulled out all the stocks, hm?" Ivy gestured to the crudely-drawn faces scribbled onto the planets, the colours of which had been turned into the vibrant kind seen on Easter eggs, and... it was also... snowing? What the hell?

The first year tilted her head to watch the snow fall softly from the ceiling, wondering who on Earth would go to these lengths to prank the Astronomy Professor - either they really, really hated her, or really, really loved her. "Sweet Jesus," Ivy muttered to herself, holding out a hand to catch some of the snow. "I don't know about you," she said offhandedly to the redhead, "but... I wasn't expecting this level of dedication to an ambush. Do you have any idea who did this?" Ivy looked around again, as if the person responsible for this situation would jump out behind her.

"I don't know if you remember me from the Gobstones match," she continued, "but I'm Ivy... Ivy Bellamy." Ivy added her surname as an afterthought, just in case the redhead preferred using those instead. She had never really gotten used to the whole surname thing that some people liked to use. Ivy had grown up in a household where she was either Ivy, Miss, or Mademoiselle. First names just felt more natural for the Gryffindor, although if introduced to someone who wanted to be called by their surname, then so be it. It just created an unnecessary distance and formality between them, that was all.

Ivy moved to stand near the orreries, and hung the suncatchers she had made in the library onto one of the planets. "How are you decorating?" she asked the redhead, stepping back to admire her work. The rainbows were bouncing off the polished floor as the suncatchers spun, and the Astronomy classroom was a rather pretty sight, with the snow, pompoms and now the suncatchers.

Ivy grinned. It appeared she had gotten lucky with her decision of where to come that morning. She had chosen this classroom randomly, not knowing where to go for this errand. She could have just gone to the Great Hall and eaten food, but where was the fun in that? Ivy had woken up feeling in the mood for something fun, and this was exactly what she had been looking for. "Looks like I picked the right place to come, right?
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 Errand   Glitter andbe Gay  Astronomy Ambush  CLOSED

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𝓐madea was on a roll with this whole decorating thing. Well, she had only been to two of the locations so far but she was totally in the spirit. This pride errand had put her in the best mood she had been in for months; she skipped toward the Astronomy Tower with a smile on her face. The Astronomy Tower was not a place Amadea frequented. She came for class, of course, but she knew that there were a lot of rules regarding being up here so she tried to stay away for fear of accidentally breaking one of them.

Of course, she couldn't forget about the wonderful night she had spent up here during her first year when she, Kyden Goodlow, and Ami Procoppio had bonded while looking at the stars. Stargazing; Amadea made a mental note to herself to start doing that more often...if she could ever find the time for that, of course. Between her schoolwork and catching up with friends and blocking out entire days to participate in these errands, Amadea was as busy as ever with barely any time to catch her breath.

Speaking of catching her breath, Amadea took a second to collect herself as she reached the last step to the top of the Astronomy Tower. Even despite her daily walks, she still was quite winded after walking up to the astronomy tower from the Great Hall. Once she had collected herself, she looked around. It seemed like not many people had yet made it to the Astronomy Tower, though it was quite far away from the rest of the castle so Amadea was sure people were just taking their time to get here. As she was beginning to decide what to decorate, she heard a voice.

Turning around, Amadea saw a young girl standing in front of her. While Amadea desperately searched for the girl's name, it did not come to her. Amadea did recognize her though, from the Gobstones match she had moderated a few weeks prior. For the life of her, Amadea couldn't think of the girl's name or any clue that could help her figure it out. Nothing came to her, so she decided to give up the name search and listen to what she was saying.

"Yes, whoever was here did a great job," she said, surveying the scene. the plants had already been tackled, their colors now bright and vibrant. And there was...snow for some reason which Amadea didn't understand. Maybe it was the result of a spell gone wrong. "I know..." Amadea said, looking up at the snow with the girl. "They really did do a spectacular job. I have no idea who it is, though," she added. Maybe it was the work of the one and only Chad Preoccupied...Amadea knew that Chad was going all out for this errand just like she was trying to do and she wouldn't be surprised if he had something to do with this.

Amadea looked back at the girl, wondering if she should say anything but the girl was introducing herself. Yes, Amadea thought to herself as the girl introduced herself as Ivy Bellamy. She could finally put a name to the face and Amadea smiled warmly at the other girl. "Yes, Ivy, of course!" she said. "You played against Cecily. Hi, nice to see you again! I'm Amadea Campbell."

Ivy then asked how Amadea was decorating and she held up the decorations in her hand. "I made some decorations in the Great Hall," Amadea said. "I was planning on spreading those around. I also used the color changing spell on a few plants in the Hufflepuff Common Room but it seems like that has already been done," she said, gesturing toward the bright plants. "I guess I'll just hang some decorations then," she said brightly, taking one of the DIY rainbows she had made and sticking it up against the wall. The place looked like a rainbow had fallen on it; there were decorations everywhere and though she was surprised, the snow added a nice touch to the colors. Whoever had decorated had done a thorough job; Amadea was unsure if she needed to even add anything else. "What about you?" she asked as an afterthought, looking to see what Ivy's plans were.
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 Errand   Glitter andbe Gay  Astronomy Ambush  CLOSED

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Chad sighed happily as he trudged up the stairs to the Astronomy tower, fond memories from years past floating back to him. Back when it was far easier to break into the Astronomy tower, he could recall nights staring at the sky with Lorelai, or finding her very first friend group in Amadea in Kyden. While the class was, more or less, just another class to him, the tower itself held a very special place in his heart. It was with a nostalgic smile that he opened the door, quietly creeping into the tower past whoever else might've been in there at the time.

Glancing around, he frowned slightly as he realized that there wasn't really a good spot to dump his final flag. If he placed it out here, in the open, it would just blow away! Of course, Chad had no idea that there were invisible barriers extending from the open walls of the classroom, but that was just due to his crappy observation skills. Turning instead towards the indoor classroom, Chad slipped inside and looked around for a suitable place to hang the drag pride flag.

Spotting @Kateri Karr's desk to one side of the room, Chad beelined straight for the professor's table, placing the flag across the surface of the table. Pressing along the edges like he had in all of the other locations, he stepped back with a satisfied smile as he admired his handiwork. As a final touch, he placed his letter to the Astronomy professor on top, as well as a bouquet of fresh dahlias with a quiet but confident, "Orchideous!"

Quietly letting himself out of the classroom, and slowly making his way down the steps, Chad couldn't help but be proud of the work he'd done that day. He'd met a lot of new people, put up a lot of flags, and just in general, celebrated who he was without the slightest hint of embarrassment or shame... If only his grandparents could see him now! Oh, how they'd probably balk and curse and say some particularly mean things... but it was Pride Month, and nothing was gonna break his stride. He was proud to be who he was, to love who he loved, to dress how he wanted to.

This was the part where most people had some sort of grand revelation about the universe, humanity, society, or all three, but to be honest, Chad already had his revelations. At the end of the day, he was just happy to be who he was without much interruption or interference, which was a blessing he knew that many didn't get to have. Sweeping the fedora of his head and unpinning the hair tucked up underneath it, King Chad Preoccupied quickly turned back into normal Ami Procoppio. Rubbing her hand across her lip took care of the mustache, too, and the Hufflepuff happily skipped through the castle in her strange get-up, whooping and hollering.

"Happy Pride Month, baby!" she yelled at the top of her lungs as she ran through the castle, all of her excess energy finally being released from her body. "Happy freaking Pride Month!"
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 Errand   Glitter andbe Gay  Astronomy Ambush  CLOSED

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