Quidditch Training Pitch

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It was a few days before the Ravenclaw team tryouts were being held, and its all Amelia Lovell had been thinking about for weeks. Having grown up in a rather wealthy family who was never afraid to show Amelia what magic was or the amazing things that happened in their world, her father would take her to all the big Quidditch tournaments and she’d watch her older, distant cousins ride around on their broomsticks as the sun set on big celebrations held at their house. The small, young child had wanted to be on one ever since.

Although casting magic by yourself wasn’t allowed as a witch or wizard under the age of eleven, and outside of Hogwarts grounds, Amelia had a hard time trying to learn how to ride a broom before arriving at the castle. There were spare times where her mother or father would leave the brooms out with the Flying Charm enchanting them still, not thinking she had the nerve to get on one and give it a go. The little, clever Ravenclaw definitely did have the nerve a couple times, and had learned a lot of lessons in the short time she had to ride the brooms.

Being able to get on a school broom and practice on the training pitch was something else, though. The brunette finally had the freedom to practice something that had always meant so much to her, something just out of her reach. Although the school brooms were nothing in comparison to the flashy flying contraptions her family had back at home, they were durable and at least it was something. The feeling flying gave her was something she couldn’t quite find in anything else, and the eleven year old never expected to love it as much as she did.

With that feeling in mind, Amelia made her way down to the Quidditch Training Pitch that morning, looking to sharpen up her skills before tryouts. She’d trained as much as her free time would allow, but with all her other extracurriculars and trying to be ahead on homework took up a majority of her time. It was cold, but getting warmer every day. The wind was the only slightly irritating thing about the weather that early in the day. Getting her gear on in the changing room, the Ravens excitement grew more and more, it became almost palpable. With a toothy smile from what looked like ear to ear, the pureblood headed out on the pitch and took in a deep, fresh breath of air.

Mounting the school broom, she struggled for just a moment to find her balance. A thought briefly passed through her mind on how she couldn’t wait to be past her first year and able to bring her own broom to school. She’d save up all the money she could just to buy the state-of-the-art broom she wanted. Kicking off into the air, Amelia felt the wind blow through her dark curls and that exhilarating feeling of being high off the ground filled her body. She took some laps around the pitch, letting out a few hoots and hollers along her path. Nothing made her happier than this.

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Charo headed towards the Quidditch Training Pitch. She had been wanting to go there for quite a while, but she hadn't found the time. Charo was trying out for the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team and she wanted to train more than what she had done at home with her grandmother. She knew how stubborn the school brooms could be and they were harder to fly on than pretty much any brooms that were available in the store in Diagon Alley. They were, however, similar to the broom Charo had used to practice when she was younger. It was a broom her grandmother had gotten for Charo's mother, but her mother had never used it since she wasn't a big fan of flying.

She saw that there weren't many people at the pitch, but she did spot someone flying laps around it. Charo headed to the changing room to put her gear on before she started flying, just in case something went wrong. She stood on the pitch for a moment, looking around and breathing in the fresh air of the early morning, the breeze making her hair whip across her face. Charo tied it up in a ponytail so that it wouldn't bother her during the flight.

Charo mounted the broom, holding it tightly and hoping that it wouldn't be too hard to control. She took off and immediately the broom took her higher into the air than she had originally wanted to. Charo didn't let her grip loosen. It looked like whoever was out there on the pitch with her was also using a school broom, but it seemed to be going better for them than it was for her. 'Maybe I just got a really stubborn one.' Charo tried again, this time moving forward like she had wanted to quite smoothly.

After a few moments of getting used to the broom Charo was doing fairly well. She had gotten the hang of controlling it, but there were a few movements that weren't as smooth as she would have liked.

Charo García

Stamina: 5 | Agility: 5 | Strength: 4 | Control: 6 | Arcane Power: 4 | Accuracy: 6

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Amelia was quite enjoying having the pitch to herself. It wasn’t that she would mind some company, but the Ravenclaw was quite used to time by herself. She’d grown up as quite a reserved child, without much company outside of the children her parents friends would bring around. Most of those children didn’t get along with Amelia very well, either, their views about the wizarding world and their upbringings rather different. The young girl came to enjoy being by herself and focusing on honing her skills through academics and other means.

While stuck in her head a bit, daydreaming about making the house team and winning future games. The Seeker was a position that held a lot of importance and responsibility, and being chosen to be that part of the team was a dream to her. In reality, she knew she probably didn’t have as much natural talent as some other students. She’d likely end up as a Chaser, a position just as important but a little less exciting. Lost in thought, the brunette never noticed another girl approaching, heading into the changing room with the intention of coming out on the pitch.

When the other girl finally did catch Amelia’s attention, it was when she’d mounted her broom and took off. Staying more on the opposite side of the pitch, floating in midair for a moment, she watched the girl’s ascent into the sky. Should she go over and say hi? The Lovell girl assumed her fellow student wouldn’t have come out on the pitch without seeing her flying her laps, so it was safe to assume she’d be alright with a conversation starting.

Wind whistling past her ears in the way she loved, Amelia picked up some speed for fun as she flew over towards the other dark-haired girl. That was the first thing Amelia noticed about her, was the girl who appeared her age had similar dark hair to her own. As she got closer, she realized the girl had dark eyes and seemed to be about her stature as well. Smiling, she gave the girl a little wave from her own school broom. “Hello! I’m Amelia. Amelia Lovell. Did you come out here to practice?” She called out, hopefully with an obviously friendly tone.

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Charo smiled as the wind whistled past her ears. She already felt her face growing cold, but she ignored it, the feeling of being on a broom and in the air was definitely worth it. She also needed the practice, she wanted to be a part of the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team which meant that she'd have to do what she could to practice being on a broom. She already knew how to fly, but she still needed to get used to the school brooms and learn how to control them better, they were very old and feisty.

She wasn't a big fan of the school brooms, they were definitely not her first choice, in fact, they were very far from it. She didn't have enough money to buy herself a different broom, one that would be much better and easier to control, but she was confident that she would do well even with a more worn down broom. Of course that was what she thought, she never doubted herself for even a second, she was just like that. Charo barely ever got nervous as well, she usually knew what she was doing and even if she didn't she knew she'd figure it out.

Charo realized she hadn't been paying enough attention to where she was going, she had to focus on flying the broom, that was her priority. She got distracted very often, she was just very easy to distract, that was the problem, even with something she enjoyed like flying her mind would often be elsewhere. It got annoying after a while, especially since she never noticed that she was getting distracted, she never actually meant to lose her focus, it just happened.

Almost as if her broom had noticed that Charo wasn't paying attention, it started to speed up on its own. Charo was pulled away from her thoughts and back to her flying. She tried to control the broom, but it wouldn't let her stop it or slow it down. Charo cursed her luck and kept trying to get the broom under some sort of control. She looked up and saw a girl with dark hair in front of her, not realizing that Charo was losing control of the old broom. She nearly crashed into the other girl, but managed to stop the broom and herself just in time. The girl introduced herself as Amelia, "I'm Charo García," Charo said with a smile, "Sorry about that, I think my broom is in a bad mood."

Charo García

Stamina: 5 | Agility: 5 | Strength: 4 | Control: 6 | Arcane Power: 4 | Accuracy: 6