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Costume Collaboration  Closed 

Please wait for Lars and Ami Procepio to post before joining in
Arthur sat in the library, his pen taking absently on an open note book in front of him. This wasn’t a notebook for any class, however, and though they were clearly engrossed deeply in what could reasonably be called a ‘group project’, it wasn’t for school. instead the book was full of sketchers; Bug Catcher, Pikachu fan, and Hiker from the Pokémon games, most of the characters from Big Hero 6, and a Minion, next to a list of clothing items that made up each character.

The recent Halloween events that had planned made him think about costumes for the first time this year. He didn’t think to bring one with him to Hogwarts, and even if he had he didn’t have many to bring. Not usually having the money for a store-bought costume, nor a sewing savvy mum, he often went in what he called ‘plainclothes costumes’. Things like Where’s Wally or Dr. Who.

Thinking he might not be the only one in a bind, and that it was usually a lot easier to recognize simple costumes when they came together, and that it might be a bit of fun and a way to indulge in muggle pop culture that was all but forgotten here, he’d decided to try for a group costume this year. Immediately, his friends Lars and Ami came to mind. Both half bloods, and the children of muggles, just like he was, they were just the kind of people to help brainstorm something like this.

He’d spoken with each of them about the idea, and made agreed to meet in the library discuss there options, and tried to come up with a plan.

“What do you think?” he asked the other two, turning the book so they could see it. Those were just his ideas, that he been able to come up with so far, he would happy to hear any of theirs as well!

Costume Collaboration  Closed 

If she was being honest, she didn't know why she was doing this. She hadn't realized that she and Arthur were that good of friends, but that was totally fine with her. She, as a human, adored Halloween, and dipping back into her No-Maj childhood was a total win in her book. Besides, the shrimp (aka Arthur) wasn't all that bad- he had helped her out on multiple occasions, so she couldn't exactly hold anything against him. 

Pushing open the doors to the library, she brushed her hair back and off of her shoulders, scanning the vast room for the shrimp she was looking for. Spotting him at a table, she loped her way over, sliding into the seat across from him. "Hey, Arthur. What's crackin'?"

Like always, it seemed to surprise her just how American her voice seemed to remain even amidst all of the British ones. Thomas and her dad dropping by to say hi over the summer had helped; she had been caught up on the memes, the slang, and the teen language teeming over teenager's mouths back in the Land of the Free, the Melting Pot that she had grown up in.

Eyes flicking over the notebook in front of her, her attention was immediately captured by Honey Lemon, the chemistry whiz in Big Hero 6. "Dude!" she exclaimed, her fingertips brushing lightly over the list, enraptured. "Big Hero 6's my jam. Yo, we've gotta do Big Hero 6."

Pausing, she squinted at the younger Hufflepuff sitting in front of her. "Hm. You'd make a good Fred, I think. Or maybe a Baymax. You said someone else was coming, right? Maybe we can get them to be Hiro."