Rehearsal Room

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Lancashire Mansion

When they finally entered the rehearsal room, Scott was, by the now more talkative environment, hit by all the things he wanted to ask Mia. Because with everything she said and did, memories came showring back upon him and along with them millions of questions. Every time she said his name, for instance, it reminded him of how long it took for her to learn it was his brother who was called Benedict, and not he.
Or every time she touched her hair, it reminded him of how they all got candies stuck in their forelocks one wedding as an older cousin told them it was good for it. She'd cried. Scott'd cried, too.

One set of memories, more than any other, was constantly brought to mind- and that was all things concerning the house. The Lancashire mansion with the giant garden in which they'd play when the adults ate, the dozens of corridors in which they'd run when the adults talked, and the hundreds of rooms in which they'd hide while the adults went around calling them. And remembering it all made him happier than anything, so immediately he asked,

"When's the last time you've been to Lancashire? You remember that place!"
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Lancashire Mansion

"When's the last time you've been to Lancashire? You remember that place!"

Mia stepped in to the reherasal room, strugggling to keep up with Scott's strides. She caught up and turned to him, answering his question.

"Grandmum invited us there-Mum, Dad, and I-over the break. We go to the Gathering of Purebloods each year, and after I invite people that I meet to the Mansion. Grandmum loves it-meeting my friends.."

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Mia trailed off, remembering the happy, sun filled days when she would prance around with Scott there in the yard, hiding behind the somehow still alive pumpkins.

"Remember the last time we were there? Was it the summer that I moved-or after that? I remember being seven, the giant garden in which we would play in, and the dozens of corridors in which we would race in, and even though you would always win"-Mia rolled her eyes teasingly-"I loved it."

Mia sighed a bit and gestured over to the corner behind the stands in the empty and dark room.

"Want to sit?"

Without waiting for his answer, Mia whipped out her wand and cast a spell.


Her wand glowed brightly and Mia led Scott over, looking behind her to make sure that no one noticed that they were in this forbidden room.

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Lancashire Mansion


Light erupted gently from her wand as Mia led Scott further into a room in which he'd never been.
She was looking around, not nervous but cautious, and Scott would have been very excited was he not currently contemplating the other things she'd said. And he did so very rarely, as he had decided that thinking too much about what people say will almost always make you sad.
This time, though, he couldn't help it.

Their grandmother had invited her family to the mansion. No wedding, no birthday, just a family holiday. Perhaps even just for a weekend, which somehow seemed worse to him. The casualty, that is. Whenever his family got invited, it was always via a letter you could barely believe was written by somebody supposedly close to you. Always so formal. Cursive writing, which had of course, to him, always made it more exciting- but now, carefully thinking back upon his mother's disappointed face, and adding the newfound piece of information of what must then be dozens of sunny days in Lancashire he was never invited to share- it made him envious. Which was a twisting and, to him, unfamiliar feeling.

She took a seat and so did he.

"You bring friends?" He said then, trying not to reveal too much of whatever it was he was feeling through his voice. "Who will you bring next time, Rosier?"

It probably sounded very childish. But he was a child.

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Lancashire Mansion

"You bring friends? Who will you bring next time, Rosier?"

Scott's voice sounded childish, almost jealous. Sad. Mia replied cautiously.

"I don't know. Maybe. Though I don't like her very much. She's kind of an...."- Mia trailed off, trying to find a good word-" elitest. Racist. Crude in her thinking about Muggle-borns and Half-bloods."

They reached the stands and sat down behind them, hiding from whoever or whatever. It didn't matter- Mia could worm her way out of anything- but she felt safer behind those stands with Scott. She rarely did. She placed her head on his shoulder and buried her head into it, sad.

"Grandmum doesn't want me to leave, because to her, I'm the only hope."

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Mia looked up, trying not to cry.

"The heir...Grandmum says that my dad is the oldest male, and so he should've produces the oldes male, and so forth, but he produced me, and I'm still young. Aunt Amy and Uncle Ford have Maye, Maya, Micheal, and Alexandra, and both Maya and Micheal are older than me but..."

Mia trailed off and then looked at Scott with serious eyes.

"Maya's silly, a flirt. Even though she's making good grades, Grandmum thinks that she's going to marry rich. Micheal's a brute, smart, but a brute, Maye is younger than me, and Alexandra is too nice..'flitting and flirting' around. She's like Maya but... miniature."

Mia looked up and tears started to pool in her eyes.

"You're not a brute, or a flirt, but you're a half-blood. And me? I have the whole Rachel thing going on. Grandmum thinks that once she dies, like Granddad did, the family will sink into ruins. She's trying to name an heir this year. That's why she keeps inviting people to the mansion. To see them. Their conduct. Except you and Maye."

Mia looked back at Scott, harsh.


Mia put her hands over her mouth, suprised at her outburst.

"She thinks...I should let Rachel die..."

Mia looked away, but hugged Scott, letting her tears fall all over his robes.

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Lancashire Mansion


She was yelling. Or, she wasn't, she only raised her voice- but to Scott that was all the same. He was surprised, more than anything. And she must have been too because she covered her mouth.
Scott felt bad for feeling bad. Then he remembered his mother telling him he shouldn't ever do that so then he started feeling bad about that, instead.
How terrible. Why was she being so terrible to him?

"She thinks...I should let Rachel die..."

Then of course, she wasn't being terrible- she was crying. And hugging him. If somebody is crying and hugging you they can't be so terrible, can they? Or at least they can't mean to.

And she'd mentioned their cousins. For a split second Scott had felt proud to recognize every single name for once, until he realized that that was all he could do.
He knew precisely which one of them didn't like figs when they were five, and who had worn their mother's shoes for almost an entire summer, but he didn't know which one was or wasn't a "brute".
He didn't even know what a brute was.

And that's when he realized Mia's family was completely different from his own. He didn't even know who this Rachel was but he could put two and two together when he felt it necessary. And this time, two plus two equaled no questions asked. He didn't figure she'd like to answer in front of anyone right now.

"I can see." Was all he said. "I can be slow and I can be deaf but I promise I can see."

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Lancashire Mansion

"I can see. I can be slow and I can be deaf but I promise I can see."

He said this in such a Scott way- understanding and caring- and she laughed while crying.

"I'm an idiot. A compete and total idiot."

She lauged harder into his robes and then sat up, wiping her eyes.

" Yes you can be. You can be slow, and so deaf that I can't even at times but you're so...nice. How?"

Mia remembered all the times he has consoled her-maybe not like this, crammed behind the stands in the rehearsal room, but similar to this. She was hot headed. A star that burned out quickly, and he was Scott, as deaf as he could be sometimes. When they were five, and he held her hand while she cried about Maya rejecting her, not playing with her and ditching her for her friends, or when they were seven, and she moved nearer to him, but she had to leave all of her friends in New York City. Or when they were ten, and she sobbed into his shoulder about Rachel. Though she doubted he even knew who Rachel was. He still probably didn't know. That was Scott. It was all Scott.

Suddenly, a question popped into her head.

"I've always wondered. What do you remember about me? You remember key things, silly, but still. Like how Alexandra to you was always the girl who wore Aunt Amy's shoes for the summer at Longwood Gardens, and how Anatole was the kid who read-or something like that. Who am I?"

She tilted her head to the side, looking straight at him in her peculiar way. Not staring, no, but burrowing, almost, searching.

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Lancashire Mansion

"Who am I?"

She'd stopped hugging him so tight, and instead looked straight at him. Scott was confused, but more than anything he was still dwelling over all the terrible things she'd just said about herself. Maybe, if she wanted to know who he thought she was, the first thing he should do is correct her.

"Well.. you're not an idiot, at least. That's for sure."

He started thinking very hard of all the times in the mansion, just to give her something more. He'd never thought hard about any of it before. A lot, yes. But never hard.

Not that it was difficult, he could see her immediately, but he wanted to do it properly.

Her hair came first of all, which was more ginger back then than it was now. Never orange, but blonder in the sun. Then he remembered her hair as it had looked when it was covered in the sticky chocolate wrappers that Benedict had poured over her head, the year his brothers were invited for Christmas. It was the wrappers of the sweets she'd stolen from a now crying Scott, so Ben must've thought she deserved it.

He remembered how shocked she'd looked, when she felt them stuck in her locks, but more than anything how she hadn't started crying. She simply turned to his older brother with a look of malice. Her sneer impossibly white despite the feasting upon stolen sweets only moments earlier.

So, turning to her, he was about to say you're invincible!- but stopped right as he met her eyes.
They were still filled with tears. This Mia was crying. And she did not look invincible to him. But reappearing as she rubbed her eyes, was the shimmer of the person she'd always been to him.

"You're a chocolate thief." Scott said.

He snorted out of his nose, even though you aren't supposed to when somebody's just finished crying. He hoped she wasn't too offended, but he also hoped she didn't think it was just a joke. Because nothing characterized Mia to him, better than that chocolate-steeling sneer, which he hoped would return after his perhaps comedic relief.

"And you should be proud," He clarified.
"I'm a typical victim of chocolate theft and I should tell you that that's much less fun."

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Lancashire Mansion

"You're a chocolate thief. And you should be proud, I'm a typical victim of chocolate theft and I should tell you that that's much less fun."

Mia laughed with him, not her usual breathy laugh, but a full bodied one. She remembered that summer, when Benedict had been a real jerk, though she had deserved it, and had taken his revenge. She remembered the new haircut she had later in the summer, just to give her boost. She had hated Benedict from then on. She smiled at Scott, and then continued talking, glancing up at the ceiling while doing so.

"It's not my fault you're so easy to pick on. I couldn't help myself!"

Mia laughed again, averting her gaze from the roof and towards the stands in front of her.

"Really. I love chocolate, but the look on your face! I'm sorry, I'm a shameless bully, but..."

Mia snorted in a very unladylike manner.

"You were a head taller than me, Merlin Scott, you still are, and I can still push you over. You're lucky Benedict is like me, even though we're not related in the slightest."

Mia smiled at Scott, pushing a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"I'm sorry for all the nasty stuff I've done. I really am. Even if I don't seem to be sorry."

Mia curled up next to Scott, comfortable in the crevice of his arm.

"I love you. You know that."

Mia gazed up at Scott, her eyes full of admiration. She had always loved him, more than she had loved Maye, or Alexandra, or anyone else. He was...different. Steadfast. Gryffindor suited him well, and she was glad for him, even if she didn't show it. She was terrible, she knew that, but still she continued to abuse him. She hoped he still loved her. Just hoped.

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Lancashire Mansion

"I'm sorry for all the nasty stuff I've done. I really am. Even if I don't seem to be sorry. I love you.
You know that."

He did know that, it wasn't hard to.

"Of course. I love you too. This might have escaped you but losing my sweets to you of all people is one of the greatest things in the world. "

She'd cuddled up against him again. They made themselves small, like they'd done beneath the dinner tables hundreds of times. Sitting in the wet grass, the white tablecloth like walls breaking the sunlight to a summery gray.

"But remember, then we stole from Ben. I'd actually argue you're each other's opposites.. except that you're both tough, that is. But how you ever turned me against my savior I'll never know.
But you're a friend, Mia, and you do that really well."

Then he added, "Most of the time." And showed his gums. But then he stopped, attempting something he'd never really done before.

"To me.. and to Rachel?"

He felt unsure about every syllable, wasn't even sure if he'd gotten the name right. Stepping carefully.

"If you cry over someone, that usually means you care a lot."

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Lancashire Mansion

"To me.. and to Rachel? If you cry over someone, that usually means you care a lot."

Scott looked at her. His face was..he was being careful, stepping carefully. Mia looked at him, and then up. She sniffed. I'm not going to cry. DON'T CRY MIA! she thought. Screaming internally, Mia looked at Scott, smiling.

"Yes. I do care. Rachel was....she was my best friend. The only one who cared for me in school. She came when I was in the third grade, when I was 8. I...I was reliant on her. I almost told her about magic. Then she fell ill. No. She was targeted. She was tortured. 'Crucioed'," Mia laughed bitterly. "She's in St. Mungo's. I told my mum to keep her alive. With Magic or without. She's been in the hospital for so long..."

Mia's voice broke. She wanted to keep it together. It was hard. Mia gulped and looked up, fanning her face miserably.

"She's still there. Nothing is working. Nothing. We cannot inject too much magic or she dies. Too little, she dies. She's on the verge of death. We still haven't found out who did it, even though grandmother dispatched her private task force. And everyone, everyone wants me to forget it. To let her die. But I won't. I won't let her die."

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Lancashire Mansion

Scott had heard about the Cruciatus curse, of course he had- it was the go-to empty threat of any wizarding playground. But he'd never heard any actual stories, his mother wouldn't tell him and it never struck him to ask his father, so hearing of this now had him glued to the spot.

The name Rachel was a sad name now, he thought.

"I won't let her die."

He was terrified at this point, but with those words surfaced the vaguest familiarity on her part. The chocolate thief, he thought, stubborn. But it was of course more than that.

Scott tried imagining what it would feel like to have somebody so close to him in such a hospital bed.
It was hard, and unnecessary, but he couldn't not try.

"I don't think I would.. either."

He thought very hard, and spoke very carefully. Almost biting his tongue not to say the wrong thing.

"If it were Ben.. or Silas.." And then he didn't know what to say. It made him a little angry, actually, this was supposed to be something Gryffindors were good at. If not flying, then loyalty. Yet he couldn't with any certainty say what he'd do in her place.

"..Or you." He added instead, wanting to make her feel better in some other way if he couldn't in one. Another attempt in this direction was this gesture: from his pocket he retrieved an almost empty package of Bertle Bott's, and held it forward. It might have felt dumb for anyone else, but to Scott offering her one of those three last beans was the third best thing to do.

The best thing, of course, would have been giving her an actual solution to her problems.

The second-to-best would have been chocolate.

The biggest thing you can say is 'elephant'

Lancashire Mansion

"I don't think I would.. either. If it were Ben.. or Silas..Or you."

Scott handed her a package of almost finished Bertie Bott's, and Mia took the package gratefully. Somehow Scott knew her better than anyone else. She felt a rush of shame run through her body. He was always so considerate, so kind, and here she was, ranting while he was having a tough time with the one person Mia always wanted respect from. Their grandmother. Mia's cheeks flushed red and she reached into the paper package and took out the second to last bean. It was blindingly red, and Mia popped it in her mouth, wrinkling her nose. Cinnamon. Mia coughed and then laughed, throwing her head back. She didn't know why she did it but it was all so stupid. How his minuscule gestures made her day. Mia coughed again and then handed the package back to Scott, a glimmer in her eyes.

"I have something better. Way better. And this time I'll share."

Mia smiled and reached into her pocket. After a minute she pulled out two chocolate frogs. She handed one to Scott and then started unwrapping her own, cupping her hand over the packaging so that the frog would not jump out. She smiled and then looked back up at Scott, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

"Will you come with me? To visit her?"

Mia bit her lip and looked up at him, hopeful. Maybe he could make everything better. Maybe.

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Lancashire Mansion

"I have something better. Way better. And this time I'll share."

And out of her pocket she fetched it, chocolate. Chocolate frogs, to be exact, two chocolate frogs still in their wrapper. Scott gladly took one of them, resisting the urge to ask where she'd stolen them. Opening the package up the frog almost escaped, but he cupped his hand around it before it could do so. With his free fingers he retrieved the collectable card from the box. Morgan Le Fay he read, quite pleased with himself as he'd only seen others (who bought these frogs frantically) get her.
As you turned the card to one side the dark witch's body transformed into the body of a bird, and then back again. Mesmerized by this, Scott almost didn't hear Mia's question.

"Will you come with me? To visit her?"

He had quite a delayed reaction, which was probably not what she was hoping for. He forgot all about the card in his hand and looked right back at her.

"To.." And he cursed his slow head before quickly resuming: "Rachel?" The sad name.
"Do you want me to come to St. Mungo's? Because I will! Don't think I won't." He definitely didn't want to look hesitant. He almost pushed his chest forward with the Gryffindor emblem shining like he'd seen his brother Silas do in stead of saying trust me or I'll do it!

"Trust me. I'll do it."

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Lancashire Mansion

Mia smiled and turned her head so that Scott couldn't see her expression. She loved him more than she could have ever in this moment. She didn't want him to have the satisfaction.

Mia busied herself opening the chocolate frog, and popped it in her mouth, loving the taste. Opening the package that held the card, Mia looked down and saw the name. Minerva McGonogall. Mia had collected all the chocolate frog cards years ago, and kept them in a small chest. She had traded all of her extras away for people that she didn't have, her last acquisition being Adalbert Waffling, a bronze card. She still loved collecting though, but often gave away the chocolate cards for gobstones, or other small items.

Mia turned suddenly towards Scott, and kissed him lightly on the cheek. She never let herself show this much emotion, but Scott..he brought this out in her. Mia's cheeks colored, and she focused on popping the last of the frog in her mouth, and then tearing off Scott's frog's leg. His expression was priceless and Mia snorted in a rather unladylike matter.

"I bought these you know. You're lucky that you even got a mutilated one out of me."

Mia smiled up at Scott, and then looked down, ashamed for wearing her emotions on her sleeve.

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Lancashire Mansion

She'd kissed him on the cheek only once before. Scott could suddenly remember it very clearly, and that was very convenient because he'd rather think of anything right now but of what face to make.

He had been crying, and from beneath the tablecloth he could hear both his brothers calling his name, and see his father's feet fidget impatiently with the rug by the fireplace.
Although him being curled up there was initially her fault, Mia had crawled down under the table and done just that- kiss him on the cheek. And since kids quickly forget who did what, it was more than possible for both of them to silently agree that it was not Mia who had teased Scott about his missing front teeth, but Maye. Now, wether or not Maye was even actually there that day, Scott couldn't seem to recall. And all he actually felt like remembering, was how he quickly thereafter ran into the bathrooms to check his cheek in the mirror. By that age, Scott thought all girls wore lipstick like his mother- and that their kisses left huge and embarrassing marks on your face.

So almost as by instinct, when she turned away, he rubbed his right cheek fast and subtly. He shouldn't have. The sudden movement seemed to be Mia's cue to snitch the leg off of his chocolate frog. Scott's mouth fell open, and probably made a gawky noise.

"I bought these you know. You're lucky that you even got a mutilated one out of me." Then she snorted.

Thief thief thief.

"I've realized." Scott said, imitating crestfallenness. And although he didn't think she'd take any more, he popped the rest in his mouth just in case. He grinned at her with brown teeth.

"Precaution." He said, the word muffled behind the melted chocolate he now decided to swallow.

And following those lines, he quickly downed the other two remaining beans straight from the package. A risk move, one knows, but the lion on his chest shone bright.

A few seconds later Scott was spitting a bean-and-saliva mixture all over the floor, and wished he'd saved his chocolate frog for last.

The biggest thing you can say is 'elephant'