Rehearsal Room

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A Hiding Voice  Closed 

Sophie walked into the empty Rehearsal Room. She walked to a corner, which had been farthest from the door. Her fear of being overheard, or worst, found was high. Why she had come to the room to sing, when she had a fear of being heard, was a mystery, but hey, This was Hogwarts, there is no point in hiding something when there are tons of memory modification spells!
She quietly glanced at the door, nobody was there.
She closed her eyes and inhaled, beginning to sing Riptide.

I was scared of dentists and the dark..

She began the song on a lower note, ascending to a higher note.

I was scared of Pretty girls and starting conversations.
Oh, All my friends are turning green.
You're the magician's assistant in their dreams.

She began singing quickly.

Oh. And they come unstuck.
Lady, running down to the Riptide
Takin' away to the dark side.
I wanna be your left-Hand man.

She finished the beginning of the chorus quickly, opening her eyes to see if someone had entered. The worst thing was...

Someone had.
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A Hiding Voice  Closed 

Rhea had gotten everything she'd needed together for what she had planned that afternoon. She had her special notebook (a stack of parchment stacked over each other and glued together by magic with the correct line spacing needed to write notes) and her enchanted quill. The redheaded girl had finished all her homework, and, faced with some free time, decided to head to the Rehearsal room to do her second favourite things after drawing - compose music. 

The shoulder bag was swung over her shoulder, her red hair was tied up and out of her face, and she was ready to go. Rhea made her way out of her dorm room and down to the Rehearsal room. Once she got there, she looked in but couldn't see anyone. She crossed to the corner to the right of the entrance and sat down at a piano. There were multiple in there, so she played a couple of notes on each one until she found one that she deemed right. 

Rhea sat down and started to spread out her things. She took out her notebook and placed it on the ledge that the piano had and placed her quill next to her. The enchantment on the quill still hadn't gone into action, as no music had been played. When Rhea would start to play, the quill would spring into action and write down what Rhea played.

As Rhea prepared to play the piano, she heard a faint voice carry over to her. It was very quiet and was barely discernible, but Rhea could hear it nonetheless. She looked around herself for a moment, trying to make out where the sound was coming from. She eventually found a blonde girl singing in the corner farthest away from her. Rhea tuned it and tried to make out what the girl was singing, but she deducted that it must have been a Muggle tune. 

Rhea walked closer and tried to make out the lyrics that the girl was singing. She began getting into the melody, and wanted to write down what the girl was sitting. She muttered, "Accio notebook and quill," under her breath and sat down at a piano next to the girl, who was deeply engrossed in her singing. She played a chord but stopped when the girl looked up at her, startled. 

"No, no, go back to singing. I'm just writing it down," Rhea said, gesturing the girl to go back to singing. 

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A Hiding Voice  Closed 

"Alright.. But you better not tell anyone about what you'll see, or hear!" She was physically (And mentally) Mortified of what could happen if someone found out. They'd either mock her, or try to hex her- both options seemed to make Sophie cringe.
She quietly started the second part of the chorus

I love you
When you're singing that song
I got a lump in my throat
You're gonna sing the words wrong.

She gasped for breath, she had sung the second part quite quickly, and it made her tired, well, more than she was used it. She sighed, knowing there was a small break in between the chorus and second verse. Using this time wisely, she caught up on her breath and began singing the second part, if she didn't pass out trying.

There's this movie that I think you'll like
This guy decides to quit his job and,
Head to New York City
This Cowboy's running from himself
And she's been living on the highest shelf

She finished the second verse on a high note, her lungs gasping for breath. Not only had she sung fast, but she sung high notes, which, from her research, was how most songs were sung. She smiled to herself, she had sung the First Chorus and verse, and the Second verse without passing out! Her condition became worst, and her lungs felt like they were shrinking.
Her head thumped with pain, as she collapsed and cried out. She hugged herself inwards, the pain from her head and her chest was unbearable. As quietly as possible, she inched towards her bag, which had two bottles. One was water, and the other was a small, fat white bottle. She opened the smaller bottle first and pulled out three red pills. She quickly grabbed the water bottle and opened that. Within seconds she had gulped down the pills and was as calmly as possible, trying to steady her breath.
'A little too much unsteady singing and breathing, what would your mum say to you!' Cried her brain. She ignored it and hugged herself inward once more, as if, she was her own life force (Not that she wasn't) and she cradled herself as a mother would a small and young child.

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A Hiding Voice  Closed 

Cecily heard voices in the Rehearsal room.

She was coming from the library, and her brain ached from studying. he was looking for something mindless to do when she heard a familiar tune from behind the closed doors.

...Lady, running down to the Riptide
Taken away to the dark side.
I wanna be your left-hand man...

Cecily quietly slipped in through the doors and stood just inside them, letting them softly close behind her. She stood there and listened for a minute, recognizing the song but no knowing the words or courage to sing along. She had always loved the arts, and preferred to listen to Muggle music. Cecily played the clarinet and saxophone at home, and loved to sing and act and draw-- though she was no good at dancing. She would tell her little sister stories before bed, and acted them out upon her sister's urging. Hearing this music now reminded her of home, and she loved it. Cecily silently thanked the blonde girl, the one singing, for bringing these happy memories.

Suddenly, the girl stopped singing as another girl played a chord on the piano. She heard muted voices, something said by the redhead, and slowly moved towards them, not wanting to bother either of the musicians, yet wondering who they could be.

The first girl continued singing, and Cecily crept closer. She didn't want to seem like she was stalking the other two girls, but she was desperate to find out who they were

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A Hiding Voice  Closed 

After a long day of classes, Amadea was ready for a break. She decided to head to the rehearsal room, to either sing or play whatever was in there. The arts were one of the ways Amadea let out her feelings and relaxed. They always had been the one thing that kept her completely sane. Unfortunately, she realized as she approached the room, there were already three other girls already in the room. One stood outside the doors, looking as hesitant as Amadea felt.

As she crept closer, she began to hear a girl's voice wafting out of the room. It was a familiar Muggle song, and Amadea hummed along to the chorus under her breath, hoping no one else heard her. She felt conflicted. On one hand, she really wanted to play some instrument or sing something but on the other hand, she didn't want all of these other girls listening or watching while she did it. Hastily, she decided against going into the room and playing so she turned away quickly. Unfortunately in her haste, she accidentally dropped a book onto the floor. The loud thud ricocheted off of the stone walls. Amadea shut her eyes and bent down to pick up the book. She did not want to look up; she was sure all of the girls' eyes were on her. Taking a deep breath, she stood back up and opened her eyes.

"S-sorry," she stuttered to the girls. "I-I was just..." She trailed off, unsure of what to say next.

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A Hiding Voice  Closed 

Sophie smiled slightly as more people had come in. Usually, as she could tell, arts were a way of letting go. Well, for Sophie it was at least. 
"Don't worry! Its okay. I've seen people come in and out, I have a lucky eye, despite, you know.. the glasses. Anyywayyy! I'm Sophie Murphy, of the Gryffindor residence!" She was used to introducing herself this way, as it got out her name, surname and her house, instead of having to ask questions later.
Though Sophie was an eccentric and very inquisitive, leading her to lots of mischief. But of course, there was the downfall. For her quirky personality she wasn't really talked to that much? Most people didn't speak to her, or ignored her when she was around, to abbreviate. 
"I know, a muggle song is pretty weird for a witch, but I just prefer them so much more!" She was always one to go off-topic or just start talking randomly. See, eccentric. 
But of course, the downfall, was that people had heard her. Her own voice, but nobody seemed to have the same outcome as Sophie expected. She, had expected people to laugh and hex her, as most people normally did, but who could really help that? Right, prefects maybe? 
In this world however, students took on their own problems, not of course that the world had to know, but because its better to feel like nobody understands, whether than to know that everyone has been through your problems. Realizing her quietness, she prompted a question. "So! What is your guy's favorite class?"

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A Hiding Voice  Closed 

Amadea's eyes widened as Sophie began to talk. She hadn't expected the girl to make conversation. She shuffled around her feet as Sophie talked, hoping that she could find an excuse to slip away. What a friendly Hufflepuff, she thought to herself. Trying to get out of talking to people. It wasn't like Amadea hated people. She didn't. She just preferred not to interact with them if she could interact with something else, such as an instrument. Or a book. Though, right now, Amadea was quite mad at her book for making such a loud commotion only moments before. Amadea realized Sophie was asking her a question and quickly cleared her throat to respond.

"Um, hi," she said. Wow she thought. So eloquent Amadea. 'Um, hi.' Great going. She stopped chastising herself so she could answer Sophie's other questions. "I'm Amadea. I'm a Hufflepuff. A-and I don't think muggle songs are weird. Music shouldn't have to be defined in that way. Music is the expression of the soul, no matter if it comes from a witch or a muggle." She looked around at the other girls before continuing, hoping she wasn't rambling on too much about things that they didn't care about. "As for favorite probably Charms so far. I haven't really been to many classes yet, but I like learning about magic. What is your favorite?"

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