Quidditch Training Pitch

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Red, Green & Gray  PV w/ Amalia & Kyle   Closed 

Decided to just do one big RP with both of you instead of two separate threads cuz I'm tooooo lazy for that xD. This is the best I could come up with for a fun activity at the moment. Don't worry though I have ideas for how it will develop as we go along >8D. I mean <8D

Today marked a special day in Dorian's months of being at Hogwarts. It would be the first day he had officially been on a broom outside of class hours and in reality, he was feeling a bit unnerved at what he had planned for such an evening. It was a Saturday, which meant they had no classes. For most, such a day would be spent catching up on homework or studying for a future lesson, but in his case where he had completed all assignments up to this point without too much of a problem and had nothing better to be doing with his time, he decided that it would best be spent practicing his flying, as he was not yet the best on a broom.

As far as flying was concerned, the interest was not really there, but Dorian wanted to eventually master everything that the school offered as a course, which included Flying, so he would have to work at it to get the best practical grades possible even if he would never really use flying as a means of transportation in the future or become a professional Quidditch player. Hovering high above the training grounds, he scanned the area, appreciating the fact that they would be alone in the air for what they had planned. They were Amalia Gonville, a fellow Gryffindor and an acquaintance he had met exactly once in passing, and Kyle Barbosa, A Slytherin that had shown interest in Dorian. What compelled him to choose them of all others to enjoy this evening with was still a question that needed answering, but he did not regret his choice.

All he had in mind was a friendly duel with a twist. Obviously, given that they would be situated in the air, it was to be a duel that took place off the ground. Another fact would be that they would be partners against him in this, making every attempt to knock him off his broom. The level of danger that could follow such an activity was most likely enough to get them all into a lot of trouble if they were discovered, but Dorian had planned ahead. He had chosen a time and place where no one would be present, either sleeping in on the weekend or indulging in some other activity that interested them. For now, they had the training pitch all to themselves and could be as wild as they wanted. Now with it being two against one, Dorian was at a clear disadvantage, but he wanted to do something challenging while also testing them. How well they did would probably determine what he thought of them from this point onward, and he expected them to take this seriously.

As soon as the two arrived on their brooms he would address them. "You guys are late! I said oh six hundred hours. Five minutes of tardiness is unacceptable!" He sounded every bit as stern and screamy as an army drill sergeant and his expression was hard as stone, but it was easy enough to take note of the annoyance written there as he loured. If they were more intuitive, they would see the sparkle in his eyes that betrayed his excitement at the expectations he had for this small game they would play. Speaking of, he needed to explain to them what they would be doing. Sticking to his drill sergeant voice because he found that he quite liked it, he continued. "Today we'll be playing a little game I like to call Epic Wizard Sky Battle of Awesomeness. Yes, I just made that up." At this he cracked a smile.

"It's very much like a typical wizard's duel, where we'll be using our wands to cast spells in an attempt to hit each other. Obviously, we're going to try and hold back so that we don't accidentally, you know...knock someone off their broom and have them plummet to their death. No one wants to clean that stain off the pitch so be careful." He wanted to lay down that rule in as light a manner as possible so as not to scare them away, but he stressed how important it was to exercise restraint. "Now that that's settled, it'll be you two against me this time. You'll both be acting together to try and successfully hit me with a spell. If you manage to hit me then you win. If I hit one of you that person's out, and if I get both then I win. Any questions?" He would wait until they asked their questions before he started. He didn't think he missed anything, though then again he was terrible at following much less creating rules. He was sure something was missing in all that he had just said, but whatever it was would just stay missing until it came to him eventually.

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Red, Green & Gray  PV w/ Amalia & Kyle   Closed 

Amalia shot straight up and groaned. " sorry I'm late I'm still recovering from a sore head. I smashed it aganist the roof of a secret passage fro- you know what never mind!"Amalia said stopping short. " umm, so it's just a mid flight dule? Right?" Amalia said zooming around Dorian and smiling. " or are you to chicken to fight me? " Amalia said guiding her broom to flip upside down. " that would hurt you reputation wouldn't it?" Amalia laughed and righted her broom. " pfttt! Hahaha! I'm only messing with ya! I would never dule a chicken! " amalia chuckled then whispered." Especially not this one! JK!" Amalia zoomed up and twirled. " I'm ok with a broom but really I'm not the best!" Amalia said doing a loopedy loop. "When are we going to start?" Amalia said starting to get bored, so she flipped upside down and flew circles around her classmates. " come onnnn, let's get dueling!" Amalia said poking Dorian with her wand and smiling. Amalia loved to duel, and being a gryfindor this mid flight duel was going to be amazing! Amalia had fueled before but wasn't always ready for what might come here way so she hoped this was going to improve her dueling skills.

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