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Theater Arts Club- Meeting 1  Members Only 

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Sonya walked into the rehearsal room, exited to run the first meeting of her new club. She showed up to the rehearsal room a little more than twenty minutes early, with papers and pencils in her hand, to set up. She didn't really need to set up anything though. It was more time to give herself preparation for the meeting. This first meeting was just to get to know the members and listen to their ideas. It was going to be just a casual get to know you meeting.

She sat the papers and pencils she had been carrying up on the stage and walked around the room. She made sure everything in the room was just right to run her first meeting. The room was orderly and Sonya found nothing she needed to adjust. She got a chair and placed it down in front of the audience seats, as she didn't want to be up on the stage for the meeting. The members of the club could fill up the front row of seats, as there weren't many members. She was hoping for more but oh well, it was still early on, she could get more latter.

She checked the clock, it was five minutes until the meeting was supposed to start. She sat in the seat in front of the audience, ready for anyone to show up at any time. She knew that people could show up late or early, and was prepared for either of those. She waited to welcome whoever showed up first.

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Theater Arts Club- Meeting 1  Members Only 

Arriving five minutes early, Tina ambled into the rehearsal room for the first meeting of the Theaters Art Club. She was excited and nervous. She couldn't wait to start performing, even though she was a little worried her nerves would get in the way. She wondered what the other members of the club would be like. Would she be able to work with them? Are they usually friendly or hostile? She took a deep breath as she sat on the far end and gave Sonya a small wave. She didn't want her to think hat she disliked her, but she didn't feel comfortable sitting next to people.

Taking in the organization of the room, she appreciated how much effort Sonya had put into this first meeting. She must be very passionate about the arts to start a club and be so invested, she thought as she settled into her seat. She knew it would take a while for other members to arrive, so she opened the fiction novel called Divergent and began to read. She was almost finished, wanting to know whether Tris and Four survived their predicament. The story absorbed her so much that she wasn't very aware of her surroundings.

Tina Addington
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Theater Arts Club- Meeting 1  Members Only 

Sonya smiled as a girl walked into the rehearsal room. When the girl walked a little closer she saw that it was Tina, a girl who seemed a bit shy but had an amazing audition. "Welcome!" she greeted with a little wave when Tina waved at her. The girl sat a bit aways from her in the audience and read a book. Sonya smiled. She could tell this girl was an introvert, buried in her book, and was glad that she had taken a chance in her theater club. She knew it could be hard to get yourself out there, but Tina seemed really talented. She wondered what all the other members would be like.

Sonya ran through the events of auditions in her head, trying to recall everyone who had auditioned and their first impressions. There was of corse Tina, who did an amazing monologue, another girl she thought of was Devina, who seemed really confident with her audition. Those two seemed like opposites in terms of personality but both were very talented in the craft of performance. She remembered another girl who auditioned with Romeo and Juliet, she believed her name was Aeri. It would be nice to have someone who knew about the classics. There was a boy, Harley, who auditioned with his work in progress play about Voldemort. That seemed questionable, but he was a good actor and first impressions weren't always correct. There was a familiar face that would be in the club, Elena, who was a talented musician Sonya was in the Enchanted Souls Band with. And last but not least her friend Stella, who was talented in acting and music. She smiled at the thought of all the talent that would be in the room that meeting.

"Life is never what you plan"

Theater Arts Club- Meeting 1  Members Only 

Aeri quietly walked into the Rehearsal Room about three minutes early and looked around the room. She spotted two other girls in the room and shyly smiled at them as she bowed slightly in greeting. "안녕하세요~" After walking closer to the other girls, she cleared her throat and rubbed the back of her head nervously. "I mean... Hello~" Aeri wasn't entirely sure what she needed to bring to the first meeting, so she had her school bag that contained some Shakespeare plays she had brought from home in case she needed something to remind her of home or just a book to read.

Looking around once more, the young witch found herself an empty seat and sat by herself. She still didn't know either of these girls yet, so she would stay shy for a while. However, maybe it wouldn't take too long for her to open up and show her true personality that she kept hidden inside of her. Aeri then opened up her bag and started to read 'Hamlet', hoping that the other girls wouldn't mind since it wasn't time for the meeting to start yet. "To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer...

Korean Translation

안녕하세요 - Hello

Korean Romanization

안녕하세요 - annyeonghaseyo

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Theater Arts Club- Meeting 1  Members Only 

Ellara rushed into the room, practically running into the wall, as she attempted to slow her run. Seriously, one would think she'd known her way around at this point, but being all cute and clever as she would, of course, she decided to take a "shortcut" and get completely turned around! No matter, she was here now, and that was enough to keep her in good spirits. "Woops, guess I was in a bit too much of a rush. Hey, guys!"

She offered an apologetic smile, trying to keep the soft blush from gracing her cheeks in embarrassment. So far, the turn out wasn't all that bad. Sonya, of course, was present, alongside Tina, which she'd ridden on the train ride to Hogwarts with, and a few she didn't know, not that she minded. The whole point in getting involved in clubs was so she had the opportunity to meet new people, and here, it looked like she'd be receiving the chance to do just that.

Ellara set her messenger back over by the door and walked over to join Sonya and the others. She had no idea what would be happening at this meeting, but figured they'd find out soon enough! "Hey, Sony. Have I missed anything, yet?"

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