Quidditch Training Pitch

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10 October.
Quidditch Training Pitch.

In what could only be considered a crazy for Mari, though understandable move, Mari decided that she'd best practice her broom flying skills. She had participated in her first ever Flying class, and though she understood the purpose of flying, was quite comfortable with keeping her feet on the ground. However, she knew that another Flying class was just around the corner, and though Mari had no interest, she also did not want to be the embarrassment of all the first years. While she lay awake one night, pondering a Flying class in which she couldn't make her broom lift or worse, plummet fifty feet to the ground, Mari knew she needed to take action. She had to practice.

It was thus why she decided, after class, to head straight towards the Quidditch Training Pitch without a second thought. Though she had expected a team or two to be practicing for Quidditch, Mari could not help but breathe a sigh of relief when she noticed that the pitch was, in fact, empty. "Good," she murmured to herself. "That way, no one will watch how terrible this is going to be."

She grabbed a spare school broom and placed it on the ground to practice commanding the object. Her confidence ended as soon as she said the word, "Up!" As Mari clutched the broom in hand, she realized that there was no way she was going to leave the ground, after all. Isa would be okay with a T in Flying, wouldn't she? Mari wondered. Of course not...

Her mother, having been a Ravenclaw, valued grades above all else. Mari wanted to please her mother but did not share the same passions about school. She managed to get moderately acceptable grades, however, but could not imagine doing the same in Flying. Where in all the other classes she felt more disinterest, in Flying she felt a crippling fear that made her immobile to action.

She stared up at the sky, trying to motivate herself to just get on the darned thing and float. Mari knew that she didn't even need to fly, for crying out loud! Instead, she gripped the broom's handle so tightly that her knuckles whitened to the same colorless shade of white that her face had. It seemed that she would be unable to get off the ground.

Maybe a T in Flying wasn't so bad, after all...

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@Mari Haynes
In what could be an eventful day, having just finished his own flying lesson for the day Alan was in a chipper mood, being the last person to leave class he forgot his bag at the training pitch. Alan had only remembered as he was packing away the broom he had used, the young boy was in quite a hurry to make it to the lavatory as being high up in the air although it felt nice with the breeze the poor boy was still afraid of heights. Only just remembering on his way to the great hall when he went to reach for it. Walking back in a brisk pace he eventually returned to the pitch, walking around in search of his backpack, low and behold the large bag with several knickknacks and key chains was easily noticed, glistening in the sunlight.

As the young Ravenclaw boy picked up his backpack he heard the faint sound of a girl shouting "Up!" curious to who is still out there at this time he had assumed that quidditch training was on today but the lack of multiple voices seemed odd. Moving to investigate the sounds coming from the pitch, Alan stumbled upon a young Hufflepuff lass alone, watching her look the broom in her tiny little hand he could tell that she was nervous about climbing on, having felt the same way earlier today he couldn't help himself, stepping out onto the pitch he said out loud approaching in a nervous stutter "Y..y..you n...ne..need a h...hand?" Alan kept his hands inside his robe pockets as he stumbled over, dropping his bag nearby. He had almost tripped over on the pitch stepping on a small tuft of grass, quickly regaining his balance he looked up at Mari slightly red-faced "l..least y..you got yo..your broom off..the ground...i..it took me s..several tries f..for me" the young lad appeared timid offering a rather anxious smile despite his small mishap.

Alan didn't really know why he decided to move in close, it just suddenly felt natural added to the fact that there was no one else around he found it easy to approach as he doesn't do too well in crowds. All that was running through the nervous boy's mind was "You just had to grab your bag and leave...why are you helping" He then exclaimed to himself "Because...I wanna help and make a friend ok brain!" he looked up, his face growing redder as he realised that the pitch has great acoustics as his voice echoed throughout the area "D..d..did I say that o..o..out loud?"

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It was to Mari's immense surprise that a voice emerged behind her; she turned around to see a Ravenclaw boy had been watching her. He seemed to be quite nervous, even more nervous than Mari was of Flying herself, so she flashed him a small smile as she listened to him stutter. The poor boy seemed to need a confidence potion, if it existed. Mari made a mental note to, if a friendship with this boy began, consult her potions textbook to see if she could help him out.

"It's not so much the getting the broom up for me, but the actual flight, you see," She murmured softly. Maybe she needed that confidence potion herself? "Are you a good flier, then? If so, I'd love to have some assistance. I don't like my feet being off the ground, you see; it's just...frightening."

In a sudden turn of events, the boy seemed to be talking to himself. Mari gazed at him, mouth slightly agape, as she wondered if he wasn't lacking confidence but instead brains. When he eventually asked if he said the statement out loud, Mari closed her mouth in shock, still gripping her broom, though more lax due to surprise, and murmured, "...yes."

When Mari felt awkward, she often filled the room (or pitch, in this instance) with words, and this was no different. "Well, um, it's a pleasure to meet you," she nodded, ignoring any other conversation of the boy's slip up. "I'm Joy Marianna Haynes, but I go by Mari, and I'm a Hufflepuff. I'm a first year as well, just got here a few months ago, and it's been a really fun time though I miss my mum and dad and my sister and my...other sister but they have been owling me a bit and it's so nice to be able to update them on everything that is going on with my life. Are you a first year as well? Do you like it here?"

She blushed a bit and apologized softly, saying, "er, I'm sorry, I'm a bit of a talker sometimes." Mari flashed a meek smile as she looked upon the boy, hoping he would forgive her awkwardness.

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@Mari Haynes
To Alans surprised listening to the Hufflepuff girl when she asked if he was a good flier the young lad paused for a moment, reminiscing about his flying class earlier in the day, remembering how it took the entirety of the lesson to get him off the ground but get up high enough(with assistance) to fly a few loops around the training pitch. The boys thought process lasted for a couple of seconds realising he may have been standing there for way too long when it had just been an awkward ten seconds of silence the young lad finally spoke up once more in a slight stutter still quite shy and red-faced from speaking his thoughts out loud earlier "W...well I'm not a decent f...flier, but I did manage to d...do a loop around the e...entire around the pitch a few times towards the end of glass..."Alan trailed off briefly, still thinking about his lesson, shaking his head, the lad continued, "the teacher gave me an A for managing to do the practical part of the class."Pausing briefly after finishing his sentence he finally spouted "I..I..In short...I can do my best to help you" Alan gave the girl an awkward but sincere smile.

The girl later Alan to know is called Mari introduces herself, intrigued that he hadn't met the first year before despite being in the school for so long surprised him. Hearing about how Mari misses family, the young lad couldn't help but sympathize, listening to her ramble on he paid attention until he was prompted to speak when posed with a question. Alan replied before answering fumbling his words and looking at the ground, taking a few glances at Maris smile, eventually managing to keep his head up as he says, "No, that's ok I sometimes f...f..f.find myself r...rambling f...from ti..time to time heh...I...I miss my Nan...and my parents wish I had a sister never had one...h...had a l...little incident i..in the Owlery...so..." he paused for a moment thinking about the particular incident before moving on "Don't want to get...pecked again" Rubbing his cheek he changed the subject by realising the question he forgot to answer "But oh right...s..sorry a...again I like..t..to talk about but...I'm having a great time here...n...never t...thought I could me...meet friends and...have such a good time" Mari if noticed may be able to pick up his voice being less shaken as he rambled a little more confidence in his tone but still stuttery "B...but that's it heh I'm having a good time s...so flying I...I can show you...i...if you still want m...me too?" The Boy stared at Mari maintaining his awkward smile "S...s..sorry again for rambling heh...r..rarely get to talk too many people."
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She stared bemusedly at the boy as he offered to help. He was still unidentifiable by name, perhaps so nervous about everything that he wasn’t certain of it. Mari would still smile though and nod. He had gotten an A, a passing grade. He could be helpful.

The bemused smile grew to some puzzlement as he, in the same sentence, mentioned that he did not have a sister and nearly got pecked to death by owls. Eyes widening, Mari reached to pat him, much like she would her to Grace, her six-year-old sister. “Are you okay?” she asked softly as she continued her attempted pats. “That sounds bloody awful...pardon my language.”

Mari didn’t use such vulgar terms often, but she felt as though the experience was not only more traumatizing than a young boy should ever have to experience but also quite literally bloody. This boy, in particular, seemed the last person who needed to be attacked by owls.

He rebounded quickly, much to Mari’s surprise. Maybe the instance had had more internal repercussions than external...she didn’t know. The boy was a stranger, nice, but she didn’t know him. Perhaps she could call him an acquaintance or even a friend after he helped her out.

“So, I guess,” she began, when the boy asked if we wanted help once more. Her face darkened not from anger but frustration. “I dunno, it’s silly but I just can’t get the most basic things down. Can you help me summon the broom? Half the time it rolls over...”

She sighed. “And mum is going to kill me if I don’t get good grades, even if it’s in a silly class like Flying.”

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