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Ladies... no need to thank me. No, really. There is no need, this was my distinct and utter pleasure.

It was late afternoon, the brisk Scottish air had driven many of the students indoors. Well, most students in any case. The date was October 30th and Erin was on the prowl for a companion, not a meal. Now companion is often taken to mean a willing subject in close proximity that socially interacts with their cohort. Erin was seeking something more... temporary. No, that is not the term... Something more... academic. Yes, that sounded better. It was cold and without emotion, much like the young second year who would have turned thirteen the day before. 

It would be an odd sight of course, Erin was for the most part an unnoticed and strikingly average girl. Yes, her hair had an uncanny indigo tint that seemed somewhat unnatural but that coupled with the fact that she always sat alone would be her most distinctive features. Yes, the most noticeable thing about Erin was the fact that she was not special at all. Yet today was different, Erin would stand out on this day. It would not be her Slytherin uniform or the woolen jacket she wore, nor would it be her unusual hair that only barely shone this unusual hue under the right light. No, it would be what she was carrying with her. It would appear that she was dragging a massive stuffed animal onto the Quidditch Pitch. 

The bear was about as tall as she was, in fact slightly taller. Erin would drag the massive bear to the center of the Quidditch field and plop it down with a sigh. 

Step one, complete. 

Erin would look around the field, pickings were doing to be slim today unfortunately. It was getting cold and most of the students had found warmth and enjoyment far from the fall colors, indoors. She would look around all the same, it was in fact better this way. She only needed one to start with. Something would crunch underfoot and she would furrow her brow as she looked down. A group of dead ants, how weird. She would kick them away with the heel of her maryjanes and wait for her eventual 'companion.' 

It just needed to be male and not Howard. Howard was already everything she wanted a boy to be, unstable and unpredictable. Also, utterly fascinating. She needed some idiot. Some unfortunate youth, preferably a peer because there was something she needed to learn. Of course she would see him eventually. A hopefully challenging (but she doubted she would be that fortunate) quarry.
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Parcel was lying on the sand under the goalposts at the furthest end of the field. His broom, his trusty Comet 260, was lazily floating in the air beside him. Most times he could be seen flying around the pitch trying out different maneuvers, but this day had gone away more to daydreaming then any real flying practice.

He had caught himself daydreaming rather often the last few weeks, and he had, after mulling it over in his head, concluded that it most likely stemmed from a lack of exciting adventures the previous months. He hadn’t really had any exciting happening to him since the rune adventure into the dungeons right after last semesters summer camp. After finding what Parcel was sure had to be the cause of his daydreaming, came trying to find a solution. It wasn’t that daydreaming in itself was doing him any harm… But he was going to be an adventurer when he grew up! Adventurer need constant adventuring to keep them on their toes! Parcel couldn’t go a whole semester without doing tons and tons of adventures! He hadn’t risked his life once all the time he had been her after summer break!

As Parcel lamented on his bad luck of not having anyone or anything try to kill him since before summer break, he started hearing a shuffling sound. Parcel stayed as he was, lying on the ground, for he thought the sound would pas quickly, maybe it was some trees blowing in the wind or something… but the noise seemed to grow louder, as if coming closer to him. When the sound had persisted for a while, and Parcel was unable to think of what could make such a sound, he decided to lift his head up.

Parcel pulled the gray woolen cap he was wearing up and away from his eyes as it was rather hard to convince himself of what he was looking at…
For Parcel was watching a teddy bear sitting in the middle of the field, as if it walked there by itself- no, wait there was a girl there too.
Parcel sat up straighter, to see the girl better. She wasn’t one he recognized, didn’t even think he had seen her in class before, not that he could see anything special about the girl that he would be able to remember. Well, except for the huge ass teddy…

Parcel decided to stand up. He had just been sulking over the lack of exciting happenings around him, and then a girl with a human sized teddy bear just appears on the pitch… cool.
Brushing the dust of his black school pants and dark brown hand-me-down jacket. Parcel jumped on his broom and flew over to the girl.

It took him only a couple of seconds to reach her as he lazily floated over. When he arrived, Parcel dismounted and let the broom hover in the air behind him as he approached the girl and her teddy.

“Nice bear you got there… “Parcel trailed off as he looked the bear up and down. Was there a reason for her taking it all the way to the quidditch pitch? It looked rather heavy. He would probably have recognized a girl pulling a teddy of this size around school, so she probably didn’t do it often, was... was this perhaps some sort of prank?
Parcel allowed himself to quickly glance over his surroundings, just in case someone was hiding somewhere, but eventually decided on focusing his attention on the girl beside the teddy.

“Hi by the way, I don’t think we’ve met before, I’m Parcel, wh- what’s up with the huge bear?”
Parcel scratched the scar on his chin as he shifted his gaze between the girl and the teddy.

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Yeah a teddy would get any boy's attention, but this was the real sort of teddy not the slinky kind. He would care about those when he was a bit older. However, the bear did one of its jobs, it had more than one, but the first was to serve as a lure. Yes, the bear was an attention grabber, especially today of all days on this somewhat barren playing field.

It would attract a stranger, of course most of the people here in Hogwarts, even her peers were strangers to her. This one was a rather mundane character, riding the broom in her direction from his resting place somewhere near the goals. Her eyes would follow him, he was already coming so there was no reason to wave him down or to call out to him. Besides, it was better this way in case there were witnesses.

“Nice bear you got there… “

He acknowledged the bear and Erin simply smiled. The bear was actually creepy as **** in her opinion, but she was not one to shy away from true horror. 

“Hi by the way, I don’t think we’ve met before, I’m Parcel, wh- what’s up with the huge bear?”

"Serena," she lied as she gave him the first name to come to mind. It sounded the dorky enough in her mind, belonging to some whiny Prefect from Hufflepuff. "I stole the bear," she lied a second time. "It is supposed to be the Huffledorks new mascot," she claimed as she tried to make herself sound proud of this imagined accomplishment. She unbuckled the head of the giant stuffed animal, a task that would actually take a few seconds and required moderate dexterity. The head would roll off, the glassy eyes seeming to gaze into her soul, well hollow space where one belonged. Inside, the stuffed bear was hollow, yes it was a a bear suit. 

"Are you a Quidditch player?" Erin inquired as she eyed his broom. Yes, she was taking an inventory of him. Not what she could take, if anyone had ever looked at her corner in her dorm they would realize the truth: her space was as spartan as they came. No, he was likely either wealthy or industrious to be able to own a broom. He looked young, about her age. Usually students could not afford a broom until their later years. "I bet you're pretty good," insert a comment to keep him off guard. If he was not wearing his house colors she would ask him what House he played for as well, if not she would simply comment "the Gryffs look like they are going to have a good year."

He looked sturdy. Good. She wondered if she could take him in a fight. She would glance out of the corner of her eye either direction, was there anyone else nearby? No... not yet. Not that it mattered, someone would probably hear the screaming. If not, well this would be pretty awkward. "Actually, come to think of it I think I do recognize you. You're a real bad ass..." she left it vague, he could fill in what sort of bad ass he was in his own mind. She snapped her fingers as if she was recalling something, "yeah the girls in my dorm talk about you all of the time." Yes she was lying through her teeth but lies did not weigh on this sociopath's conscience. 

She extended her hand as if she wanted to shake his. If he actually accepted it she would grab it but pull him in and attempt to hug him. No, Erin was not an affectionate girl but Paracelsus did not know that. 

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“Serena, hu-… Like the kissy prefect-, no, the Hufflepuff Prefect?” Parcel scratched the scar on his cheek gingerly. “Doe's she know you have the same name? you could be name buddies or something, I feel like that’s something she’d be into”

"I stole the bear, it is supposed to be the Huffledorks new mascot,"
Parcel stared at the girl in astonishment. She… she stole it?... and, well, now she’s bragging about it to, um, to a prefect…
“I didn’t even know the Hufflepuffs had a new mascot… or any mascot, isn’t their animal a badger? Wonder why they would have a bear mascot.”
Parcel pulled of the cap from his head and rolled it up into his jacket pocket. He didn’t like it, but he would probably have to, well, take the bear from her. Heck, did he have to pull the thing all the way up to the castle again? Could he perhaps make her do it?

"Are you a Quidditch player?"
Mulling over how a perfect should act in a situation like this, Parcel didn’t even notice the bears head was off before Serena spoke.
“No, not really” He glanced over his broom “My father probably hope I will be, but I mostly use it because it gets my blood pumping, the flying I mean”

"I bet you're pretty good, the Gryffs look like they are going to have a good year."
Parcel could feel his ears turning hotter, even without his cap on. He wasn’t used to being complimented by girls.
“N-no, not really, I dabble, but its only a hobby, I’m really not all that good”
It was really rather hard to keep his mind on busting this Serena girl for stealing the teddy, when she complemented him.

"Actually, come to think of it I think I do recognize you. You're a real bad ass..."
“Wh- what?” Parcel could feel himself blush more. Was this girl coming onto him or something? He could feel himself growing more insecure by the minute. Was it perhaps the name? was all Serena's like this? Was this another girl out to get his first kiss?

"yeah the girls in my dorm talk about you all of the time."
Oh shit! They do? Parcel did not like this. It had been a rumor going around that he could speak to snakes… an entirely true rumor, but really not one he wanted anyone to know was true. His new greatest fear other then mixing cooties with girls was that everyone thought he was some evil dark wizard.

“No! no… whatever they say, it’s a lie, its that damn Professor Lear’s doing, it was his snake, a fake snake, got to be! It’s not like I can talk to a normal snake, everyone could probably talk to it!”
He could feel himself cool down again, nothing to take your mind away from flirting like thinking someone is talking about your deep dark fear.
Parcel then stopped himself from talking and looked down at the girls outstretched hand. What did she want now, a hand shake? Well, they had already introduced each other, and, well, she didn’t want to hold his hand or something? Right?... right?!

But… this could help him, he had to bring her to a professor for stealing the bear, so if he could get a hold of her, then he could follow her up to the castle. Of course, it would look like… like he was walking with her, but that would be a chance he had to take, maybe no one would see him.

Parcel grabbed Serena's hand and felt her pull him closer to her.
IT WAS A TRAP!? She wanted his hugs! His kisses! This was all a ploy from one of the damn Serena's! Because that’s all they do! They create ploys to get cuddles!
Parcel did the only thing he could think of doing, he went limp.

His strategy was easy, a girl couldn’t hug someone that didn’t hug back, right? So, the best method was to fall on the girl like a sack of potatoes.

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(Could I join?)
Macey wandered into the Quidditch pitch and gazed around in awe of it’s grandness. It was huge! More sprawling than her parent’s fields at home! The grass below her feet was a bright green marked with brown smudges of dirt where Quidditch players must’ve had a few scuffles. She walked over to the side of the pitch, moving her fingers along the woven fabric that made up the stadium. This tower was made of red and gold, the Griffindor colours. She turned her head to see another tower on the far side of the field, and this time it was made from yellow and black cloth, the Hufflepuff colours. She smiled at that. Her mother would, too. She had always been quite the weaver. She climbed up the side of the tower, hauling herself onto the stadium and sitting on the wooden seat. The Quidditch pitch looked even grander from up here. She gazed around at the stadium once again, taking in its towers and the rolling fields beyond. She looked over to the goalposts. Their colours matched those of the stadium. She noticed some students down at the base of the goalposts. Macey gathered some fabric in her arms and used it so slide down the stadium. She walked over.
“Hey guys? What’s happening over here?”

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Sorry, I never got a notification that there was a reply here. 

"The kissy Prefect?" Erin repeated Paracel's phrase. She had no idea Serena got around like that, but boys did like girls with low self-esteem. It should not be a real surprise. "Sure, we have the same name. Besties n'all that stuff," she lied through her damn teeth. "Except the kissing part," she clarified. "That is all her..."

Least someone was getting some action.

The conversation would of course segue to the bear. She lied. She often lied. She had no fear of Prefects, especially male Prefects. Leeds was more than familiar with her tactics.  

“I didn’t even know the Hufflepuffs had a new mascot… or any mascot, isn’t their animal a badger? Wonder why they would have a bear mascot.”

She let out a scornful laugh. "Those idiots probably thought it was a badger," she claimed. Hufflepuffs were not regarded as the most intelligent house, or the most brave, or the most cunning. They were... uh... the joke house. What sort of power is loyalty anyways? The power to be a sidekick? The power to urge the hero to fight better or stronger. Crappiest super power ever.

“No, not really ...My father probably hope I will be, but I mostly use it because it gets my blood pumping, the flying I mean”

Daddy issues -- check.

"It is a shame, great game to watch. Never could figure you how to play the game myself," she lied again. The less she knew, the dumber she seemed the better. "Thankfully my parents have reasonable expectations for me," in fact they had none at all, except the hope that she does not get someone killed one of these days.  

Saving the parental problems for later, let's go with him being good. His parents unreasonable. He was young, probably around her age, maybe a bit older or younger but not by much. She sized him up mentally. Threat. Meal. Those were really the only two options she had at this time. Resource was another possibility, after all she was a Slytherin but she saw what ambition and connections did to a person by watching Marcus.

“N-no, not really, I dabble, but its only a hobby, I’m really not all that good”

Aww... that was a rare emotion. She was not entirely sure what it was. His ears got red, Erin's brow furrowed with confusion. What the hell was this emotion for? Ear warmth? She would have said something, moved his ego along as intended but the unexpected sentiment befuddled her. "I-I... uh--- yeah, good." She concluded.

The hell is that!

Well, she would figure it out. He was a real bad-ass. Yeah, that was it. Vague enough. She would wait for a reaction, she had no idea what this reaction was. It was a strange mixture of things -- the same embarrassment, but there was a hint of apprehension and fear that appeared to swell inside of him as she persisted in this conversation. She had control of the situation, at least she thought she did. She really had no idea what he was thinking or exactly what this mixture of emotions meant. 

But that was fine, it was a novelty. Like eating out at a foreign restaurant. She had no idea what this was made of but she had a basic notion of the meats and the vegetables but not so much the spices. He was an odd piece of meat. 

He went on about it being Professor Lear, that geriatric Professor of Magical Creatures. The guy probably came with the damn building. Apparently his pet snake was the cause of chatter.

What the heck does he have to do with snakes? She was just bullshitting him.

But there was a flood of emotions, it was something real whatever it was. This dark trepidation, this sense of panic. These were unexpected reactions. She was expecting a swollen ego, a sense of pride. Something she could steal and later emulate. What was she supposed to do with hot ears and embarrassed fear?

Paracel had a strange plan, apprehend the Slytherin by accepting her hand. Did he really think he could overpower her? It was likely a lapse in judgement, her touch was apparently paralytic. Her plan was simple but subject to change. She expected a reaction out of him, the usual reaction(s) when someone grabs hold of you. To push back or to grab back, either would have made him appear to be the aggressor, at least that was the story that she was going to spin. 

He did neither, rather his knees buckled and the sum of his weight was left in her arms. Erin was a strong girl, stronger than most at the very least but she had anticipated grappling him not holding him upright. "The heck is wrong with you!" The exasperated teen shouted just in time for another red shirt to arrive. Was this a seizure? Was he dying?

So he fell on her like a sack of potatoes. 

And that would be the scene that Macey walked in on. Paracel falling on top of the girl, as flaccid as any man would hope to not be on a first date. "Ack!"

“Hey guys? What’s happening over here?”

Simple enough of a greeting, but the scene called for a bit more drama. "A little help here, this Gryff is being weird," Erin grunted. She would try to roll his limp body off of her. Was he really dead? Was he playing possum? Her first instinct would be to check with a headbutt of friendship but now there was a witness. If she successfully heaved the weird Prefect off of her she would eye his chest to see if he was breathing, failing that due to layers of clothes she would give him mouth to mouth check his pulse.

Assuming he was alive, after she wormed her way out from under him (if she was successful, otherwise I guess she was stuck there cuddling the Prefect), with or without help from Macey she would eye the bear suit and the Paracel. 

Fine, he wants to play games. She can play games.

"I super appreciate you - like totally coming over here and like helping me... us out. My boyfriend..." she had no idea what his name was. "Uh my boyfriend, yeah... has a like seizure disorder. He gets all limp and confused and like weird." Yes, Erin had changed how she was talking when she addressed this girl. She did not seem particularly bright so she decided to go down to her level of presumed obliviousness.  "But he is like totally going to get cold out in this weather," it was a bit nippy at this time of day. "Can you help me get him into his like costume to like say warm?"

Yes, he was going to likely spring back to life and fight back, that would be the expected reaction but thus far he was doing the opposite. If he wanted to 'play dead' she would call him on it. It was her intention to seal him in here anyways, she needed a boy for her experiment. she expected a normal one but she would tolerate whatever he was. "He is going to the dance as like a bear." Yeah, the dance was later today, Erin was dateless and not really intending on finding a date. As for Parce, it did not matter to her if he had one, she had other uses for him. 

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I think our thread might have died. Macy has not been active since the day she posted and you seem to be in a writing slump. If/when you have your inspiration back we can resume. Just message me, otherwise we can follow-up elsewhere. She was basically doing an experiment here where she was sticking you in a mascot suit and giving you to some first year girls as a costume ball date citing that you are super shy but totally into one of them. She was curious to see what happens. You can claim it happened or we can RP something else out. 

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

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"The heck is wrong with you!" Was what Parcel could hear as his plan was set into motion… his, um, plan. That mainly consisted of not being kissed or attracting any sort of cooties. He had limply flopped on the girl without thinking much about what the next step of his plan would be, did he really have any other step at all? Most of his reactions to girls had been driven by a underlying fear of receiving cooties, this damned sickness that could kill any man, or so he had heard.

Parcel didn’t notice someone else before he heard a different voice. “The girl had brought a friend!?” was all Parcel could think as he was hanging on Erin, or lying on top of her more like, looking like their relationship had progressed far longer than any one of them probably intended.

Parcel was lying there, eyes closed, no one would kiss a dead man, right? He could feel the girl squirming her way out from under him… it was, um, a weird feeling. For a boy dreading the cooties Parcel was sure in a lot of close contact with girls.

“helping me... us out. My boyfriend...”
These words woke him up. Parcel opened his eyes, he was what now!? Was that how it worked!? He had been on top of her and now they were boyfriend and girlfriend? Where was the contract!? Where was the witnesses!? The mutual agreements and forms they had to sign!? This was all going so fast! He hadn’t planned for this; would he have to get some sort of cootie-vaccine now!? Would they have to move into dorms together!? Or was there special couple dorms? Where would they celebrate Christmas at his place or hers?!? And when to meet her parents? When would she meet his! Oh god! His mother would be thrilled! And Parcel was scared shitless. Another thought came to his mind, this was not how he intended to spend this second year at Hogwarts, he had not planned to become a boyfriend while practicing his flying, he was still young! Not ready to be shackled to commitments and spouses!

Erin might not have realized it, but she might have used the perfect method to sedate Parcel. He was entirely thunderstruck. So, if she was ever to get him in a suit, this was the perfect time. Too many responsibilities were rushing through Parcels head to care about where he was or what he was wearing, he had to find a house for them to live in, and he would need to get a job, well, he was young, so he probably wouldn’t get hired many places, but a part time job at least. It might be a bit strict with money the first years, but they would probably have a steady job before any babies would come, because they would come, his grandpa said so. “When a girl calls you her boyfriend, a baby will soon follow” he had said.
Parcel looked glossy eyed up at Erin, oh god, what had they done? Parcel wasn’t ready for kids, and Erin was probably not ready either.

If Erin decided to pull him into the suite, he would meekly be guided in, mumbling about where to put the crib, and where he might get employment, and how happy they might be in a few years’ time.

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Yes, Erin is now pregnant Paracelsus and it is all your fault. Take responsibility you monster!
Erin somehow wormed her way out from underneath Paracelsus, he was like a noodle made of lead. The excuse seemed to be good enough for the girl who never spoke again. Erin had no idea what was wrong with the Gryffindor, "Nyeefff!" She rolled him over in a less than graceful manner and started to stuff the prefect into the bear suit. Parce was not put into the suit right side up, she nudged him in head first. Shoving the stunned, near paralyzed boy into the bear suit was not an easy task. He did not fit well in the suit, but that was because he had it on the wrong way. His face would end up likely in the crotch or down one of the legs as she folded his legs and stuffed them into the suit before she affixed the head. The suit was several sizes too large, he would be able to readjust himself of course with some effort. The buckles were fastened in place. 

She could hear him muttering something about cribs and bottles, he made no effort to prevent his entrapment and his maddened rambling were not a deterrent forthe young Slytherin.

The girl's plan was simple:

Step 1: Find a boy or a masculine girl that she thinks might be a boy.
Step 2: Capture said boy in a bear costume.
Step 3: Sell/Trade/Give-away/Pay off some first years to take the bear on a date. 

The suit was heavy and thick, while words could be heard, exactly what was said was impossible to divine. In fact, if he was still muttering she would have no idea what he was talking about. About how the nursery should be mauve for the girl that they would likely have or if they should pick something gender neutral 'just in case.' He would accommodate to the suit eventually, the strangest, heaviest noodle ever. She would grab one of the deflated limbs, be it a leg or an arm that he had not yet occupied she would start to drag him. Well, try to at the very least.

"Nyeeet!" She would grunt as she attempted to tug him along, under-prepared for his actual weight. For the love of Merlin, what did this boy eat. She dragged him all of three feet before she realized that she was doing things backwards. She did not need to bring him to the girls, she could bring the girls to him. 

She would relinquish her grip on whatever part of the bear suit she had grabbed hold of and start to meander off. She was in search of a few girls, preferably young, dumb girls. As if there was any shortage of those these days. 

If she saw anyone, it did not matter who as long as they appeared passably or even borderline female, she would call out to them to get their attention. "Hey! Hey you! Yeah, you!" She was calling them over to where she was standing next to Paracelsus. If they approached, her greeting would be simple and quick. She would lean in their direction, heck if there were a couple of girls she would say this to all of them in a somewhat low voice. Not so low that it was a whisper, but not so loud that a boy in a bear suit could easily understand her words. 

"I am playing wing-woman for my ...friend here. Super shy. Super cute. You," a random girl among several if there was a gaggle of girls being referenced if there were several. "He think's you are cute but is way too shy to make a move." Hopefully by now he was upright, or at least his limbs were filled out. She was slowly backing away at this point, more curious than cruel at the moment. She wondered what emotions can be dictated by providing people with a scene they believed to be true to be played out. If it was indeed possible to manufacture an emotional response on demand besides anger and trepidation.

[I am more than happy to play the girls (yes plural) as NPCs, but I will place a request for a friend in the RP request area.]

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Finley was having quite a wonderful day so far. She happened to have breakfast with a few of her first year friends, and her classes were going well for once in her little life. Today was almost picturesque, and it finally felt like she was meant to be at Hogwarts.

With a beaming smile on her face, Finley ventured outside, where she hoped the weather would be warm and sunny for a February day, but it ended up to be a little bit more chilly than she had expected. Rushing back to the dorms, she grabbed a little purple shawl and wrapped it around herself for warmth. Of course it would be windy on the field, wouldn't it? Though she feared heights, Quidditch players or Quidditch-player-wannabes were some of the most entertaining people to watch on campus. Finley preferred the latter, agreeing they were funny for their age and spirit. While other students watched Professors or their friends or did their homework, Finley could be found at the pitch, constantly wishing she had the courage to play Quidditch.

However, whatever she expected to see through her rose-colored vision was not what she ended up encountering. Instead, she heard a few loud screams from a distance away, and she covered her ears, wishing to remain deaf to the torture. Once they settled, she removed her hands from her ears and tilted her head up, wishing to focus more on the sky than whatever was occurring at the pitch.

"Hey! Hey, you!" Finley heard the voice and turned to where the sound was coming from: a little girl who appeared about her age. She pointed to herself, inquisitive as to why this girl would like someone like her. "Yeah, you!" Finley refused to jump the rail, so she ran around towards the girl. Maybe she could be a new friend! Finley was hopeful that she would be nice.

"Oh, um, hi!" She called, giving the girl a little wave as she approached. Clearly, the other one was not interested in this brand of friendliness, responding with a quick greeting. She wished to get straight to business.

Her voice grew low and she addressed her. A few other girls came in behind Finley for some odd reason, all believing this other girl referred to them and not Finley. "I am playing wing-woman for my ...friend here. Super shy. Super cute. You," Finley gulped as the other motioned to her. "He thinks you're cute but...he's too shy to make a move."

"Oh...?" Little Finley questioned, "Really?" No one had ever liked her like that! She wasn't incredibly shy when it came to other people, but her father had always told her she was cute, so it must be true! This girl had confirmed it! "Well, I'd like to meet this...friend of yours," she remarked. "By the way, I'm Finley. Finley McGill." No matter who she met, it was Finley's instinct to introduce herself to total strangers, though it might not have been the best idea...
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It took a while before Parcel registered anything around him. Not before his head was stuffed half way down the leg of a bear suite did he start fighting back a bit.
But his struggle started too late.

“N-no Serena, what are you doing? I- I’m not ready, or w-we’re not ready… I-I don’t even know you…”
But his words seem to fall to dead ears, or maybe it was just heavily muffled by the soft fabric being mushed into Parcels face as Erin very ungracefully stuffed him into the bear carcass. As groceries being stuffed into a bag Parcel was very quickly being enclosed into the soft prison of felt.

As he felt his cage starting to move Parcel tried to reposition himself. Crawling around the insides of the suit trying to find something to look out from, and hopefully breath out from. The suit was rather hot, and it didn’t help that it didn’t seem to have any built-in functions for ventilation.
The movement stopped almost as fast as it had started, giving Parcel time to reposition himself properly in the suit. It was definitively too big for him, the suits arms were dangling a bit under his hands, and it felt a bit saggy on him…

Why did Serena (Erin) do this? Why put him in a teddy suite? Was this a dream of hers? A talking, walking teddy? W-well… she was his girlfriend... wasn’t she? So perhaps this was his new duty, to play along with her desire.

He tried standing up. The suite made Parcel’s movements sluggish, slow and heavy. “Ugh, its like wearing a blanket under the sun…” Parcel talked, but nothing more then muffled sounds came out, almost like a bear cub purring.

Parcel took note of his surroundings, where had Serena (Erin) gone?
Turning his body, because turning only his head was nearly impossible in the suite, he noticed her talking to a rather small looking huffle girl.

Was this perhaps… one of Serenas (Erins) friends? Parcel groaned a bit in the suit… well, meeting one’s partners friends was probably a part of it. They where talking, but through the heavy fabric of the suite Parcel couldn’t pick out what about, but he guessed she was introducing him to her friends. So, Parcel peaked out from behind Erin, well, as peaked out as a big bear suited boy can do, and waved an over-sized bear hand to the girls Erin was talking to.

One day we'll all die, but all other days we won't
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Poor sweet stupid Paracelsus. There were some discussions parents, teachers, neighbors, older brothers, someone should have had. Sadly for Paracelsus, either nobody had or the somebody that did lied. Erin would stuff the Prefect into the bear costume. He started to struggle near the end, but a final good hard shove and the boy was deep inside the mascot. 

Erin would find her target, some unsuspecting first year yellow-jacket. Close enough, she was probably female and of a similar age. Besides, the scholar was not picky as long as there was an alleged "romantic interest." 

So this is where the game started. Introduce the boy and the girl under false pretenses. He likes her/ She will like him as a result based merely on the information she was given she will form her own prejudices. Of course she would feed Paracelsus the same, an awkward wave from the bear and likely a warm or a pity-response from the girl. She would likely initiate a dialogue, with the affirmation that there is some passion, state of like or lust involved, her romantic advances would be likely assured she hypothesized. 

Like a curious bird Erin would tilt her head and take a step to the side to give each of them a direct line of sight. "I think she might like you!" Erin shouted Parracelsus' direction. The girl never indicated such, it might fluster her as Erin played the role of pushy friend despite being a complete and total stranger. "C'mon, don't be shy," Erin added as she made an exaggerated motion towards the boy in the bear suit, "Just give him a hug or something." 

Paracelsus was if nothing else the fluffiest, furriest thing in Hogwarts. Erin was not going to give him a squeeze, she was not the one being studied. They were. Given the data that they are both mutually interested in one another. The inability of one to refute this claim. In this experiment one must ask simply: what will they do?   

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

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The small Hufflepuff girl was initially shocked at how odd this experience was getting. This sort of activity was nothing like she experienced back in Portstewart! Well, then again, nothing was normal at Hogwarts. Finley expected it to be more of the casting-magic-cool sort of weird, but instead it was someone-strongly-urging-you-to-hug-a-bear sort of weird. It was obvious to tell which was worse.

The magic, duh! Just kidding. Finley hated the situation she got herself into.

"Hey!" Finley proudly protested, "I don't even like him! I mean, boys are gross..." She put her hands behind her back and rolled her ankle around, trying to bide her time with some other activity and prevent herself from hugging a giant teddy bear. Any other kid her age would love to strangle a giant teddy bear, but Finley was much more of the doll type.

Actually, she was much, much more of the plastic kitchen set. Hers was always very tidy.

As the girl in front of her motioned toward the giant walking teddy bear, Finley bit her lip. I mean, maybe it was like the Princess and the Frog! Maybe there was a slightly cute guy under there...or there could be a total hag...which one was more likely?

Finley's mouth pressed into a flat line. "Okay, fine...just...don't be weird..." Her feet inched across the pitch and towards the bear. "Just as a forewarning, I don't really like you...I mean, I don't even know you..." Her remarks at the bear sounded wary and resentful, but nevertheless, she slung an arm around it and finally began to hug it, but very, very lightly.

As she let go, she turned towards the girl and whispered, "Are you happy now?"

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Ugh, it was hot… why was he in the bear suit again? Oh, right, his newly declared girlfri- girlfriend had put him in before introducing him to one of her friends.

Parcel turned his head to the side Erin was standing on. She was talking, but he couldn’t make out the words. The dang bear head was bloody hard to hear through. He used the big bear-pawn to push the head more in place, as it kept sagging a bit every time he moved his head.

Erin kept motioning for him to move closer to her friend. She what? She spite him? Parcels new girlf- gilfriends friend spite him?

Parcel turned his head back to the huffle girl. The girl seemed meek, almost a bit embarrassed. What did Parce do for the girl to spite him?

W-what? Boys are moss?… Parce had so much trouble picking out the proper words, it was like a low muffled whispering to him.

The huffle girl moved closer to him, she seemed hesitant to do something. “What are you planning to do?” Parcel asked, but the bear suit muffled his words, making it sound like a low bearcubs purring to the people outside the suite.

Parcels body tightened up, he stood motionless, grounded to the grass. The girl hugged him!! W-What was this!? What led her up to this point!? She spited him, he was moss and now she hugged him!? His heartbeat turned erratic! Was he going to die!? Was the cooties going to get him!? W-wait, no, thank god, he was wearing the suit… Erin had done it to save his life? Parcel calmed down a bit.

Parcel stood there for what seemed like an eternity. His hands outstretched like that of a gingerbread man. He waited for the girl to let go of him. Was this why he had the bear suite on? Erins friend spited boys, and thought they where moss, so Erin needed to ease her in to her having a bo-boyfriend?…

Parce gulped… He started the day so happy and free… and now he was in a relationship… This was not how he planed on spending his second year, not at all. But he was an adventurer in the making! And adventurers persevere! So he would have to befriend his new girlfriends friend!

Parcel looked down at the huffle girl that now had let go of him. She had turned to Erin, but he couldn’t make out what she said…

“I-I’m not that bad, am i?” Parcel tried to ask and the purring could be heard from outside the suit… But how to thank her for the hug?… Parcel lifted the big soft bear-pawn and patted the girl on her head.

One day we'll all die, but all other days we won't
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Human reactions in terms of relationships were hard to predict. The proximity that was preferred, the desire for tactile affection. These seemed to be innate wants when she monitored interactions from afar but... that did not seem to be the case here. How odd. She had a running hypothesis that companionship, love, and friendship were contextual. That upon being told that you are cared about, that the sentiment would be reflexively mirrored. It worked that way with anger, if someone was told that they were disliked, that someone desired to harm them in some manner or that they had or would, the individual would feel anger or resentment towards that person. There were of course variables, if there was a pre-existing relationship the outcome could be more volatile, the anger more pronounced or rather than anger they would be overcome with a sense of sorrow. 

She did not feel that here. Nor did she witness it. Physical proximity was awkward and reluctant. There was no joy. The variable of being an unknown was assured with the suit for the male subject, perhaps he knew the girl. Even if that was the case, the expected reaction should have happened with the girl.

Her hypothesis was a failure.

"Are you happy now?"

The Hufflepuff whispered, expressing the behavior to be a burden. "Doubt I am capable of that," Erin admitted, "but a reasonable facsimile I suppose." Erin was of course backing away. Her experiment was a failure and with most meddlesome behaviors performed by the Slytherin, there were consequences to be had. The bear would be vexed once this wave of confusion is replaced by dysphoria and annoyance and the girl similarly annoyed when she realizes that this was a ruse and that she was part of an informal, albeit harmless experiment. So without warning, although it had been a part of the plan all along Erin would stand up and give a polite bow. "With gratitude, you have proven to be an enlightening subject."

Erin was even on her 'best' of days 'odd.'


Erin would make a mad dash away. Yes, she was going to do what any logical person would do. Run from her consequences. Also, the boy was stuck in a bear suit. His first priority would be to get free, something he could not do with those incredibly fluffy hands. Whilst distracted and assuming the benevolent nature of a Hufflepuff to intercede on such a matter for the sake of the unknown trapped in the suit Erin would make her escape.

I am fine being chased. I am fine with being forgotten. I am fine with being successfully prevented from escaping.

Just a trick of the lighting they said...