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Understanding Wands  Closed 

Evelyn walked into the library for the first time in whats going to be many she knew, the place was magnificent and grand. Like the castle itself, many of the walls had windows allowing natural light to come inside and the smell of old books was all over the place. While she wanted to read as many books as she could before the end of the year, Evelyn was on a mission to find something specific a book about wands, she didn't want to really use her wand without knowing what she was using.

She spent much time looking for a book that did more than have a small section inside that also didn't really explain anything. Eventually, said book would oddly be found deep in the library covered in dust which really didn't make much sense to her given that she was under the impression that this book would be used often. The book was rather old looking and could potentially be maybe one of the oldest which left the confusion as to why there are no recent books. She just hoped this meant that the other books had been checked out already by someone leaving her with an out of date book.

Evelyn and the heavy book made their way to one of the wooden tables she sat down the chair and oddly enough it was actually very comfortable. She placed the book down on the table and opened it to the first page and began to read.
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