Quidditch Training Pitch

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The Quidditch Training Pitch had seemed instantly transformed into a wooden obstacle course. Cover, stairs, and obstacles made it quite the maze for anyone inside. Professor Sebastián Cazarez had erected the course for a special event with the Gryffindor Youth. They would learn a new spell and get to have some fun competition while doing it. A spell that could cause mischief later as well. Perfect for the Gryffindor house to do on their weekend out of classes.

"Estudiantes!" The Spaniard yelled as the students gathered. "I will be splitting you into two teams. But first, a lesson on how to cast the spell we need!"

The History of Magic Professor beckoned a volunteer to come forward. Of course, he had selected Siege Bal to be the first victim for his demonstration. He was a Prefect after all, right? Sebastián pointed his wand towards the boy and uttered loudly the words for the spell.


Siege hit the floor as yellow sparks flew forward into his chest. He began to giggle from the tickling, maybe part of it being the pain. It did not last long but it was clear he was hit by the spell to anyone within hearing distance. After a moment he stood up, glaring at Sebastián for the example. It wasn't over yet though. Professor Cazarez beckoned for another student, Lucy Howell to come forward.

"These two have volunteered to be practice targets. Cast the spell on them once before we get started," he stated plainly, distancing himself from the pair.

Laughter and some tears erupted as repeated attempts were made towards the two students. A firm nod and quiet smirk from Sebastián meant he was satisfied with the results. Next, he split them into their teams. One by one he would send them to each side of the pitch to prepare. 
  1. Get tickled, you're out
  2. Don't tickle your team
  3. 150 words or more
  4. End posts with Action: _______
  5. Available Actions: Tickle, take cover, run
  6. Two actions per post maximum
  7. Teams are boys vs girls (sorry boys)

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It was amusing to see Siege, who totally deserved to be on the floor (although Eris would of preferred if he was knocked down due to a punch) and Lucy rolling around with laughter, although Eris wasn't looking forward to the sensation herself. She had a feeling she was going to go down quick. Although, before she went down, she would attack someone. There had to be a boy in her house worth attacking, and risking immanent death by tickling for. Eris looked towards the wooden obstacle course, and seeing nobody inside of it, frowned.

Nobody was moving. They were the house of the brave, and everyone was cowering, afraid to make the first move. Eris didn't want to get tagged out, but oh well. Guess she would just have to be the bravest of the brave. Again, nobody was moving. The playing field was empty. "Alright girls, I'm going in! You all coming or not?" Someone had to make the first move. Sadly, that someone would have to be Eris.

Taking a deep breath, the short girl entered the maze of wooden boxes, and searched for a place to set up a fort. Pulling out her wand, Eris waved it around and muttered the spell to herself a few times. "Rictusempra, Rictusempra, Rictusempra." Content in her knowledge of the spell, Eris let out a loud shout.

"ONE OF YOU COWARDS GET INTO THE MAZE, WILL YOU?" Content that her shout would attract the attention of someone, male or female, Eris started to run to find a place to hide, laughing to herself. This was going to be fun.

run & hide

((rip eris, had to get the thread started somehow))

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Rictusempra... That was a new spell that seemed like it had loads of potential to get up to no good with. Naturally, the greatest troublemaker the school would ever know had no trouble at all getting the fundamentals of the spell down. He certainly used his time wisely to make a few casted attempts at both Siege and Lucy, one after the other, just to be sure he had it down to a tee. As soon as the game was ready to start and the boys and girls separated into their teams, Dorian waited for someone to run into the maze, urging the boy's to hang back for a spell with a quick look and a mischievous smirk. The first girl to enter the maze was to be his biggest target, and so he wanted to watch and see who would be brave enough to assume that role.

She had done it. He saw Eris running into the maze and urging the others to do the same. Smiling to himself, Dorian rushed in and found a corner well secluded in the so far empty maze and peeked through a window in the makeshift wooden shelter. He spotted Eris making movement some distance away after her clarion call for the others to get in and start doing stuff. Sharp eyes fixed firmly on her active form, he knew a moving target would be harder to hit but welcomed the challenge. Pointing his wand just a short ways ahead of her in the direction she ran, he spoke the incantation.

"Avada Kedavra! Rictusempra!" He hissed the spell just enough to not give away his position should any of the others have decided to enter the maze from different angles. Ducking out of view of the window and remaining crouched, he moved stealthily along the inner wall of the partial enclosure into such an area where he would have an unrestricted view of anyone who bent the corners and entered his lair. He might not win this, but he promised to take out a few of the girls before the daylight burned out.


ACTIONS - Attempts to tickle Eris & Hides with a clear view of anyone approaching.
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Alan listened to the professors explanations about the game, or how he called it - Rictusempra Tag. It seemed to be a very funny game, when he thought about it. He barely could contain a giggle himself, when the prefect of their house was knocked to the ground by the spell. A tickling spell. It would be amazing for pranks!

When the game started Alan ran inside the maze, that was build upon the quidditch pitch. It was huge and hopefully he wouldn't met a group of girls. Maybe he should search for a group himself? It was already more difficult for the boys to win, because of the amounts of girls, so no one would blame them if they ran around with two people. Alan grinned as he looked around while running further into the maze. This was a very spectacular event and it just promised a lot of fun and a lot of... laughing.

A giggle slipped past his lips as he finally found a hideout place, which was a nicely cover for his small body. He hid behind the wooden object above the ground. It hid him well, but someone watching the surrounding specially, could maybe spot him in the end.

Action: Run + Hide

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After wiping the tears from her eyes Lucy stood up from the ground and dusted herself off, She didn't mind being a target for practice but she had to admit it was more painful that it seemed. She was glad that she wasn't the only one who was being targeted along side her Siege laughing with tears in his eyes.
She saw Eris run in and soon after a boy named Dorian. A sly grin grew on her face as ideas flood into her mind. She took her time to calculate the places she could use to her to her advantage. Her bright green eyes scanning the area around her.

She slowly took out her wand as she looked at the other Gryffindors cowering. ''Brave they say'' She muttered to herself as she rushed into the wooden course. She quickly crouched down behind one of the obstacle's. She took a deep breath and took a good look around her surrounding's.
Everyone was silent so she couldn't use their voices to find out where they are, She took a moment to come up with something but her thoughts were broken by the noise of steps getting closer and closer.
She quickly spotted the boy muttering the spell as he aimed at Eris who was running. ''Honestly if he hits her while she is running that's going to be impressive'' She mumbles her words so nobody hears her. ''Might as well'' She spoke clearly this time as she pointed her wand at the boy.

She wasn't wearing her glasses because she feared that she would just end up breaking them so he had left them back at the starting point, Her vision was blurry but she could still make out that it was Dorian standing there not Eris. She took a deep breath as she muttered the spell ''Rictusempra'' She flicked her wand at the boy's direction. Hoping she actually hit him she kept her fingers crossed.
There was a huge chance she wont win but she never would give up the opportunity to take down a couple of boys.


Hide and Tickle

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When Max heard the professor of his favourite class was teaching the Gryffindors a new spell, there was absolutely no way he couldn't come to check it out. In a rare moment of excitement that he actually allowed himself to show, he was nearly bouncing on his feet when Professor Cazarez started explaining what they'd be doing. Learning a new spell while competing against members of his House? It was wicked. Even more so when he caught of glimpse of Dorian, though he was slightly disappointed that it would be boys vs. girls so they couldn't compete against each other.

Watching closely, he mouthed the spell the history professor had said, watching other students practise it on the two volunteers. It appeared that, despite being a simple tickling spell, it caused some degree of pain to the victim. In the future it could be a hilarious way to deal with enemies - instead of killing them, or disarming them, or lighting them on fire, one could tickle them into submission. When it was his turn to practise the spell, he mimicked the successful people as best he could and managed to hit the guy with a spell, though he failed with the girl. A fifty-ish percent success rate then, until he practised some more. It would do.

A grin lighting up his face, he watched people disappear into the obstacle course set up on the training pitch. What should his strategy be? Defensive? Offensive? A mixture of both? To be honest, since the point of it all was learning a new spell, even getting hit with the spell didn't sound that bad. He'd be able to learn just how disabling it could be for himself if he did.

That decided, he sprinted into the course after everyone, deciding not to bother with hiding at all. He caught a glimpse of Dorian, and another glimpse of a girl tossing the new spell at the boy. Still running, he muttered a quick "Rictusempra" towards the girl. It was more of a warning shot than anything - while running, he likely didn't have a hope in hell of hitting her. At least the running made him a harder target too.
Action: Run & Tickle

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Oh boy. This event was just perfect for the young lion. Just perfect. It was filled with two things he absolutely loved, spell casting and exercise. Great.

Oh, to make matters even better, it was girls versus boys. There were significantly less boys in the house than there were girls. Couldn't Sebas have made it a little more fair?

Reluctantly, after shooting a few spells at the targets, Anatole clutched his wand and readied his stance. To his sides were Dorian and Max, clearly more eager to begin than Anatole. Their faces were an open children's book, predictable, considering their personalities and earlier conversations with the short writer.

Anatole was sent across to the north end of the pitch to prepare, so he was already breathless by the time he arrived. The spring sun beat down on the boy, still drenched in his black cloak he refused to take off. There was something about it that just made him feel good, despite it consistently slowing his movement.

On the signal, Anatole hiked up the first set of wooden stairs, his sweat building up on the cherry wood from his tense knuckles. He was extremely ticklish, yet another weakness of his.
In the distance, he saw a scene above him, where they had already pinpointed a girl, hoping she would get out on the dot. For once, Anatole sided with Max Avery, and boldly shouted the words. "Rictusempra!"

With a gulp, he ran, hoping he had hit the girl.

ACTION: Tickle [Lucy Howell] and Run.
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Prior to the game actually starting, Rhea had slowly been formulating a plan. Of course, the girls already had something on their side - numbers. They vastly outnumbered the boys, which was a great advantage because, well... for obvious reasons. She watched two volunteers, a girl she'd met, Lucy Howell, and her fellow prefect, Siege Bal, get tortured at the hands of their Head of House and held in laughs that were threatening to bubble out at the two volunteers' misery. The spell was Rictumsempra, a tickling spell that Rhea had been excited to learn. It would prove to be very useful in the coming years...

And so, the young Bishop girl set ahead to trying to find a victim to try out her new spell on. She saw another redhead, Eris Fawley, already running into the maze, which triggered some sort of domino effect and found others rushing into the maze as well. She saw two people--two, bloody hell--already targeting Lucy, who'd been one of the two volunteers. Deciding to help her, because Rhea would rather have people not getting out, Rhea ducked beneath a maze wall and looked over the edge, attempting to figure out who to hit. All those who had targeted Lucy were running, so she found the boy who was still closer and who had just recently cast the spell at Lucy and pointed her wand at him. 

"Rictumsempra!" she exclaimed, and hoped the spell would hit him. 

ACTION: Hide and Tickle Anatole Evans

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Sebastián watched as the teams went at it quickly. A few spells were poorly cast and some likely would not have done their job even if they had hit the target. This only amused the Professor as he observed further. They would get better as they kept firing the spells. That was for certain. A few extremely close calls were spotted but the History of Magic teacher didn't hear the tell-tale giggling of Rictusempra quite yet. He was fairly certain he saw a boy get hit, but it didn't seem to do anything. A dud spell was not a tickle. The game continues for him.

"Keep practicing that spell! Get the girls!" he shouted, showing a clear bias towards his own gender.

His grin grew wide as the fight continued, with more likely to enter the fray soon. Even the prefects were deep into the fight which he quite enjoyed. Someone might get hurt, but that was part of the fun. As a student, this was the type of thing he would have killed to take part in. A prank spell in year one and permission to practice it? Golden. He knew exactly what he was encouraging among his students. It was reward for a good month in house points. That's how he justified it in his head, and if anyone asked.

We still have room and time to join in! No one is out this round. Next round you won't be so lucky.

Can we please include the target in your action for clarity? Thanks!

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Aurelia had listened to Proffesor Sebastian Cazarez tell them about the new spell she never heard of. The professor had used two prefects as examples and it looked nasty. She obviously didn’t want to be hit. After that, he casually dismissed them into the maze. She could have appreciated some practice. She ran into the maze anyways.

Aurelia planned her strategy carefully. The girls already outnumbered the boys and they didn’t stand a chance, however, the Proffesor seemed to be on thier side as he cheered them on. She had played tag when she was young before. Hiding was the best tactic she could think of, but at the same time, she had to Attack in order to win. There were scream of laughter somewhere at a distance. There must be students there. She listened to the pitch of scream, a boy was clearly down and laughing.
Then she saw someone running across the maze from a distance. She couldn’t identify who it was but she was sure the being was a boy.

Boys equals to enemies” she thought in her head.
She aimed her wand at his direction, and flicked her hand, “Rictusempra.” She said under her breath. She didn’t want to reveal her location by saying it too loudly. Yellow sparks shot from the wand, she immediately spun behind a wall without seeing if she got a bullseye or not.

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"Rictusempra!" The shout came from behind Anatole, and instinctively, he flinched, praying the girl's aim was terrible. He clutched his cloak, pulling it up at the right moment. It would've been bad to trip in this environment. The incoming spell barely missed the boy. Phew, he wasn't out...yet.

Grasping his wand with sweaty palms, he turned back towards where he ran from. Max was still there and had missed the girl narrowly. Footsteps raced towards where he just was with the boy, and he met eyes with a girl before dashing back. She shouldn't hit him, for sure. She wouldn’t dare.

Weaving through the wood, he climbed a set of stairs to get an alright view. It looked alright, yes, but it left him as an open target. Was it possible to snipe spells? Would he just hold the wand close to his eye and hope it hit, and if he held his hand too far in front of him, could he hit himself?

More spells flew below him as the boy decided against the idea of remaining vulnerable on higher ground. Anatole dashed down the stairs again, trying to eye out another target. Max caught his vision again. He was up there, still in trouble. Surely, Max was powerful, maybe with spellwork as much as he was physically able. It would suck if he got out of the game this early. Hopefully, if he did end up saving his butt, Max wouldn’t remember. He wasn’t the person Anatole wanted to be associated with.

The girl was still there, aiming and shouting at Max. Out of impulse, Anatole pointed at her, chanting the same words he heard all around the maze. ”Rictusempra!”

Saving the boy seemed princely enough.

ACTION: Run and Tickle Aurelia Bezuidenhout

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Rictusempra Tag  PV Gryffindor   Closed 

Lucy heard the spell from behind her as she quickly dodged falling on the ground with a loud thud following after, She was breathing heavily as if she had ran a marathon. ''Bloody hell'' She muttered under her breath as she tried spotting other victims. She wasn't sure if her first spell actually hit the guy but she shrugged it off. She probably wasn't going to win this since she wasn't all that confident in her self or her spells.

She spotted a girl that went by the name of Aurelia Bezuidenhout, She aimed at a boy and muttered the spell. Lucy turned around to see another boy aiming from behind Aurelia's back ''why you little sneaky'' She pointed her wand at the boy as she took a deep breath and tried to stay calm, She could feel her heart skip a couple of beats. She really wanted to win this and make Sebastian proud.

She positioned her wand at the boy and muttered the spell under her breath not wanting to attract any more attention than she already did.. ''Rictusempra!'' The girl said closing both her eyes hoping she hit the boy. She quickly hid behind one of the obstacle's as he let out a huge sigh.

''This seemed a lot more fun when I first heard of it..Now it seems more like a death wish but...well with less death but more laughter'' She looked around her worried if anybody saw her and slowly tip toed away not wanting to be noticed.

ACTION: Hide & Tickle Anatole Evans

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Still uncertain of whether his prior spell had met its mark, he remained tensed and ready for anything. So as soon as the girl had rounded the corner and seen him, the truth was, he had seen her first. He watched her prepare and cast her spell, her nerves getting the better of her it seemed. The spark had not come directly for him, and all that was required of him was a quick, precise movement of pressing himself against the inner wall to avoid the spell so much as grazing him. It flew harmlessly by. The same spell cast from many others was flying all around the maze, and from what Dorian could gather, no one had been hit yet. Something had to give or they'd be at this for the better part of the day.

Anyone who knew who he was had to understand that what he was about to do was nothing out of the norm and was well within the scope of something he would attempt under such similar circumstances. His sights had now been set on Lucy, seeing as she was the one who started it by aiming at him. She would soon learn that one did not attack him and simply 'get away with it'. He hadn't once allowed her to escape from his gaze, watching her every move as if they were small miracles. He had his wand at the ready, and as soon as she leveled her own at Anatole he yelled "Max!" after seeing him running close by. He knew his friend was sharp and would quickly understand what he needed. "Flipendo!" This spell traveled faster, was non-lethal, and would serve its purpose in knocking the girl down long enough for Max to do his thing. Dorian didn't wait to see the outcome, abandoning his spot in favor of a new hiding place, one more secluded yet still offering ample perspective of a good portion of the battlefield. This was war after all.


Actions: Casts Flipendo at Lucy Howell and hides in a different, more secluded spot with a good view.

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Rictusempra Tag  PV Gryffindor   Closed 

Xailah army-crawled her way into the battle ground- she wasn't sure what exactly was going on (She missed the lecture) but she definitely knew that she wanted to join in. She made her way to a board- it would provide at least some cove, long enough so she could carefully choose her victim.

She laid in her chosen spot for a few moments; watching people running from each other, She saw a few dive for cover- some barley missed getting hit by the Rictusempra spell. Xailah scanned the area for a little bit- until someone ran right in front of her; she thought the choice of doing so was rather stupid (she didn't take into account that they probably did that by mistake.) so she took a chance. Swinging her umbrella out from the hiding spot, she intended to trip the kid; which gave her enough time to scurry out of her hiding spot and cast a spell. "RICTUSEMPRA!" Xailah swung at her target with her wand, and then tumbled underneath some stairs. She wasn't sure if she had hit her target or not.

Actions: Tickle Anatole Evans, and Hide.

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Rictusempra Tag  PV Gryffindor   Closed 

Results Post:

Max Avery is nearly hit but manages to avoid Aurelia.

Anatole manages to hit Aurelia who giggles and is out.

Lucy comes so close to hitting her target he likely felt a slight tickle. Miss.

Dorian does nothing productive and in fact, stuns himself for one round from the effects of a more destructive spell on a weak wooden structure.

Anatole was not so lucky to escape un-tickled. He was hit by Xailah and is out.

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