Rehearsal Room

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Unsteady  Closed 

Cel stepped into the wide, empty rehearsal room through doors opened just enough for her slim body to slip through. Nobody was inside-- thank goodness. She needed a moment alone.
Oh, nothing had, well, happened. But there were just so many people at this gigantic school, crowds upon crowds of red, green, yellow, and her own blue. Surrounded by so many others, she'd never felt so alone... so unsteady.
The girl cast her eyes toward the grand piano in the room, light of the torches reflecting off of its polished black surface.
Cel rose, sidling over to the piano despite there being nobody there to hide from. It was the first time since her entering Hogwarts that she would have touched a pianoforte.
The young girl pushed back the instrument's heavy cover to reveal the pearl white keys. Cringing at the whine of wood against wood as she pulled the cushioned piano bench towards herself, she seated herself and placed her fingers on the keys.
Cel was pretty sure she'd forgotten everything by now, and she sifted through the scores stored in her mind as she warmed up with a couple of scales. No, nothing seemed clear enough for her to play at the present.
What she really wanted to do was use her voice.
Few here knew she could sing. She'd just never seen the need to tell anyone.
Well, that and she just really didn't like performing.
So the girl curved her fingers and played the first chord in the song, b minor.
It rang out nicely, so she proceeded to the next, G Major, then D Major, then A Major. And then... she began to sing:
Hold on
Hold on to me
'Cause I'm a little unsteady
A little unsteady

Her voice rang out in the rehearsal room, pure and clear. The first few notes caused her to grimace slightly, but the song soon evened out, and her talent began to show through.
Mama, come here
Approach, appear
Daddy, I'm alone
'Cause this house don't feel like home
If you love me, don't let go
If you love me, don't let go

As the verse began, her hands began to invent flourishes and turns on the keys as her voice began laden with new emotion: sorrow, desperation, frustration... but it came back to sorrow every time. Her first time singing the song in front of another, she could remember, drew tears from the audience. Now they drew tears from herself.
As the chorus repeated, she lost herself in the numb music, for once allowing herself to revisit the past painlessly through the notes.
Mother, I know
That you're tired of being alone
Dad, I know you're trying
To fight when you feel like--

Halfway through the second verse, she stopped singing. The silence was deafening as she waited for her tears to stop flowing freely. When they did, Cel made no attempt to return to the piano, but only sat there, staring blankly at the keys.
Oof, that was sad. And, uh, really long-- sorry about that. The song here is Unsteady by X Ambassadors, though her style is more similar (but not the same as) this cover by KHS and Madilyn Bailey here.

Unsteady  Closed 

While going back to his room, Kient heard something in the hallway. Hmm, it sounded very intriguing. It was like all arts. There was something about D-major that satisfied him. Maybe it was because when playing the higher two strings when he was a beginner, it was quite easy. That was probably it. Taking off his headphones, he embraced the music. It was so beautiful! If only he had...

Oh, his viola!

Kient scrambled across Hogwarts (and almost got lost), snatched up his viola, and sprinted back to the rehearsal room.

When Kient finally arrived, on the fourth floor, he took a few deep breaths to calm himself quickly and walked on. As he neared the rehearsal room, he didn't hear anything. Only the clack of his footsteps. He took a peek at the room, and (to his relief,) there was somebody inside! The only thing was, she was silent. Why wasn't she playing? This puzzled Kient, so he tried talking to her, something that he was awful at and usually avoided, but he was determined.

That was great singing, I was listening to you down the hall.
Kient always tried to be nice, even though that couldn't make up for the awkwardness whenever he socialized.
Wait a minute, that came out wrong
Wait, no, I wasn't stalking you!
Kient's desperate attempt to restore the nice tone to the conversation didn't seem to be helping.
No! That just made it worse! So much for first impressions. Should I run? No. I came here for a reason.
He silently cursed at himself for messing this up and kept his mouth closed until he could finally find the right words to say so that in future conversations, he wouldn't end up sounding like an idiot. He pinned that mental note onto his mental wall and applied tried to apply that rule as frequently to every conversation he would have at Hogwarts. He would start with this one.

Is that a violin?
No, it's a viola! It's different! It has a C, G, D, and A string.
So a cello then?
-Kient Federer

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Aurelia was walking down the corridor when she heard music echoing through the hallway. It was beautiful and her ears ached too hear more. Hogwarts was deprived from music, and now the halls were flooded with melodic tunes of the piano. She had to get closer to the music, she needed too. Aurelia searched for where the music was coming from. She pushed every door open and peered into the small gaps. All she saw were empty rooms. She went to the next door and did the same. Then finally, when she pushed open the fourth door, she was greeted with the glorious euphony of the keys of a piano. Her fingers pushed the fine oak door open slightly. The room looked like at theatre, she went to an orchestra once when she was younger, this room was similar to how it looked with red chairs and all. She sat on the first seat she saw. She couldn’t quite identify who the musician was as she was quite a distance away.

The musician’s voice filled the room. It sounded sad but beautiful. The girl sang, inflicting perfectly with every key she played. Then she stopped arubtly. Aurelia gasped lightly, had the girl noticed her presence, but even then, Aurelia stood from her seat and clapped loudly.

I sound like a savage... :grin: :sweatingbullets: clapping while people cry...

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Unsteady  Closed 

Cel positively jumped as she became aware of two presences in the rehearsal room. One girl-- clapping, already in the room, probably entering while she was singing-- and a boy, just coming in through the door. With a viola. Who brought a viola with them around the school, complete with its bow and rosin?
She turned on the piano bench, swinging her legs over to the opposite side. Mortification crept higher each second, even as the girl clapped and the boy, albeit awkwardly, attempted to compliment.
At the second sentence she laughed, shocked into stopping her tears.
"Um, thank you," she replied, the slightest trace of a smile on her lips. Ugh, her voice sounded so... sticky. Cel reached for the bottle of water in her heavy bag. "Both of you," she added. "But... um..." How could she ask this without hurting their feelings, a bit? The boy had already told her that he wasn't stalking her, which probably meant that he was afraid that she thought he was stalking her. Which, of course, she didn't. Uh... right? Well, plenty of people walked in on other people in other rooms... and she wasn't exactly paying attention to who was there and who wasn't.
"How much did you, uh, hear?" she asked in a small voice. She quite hated performing for people, though she guessed it was slightly better if she didn't know she was at all. Cel hadn't given quite a thought about it when she entered the then-empty Rehearsal Room.
Regardless, she'd probably never sing here again in her life.

Unsteady  Closed 

A boy with a viola came in when she had stopped singing. Were they playing together. Maybe Aurelia should leave and not interrupt them. The girl however, seemed shy about her performance.

You don’t need to be shamed, it was beautiful!”Aurelia said.
She skipped down the carpeted steps and moved closer to the stage where the raven haired girl sat on the black piano stool made of leather. She inspected the girl. Aurelia then realised that her face was stained with tears. Had the girl been crying while she was playing? Aurelia suddenly felt her cheeks flush red, she must have seemed so rude to clap so loudly when someone was crying. Maybe it was the reason she stopped halfway through the song.
How much did you, uh, hear?
the girl asked quietly.

Everything. It was quite a depres- , uh, an emotional piece.” Aurelia said as she sat down beside her on the stool, it barely fit two people.

So, um, what was the song about?” She asked with a sweet tone of voice, threading carefully not to damage the girl’s feelings. Her eyes then moved to the boy who came in.

Were you two about to play together?” She questioned catiously.

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Unsteady  Closed 

As another girl walked in, Kient tried to analyze the conversation so that he wouldn't speak awkwardly again. This girl was very tall and seemed to cast a shadow over him. Nevertheless, Kient noticed that she didn't seem that mean.
"How much did you, uh, hear?"
The question seemed to be aimed at both of them, so Kient thought of a response as quickly as he could. Right before he drew his breath, the towering girl answered. She followed it up with a question that seemed like it was directed towards the girl who sang earlier. Her eyes quickly fell on Kient as she asked him a question.
"Were you two about to play together?"
Kient knew that he had to answer this question, and fast. He immediately came up with an answer, but he racked his brain for an answer that would keep the heat off of him for a longer amount of time.
"Uh, no, I just got here. But wouldn't mind if we did?" Kient's best answer killed two birds with one stone, something he was naturally good at. He directed the conversation off of him (for now), and he changed the topic of the conversation into something that might actually yield a favorable outcome. After all, the reason he ran across Hogwarts, the entire Hogwarts castle, was so that he could play, accompanied by that beautiful voice, and now it seemed that he might just do it, but, of course that all depended on whether or not if they wanted to.

Is that a violin?
No, it's a viola! It's different! It has a C, G, D, and A string.
So a cello then?
-Kient Federer

Unsteady  Closed 

Cel raised her arm to tuck a stray hair behind her ear, using the motion to mask her briefly pressing the sleeve of her robe to her eye. No further tears flowed, thankfully, but she hated being caught crying. It wasn't... dignified.
"Oh," she sighed in answer to the other girl's question. "The song--" Cel began, cut off by her second question and the boy's rapid answer.
"You look like you play well," she approved. "What are your names? I'm Celynne Flores. Or Cel." Or Celery, she silently thought in her mind, but they could find out her nickname later... after she decided whether or not they were nice enough people to befriend. Both seemed pretty nice-- after all, they'd liked her singing and expressed that-- but it wasn't often she performed. Besides, right now they would probably be the only two people in the entire castle of Hogwarts who knew she could sing. Or at least enjoyed singing. No, Mariah did too... but she'd heard her singing with a rather strange band in the Leaky Cauldron, and that was a different style.
Three people, then.
Oh wait, no, Kaegen knew too-- she'd sung that song he made, with her own tune, just a few nights ago... well, that was without accompaniment.
Also not important.

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Aurelia narrowed slightly, squinting skeptically when the boy replied,
Uh, no, I just got here. But wouldn't mind if we did?
she didn’t remember coming in with him at all. She hasn’t even seen this boy before, but she shrugged the thought of anyways. He was just trying to squeeze into the conversation and had come up with a quick answer just like that without thinking much. She let him. The singing girl complemented him too, even though they had never heard him play his viola.
What are your names? I'm Celynne Flores. Or Cel.
Aurelia, Aurelia Doutzen Bezuidenhout. You can just call me Aureli, that’s what my mom calls me. Not many people call me that in Hogwarts though, only my Cousin Parisse, but she’s in Beauxbatons though. ” She said, but looking down with her cheeks flushed when she realised she might have said a little too much.

Would you mind playing us a piece on your viola? I would love to hear it.” Her arm lifted, gesturing towards the boy.

Oh but before you do that,” she turned towards Celynne and repeated her question,
You sang and played really well, I just wanted to comment on it. But it was a very emotional song wasn’t it?” Her second question had unintentionally interrupted the first.

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Unsteady  Closed 

The girl's lips tilted into a smile. Aurelia. Not a usual name.
The smile, however, disappeared as Aureli asked about the song.
"Yeah, I suppose," she muttered, turning away slightly. "I mean, the lyrics are pretty... meaningful, you could say. I... kind of don't want to talk about it."
Truthfully, she probably needed someone to talk to, but she wasn't about to spill her life to someone she barely knew, anyway. There wasn't anyone in the school she knew well enough, but that was probably her own fault-- it wasn't like she ever went anywhere to socialize, even if Parker told her to. Cel would always simply pour it out in song, on paper before burning it in the Ravenclaw fireplace, or in art, though she rarely painted in Hogwarts. After all, she had homework to do, and she didn't think her dormmates would be very happy with her getting paint all over the floor.
Not that she'd done that before, but it was always good to be safe.
"Just not now." Gods, she was on the edge of her seat-- on the verge of getting up and running out of the rehearsal room. Her cheeks were already flushed bright red.

Unsteady  Closed 

Andy had been standing in the hallway, lingering without purpose, as she often did now that she had reached Hogwarts.

It wasn't a surprise to her, however, to hear music float through the window she had placed herself underneath. She knew exactly where she was standing: Outside the rehearsal room.

She was no musician herself, but Andy liked to go out of her way to stop by the rehearsal room as often as she could. Something about hearing the music was oddly calming in a world that was still so unfamiliar to her.

Not today though.

As soon as the girl started to sing, Andy recognized the song. The unfamiliar voice was angelic and much more sweet than the version she had started to obsess over as of late. The version she had heard countless times had been raw, powerful and... sad. While it was obvious this girl carried her own burdens; somehow... it wasn't the same.

She stayed beneath that window regardless, listening to the entire song even as her bitterness grew.

"What are your parents like, girl?" she wanted to ask. "Did they cast you out too?"

She didn't ask though. She simply stood in undignified silence outside that room as she came to the realization that - once again - she was nothing special. This song that had recently become so important to her was clearly just as important to the girl inside that room; and how many more people besides?

When the melodious voice finally silenced, it was joined by others. A boy; a girl. She heard questions. Some names. Aurelia. Celynne. Andy wondered vaguely which one had been singing, but did not linger longer to find out.

Gathering her bag, she left for the Slytherin common room without a backwards glance; knowing that - as far as they were concerned - she had never even have been there; and drawing an odd sort of comfort from it.

Feel free to somehow know I was here, or not! I'm just being generally intrusive.

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