Quidditch Training Pitch

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Flight of the (Ford) Thunderbird  PV   Closed 

Private for Sonya Carlson, Thea Knott, Carrie Barber, Daniel Freeman, and Hufflepuff professors. After this, we'll join the rest of the Hufflepuffs in "Forgery of Destiny". Probably.

It was a long trek from the common room of House Hufflepuff. Several students stared as Sonya, Thea, Carrie, and Daniel dragged their suitcases or bags across the school grounds. None dared stopped them, for the Head of Hufflepuff led the way.

“School business, run along now,” BonBon barked, not slowing his pace. He did not know how far along the train had gotten, but he knew not to tarry.

Their destination took them all the way to the Quidditch Training Pitch. It did not appear that the field was in use, what with it still being early in the semester. BonBon appreciated the lack of prying eyes: he didn’t need the kidnapping of House Hufflepuff to be front page news. Leading them through the field, BonBon recounted a story about his previous time at Hogwarts.

“About 18 years ago, I had visited Hogwarts before. The flying professor at the time told me a tale of two students who flew an enchanted car all the way to this school. Inspired by that venture, he sought to build his own. Now, I believe it’s still illegal to own such a vehicle in these parts, so this professor made it a research project, for that was the only loophole around the law. As long as the vehicle remained on school grounds, he could build this flying car. At the time, he was still working out a few kinks, and I’m not sure if he finished it before he resigned. If we’re lucky though, it’s still here…if I can remember where it was…”

BonBon looked around the field, mumbling “where do they keep the brooms again” under his breath. He turned back to the kids.

“I don’t suppose any of you know how to fly a broom do you?” It was always good to have a backup plan in case the car thing didn’t pan out.

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Flight of the (Ford) Thunderbird  PV   Closed 

Strutting out in through the hallways, passing by so many people, was honestly mortifying. A group of seemingly first years with their things packed, accompanied by their head of house. What must be people thinking? Detention? Expulsion? Having Professor BonBon leading them also made it easier though. At least no one dared to stop them and ask about what was going. 

They ended up at the one of the Quidditch pitches, which made her wonder why that was. Would they have to travel by brooms? It was supposed to still be the very first week of school and they hadn't had Flying yet. While it was possible that some of the group had prior experience with it, she herself didn't really have any and it was also possible that at least one of her peers was muggleborn and thus couldn't have any experience with it at all. 

Thankfully, such concerns were assuaged when the professor told a tale to explain what their purpose there actually was? A flying car? It sounded very experimental and barely legal, but that would certainly be more comfortable than traveling on a broom over what could be a rather long distance by now. 

However, the professor seemed to be having difficulties with locating such a thing and asked if they were able to fly on brooms, causing her earlier concerns to resurface. 

"Uh, not r-really ... Certainly not enough for long distance travel ..." Carrie then answered. 

Flight of the (Ford) Thunderbird  PV   Closed 

Sonya walked with the small group as other students looked. She looked up at the many faces, some seemed confused, some seemed suspicious, some just looked mildly interested, nevertheless, with the Hufflepuff head of house leading them nobody asked any questions.

They all walked all the way out to the quidditch pitch, which was not occupied at the moment. Sonya wondered why they had come there, it wasn't like the clues exactly led to the quidditch pitch. Maybe they would have to fly to their destination? Probably not, Professor BonBon knew they were first years and although Sonya was decent at flying, it was highly likely that the other students didn't know much. Besides, she wasn't super confident in her skills either so a long distance flight sounded quite uncomfortable.

As they walked through the field, she listened to Professor BonBon tell a story about an experimental flying car and how it could possibly be around here somewhere. A flying car sounded quite dangerous, not to mention quite illegal, and like a risky plan. Hopefully it was safer than it sounded. The professor looked around and asked the group if any of them knew how to fly a broom. She was glad he had something other than a crazy flying car in mind. "I do," Sonya smiled, "Maybe not great enough to go super far but I'm decent at it."

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BonBon nodded at the girls’ responses. Though Sonya had experience in flying, neither girl had the confidence in flying by themselves over a long distance. It was wishful thinking on the professor’s part, but it was worth asking.

“Well then,” BonBon replied. “I best jog my memory if we’re to find our fellow Hufflepuffs.”

The professor rubbed his chin, trying to recall his last visit to this quidditch field. A few moments were all it took to bring BonBon across the field and towards the stands. He was fixated on the three wooden panels below the seating, only assuming that the students were following him around. It seemed to be a place where ads or team logos would be posted, similar to the baseball stadiums of the muggle world. If BonBon recalled correctly, however, these were more than ad space. He began tapping on them twice with his wand. The first yielded nothing. He walked over to the second and did the same. The door began creaking as it shifted upward. BonBon backed away and pushed whoever was around him to do the same. The lifting panel revealed a garage, within which was a very classic ride:


Though very similar to the picture above, this particular vehicle had seen better days. Patches of the metal shell were clearly rusted over. Spider webs stretched across some of the windows, having not been opened in quite some time. It was questionable whether this vehicle could even get on the road, much less take flight. Still, BonBon looked over it carefully, very much considering commandeering the van. He looked to Sophie, Carrie, and the others.

“Why don’t you check the inside and get…comfortable?”

The inside wasn’t much better. The 70’s were very much alive, or at least undead. It smelled as if a cat was living there for a time. Smell didn’t bother BonBon: as long as it could fly, he would suffer it.

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Flight of the (Ford) Thunderbird  PV   Closed 

The girl dragged her bag behind her back through the corridors of Hogwarts, trying to ignore the look people were giving her and her Hufflepuff friends. Some curious, some even angry, but really, a group of students with cases, getting dragged out of the castle by their Head of House could mean one thing: the group was going to get expelled...

...or get out on a dangerous mission to find the rest of their housemates who somehow disappeared with the newly appointed headmaster.

The girl, however, was less worried about the looks and what people thought was their destination but more about what their actual destination was. It didn't seem like they were going towards the train, but more towards the Quidditch Training Pitch, which was... concerning. The girl couldn't ride a broom, and that seemed like more and more of a possibility by the second. Well, she could ride a broom somewhat, but definitely not enough to go on a journey like this, especially since it didn't look like it was a short one. At all.

They finally arrived at the Quidditch Pitch and the Head of House started to tell a story which, if it was said to Thea a couple months earlier she wouldn't believe, but after going to Hogwarts she believed nothing could shock her.

After finishing the story about a flying car he asked the question of if any of the students could ride a broom. "Not really... Well, not for a distance long enough," the girl replied, sighing. Seemed like the other girls weren't much better at it, but the girl referred to as Sonya was more confident in her abilities than Thea and the girl with brown hair whose name Thea didn't catch.

She didn't really know what to do afterwards, so she decided her best bet would be to follow professor BonBon around. It felt like it was much more time than it actually probably was before the Hufflepuff Head of House came up to the stands and seemed to be centered on three wooden panels below the seats. She stepped away to see what was happening. The professor tapped some of the panels with his wand, and the panels shifted upward, loudly creaking to reveal a garage with what looked like a blue van.

While Thea believed that it had better days, it didn't look like it. "Is this even safe?" the girl uttered out, looking at the rust on the supposedly flying car. She followed what the professor said and got inside with her bag, but was still mumbling to herself about how this didn't seem safe.

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Although Sonya seemed at least a bit more confident about her broom flying skill, the third girl in the group seemed to be in a similar situation to her own, so it seemed that probably would not work well as a back-up plan in case the professor couldn't find what he was looking for.

Professor BonBon then led them all towards some wooden panels below the seating area. He tapped a couple of those with his wand and a manner that appeared similar to how one gained to Diagon Alley by tapping certain bricks on the wall that hid it, this action seemed to trigger the reveal of a secret garage where the fabled flying car was. 

She wasn't sure of what she had been expecting the ride to be like, but whatever it had been, this wasn't quite it. It seemed quite like a more than a few decades old model, as evidenced by the rust was present on at least some of the outer shell. She knew that the professor had mentioned that whoever had been working on it had started almost twenty years ago, but not even that seemed to fully account for it. It made sense that a more antique model would be chosen for a experiment like this though. Newer cars, even those that would brand new eighteen years ago, would include much more electric and electronic parts and trying to use what was likely rather intricate magic in such conditions would much more easily lead to disaster ... 

In anycase, the fact this seemed to be admitedly rather expiremental work, coupled with the overall state of the vehicle itself didn't inspire much confidence. However, it really did seem like their only real option, so she did as told and went to get inside. It smelled something long dead in there, which didn't help any. She hoped the seats were at least somewhat comfortable, although it didn't seem likely ... 

Flight of the (Ford) Thunderbird  PV   Closed 

BonBon was busy looking under the hood of the flying car, waving his wand over the various parts to see if he could decipher any charms left. As BonBon investigated the vehicle, he caught Thea's doubt of the car's structural integrity (or any integrity for that matter). He slammed down the hood and met his students at the passenger side.

"Oh, you have every reason to question the safety of our only means of transport," BonBon replied to Thea. "Rusty, creaky, leaky. I doubt the axle could handle a rough landing as it is. In the muggle world, this would have been thrown in a junkyard and dismantled."

With that, BonBon pointed his wand to the undercarriage of the car. With an utterance of "Reparo", the car creaked a bit less. His confidence in the axle was greatly improved.

"In our world however, one cannot judge a book by its cover. Even the rustiest and creakiest of us may still wield a great magic yet."

He sincerely hoped that was true, and not just of the car. He hoped he didn't have to pull out too many tricks to get the Hufflepuffs back to Hogwarts.

"And we are to ever find our friends, we don't have many other options, especially if our broom-flying skills aren't up to par. Now, we should get going."

BonBon closed the passenger door and went into the front seat. He said he didn't mind the smell, but boy was the air most foul. He immediately used the hand cranks to roll down the windows of the front seats in an effort to air it out. It didn't help much at the moment, but perhaps things would be better once they took flight.

"Now, if I remember correctly, he said to start it like this..."

BonBon took his wand and pointed it to where a key would usually be placed. With a murmur of a spell, a spark left his wand. The vehicle gave a struggled roar, as if a weary steel beast were slowly waking from decades of slumber. The roar of life succumbed to a weakened tremble as it the vehicle went silent once more.

"Ah, these old vehicles need a couple tries before they warm up. That's how this works in the muggle world. Nothing to be concerned about."

BonBon prepared to attempt the spell again...and again... and again...

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Flight of the (Ford) Thunderbird  PV   Closed 

Daniel silently dragged his suitcase along the hogwarts corridor, the halls were filled with teachers and students alike. Some stared curiously, wandering why a bunch of first years were going away so early in the year, but that was soon dismantled by the professors words. He double checked everything in his suitcase, triple checked even. Clothes all the way down to emergency sweets were accounted for, you never know when you'll need them.

The group eventually reached the outside area, where they slowly made their away across the open field. Daniel was quite amazed to see the quiditch arena so close, it towered over them like a pair of Giants as they drew closer. Professor Bombom was rambling on about something, all the boy heard was a car and a teacher telling him about how they travelled to hogwarts. By the time Dan had snapped out of his daydream the teacher proposed a question, experience on flying a broom.

He knew about the so called magic surrounding brooms, but never has he came close to using one. The fact that he wasn't so fond of heights was also a problem, it made him shiver just thinking about it. With a slow shake of his head the professor took them over to another area of the field, where something big was being stored away. Daniel watched on as the mystery object was finally revealed... to be a car?!

This rust bucket resembled a classic camper van used back in the 1960s, a relic of the past that seemed to be on its last legs. Daniel examined it closely, noticing how broken down the whole body was. There was no way a thing like this would drive, or even start it to stretch that far. If they weren't driving it, what were they going to-... Oh... of course... They were going to fly this thing all way there.

The professor was slamming various components to give the car a once over, probably just to check if any of the parts were loose or ready to give way during their long journey. Then, he pulled out his wand, quickly swishing it to activate the repairo spell. To his surprise, the car seemed to stopped creaking and repaired itself in someway, maybe not fully but enough to get this big heap of scrap up and running. Daniel listened to him mention the safety of the car, saying how it should of been in a scrap yard in the muggle world. From the looks of things it would probably do well in one of those demolition derby events too, maybe even win it.

But, Daniel was genuily confident this old boy could get a second wind and take us to our destination. On the other hand, parts falling off during the journey was the least of his problems, crashing landing from a high altitude was on his number one list. Hopefully it will never come to that. All the students clambered into the back and watched on as BomBom worked his magic, swishing his one multiple times to wake this sleeping beast.

Good luck, Daniel Freeman
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Sonya looked at the car and raised an eyebrow. This thing was supposed to get them to their destination safely? It was certainly not what she was expecting. She thought it would be a decent car, one that would be safe to transport students in. But this was... she couldn't even think of a way to put it positively. It was old, rusted, smelly, and most importantly unsafe. She hadn't expected this trip to be the most safe but she expected to have at least a reliable form of transportation.

Professor BonBon told them to get inside and she hesitantly complied, getting in with her bag last. She was never one to take many risks. What was he thinking when she volunteered for this? She wasn't really. She was just thinking that her peers could possibly be in trouble and she wanted to help, not of the dangers she could face. Sonya was now starting to wonder if she made the right decision.

She listened as the professor only justified her fear. He was a professor, shouldn't he at least be making this feel safe? At least he was being honest. Sonya almost reconsidered her choice. She shifted, probably appearing a bit visually uncomfortable with the situation. She was at conflict between danger and helping. She had never really had to face imminent danger before and if it was already bad this early in the trip she was definitely frightened of what was ahead. But she also wanted to help people. She gave a quiet sigh, deciding that she would try to help no matter how hard it would be.

She watched as Professor BonBon tried to get the car to work. It... wasn't going very well to say the least. He he tried several times, saying that it was a normal thing to happen. At least he was optimistic.

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Flight of the (Ford) Thunderbird  PV   Closed 


After the upteenth time, BonBon had finally found success: the flying car roared to life. The car was shaking in anticipation...or it was the general instability of the overall structure. Either way, they were ready to chase after the Hufflepuffs, at least as long as the car would hold out. The fact that the car started at all gave BonBon some hope that this would be a successful mission.

"Alright, very good," BonBon said. "Now, I'll just drive out of here and then lift off..."

As BonBon put his foot on the accelerator, he was surprised to find that the car didn't move forward, but up. It moved up rather quickly with great force. The next thing the group knew, there was a cacophony of snapped wood and creaking metal as the flying car burst through the quidditch stands. The car rumbled violently as it kept going straight up. BonBon quickly put on the brakes, putting the car into a complete and immediate stop. The passengers would be jerked around as the car made these sudden movements, but the vehicle remained in the air.

"EVERYONE IS FINE!" BonBon yelled back to his students, though he didn't sound particularly fine. It was as if shouting it so would ensure nobody died in the violent debut of their flight.


The professor took a moment to collect himself, the car still floating above the giant hole in the quidditch stands. During this time, he examined the gear switch. There happened to be different modes for up, down, and horizontal motion. The stick just so happened to be left on up. A quick shift would have been all they needed to move forward.

"OK, now we'll drive off."

BonBon was quite grateful that the car was moving forward as intended. The vehicle remained three stories off the ground...and quite visible. The car was definitely equipped with an invisibility charm , but BonBon was far too afraid to take his eyes off the windshield to find the button to turn it on. His only concern was getting to Hogsmeade station in one piece. He relayed his plan to the students, though mostly to tell himself.

"Once we get to Hogsmeade, we'll follow the train tracks and catch up to our friends. Everything is going as planned now..."

A piece of metal flew past the right passenger window. More than likely, it was part of the car. They remained in flight, so it probably wasn't important.

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