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A Falling Start to the Good Part  PV   Closed 

Private Roleplay between Anastasia Beckett, @Hengist Warbeck, @Marla Quinlan, @Guinevere Warren, @Ruby Cazares, @Kyle Derook @, @Scott Alexander, and @Emile Yorke 

Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019
Time: 10 a.m.
Location: Hogwarts Quidditch Training Pitch

So far, Anastasia's Saturday had been spectactularly boring. She'd studied for a bit in the morning until she felt like her brain was going to burst, and was now in the middle of a remarkably unremarkable patrol. Most of the time, she would run across someone doing something that was at least questionable. After all, she went to a school with a bunch of magical children and a pyromaniacal headmaster, so there was always something happening that oughtn't have been happening, but not today. 

Today, there was literally nothing happening and Anastasia was mind-numbingly bored. She finally concluded that, somehow, there was absolutely nobody breaking any rules at the moment. She knew that wouldn't last very long, so she resolved to savor it. She sat at the foot of a tree and pulled out a Charms textbook that she had been reading to supplement her classwork and homework. She was aware of a handful of other students scattered about the training pitch but seeing as none of them were doing anything reprehensible at the moment, she ignored them. 

Just as Anastasia was beginning to find herself absorbed in the textbook, she heard a piercing scream. Shutting her book sharply, she looked up and saw a girl plummeting towards the ground. The prefect leaped to her feet, her book and satchel lying forgotten at the foot of the tree as she sprinted towards the girl. As she ran, she knew that there was little chance of her reaching the girl in time to be able to do much good or break the fall, but hopefully, the girl had been close enough to the ground that she wouldn't be injured too badly. Her hair flew out behind her and her robes billowed as she reached the girl who had fallen. She was aware of a crowd that was beginning to gather, but for the moment, she focused on the other girl. 

OOC - Post order is as follows - Anastasia, Scott, Emile, Ruby, Kyle, Hengist, Marla, Gwen

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A Falling Start to the Good Part  PV   Closed 

Scott had been down by the training pitch, watching, "all" of the Saturday morning. That is to say, he had been so for at least one hour- as sleeping in was something the boy took very seriously on the weekends. During this time, students had come and gone- flown and landed. When he'd first taken a seat at the western top bench, there'd been a group of very competitive fifth-years roaming the air. They'd been pushing and yelling quite unpleasantly for about twenty-five minutes, until, of course, a group of girls invited them to do something else. Then they'd disappeared in a heartbeat.

Now, on the other hand, the second-year wasn't sure just who had taken the court at all. He wasn't looking anymore, but had instead turned ninety degrees and laid his legs on the bench- looking up. It was finally starting to get warmer out, and he even had to close his eyes occasionally as a white, spring sun would peak through the clouds, practicing for summer. It was a shame to be alone on a forenoon like that... He made a mental note of finding Alan, or Ami, during lunch in the Great Hall. Just to make sure the rest of the day could be spent doing something else.

But this was alright for the time being. Maybe it was even more than alright, because Scott had always really liked watching people fly. He wasn't so bad at it himself, could flatter himself that much, but not particularly good, either... definitely not a natural, like Silas, or an enthusiast like Ben or his father. But he'd always liked to watch. There was just something about it that impressed him, and so as he reminded himself of this fact, Scott held up a hand to shade his eyes, and looked over to the pitch again- and he did so at a very grave moment.

Immediately before him now, a young girl who'd been soaring quite close by him was suddenly dropping- with a yell but without her broom. Scott's lazing feet flew off the bench and onto the floor of the stand.

"Oh... Oh!"

Quickly starting down the many wooden pews (because taking two steps to the right into the aisle hadn't occurred to him), Scott tried his best not to trip over any as he rushed closer to the girl on the ground.

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A Falling Start to the Good Part  PV   Closed 

It was a gloriously sunny spring day at Hogwarts. It was the type of day that only seemed to happen in movies or books. It was cloudless, and the bright blue of the late morning sky looked wonderful. It was the perfect day to go outside and practice flying or have a picnic, even though most people probably weren't going to have a picnic at Hogwarts. Emile had agreed to meet with his friend Ruby at the Quidditch Training Pitch. They hadn't talked in a bit, and the Pitch was a perfect place to do so, as it had bleachers, and a large grassy area. They could move about as they pleased, or sit and have a good-old conversation. 

Emile was very excited to see his friend, as she was probably the person he was most close to at this point. He also hoped he might be able to meet some other people who could possibly be..friends? He wasn't sure. All he knew was that he hoped, and maybe that was enough. He shook off the thought and kept walking towards the bleachers. He spotted his dark haired friend, Ruby sitting on the far left side of the area, and jogged over to her, a big smile on his face. "Hey! How are you?" He asked, sitting down next to her.

"I read a wonderful book a couple of days ago about tales and myths I had never even thought could be true. My notebook is almost full!" He said, looking like an excited 5 year old. In reality, his notebook couldn't be full, but that was another story. He and Ruby continued to talk for a bit, the Gryffindor would write down something his his beat up notebook every couple of minutes, but all in all it was very enjoyable, and he liked being able to catch up with Ruby.

Throughout their conversation, he had noticed that many students had been flying around, which of course wasn't unusual, as this was the Training Pitch meant for Quidditch. Everytime someone new would come through, he made sure to document a bit about each. You never know when you might not be able to think of character traits, and for an author things like this were absolutely vital. At one point, he noticed someone he definitely recognized come into the Training area. It was Gwen! Her and him and talked at the Gryffindor table, and had become friends, and he saw that she had come to practice..flying? Didn't she have a fear of heights? Or at least he thought she might..at the dinner table conversation she seemed like she was dreading flying. Thinking about this, Emile admired her dedication and decided not to disturb her. Moreover, he didn't want to interrupt Ruby and his conversation out of the fact that it could seem rude, so for a couple of minutes he continued to talk and it was all quite normal.

This was until he heard a scream. He whipped his head around to see his red-headed friend on the ground, her broom was somewhere else. "Oh god." He said, and quickly got up. She had definitely fallen. "One second, Ruby." Emile said and started to sprint down the bleachers, picking up his robes so he wouldn't trip. He pushed through the small crowd of people and kneeled down next to Gwen. "Gwen? Are you alright?" Well, of course she wasn't, but he just wanted to know that she could speak..or something. He was freaking out. 

In this crowd, he recognized two Gryffindors. One was his Prefect, Anastasia, and another was a second year he had seen around the common room, but he didn't know his name. "What should we do?" He asked to no one in particular. 

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A Falling Start to the Good Part  PV   Closed 

~ * ~
Ruby spent a lot of time outside. She loved nature, and as much as she loved the library, she could read out here too. The Slytherin common room could also get rather suffocating sometimes, and the lack of natural light and a view of the outside world made her feel trapped sometimes and envy the towers of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Still, she spent enough time away from it and outside that she could cope when she had to retreat there in the evenings.

She had also met many people out here, including the person she had arranged to meet – Emile Yorke, one of her closest friends so far. She smiled as she remembered their first proper meeting, when she had swung upside down from a tree and then dropped from it to sit next to him. Thankfully, he hadn't minded, and he had turned out to be a writer, which both intrigued and pleased her. She had also been happy to help give him some ideas for a book that he was going to write. After all, she had startled him a bit unfairly, so she did owe it to him to at least make it up to him somehow.

As she waited for her companion, her gaze darted about, flicking between each student and pausing to analyze and observe them. People-watching. It was something that she did often, to gain more information on people and be prepared if she ever needed to use it. For a girl who cherished knowledge and adored learning, being able to find out things about a person simply from watching and listening was an opportunity that she would not turn down. She could also learn who to stay away from, and who could maybe make a possible… friend. Wow. Okay, perhaps it wasn't that big of a deal, as Ruby was starting to find people that she genuinely enjoyed the company of, and she found herself respecting and liking them as more than just mere acquaintances, allies, or people to manipulate. Maybe it was possible for her to find "her people", after all. Some students here could actually be quite tolerable, and they weren't all insufferable idiots (to put it harshly).

Emile arrived and joined her. “I'm well, thanks!” she replied in response to his greeting, a smile appearing on her face. She felt like she could relax around him, and not have to be pressured to keep a guard up or weave a web of lies for fear of getting hurt otherwise. Emile was different – he was sweet and genuine (well, either that or a really, really convincing liar, but she doubted that). He seemed to be passionate about what he did, and could draw inspiration from what seemed like the smallest things. That paired with her ability to easily come up with ideas (even if they weren't necessarily good ones) meant that an enjoyable explosion of creativity occurred whenever they got together. Now seemed to be one of those times, as their conversation naturally drifted towards small ideas before long.

Ruby was happily interacting with her friend, and things were going well until a shriek pierced the general sounds of conversation and cheerfulness that had been around the pitch. Eyes were drawn to the sound, eager to find the source of it, some to discover what had interrupted them, others to find who needed help. Ruby's eyes were not among these, not yet. She preferred to watch the crowd first, watch the way these people reacted to the sudden stimuli. She noticed that Emile had the same destination as those who were drawn to it like moths to a flame – mindlessly, uncontrollably following… following the people, following the sound, following what could be learned about the event and possible drama. Kids and teenagers tended to turn most things into a big deal. In most other places, someone getting hurt and falling from the sky probably would be "a big deal", but this was Hogwarts, where dangerous things popped up left and right and students managed to land themselves in the Hospital Wing at a probably alarming rate. Sure, they had magic, but, seriously, one would think that they would at least try to be a little more careful.

The Slytherin completed her observations for the moment, and as interesting as it was to watch the people and take careful mental notes on everything they did in response to the scream and who reacted in what way, she felt obliged to go investigate. This stemmed in part from the tone of Emile's voice and the recognition in his eyes – clearly he knew the girl – but it was also because she wanted to know the entirety of what had happened. How would she be able to properly complete her notes and observations of this whole scene when she wrote it down later if she didn't even find out what it was all about?

She made her way down, in no rush. The crowd would still be there when she arrived, and so would the girl. She could always follow her to the Hospital Wing or somewhere later if she was in urgent need of answers and if people reacted quickly enough. They never did. There was generally an initial moment of shock and panic, especially among youths that didn't know what would be best to do. Some acted like they were in command while others would desire affirmation, confirmation that their thoughts regarding a good plan of action were valid and that it could work. It either works, or it doesn't. Ruby saw no need for others to confirm that verbally beforehand, unless the plan could possibly involve something risky or harmful. Unless it was that kind of thing or similar enough, it just wasted time when they could be doing stuff and acting on it.

She approached slightly warily, on alert in case someone else had caused this. Besides, although there was the possibility of safety in numbers, and there were a great deal of witnesses, people rarely tended to be looking in the right place at the right time, especially if the person behind it that would be key to look for was trying to stay hidden. She scanned the crowd and the surroundings again, but nothing stood out, even to her perhaps overly, yet still helpfully, analytical mind. She looked down at the girl, with Emile kneeling beside her. Just like she had thought, she hadn't missed much of the scene here after the girl's fall. Ruby could see now that she was a Gryffindor, and she seemed to be relatively okay, although the extent of the damage couldn't be seen from here. Broken bones? Sprains? Bruises? Ruby had caught the tail end of Emile's question, and replied, “If she can respond, ask her what hurts, where, and how badly. Take her to the Hospital Wing if it hurts badly, or impedes her movement in any way.”

Another scan of the crowd. There were older people here, ones that were perhaps "more experienced", or "knew better". What more could they do? Speak with more of an air of authority than she did? Give official orders? Get rid of the crowds more easily? Transport the fallen Gryffindor? She was still capable, but she didn't doubt that if they were going to do something then they'd do it, despite whatever she did. Her cold blue eyes narrowed slightly. People were really getting a bit ridiculous these days. Among those in the crowd, her gaze settled on Anastasia, a Gryffindor prefect who she had also taken a liking to. A voice of authority? Perhaps. Emile could act as that too. Prefect or not, they were both still first years… still young, just like Ruby, just like the fallen Gryffindor, just like all of them. See? Not much difference, but whatever, the prefects could do what they wished and what they thought was best. She hadn't established authority over them, and their decision would still be the final one. Her comment had been more of a… suggestion, of sorts.

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~ * ~
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A Falling Start to the Good Part  PV   Closed 

Skipping Brooks as agreed.

His weekends had been much different as of late. Ever since he was coerced to join the Ravenclaw Quidditch team by the captain, Emma Hill, he had to start balancing in practice along with his other activities. Well, maybe coerced was the wrong word. After all, he had agreed to the terms of their race and lost, fair and square. A small part of him still felt slightly cheated, though. There was no changing things now, however. And ever since his loss to Emma, he felt that he needed to get better on a broom. So since he joined, every Saturday he devoted at least a couple of hours to self Quidditch practice. For him, the best thing to do was to get better at his fast starts and stops, as well as his maneuverability on the broom.

So, after he ate breakfast on this particular Saturday, he came down the the training pitch and was practicing zooming between the rings. He felt that these types of drills have been helping and somewhere in the back of his mind, he actually enjoyed it, despite himself. He had normally never been interested in sports at all. He had never realized how much he needed to break up the monotony of daily school life, even though he really loved his reading and his experimenting. Something different felt good, though he would never openly admit it to anyone.

While he was performing his drills, he thought he heard some yelling. He chalked it up to other students being rambunctious and continued. Though on the very next turn, he noticed a shape falling through the sky. Merlin's beard, it was another student! At the front of his mind, he knew he was already too late to get to her, but his instincts took over and he sped towards her regardless. Unfortunately, his initial thought was completely correct and she hit the ground with a dull thud. Not knowing how far she fell from, Hengist had no idea if she was ok. He wasn't the first to see her and others, while still too far to break her fall, were closer than him and were already gathering around her. Hengist wondered at this point if he should get a teacher since he was already on his broom and moving, but he noticed two prefects in the gathering crowd and decided to let them make the decision. After all, they're prefects for a reason.

Just then, he noticed his friend, Ruby, in the crowd. It looked like she had taken it upon herself to take charge over the prefects. After he landed, he approached her and asked "Did you see what happened? I was training and didn't see her until she was already falling. I tried to get to her, but by then she was too far away for me to get to."

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A Falling Start to the Good Part  PV   Closed 

Marla Quinlan was absolutely, positively, the most bored she'd been in days. Years, even. The girl had done everything that could be experienced in Hogwarts (the things that were allowed, at least). She'd visited every nook and cranny. The library, abandoned bathrooms, grounds, she'd done it all. And now? There was nothing to do. Nada. Of course, it wasn't like she was going to spend the whole day being miserable. It was a beautiful morning. The perfect combination of sunny, breezy, and cloudy. So the most logical thing she could do on this fine weekend was to go outside. More specifically, to the Quidditch Training Pitch.

To the small Gryffindor's surprise, there were people out flying on the pitch. Well, maybe surprised wasn't the best word. It was gorgeous out, after all. What else would people do on a morning like this one? She'd brought out one of her books, Hogwarts, a History to read, but it seemed like the book wouldn't be necessary. Marla loved flying, but she also adored watching others do the same. Since the day that Marla found out she was a wizard, she thought of brooms. She always read about witches having brooms in her books, but having one in real life? It was amazing. Show-stopping, even. The way her hair blew out of her face in the air, the feeling of being so close to the stars... It was magical. Literally.

Marla sprawled out on the grass in a seemingly safe and peaceful spot on the pitch, where she switched between reading and watching people on their brooms from afar every now and again. The small girl loved having so much freedom compared to how it was like back at home. It was liberating to be able to do whatever she pleased, at least when she wasn't in classes. At home it wasn't like she was on lockdown or anything, god no. Her relatives just didn't care enough to take her places. She smiled to herself, tracing along the cover of her book. But her few minutes of bliss were soon interrupted by countless screams, and when she looked up, Marla saw a girl with bright red hair pummeling to the ground with a terrified look plastered on her face.

"Ah!" She gasped, immediately running over to the poor student's aid, just like the rest of the students. Almost every single person was hoarding the girl (or boy with really long hair), one student even laughed. Marla rolled her eyes subtly and used her tininess to her advantage by weaving through the small crowd, getting near the girl who had just fallen off her broom.

"What should we do?" Marla heard, making her head perk up. The voice that she'd just heard was extremely familiar... Taking her focus off of trying to see if the girl was injured, Marla lifted her head and scanned around for anyone she knew, and she actually saw someone. Emile! The boy she had painted with in the abandoned bathrooms, how good it was to see him! It would be better under more fortunate circumstances, but the girl was grateful to even see his face again.
"Emile!" She called, trying to get his attention as she walked up to the boy. Marla waved, unsure (and a bit nervous) if he would recognize her or not. There was another girl nearby that Marla could almost make out as somebody she knew (Ruby)... But not quite. Soon enough, Marla was in front of the boy with a small smile on her face and gave him a wave, not exactly trying to spark a conversation. Especially because he seemed preoccupied with helping the girl.
"Is there anything I can do to help?" She asked awkwardly, an eyebrow raised. If she was going to stand around, Marla might as well try to assist everyone, if not get out of the way.

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A Falling Start to the Good Part  PV   Closed 

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and Guinevere Warren was in the last place she wanted to be - the Quidditch pitch. As the early light glanced off of her crimson hair, she found it more than difficult to enjoy the lovely weather. On a day such as this, the girl would normally be out and about. She was absolutely fascinated by Hogwarts and all of its mysterious ongoings. Yet in this moment, though she was outside, her chest locked itself up with a mixture of fear and dread. She felt more trapped here than she did when the chubby painted lady locked her in her room every night. Of course, the broom in her hand had a lot to do with that.

It was a school broom, a bit worse for wear after Gwen's many tumbles and scrapes over the course of the year. The little student had a mixed relationship with this object. She always picked up the same one, having come to know it by sight and touch. She did her best to keep it in good condition while under her care, and though many of its dents and scratched were indeed her fault, they had been polished and buffed to a much less noticeable state. In that sense, it was a thing she loved and cared for. in another, much more tangible sense, it was the object of her dread. So far Miss Warren's flying lessons had been... less than productive. While she had performed excellently in broom care and could summon the stick to her hand easily enough, it was once she began to rise into the air that all hell generally broke loose. Guinevere Warren had a crippling fear of falling. Actually... it wasn't falling that was the issue. It was that sudden stop at the end.

"Up!" the girl commanded as firmly as she could.

The broom responded by flinching a bit, then slowly rising to her hand. To the casual observer, it could seem that Gwen's insecurity was being reflected in her summoning ability. Yet the girl had a sneaking suspicion that the object responded this way because it knew what it was in for. Still she mounted the broom, feeling it quiver a bit before settling beneath her. The little redhead inhaled sharply, hoping to break the grip of fear and allow some air into her lungs.

Why am I doing this? She asked herself, half for reassurance that this wasn't the most terrifyingly terrible idea she'd ever had, and half to delay the inevitable takeoff. The answer came to her more quickly than she had hoped. The face of a girl framed with cobalt hair and dark green robes materialize in her mind. Gwen did not know the girl's name, but the face was exceedingly familiar. One of the first-year Slytherins had taken it upon herself to mercilessly torment Gwen for her fears. Perhaps she was misguided by the intense house rivalry instilled and encouraged by every facet of this place. Or maybe she disliked Gwen specifically for her fame, as many of her bullies tended to do. Then again, there was the possibility that she was just plain mean. In any case, their latest interaction had gotten the celebrity's blood boiling.

"Cowardly Lion..." she grumbled, her face burning at the memory. "I'll show you cowardly..."

Her anger, at least in that moment, had become more powerful than her fears. She slammed her foot against the ground hard. Too hard. Way too hard. The broom responded instantly, launching itself much further and faster into the air than Gwen had intended. She clung to it for dear life, wrestling for control. She begged and pleaded at it with her mind, tilting its nose as she had been instructed in class. The fear was back now, stronger than ever. Her eyes fast shut, Gwen concentrated with all of her being on slowing the ascent. After what seemed like an eternity, her efforts finally came to fruition. The wind halted its assault on her face, and the staff beneath her fell still.

Ever-so-slowly, the Gryffindor opened her eyes. The world around her was blue and speckled with white. Sky, Nothing but sky. She was high above the bleachers, the trees, and the Quidditch goals. This fact on its own was a bit heart attack inducing, but surprisingly she managed to keep her cool. After all, staying calm under pressure was something that had long been drilled into the young celebrity. She would be alright, so long as she didn't... look... down!

She couldn't help it. One downward glance was all it took to send both her mind and body spiraling. She let out a very girly, unbecoming scream as both broom and rider plummeted toward the pitch below. The girl scrambled, clutching wildly at the air, her broom- anything to slow her fall. Overall it wasn't very effective. Every attempt to bring herself under control was met with a solid wall of thoughts. Well, one thought in particular if she was being honest.

A sickening crack echoed throughout the stadium. Gwen was so overcome with fear that she had not braced for impact, a fact that had probably saved her life. Magical or not, the eleven-year-old was still very human. Humans, as it turns out, have specific properties when it comes to falling. One is of course the inherent fear of death, and if Gwen had not been sure if she was scared of death before, she certainly was now. Another, more beneficial factor in this case, is the tendency for human bodies in a relaxed state to bounce. Having lost all oxygen during her fall, Gwen had momentarily passed out. So instead of shattering bones as she crashed into the ground, her unconscious body bounced upward a bit before resting on the grass. Once grounded, however, it did not take long for the young girl to return to consciousness.

It seemed a crowd had begun to gather around her. Her vision was a bit blurred, which was not a very good sign, but she did recognize the first girl to approach as she came in and out of focus. While Gwen had not had the pleasure of formally making her acquaintance, she knew he own house's prefect well enough. The brunette was running at top speed toward her injured classmate, stooping over her to check her status. The redhead smiled weakly at the concern, but quickly stopped when she found the action gave her a splitting headache.

As she struggled to let out comprehensible words, more and more students came closer. First, a second-year boy whom Gwen did not recognize, but the look of genuine worry on his face gave some indication that he was a friend- unlike another boy in the crowd who appeared to be laughing at her. The friendly boy seemed to have as much trouble finding words as Gwen herself. Moments later, another male came to her aide. This one she did recognize - Emile Yorke, the writer. She'd met him on her first day of school, and the two had clicked almost instantly. It was good to have a friend she knew nearby, even if he was able to do nothing more than ask if she was alright. She attempted once more to answer the barrage of questions from the crowd, including his own.

"Erghabl ka"

That was meant to be "I'm okay," but her voice box didn't seem to be working. Even if it had, it was doubtful anyone would believe that particular statement. While she was certainly more okay than she had any right to be after falling from such a height, the blood on her leg and rather painful welt developing on her head were both good indicators that she needed medical attention. As she stammered on in nonsensical words, another girl joined the group. This one walked up with a slow determination, no trace of the frenzy that surrounded the rest of the crowd. The brunette could not have been much older than Gwen, but there was a wisdom and severity about her that would have peaked the celebrity's interest had she not been so preoccupied.

"If she can respond, ask her what hurts, where, and how badly. Take her to the Hospital Wing if it hurts badly, or impedes her movement in any way.”

It was good advice. Gwen gave the girl a slight nod. A couple more students appeared as she did so. One was a Ravenclaw boy who had apparently also been flying (and was also apparently much batter at it). The other was a girl with red hair, though a far more natural red than Gwen's brightly-died locks. This was another person she vaguely recognize from her house, though she'd not had much interaction with her. Though Guinevere was used to crowds and attention, she definitely preferred them when she didn't likely have a concussion. She shook her head a bit, trying to clear her vision and wincing a bit at the pain this action caused.

Slowly she propped herself up into a sitting position. There was a scary-looking gash on her leg, but it was only a surface level cut. The young girl found that she was able to move that leg and every other limb just fine. A fact that was, quite frankly, a miracle. Her noggin, on the other hand, had not been treated so kindly. She managed to stammer out what she hoped were real words.

"Thanks. My head... I can move. I... alright..."

At least it was better than "Erghabl".

A Falling Start to the Good Part  PV   Closed 

Kyle stood in front of the mirror in the washroom for awhile. Normally he did everything he could not to catch his to avoid accidentally seeing the scar from the werewolf biting him. But today was different. He didn’t even think of that scar, instead he was staring at a self inflicted one. The last transformation he was frozen staring into a mirror and he began to drag a claw down his wolf face in a stupor. He didn’t notice the pain from the repeated cuts in the same place until the the damage was done. Now in his human form he had a single scar starting at his left cheek bone and going in a straight line down to his jaw line. The scar was slightly jagged from the roughness of his claws and he knew all too well that this was a scar that would never heal properly or fade. He needed to think up a good story for it. He swears under his breath and finishes getting dressed and leaves the common room.

Kyle wasn’t really sure what he should do with his day but he needed to do SOMEthing. Lately all he’s done is get into fights or sleep between classes. He didn’t cause mischief, he didn’t plan pranks and the second heist with Marla seemed like it would never come. He doubted she would ever forgive him for the day in the abandoned toilets. But it was better if she hated him, meant he couldn’t disappoint or hurt her down the road. Kyle groaned and ruffled hair. Thinking was dumb, it always made him bummed out or angry. He needed to stop thinking so much and just DO things. Maybe something like release as many bludgers as he could and laugh at the chaos. That should be fun

Kyle arrived at the training pitch and saw there was already a lot of people there so sneaking into the equipment shed and getting the bludgers would be hard. But not impossible. He slipped his hands into his pockets and started towards the shed when he heard a scream cut through the noise of the pitch and he instantly turned to look. And he saw some idiot crashing hard into the ground and a swarm of mother hens rushing to coddle her. He recognized a few people he had issues with...and of course Marla was here. ”Damn it Quin” he mutters to himself. If he released the bludgers and she got hurt he’d feel terrible and that would ruin the point of the fun he had planned. He wasn’t sure what to do now so he kept his distance and watched the scene unfold

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A Falling Start to the Good Part  PV   Closed 

Well, bloody hell. 

Anastasia was slightly panicked since this was the first major incident she'd ever had to deal with as a prefect. She inhaled sharply and pushed her panic aside. She had been chosen as a prefect because she could be cool under pressure. Glancing around to see who all was there, she recognized several faces including a second year Gryffindor boy and Ruby from a few days ago. She had liked Ruby and the Slytherin had seemed level headed. Seeing the friendly faces calmed her further and she began to take control of the situation. Hearing the girl's gibberish-y reply wasn't exactly comforting, but Ana steeled herself and began to spring into action. 

"Good Lord, everyone, take a step back!" she said firmly. The crowd that had gathered couldn't help much with the situation. "Let her breathe.

She knew there was a second prefect, Emile something or other, so she could make him help with crowd control if needed. She heard someone call the fallen Gryffindor "Gwen". Knowing the girl's name certainly helped. "Gwen, can you move your fingers and toes?" Anastasia asked, sinking to the ground so she could see the girl better. Ana's first worry was a potential broken back. That would be an inconvenience and need to be treated sooner rather than later. Most other possible injuries like broken bones or concussions could be simply dealt with and wouldn't be as urgent or serious as a broken back.

Looking around, Ana could see the crowd had begun to spread out a bit, with a handful of students still remaining close, possibly hoping to help the girl on the ground. The girl said she could move, but based on her expression and her first nonsensical reply, Ana was now more worried about the girl's head. There was a worrisome cut on her leg, but that could be dealt with in moments in the hospital wing. She supposed she would need to draft some people to help her transport the injured girl. "How's your head doing, Gwen?" she said, her voice far gentler than it had been moments ago. 

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One thing was for certain, Scott hadn’t been the only one to witness this Gwen fall. For instance, the first one to refer to her as such was a first-year boy, and Scott trusted him to be her friend by the way he was talking to her. He sounded as worried as Scott felt. In fact, looking around, there were many first-years gathered... only one other second-year and Scott didn’t feel he knew him too well.

Still, it was Anastasia who took it upon herself to handle the situation.
“Good Lord, everyone, take a step back! Let her breathe.”
Scott as if flew back several paces from where he’d been standing, cowering to get an idea of the fallen girl’s state like the others, so to not be of any inconvenience. Still, he tipped up on hies toes to see how Gwen was doing, and listened for her responses to the girls’ questions...

Were girls better at handling things like these, as a rule? Probably not, but any such idea would be appreciated in order to calm the second-year’s nerves. Not that his nerves were the most important, right now. He wanted to help! Always wanted to help, when things like this happened. It was, without a doubt, the most prominent part of his personality.

“Is she doing alright?” Scott asked, anxiously. His head practically spun on his neck in order to look around the Training Pitch. He was half expecting a professor to come running, robes flying in the air, with all the right potions and all the right spells in mind. It was the conviction of complete safety you sometimes find yourself under, at thirteen.

But of course, there were no professors around. Scott could, however, see one more student whose interest had been inspired. Another first-year, with longer dark hair and an observant look on his face, stood another few paces away from where Gwen had hit the ground.

“She fell off her broom!” Scott explained to him as if he couldn’t work that much out himself. She was so high up... oh, I hope she’s okay.”

Then, forgetting what Anastasia had told them just moments before- he hurried up to the girl’s side again.

“She needs to go to the Hospital Wing, either way! We can’t possibly tell how hurt she is, and neither can she...”

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~ * ~
As soon as Ruby had received a response from the girl – Gwen – and made sure that the others had heard, she took a step back and disappeared into the crowd, making herself blend in instantly. She wanted to observe, see what would happen, perhaps ask some questions later, but she didn't need to do anything else right now or get in the way. So, she forced herself to remain just another member of the crowd, hardly noticeable. She heard a voice beside her that seemed to be addressing her. It sounded familiar, and as she turned slightly, she realized that it was Hengist. “I'm pretty sure that she just… fell, although I'm not sure if something else happened. She seemed to be quite nervous beforehand – maybe she's not confident when flying and freaked out or had a panic attack,” she guessed, making her best attempt at answering his question.

Her gaze swept over the crowd and the little huddle by Gwen once again. Ana seemed to be handling it pretty decently, so there was no real reason for Ruby to exit the crowd that she had just vanished into. The girl would be fine, Ruby was sure of it. She needed to get to the Hospital Wing, though, rather than being stuck on the grass here, surrounded by prying eyes. This would not help her, would not heal her, but Ruby had faith in Ana and hoped that she would take Gwen there as soon as she found out what was wrong with her. However, every minute this took was leaving Gwen suffering for longer, wasn't it? Shouldn't Ana see if Gwen could walk first, and then take her? Ruby sighed. She had promised herself that she would stay out of it unless she was needed, but that didn't stop her from questioning everything else anyway.
~ * ~

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Emile watched as everyone crowded and people started to make suggestions on what to do. This would be such a good time for him to pull out his notebook and start writing down everything that was happening, but he knew that would probably be rude to Gwen and people might make fun of him. He resisted the urge and turned back to Gwen. Get out of your head, stupid. There's a hurt girl here! Show everyone the amazing prefect you are, and help your friend, idiot. 

“Good Lord, everyone, take a step back! Let her breathe.” He heard Anastasia say and immediately stood up from the position he was kneeling at before. He pushed through the crowd and then went right next to Gwen. He held his arms out slightly as to push the crowd back. "Yeah everyone. We know you're worried but we can take care of this. We will keep you updated if you want to know." He said, and watched as most students nodded and went back to their original positions. He still spotted some whispering or looking worried, but most went and continued as usual. This was except for a few who remained. He knew most of these people though or recognized them, so this was fine to him. He was glad most of the crowd was gone. He hoped this would help the Gryffindor on the ground  feel better or more calm.

Emile kneeled next to Ana and listened to her talk in a calming tone. “Is she doing alright?” He heard a Gryffindor say, who turned out to be Scott. There were many people talking at once, but most of it was to get her to the hospital wing.

Emile tried to talk in the most calm and laid back voice he could manage, considering the fact that someone might have broken their back right in front of him. During his time as a prefect, he had not expected the situation of someone falling off a broom and getting injured. He took a deep breath and looked at the redhead. "Anastasia, should we take her to the hospital wing or tell a Professor? She could be seriously injured." Emile said, his tone still showing hints of worry. 

He looked up at Marla and Ruby and Kyle and a Ravenclaw he didn't know the name of and awkwardly nodded at them, kind of to say "Thanks for the worry and for help." 
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Kyle couldnt help but just roll his eyes. Everyone was making such a big fuss over this spaz who just wrecked their broom. So what? Wrecks, crashes, injuries, accidents. This was hogwarts. thats nothing new. Atleast she wasnt bleeding profusely or on fire. honestly if she was on fire than he could understand all the fussing and worrying and yelling about getting back and blah blah blah. These people really must have led some very sheltered lives if they were getting into this much of a tizzy over something as minor as this. then again, maybe he was the weird one for having a werewolf attack his Auror parents, and routinely go out of his way to get into trouble or get hurt. Who could say really.

With a shrug he kept his distance and reached into pocket and pulled out a treat he was going to use as a victory snack after his prank, had marla not been here. Ah well. he wasnt about to let it go to waste. He undid the wrapper and took a big bite out of it and chewed a moment. Then, with a full mouth said, "Have you tried turning her off and back on again? Works for Muggle gadgets"

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