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The Courage of a Pink Feather  PV Olphie   Closed 

'Okey, Pip! I'll see you later!'

Nico waved at her lovely fluffy companion before running out her dorm room. She was rather excited today. After her Flying homework was close to perfect, she was determined to get better at flying. She was pretty good but... her fear of heights sometimes got the best of her. Last time she almost flew into a wall when she forgot how to take off in a moment of panic.

Nico heard of how fashion aware the new flying teacher was and had tried her best to look neat. After her meeting with Griffith outside of class, when she had tripped over the root of a tree, which made her look anything but neat and presentable, she still doesn't know how to feel about that talk she had with him... Anyhow, because of that, she tried her best to look at her best. Neatly combed hair, no spots on her robes,... She would be careful whenever she'd meet a teacher face to face by herself. No more slip ups...

Quietly with a straight back, Nico walked through the halls, making her way towards the Quidditch Training Field. Her red hair swayed with every step and her ice blue eyes stood out in the frame of red. In her hands she held tightly onto her broom. She had never flown by herself after class, but the new teacher had made her curious.

At this point of her journey to the field, she knew it wouldn't take much longer before she'd arrive there. The realisation that she'd be flying with a teacher, a person she had never talked with by herself, a good looking woman who seemed to know what she wanted...That's what Nico thought, that was the kind of woman Olphie seemed to be.

Barnaby Rykers was a way easier name. This lady though... She had a particular, hard and strange name. At the time Nico was getting ready in her dorm, she had been repeating the name to remember it perfectly.

'Olphie Ber- Berq-...Beregay.. No! B-Bearsare- No! Ugh! O-Olphie Bercegeay..y-Yes! That's it.. Olphie Bercu- AAAH!'

And finally, there she was. The Slytherin carefully shuffled onto the field. It felt strange, the openess and width of the training plains. It reminded her of how small she was. Nico was abit early but that was fine. She rather wanted to be early than late. Something her father always said...

As she waited, she rehearsed the way she'd greet the teacher for the moment she'd come on the field.

'Hello Miss! I'm Nico Shymane.. I should.. say her name, right? coughs H-Hello Miss Bearsarega-... HECK..'

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The Courage of a Pink Feather  PV Olphie   Closed 

When one thought of the name “Olphie Camille Bercegeay,” they thought things like “fabulous,” “beautiful,” “fashionable,” “talented,” “charming,” and “confident.” “Unsettled” was a word that lay far down the list, and yet, it accurately described Olphie today, physically and internally.

Her make up was done, though less vibrant than usual; it was simply a muted peach tone. Her nails were a more clear indicator that something was wrong: they were chipped, clearly having been bitten frequently over the prior hours that narrated the separation between the Olphie of present-day and the failed date with Caradoc Browne. She had never imagined that he would sputter out of there so quickly, so stern that she had found him worthy of a kiss. Though she knew he just wanted to take things slow, the fact bothered her, and though the dark undereye circles were carefully concealed, her nails would prove otherwise.

Her clothing choice would prove off, as well. Much like her makeup, it was muted. She wore a simple pink button down and zebra flats, as when she looked at her closet this morning, all she could think was Caradoc Browne doesn’t love me right now, but I love him.

She flicked her wand to heat up a teapot as she pondered how best to address the heartbreak. Normally, Olphie was the one to reject crazed fans, so she was not familiar with the the coping mechanisms that less alluring women needed. As the kettle whistled, she smiled as she remembered the last time she had rejected someone, just before she began her illustrious tenure as Flying professor. Her name was...well, it didn’t matter, did it, and she had been incredibly beautiful, with smooth, dark skin and eyes that outshone the stars. Yet she only spoke of herself, and after the second date, Olphie knew that the match would be incompatible. The next day, she had presented her wannabe lover with a few handles of vodka and with a tilt of her feathered hat, said firmly, "You'll need this. We’re through.” She spent the rest of the night signing autographs, accepting and eating gifts of chocolate frogs, and dancing the night away in London’s hottest Wizarding Nightclub. That night, she had felt powerful and fabulous.

Today was different, though, because Caradoc Browne had just left her there, with only a consolation prize of his lukewarm, half-drunk tea. She could not fully fathom what had happened, why he had left like that, without accepting her kiss. Olphie craved answers.

The kettle whistled, and Olphie carefully deposited its contents into a travel container so she could make it to her appointment, fashionably late, of course. She may not be on her regular game, but she would not sacrifice anything that was fashionable. The girl she was meeting was quite unfamiliar to her, and Olphie could not even hazard a guess at her name as she had met so many people in a few short weeks. It probably was something like Glittersparkles or Troll, the children these days really did seem to have strange names.

Nombus would accompany her, of course, and as she gripped her broomstick and traveling mug, she couldn’t help but shiver at the sight of her nails. Dried blood, not concealed well by the pink, lingered on her cuticles as if she had forgotten to wash her hands. Hopefully the girl would not notice, would not sense that Caradoc Browne was still buzzing in her brain and affecting her choices all these hours later. That nose wiggle...he really was cute. And Olphie really was confused.

The long walk did not settle her preoccupied thoughts, and it would be quite clear that the brunette still remained lost in thought, even if the “HECK” from the field had slightly unnerved her.

She looked up, Caradoc still in the back of her mind, but the girl taking some prominence in terms of attention. The child seemed to look better than Olphie did, which she decided was a shame as she stole a glance once more at her horrifying nails. What raised Olphie’s spirits, ever so slightly, though, was the acknowledgement that the girl had her own broom. She must truly take Quidditch seriously, most definitely having bought her broom to want to be like Quidditch greatness. Olphie would still look off as she closed the gap between professor and child, but she was slightly happier to be at this appointment.

With a far off glance, distracted by the fact that she wished to tell Caradoc about this child, she eyed the girl and inquired, quieter than usual, ”Good morning Miss...?”

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The Courage of a Pink Feather  PV Olphie   Closed 

There she was. Was it really her? Nico didn't expect a plain clothed lady to show up. It wasn't that she didn't like what the Professor wore... She heard people talk about how extravagant she liked to dress. This was the last thing she'd expect such a person to wear. Nonetheless, the Slytherin was glad to finally see her in the flesh. Up close...

'A-Ah!' She straightened her back. 'E-Ehm I'm Miss Shymane. Nico Shymane, Miss Ber..coughs Miss Bear-' She practiced so hard...and now this. Her face turned red. She was sure she was embarassing Olphie. This was the last thing she wanted. She took a deep breath and tried again. You got this. You got it right before!

'I-I'm glad to see you, Miss Bea-.. Bears..' Nico went completely silent and pursed her lips. This was awful. Her nerves got the best of her and made her incapable of talking. Her frustration got so bad that some tears welled up in her eyes. Bloody tears... As quick as she could she averted her gaze to use a napkin to wipe her tears away. 'I-I'm so sorry. I'.. I've been practising to adress you correctly but...' She sniffled and looked up into the sad, lovely eyes of Olphie. The bloody tears were nowhere to be seen.
'I-I'll adress you as Professor.. If-If that's okey... I- Your name is rather hard to pronounce..' This was it. Olphie probably hated her. The beaming aura of light that fellow students told her about... The sunshine that was .. Olphie. There was none of that.

'I'm sorry...if it offends you, madam.' Nico bowed lightly. Her knees were shaking a little. Was she going to scold her for not being able of regular speech? Was Nico going to be sent to her dorm and banned from ever touching a broom again? Would she call her unworthy of being taught by her? As she looked down, bowing for Olphie, Nico was having her own fight with her tears. Little amount of people knew of her being a Dhampir but she always tried to hide it. She was just a student like any other. She pursed her lips even harde, making them turn blue. It was Griffith all over again. She would look weird to Olphie.. There's no way she's getting out of this without a slap on the wrist.

If she had kept her cool, she wouldn't have started stuttering. This is the worst. Was every meeting with a Professor going to end this bad?

'I-I'm glad you found some time to help me get better at flying, Professor'

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The Courage of a Pink Feather  PV Olphie   Closed 

Although the girl would have normally been a target of pity, Olphie found herself empathizing with her. Nicole Shytail was a meek girl, probably never been kissed, much like Olphie herself has never been kissed by Caradoc Browne. If she had a bit less class, the Flying Professor would probably be sobbing on the pitch herself, much like this red-headed child.

Unfortunately, her pity would not fall victim to the power of disrespect. Olphie knew that, because she was young and beautiful, many students and professors alike did not seem to take her seriously. While she really felt for the girl, she could not play favorites just yet. "Dear, I'd really prefer it if you referred to me as Professor Bercegeay. Try it," She spoke her name fast; there was no way that a girl who struggled with the name before would have any better success with its pronunciation. But her general demeanor exuded a confidence that would be unmissed.

Olphie did not hate her, but the internal monologue that she was a beaming aura remained true as she smiled and attempted to pat the girl. "Now now," she mused, "I am not angry, dear, just...do you know how important respect is? I have found that it is important to always have it. When I was the star reserve beater of the Holyhead Harpies, many men tried to take advantage of me, thinking that because I was a young player they could do whatever they wanted. Now, is that respect?"

It was a rhetorical question, of course; but Olphie would let the pause hang in the air so long that the moment could turn uncomfortable for her conversation partner. "No," Olphie finally continued, "I had to teach then respect, child, just like I'm teaching you. Those were challenging days, yes, but good ones. And now..."

She sighed and focused her gaze off into the distance while the girl turned her own gaze downwards. It was typical for students to be frightened of such a glorious individual, but she had not expected the girl to react this strongly. Olphie would not do anything this time; she didn't really know how to handle crying children anymore. It had been such a long time since she had cared for her siblings and, to be perfectly honest, she now viewed children as a means to extend her talents with her progeny, so they could save the world of whatever ailments.

Instead, she focused her mind on Caradoc once more. It had been - what, ten minutes? A new record - since she had last thought of him and that fateful afternoon at Madame Puddletoe. Wondering what he was doing, she imagined him comforting a child of his own, deep in the depths of the Hufflepuff Common Room. They were kindred spirits, souls linked by these children, meant to be.

She sighed as the girl began to speak once more. Though her face was unusually downtrodden, Olphie's eyes betrayed shock, as they widened once she caught glance of the Slytherin's appearance. Did she put on lipstick while Olphie had turned away? How long had she been thinking about Caradoc, anyway? She often got lost in the memories, especially of his eyes, those deep pools of crystal blue that just invited you in...

Wait, where was she? Her eyes focused back on the blue lips, mouth tittering a playful melody to hide her slip up as she remembered why she was here. Olphie tried to catch the blue eyes of the child before her (how she wished they were the blue eyes of Caradoc, instead!) as she nodded to the statement the girl had made a few moments prior. "Yes dear, of course! I am always willing to help shape future Quidditch stars," she said boisterously.

All she needed to do was keep focus, try to forget about the horror that was her failed attempts to acquire the love of her life, lest she start spilling everything to an unknowledgeable, 11-year-old child. Olphie could only help and wish, in this moment, that the girls eyes did not so strongly represent Caradoc's own.

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The Courage of a Pink Feather  PV Olphie   Closed 


Nico nearly felt like crying when Olphie didn't seem to forgive her for her speech typos. She froze up. There went her first impression. Good job, Nico. Even after all this practice she managed to ruin everything. Swiftly, she rubbed her sleeves over her eyes. Her excellent amount of foundation luckily didn't smudge or reveal her unhealthy pale skin.

Nico gave up on saying her name, she'd just adress her as Professor. If she liked it or not. Nico wouldn't embarass herself even more. As she calmed down, she straightened her back and faced the fashion queen. For some reason, she seemed not ... at her best. Her clothes gave it away, but also her focus.

Swallowing her tears and putting her back straight again she smiled warmly at her. 'I.. I don't know much about Quidditch but I thought.. that a star like you.. could help me learn the way. I-I don't come of a magical family you see... They never told me anything about Quidditch. So.. Here I am.' Proud, Nico gently held up her broom. Honestly, she only tried to ride it a few times but never really knew what she was doing.

After she watched the Quidditch game of Ravenclaw versus Slytherin with Hugh, she sort of had a clue... what was going on. But it was still quite a mystery. Nico did know the etiquette of flying. She got quite a good grade in it, nearly perfect. Probably... still not good enough for Olphie.

'I'm ready when you are.' She nodded determined and her blue eyes seemed to shine brighter, gazing up at the infamous flying celebrity.

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The Courage of a Pink Feather  PV Olphie   Closed 

Though the girl had made quite a horrifying first impression, she was lucky that she had spoken the magic words: she did not come from a wizarding family. Olphie's blank expression turned upwards into a bemused smile as she looked upon the girl. "A muggleborn!" She cheered joyously. "I'm one myself, dear! Bet you didn't know that this Quidditch star had no idea what Quidditch was before she came to Hogwarts! Look at me now, dear! I bet -" she winked "- that you could become the next Olphie Bercegay, if you're lucky..."

The way the girl looked at her, so determined, made Olphie's smile widen. If Caradoc could see her now! He would be so impressed. She was amazing, inspirational! Nemo looked ready to go into battle, now, all because of Olphie's inspirational presence! "Okay," Olphie boomed, "Do you remember my first lesson, dear? What do you say to the broom when you want to take command of it, to get it up into your hand?"

Maybe she could survive the confusion from her date with Caradoc, if only for a few minutes. This girl seemed interesting enough. Olphie could only hope that Nike would continue with this determination to distract her from the realities of embarrassment for a few minutes longer.

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