Quidditch Training Pitch

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Wandball  Match #1   Closed 

Welcome to the inaugural match of Wandball, where a new sport has been created and now begins the stages of becoming a popular pastime for witches and wizards of all ages.

Because this is the first match, using the system created for it, we will be going through some testing. This means some rules may adjust, or some may change altogether, but any updates will be posted to the OOC thread here.

That said... enjoy Wandball!

Note: Observers welcome, please just limit to one post between referee response.

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Match #1
Team Phoenix Fire vs Team Runespoor

Quidditch Training Pitch

It was finally time.

Sebastian stood on the makeshift field outside of the actual Quidditch training pitch, where the nearby space had been adapted for the first match of Wandball. Inflated partitions, trees, bushes, and downed logs would serve as some field cover, offering some tactics and strategy for the teams. While it wasn't perfect, since using the physical Quidditch Pitch had been out of the question, the haphazard arrangements would have to do - at least for now.

If Wandball becomes popular, maybe we can get some time on the pitch, Sebastian thought to himself, as he looked over a scroll. He had a list of teams and their members, and expected the groups any moment. Speaking of...

No sooner had the Slytherin pondered the time, the teams began arriving. Eight students in total, including any students who wanted to watch the match, and from the look of it they were eager and ready to try out the new sport. Sebastian was pleased, it had taken him a good afternoons worth of effort to come up with the rules and regulations, and he was certain there would be more adjustments, but the basic foundation was solid.

"Welcome, teams," Sebastian said, as he walked toward the playing field. It was basically a patch of unused ground, with bright pink inflatable squares. "This is the very first match of Wandball, so thank you for getting involved in the club. Today we have two teams facing off, team Phoenix Fire with Captain Serena Towers, and team Runespoor with Captain Marcia Kingsleigh."

Clearing his throat, Sebastian motioned to the field behind him.

"This is the playing area, you'll notice markers have been placed around the edge, and anyone outside of that is considered knocked out," He said, explaining the shortlist of mentions. "Also, teams will start on opposing sides, indicated on this map here and here. For clarification, both Captains will have a copy of the playing area, including cover partitions and area of play."

Sebastian stepped over to Serena and Marcia, offering each a rolled up parchment.

"You should all be familiar with the rules, so each team will have a few moments to move to their starting areas, and Captains to give beginning orders," The boy continued, motioning behind him with a hand. "Once that's done, I'll launch a red sparks spell into the air, indicating the match beginning... so, let's have a clean match, no harmful spells, and remember to have fun!"

Sebastian moved to one side, avoiding the rush of students, as he pulled out his wand from his robe sleeve...

Match Map


Team Phoenix fire starting area
Team Runespoor starting area

One Round will be dedicated to discussing plans, which is one (1) post by each member; you can offer tactics, ideas, or simply RP as listening; once all 8 members have posted, Sebastian will start the match.

If you have any questions, please ask here, so we can keep the thread moving.

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Wandball  Match #1   Closed 

Amadea stepped onto the field, excitement coursing through her veins. She had never played paintball in her life before; it seemed quite painful, if she was being honest. Wizard paintball, or wandball, seemed much more fun. At least they were only shooting harmless spells at each other. 

She listened to Sebastian explain the rules and expectations. She felt as though she should be a bit nervous, but all she felt as adrenaline rushing through her body. She supposed this would be helpful when it came time to actually begin playing. This was so cool! She was playing the first ever match of Wandball in Hogwarts history. This could become a trend and Amadea could proudly say she was someone who was in the initial testing process of the game itself. 

She moved toward Serena and the rest of her team. She knew both Dymphna and Serena, but Duncan was someone she had never met before. Introductions would best happen before the game actually started, so Amadea took the initiative and stuck out her hand. "Hi, I'm Amadea," she said to him. "Nice to meet you." Turning back to the rest of the team, she cracked her knuckles.

"So I guess this is the time to discuss a strategy and such?" Amadea asked. She really had no idea what to do, and hoped the others might have a better idea. "Do any of you have any ideas?" 

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Wandball  Match #1   Closed 

While Sebastian was welcoming them, Marcia let her eyes wander over the play field. It was impressive what Sebastian had build here just for their amusement. The bright inflated partitions struck out from the green dominated field. Some were smaller than other, but they would do. Marcia tried to remember as much as possible, but was grateful nevertheless when she was handed a map.

With a nod she took it and turned to Serena, offering her her hand. "This is gonna be a gas", she said with a smile and went to meet the other waiting a few steps behind in order to talk some strategies.

She was nervous about what would soon follow. Wandball was fairly new, and they would be the first to try it, which meant that there were no references that they could use for help.

Nevertheless, she had been pondering about some ideas and strategies the day before, but she doubted anything could be used in the field. With a rustle she opened the map and showed it to everyone, pointing to a small part in the right lower corner. "This is where we will start, the others will be here." Marcia waited a few heartbeats till everyone had a chance to grasp the outline of their playground, till she continued. She had to swallow a few times, her mouth was dry as the desert. "I'm honest, I can't run fast, so I suggest everyone who isn't a sprinter should take cover here P12. Also I don't think we should go down there to the two partitions  R3/R4. We won't have much room to move there. Instead, let's try to climb down here to get to these two M12/M11. I will probably stay behind the smaller partition up here to watch and shoot from above." Searching for approval or disapproval she looked up, letting her gaze wander. "That's what I would say. But please, I'm open for suggestions." With the map in her hand she waited, and she hoped they wouldn't notice how her fingers were trembling.

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Wandball  Match #1   Closed 

Edric surveyed the playing field like a hawk, taking note of every barricade, fallen tree, bush and other things that could be used for cover in his reach. The position of the other team was too far away to see from their position however, so Edric waited while Sebastian explained the details of the game.

The rules were simple enough and he was eager to finally try his hand at the game. He liked to run and was decent enough at avoiding foreign objects, climbing and jumping over obstacles that he was confident in his ability to play wandball. Maybe they wouldn't win, but they certainly would have fun!

He shuffled closer to Marcia when she held up the map, peaking over her shoulder to get a good look at the locations. There were enough partitions to find cover all over the field, and even more bushes and trees to avoid being sniped from afar by the other team.

"I can climb down there, if you want M12/M11," he offered when Marcia started to talk about tactics. "It doesn't look that difficult."

Other than that he didn't have anything to say to his teammates nor was he confident enough to make any plans of his own. For now he would follow the others and try to aid them as good as possible. Edric knew the other too Slytherins, which would help, but the'd never talked to the Gryffindor boy - Paracelsus - before. Hopefully they would all get along.

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Wandball  Match #1   Closed 

Parcel nodded as he listened to Sebastian’s explanation. He hadn’t been entirely sure of what it was he signed up for. But after listening to a run-through of the game, Parcel had to admit it sounded rather fun. It was like a “pretendzies” wizard war, and what boy wouldn’t think that was an awesome concept.
He was pretty sure this would be really fun, and he had also looked really forward to the game. There was only one problem though… and that was his opponents. Parcel crossed his arms as he stood in the background and looked at his team captain shaking hands with the problem-… the opponents team captain. That was because the other teams captain was none other then the kissy prefect. He really hoped he didn’t have to face her. What if she tried to kiss someone instead of actually playing the game?! Parcel had learned from his mother that girls which only wants to kiss and snuggle is bad news, and they often don’t only kiss and snuggle one person, but many! Would such a girl play by the rules? No, probably not. He only took solace in the fact that most magic would be fired from a distance, so he could keep away from close contact with the yucky girl.
Parcel had a stern expression as he looked over the rest of the kissy prefect’s team. There was two girls and one boy, was they as yucky as the kissy prefect? Was this perhaps a yucky team? He didn’t recognize any of the players other then maybe seeing them in class, so he had no idea if he should be as cautious with them as with the kissy prefect, but he guessed that he most likely had to.

Clicking his tongue, Parcel let his arms fall down to his sides as his captain returned to where he and the other team members was standing. He had sign up on a whim and was therefore put in a team with people he didn’t know. He hadn’t really had contact with any slytherin’s, so the only thing he knew about his three teammates was that he was in the same year as them.
Parcel scratched the scar on his chin as he listened to his team captain’s plan. He hadn’t really taken any time to look over the field they were going to play on, his time had mostly gone to glare at the kissy prefect, so it was nice to hear the viewpoints from someone that seemed to have paid attention to the right things. Not that he really felt that he would become any smarter from just staring at a field, he could get a much better overview from the map he now was looking on, or at least that’s what he thought.
"I'm honest, I can't run fast, so I suggest everyone who isn't a sprinter should take cover here….. I will probably stay behind the smaller partition up here to watch and shoot from above."

"I can climb down there, if you want...”
Parcel peered at the map as he listened to two of his teammates talk strategy. They both seemed to have give the strategy much more thought then himself. Perhaps that was how all Slytherin’s were, or maybe he had gotten on a team with really serious players, either way it was nice for Parcel. The only problem then was if he ended up embarrassing himself, as the only Gryff on the team he would have to represent his house. Scrunching his eyebrows, Parcel tried to come up with his own input on their strategy. Having grown up in a wizarding-community without kids his own age made him have trouble with the concept of teams and teamwork. So while he sometimes might seem mentally older then he really is, it also made him think up solutions that mostly only involved one person.
He didn’t know if his suggestion would me well met or not, but Parcel wanted to at least have tried to contribute to the plan.

“umm, wouldn’t it be bad if we all got stuck behind the same cover?” He pointed to the previously suggested cover-spot as he talked. “I might not be the fastest, but what if I try to run along the edge here (P15, and trace finger along the 15’row towards the A square), and then take up a position around here (D13) and cover us if they try to flank us from their right?” Parcel traced a finger along his suggested route and stopped when he came to where he could take up position

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Wandball  Match #1   Closed 

Duncan had never played a game like this so he was a bit worried. One of his teammates, a girl named Amadea, introduced herself to him and asked about strategy. He had no clue what to do beyond throw some sort of harmless spell to hit an enemy. Best spell for that he could think of was the Periculum spell. It would be his main offense as it had great range and visibility. That would make his position super obvious but at least he would be able to hit from afar easily. His other spells were not too useful here anyways. The Irish boy had little in the way of spells still. He didn't study too hard in class.

"Nice to meet you, Amadea." He gave a big smile, and greeted in kind. "My name is Duncan. Let's go get them! But.. I have no idea how. I was hoping to find good cover and launch some spells."

The boy turned even more red than usual. He hated feeling useless but he was not some grand strategist. Their team leader was a prefect so that seemed helpful. Maybe that meant she was skilled. Serena would be his main hope for strategy. He didn't really know anyone though so he would go with whatever flow was established. He eyed the map for a moment and spotted a few good spots for cover he might take.

"I might run for here E3," he pointed at the map.

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Wandball  Match #1   Closed 

The Hufflepuff made her way towards the newly set up grounds. Her eyes cast a glance over the scenery around her. Over the months, so much had happened here. It was almost painful to think about how much had happened and how little control she had over anything. But all of that was changing. The truth of the matter was that Serena was weak. She was far too weak. She had failed to evade almost fatal attacks. She had to improve on that front - and what better way to do it than with a fun game? Wandball gave her the opportunity to practice casting spells in a safe environment as well as practice dodging. Running around would also help give her body some much needed exercise. If there was one thing she learnt from all of this, it was that she really needed to train herself. Spending time with friends and playing a game that could potentially be enjoyable was just an added bonus to the whole thing. 

In all truth, Serena had absolutely no idea why or how she became the Captain of the team. She recalled signing up for the Wandball games, simply because it sounded like something she ought to do. Captaining the team was definitely not her intention but she had somehow landed the position. Making her way onto the grounds, she spotted the rest of her team. Amadea Campbell, her newly appointed fellow Prefect and a friend. It was great to see that one of her friends was also made Prefect. It gave them both a good chance to spend even more time together. Dymphna Teague, her owl buddy and friend. Over the months, Dymph and Serena had become friends through their love for letterwriting. They had met almost a year ago now but sending owls to each other had helped their friendship drastically grow. Duncan O'Hara, the only one she did not know. Serena had seen the Hufflepuff boy around, perhaps during some events or in the common room but she had never spoken to him. It was definitely time to change that. 

Serena listened to Sebastian's instructions before nodding and heading over to her team. Walking up to Amadea, Serena smiled and greeted her friend, "Hey, how's it going?" She asked her quite casually. She looked over to the boy and held out her hand for him to shake like the oh so formal witch she was, "You must be Duncan, I'm Serena". She was not sure if she would meet their standards as Captain but she would definitely at least give it a go. Of course, for her to do that, she had to actually understand the game. This was a good chance to get some practice in before the official tournament matches started. The team could use this to understand the rules and just have a little bit of fun. Nonetheless, she still had no idea how she became captain. All she did was sign up for the club. "Let's go to the starting position," She continued, as she started to walk into that direction. Once they were in position, all they had to do was discuss tactics and wait for the signal to start.

Nodding as she overheard Duncan speak about his position, she grinned, "Well I was going to do that. I'll go that way then." She indicated, pointing to an area a bit further south to him. "I guess the whole point is to keep running and firing spells. Where possible, find cover." She mused to herself as she observed the map. There were a few places that they could get some cover but not everywhere. "Let's spread out a little and try to get here so we're not backed into the corner." Serena pointed to an area in the centre of the map, trying to avoid getting the whole team cornered in by the opposing team. Noticing a positioning that was a bit further than the one the boy was aiming for, Serena spoke up, "Do you think you could aim here? It's in your line and would give you an advantage to stay covered and fire spells." She did not expect him to do it in one go. It was quite the distance but perhaps he could get to his suggested area and then try to make his way to the other afterwards, "Perhaps you two can pick from here or here and we'll start making out way here." As she spoke, she would jab her finger into the map they were staring at so that the two girls had a couple of options as to where they wanted to go, "Do you all know what spells you can use and can't use?" She asked them all, hoping to avoid sending a student into the hospital or another forest fire...

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Wandball  Match #1   Closed 

The blonde was running a bit late, running up to the team after they had already moved to the starting point. “Sorry, sorry,” Dymphna went to stand with her friends and a Hufflepuff boy that she didn’t know yet. “Nice to meet you.” Later she would have more time to introduce herself properly. As she looked around, the other team was made up of a few people that she knew too - her friend Sebastian, two other Slytherin who she had chatted with before and another who seemed familiar.

Dymphna didn’t know where to go when the game started. Maybe it was best that she didn’t know. Sebastian would likely read her body language and figure her out without breaking a sweat. No, she would be spontaneous with this practice match. “I’ll try to fill in the gaps, I suppose.” Having some sort of plan made her feel better. Being spontaneous wasn’t her strong suit. “The only spells we can use don’t actually hurt anyone, right?” As first years, they didn’t know many that could. Except that blasted incendio that was causing so much trouble. If anyone used it, they would be kicked off the team for sure and probably banned from wandball altogether.

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Wandball  Match #1   Closed 

Alma was stumbling onto the field a bit late. More than a bit late, really. Her nose stuck in a book, she hadn't taken notice of the time until it had already ten minutes past the time they'd all agreed to meet up on. At least her sprint from the library down onto the field had warmed her up sufficiently.

She looked around. The field looked great, with plenty of spots to take cover behind. She had to ask Sebastian if he'd had any help in building the area and what spells he'd used. Alma was certain that having such a field back home would be great fun, even though she was certain that her family would turn it into a minor war zone by the end of the day. Still, the practice would do her some good.

Finally, Alma finished observing the field and instead focused on locating her team. They were already discussing strategies from the sound of it, pointing at certain spots on a map that displayed the field, seperating it into strategic sectors.

"Hullo there, everyone," she greeted. "Sorry I'm late. I'm not much of an athletic person, to be honest and I'm afraid I'm only mildly decent in hitting a target if I myself am moving. So I think I'll do as you suggested, Marcia, and take cover here P12. As long as I am taking cover and standing still, I should be good to go and actually hit something. Ideally, at least. I do apologise in advance, should I be a hindrance."

Alma nearly vibrated in excitement. She hadn't had a chance to properly run around and simply have some fun for ages. She liked her team mates well enough, trusted Marcia with her quickly thought out strategy (it was still better than what Alma could have come up with. She tended to have more of a Gryffindor kind of approach on these kinds of things) and the game looked like it could really be fun. Really, Alma was ready for the game to begin.

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Wandball  Match #1   Closed 

Please place team name above your posts for clarity.
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The two teams had assembled, broken off into smaller groups and had started discussing tactics and ideas. It was all very exciting, and Sebastian hoped the students would enjoy themselves. Taking that time to go over the rules once again, the boy flicked through several parchment sheets that were clipped to the field map. Each one had neatly scribbled notes, which basically constituted the rules for the new game, and defined some specifics - but there was also extra space, just in case there needed to be additional clarifications made.

It's always good to be prepared.

After a little time had passed, enough for teams to have a starting game plan, Sebastian looked to each team Captain. With a nod of confirmation, the boy spoke loud enough for all participants to hear from their separate locations out of earshot of the other team...

"If you could all make your way to starting positions, the game will begin with the red sparks," Sebastian said, before watching both teams move to the designated areas on either end of the field. "Game begins in three, two, one!"

With a raise of his wand, Sebastian used the red sparks incantation, shooting the spell high above - and watched as a cascade of bright light exploded, tinting the immediate area red for a few moments... and with that, the first match of Wandball was started!

Moderators Note

Mild player control to get each team into starting positions, feel free to begin the game from where each team is meant to start.

Remember cover mechanics have 3 states, and entering/exit cover do not offer cover bonus.

Please stipulate grid location for ease of refereeing and opponent aiming.

There is no set posting order, each member gets one post between referee response.


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