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Stuck Together  PV Cambion Nephilim   Closed 

Amelia had been feeling more and more comfortable around her fellow students as her time wore on at Hogwarts. Having been a rather introverted child, the Ravenclaw had expected it to be relatively the same thing here at school. On the contrary, it had almost come too easy for Amelia to make friends. Although she definitely needed her alone time still more than anything, the brunette was happy to have made the friends she had, and would surely come to cherish them for some time. With that joyous thought in mind, Horace came to the forefront of her thoughts. He was one of the very first friends--could she call him that?--she had made here at Hogwarts. Having shown her around the library her first time around when she was still quite overwhelmed, Amelia would be forever grateful for his helpfulness and now felt the library was even more special than it had been to begin with.

It was coincidental she had even been thinking about the library, for that's where the pale girl was headed that morning. It was a weekday morning, but one where there weren't any classes scheduled for first years. She had decided to use this period of time to go study in her precious library. After being shown around, Amelia never really felt nervous approaching the long tables full of students any longer. Walking inside, the first year was still encompassed by the wonder in that library. The smell of old books made a home in her nose comfortably and a smile graced her pink lips. Looking towards the tables, she noticed they were a lot more full than usual. Towards the backend there was what appeared to be a table with only one spot open, a girl who looked around her age sitting quietly studying there. It almost seemed like fate, as Amelia hadn't wanted to sit at a table full of a lot of talkative students, anyway.

Approaching the table, a dainty hand grabbed the back of the victorian chair that sat there and she cleared her throat quietly towards the girl sitting there. "It seems this is the only chair available here, may I take a seat?" Her eyebrows raised ever so slightly in question. Amelia noticed immediately that she was jealous of how long the girl's hair was. Tugging at a dark brown curl of her own, she could barely get her hair to reach past her shoulders. She continued to speak out of nervous habit, hoisting up the stack of books and parchment in her arms as she spoke, "I'm just trying to study for uh...muggle studies." It was the hardest subject for her to grasp. Amelia had grown up in a strictly magical family, with no mention of simple muggle items, concepts or lifestyles.
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Stuck Together  PV Cambion Nephilim   Closed 

Even though Cambion had been at Hogwarts for a while now, she still felt like she had a long way to go. Whenever she wanted something, she still tended to do it herself, but she was still a gentle, soft person, something she had realized most people wouldn't associate with the house she was in, but she didn't care. She knew who she was, and she aspired to become something her father would be proud of - something majorly important. What exactly that would be - well, that was still something she had to decide on, but it wasn't a question of whether is - it was a matter of when, how and where.

She used the library quite a lot, finding it relaxing and like home in its own way. Though she would admit, with the number of people there right now, it didn't really help in giving her the peace and quiet she wanted, in order to do her homework. Oh well, it was still the best she could think of. Because at least in here, people tried to be relatively quiet. Or at least was supposed to.

At least she had managed to get a table for herself, and as she focused on the books in front of her, she realized that she had read the same paragraph four times now, and she still felt no closer to understanding it. How could she be a pureblood, she had lived her entire life surrounded by magic, and yet a potions ingredient managed to shut down her brain when she needed it the most? She looked up when a voice asked if she could sit there - looking at the girl before nodding slowly. "Yeah, why not. As long as you don't speak as much as some of the others." she said with a small smile. "I mean, if they wanted to talk this much and this loud, then they could be in the great hall instead." she sighed. "Of course, I don't mind helping if I can, but muggle studies is not my strongest suit." she admitted. Okay, it was a flaw and a weakness, but it was not like she had a good reason for understanding muggle studies.

Stuck Together  PV Cambion Nephilim   Closed 

Throughout her family’s history, a lot of them had been sorted into the Slytherin house. Although Amelia didn’t believe that all Slytherins fit their stereotype, as she believed that with any of the other houses as well, she did tend to think that a good sum of them were definitely like that. There had to be some kind of line between personalities and goals between students, or there wouldn’t be four different houses for them. The eleven year old grew up in a house that thought highly of Slytherins, though, and had a lot of them over for family events and celebrations. Amelia ended up having a lot of Slytherin and future-Slytherin company as a child, and therefore got quite used to having those kinds of people around. She was quietly grateful she had been sorted into her mother’s house.

Lost in thought about her parents, as the eleven year old often was, she snapped back into it at the response of the girl at the table. She was nodding slowly, stating that if she didn't speak as much as everyone around her, she was allowed to take a seat. With a nod of silent agreement, Amelia pulled back the chair as she returned the girl's small smile, a creak accompanying her presence as the chair dragged across the floorboards. Taking a seat, the Ravenclaw as surprised at how comfortable the sitting area actually was. ‘There isn’t an uncomfortable place in this whole library, I bet.’ She thought to herself, not wanting to blurt her thoughts as she usually did around a girl who seemed to want peace and quiet.

That rule did not apply to manners, though, and it was almost like an unnamed force pushed the words out of her mouth as she spoke, “I’m Amelia Lovell, it’s nice to meet you.” That small smile returned as she introduced herself. She quickly added, “And I totally agree with you about the noise level. Did they never have a library growing up?” The first year, of course, had her own personal library growing up on her parent’s estate, but she didn't care to put that piece of information out in the open. A library was supposed to be a quite, serene place. Somewhere to relax and be able to focus at the same time, not a place for tom-foolery. Glancing over her shoulder at the crowd, Amelia figured it wouldn’t be too much of a success for a peaceful atmosphere today.

I’d love any help at all, honestly.” The grateful tone was obvious in the eleven year old’s voice. Muggle Studies was the one subject that didn’t come to Amelia easily, she struggled with it from the very first day. Embarrassed to ask for help, she hadn’t even talked to her professor about the trouble she’d been having. It definitely wasn’t that often this happened to the Raven. She contemplated being honest with the girl at the table with her. “I grew up in a purely pureblood family, and my parents never really…gave me any experiences or concepts of the muggle world. All my academics were focused on this place.” Gesturing around, meaning Hogwarts and the magical world as a whole, Amelia’s smile faltered for a second. Had her parents done that on purpose? Shoving the thought away, she looked from her pile of parchment and books towards the brunette’s in front of her.

What’ve you got there, then? Anything you need help with at all?

Stuck Together  PV Cambion Nephilim   Closed 

Cambion knew her family history several generations back, and knew that it had never really belonged to one house over the other. Lately it had been Slytherin - something that seemed to be proven with her brother being in Durmstrang, and her being in Slytherin now. But her mother - a Ravenclaw - had family in all the houses, and if she went back just - three generations, then her father's family had been in Ravenclaw as well, and just one more generation it would be in Hufflepuff as well as Gryffindor too. It wasn't really surprising to her when she became a Slytherin, but at the same time - she knew there had also been a chance she would go to another house. She wouldn't have been angry at any of the house, but she would admit to herself - she kinda liked being in Slytherin.

There was a difference between polite and then going on for ages and be just a little bit too loud. It wasn't that Cambion expected that Amelia would just ignore her completely now that they were sharing a table for a while, working next to each other. It was okay with her - that they at least talked a little together, as long as they both understood and respected that they had assignments to do that they would work on - and help each other as needed. "I'm Cambion Nephilim. Nice to meet you too." she said with a smile. "Who knows, but if they did - then they definitely didn't learn about the social rules in one. OR read the rules for the library!" she pointed out with a sigh.

When Amelia said she wanted help, Cambion smiled and pushed away her own book, figuring she could look at it later, and it would hopefully make sense then. "Come on, maybe we can figure it out together. And you're not alone - pureblood family as well, and much the same." she explained calmly. Cambion would admit, asking for help was not exactly her strong suit either - just like giving help wasn't natural, but she figured it couldn't hurt to be somewhat friendly with people in other houses in her year. Maybe it would be useful to her later. "Just potions - I should be able to understand it, but I think the noise is getting to me. I'll look at it later, when either there is more quiet in here, or back in the common room." she said with a shrug of her shoulders.

Stuck Together  PV Cambion Nephilim   Closed 

What Amelia would always remember about being sorted into her mother’s house was how the hat didn’t even take a second to consider it. Although she hadn’t admitted it out loud, the Lovell girl had been quite worried about what house she’d be placed in on her ride up to Hogwarts on the express train. Merlin forbid she would be sorted into a house like Hufflepuff—her parents would disown her, she thought surely—and if she was sorted into Slytherin, what if all the stories were true? How they were all terrible, manipulative bullies. She already tried to stay out of the spotlight enough, and the house seemed to be the center of attention more often than not. That’s why she was glad the hat didn’t keep her in anticipation like it had for some students. Amelia felt like a Ravenclaw through and through, and she was proud of it.

This fellow student seemed to be on the same page as Amelia in regards to their environment, and the brunette thought briefly about how grateful she was to have gotten stuck at this table of all tables there. Cambion introduced herself with a smile, and the Raven felt even more at ease. She nodded in complete agreement about the rules of the library, something the Lovell girl upheld with great seriousness. Something that was apparent from Amelia right from the get-go was her strictness about school rules. She could never imagine herself being one of those people that snuck out on the Grounds after dark or pulling pranks on innocent students. In all honesty, the eleven year old found those people quite obnoxious.

Seeing Cambion's interest in helping Amelia with her homework, a grateful look shown in the first year's eyes. The fellow brunette than confirmed that she was also a pureblood, so she could understand where Amelia was coming from. Her last name had sounded relatively familiar, and Amelia bookmarked it in her mind to ask about later, when they weren't in a studying mindset. With a small sigh of relief, she was glad that she had been honest with her table partner. Making sure she wasn’t taking Cambion away from her own studies, the Ravenclaw opened her Muggle Studies book to the correct page.

Why Muggle’s Need Electricity.” The pureblood read the headline of the page out loud in the right tone for their surroundings. One pale finger traced under the words as she spoke, furrowing her brow already in confusion. It went on to talk about the various technology muggles had, and how they utilized it with science instead of magic. Bits and pieces of the first page made sense to Amelia, but most of it looked foreign and made her vision go slightly blurry. Rubbing her dark brown eyes, the Raven couldn’t seem to smooth the crease between her brows. “Does any of this look like it makes sense to you?” She asked, trying to keep her tone of voice even instead of showing her frustration.