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Get Back Here, Mr. Chocolate Frog!  Closed 

Oliver was reading Hogwarts, A History in the library. He wasn't a fan of the subject and the professor made it worse. Professor Cazarez was on Oliver's dislike list ever since the one time he sneezed to his side and the professor just happened to be walking by. The humiliation he got that day earned him some mean name calling for a couple of weeks. He fell behind in the subject since then, refusing to go in until a prefect heavily advised he doesn't skip.

So here he was, sitting nice and cosy in a cushioned chair. He was doing quite well today, actually, he was doing so well he felt he deserved a chocolate frog. With this decision, he pulled frog his bag a chocolate frog, eying it. He glanced at the sign on the wall down the row.
Oliver wasn't a rule breaker, which meant having this chocolate frog wouldn't be too bad! He peeled open the box, as he did, his small, sweaty palms slipped and the box fell. Out slipped the chocolate frog with a strong leap.
Oliver instantly jumped on top of him, kneeling on the floor. He croaked some sounds at the frog, appearing to be speaking in the chocolate frogs language, chrogletongue. The sugary treat managed to weave and slip out an opening in Oliver's fingers and jump away.
"God damn it!" Oliver whispered and then moaned as he licked his now chocolatey fingers. He got up and scurried after the little frog, leaving his bag behind.

Moments later, he had lost sight of the frog and was unsure what direction he went. He kept turning and looking everywhere, his eyes darting very fast. Then he stopped as he spotted it. The chocolate frog was on a high bookcase. Oliver could barely reach that high. He cursed a quite soft curse before slowly tiptoeing towards the frog. He closed his eyes as he got really close, as if that helped. With a quiet but large inhale, Oliver reeled down to charge up his chubby thighs before bouncing up, swiping at the chocolate frog. He could feel it's feet run along his palm as it jumped right on time to escape. The frog landed on a girls head behind Oliver before jumping on her book and then bounced away. It left little, chocolate foot prints on her pages.
"Sorry, sorry," Oliver whispered from behind her, panting after that one jump. He wiped his forward as he looked at her from behind. He wasn't very good at conversing to face her directly, so she'd have to turn around.
If she did know of Oliver after a year, she'd know he was quiet, goofy boy who got teased alot and was often very weird.
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Get Back Here, Mr. Chocolate Frog!  Closed 

Leola was sitting in the library taking a break from it all and having some alone time while reading a book her friend had requested she read. Last time she had been in the library things didn't go to well because she ended up knocking half the shelves down. 

Suddenly she felt something jump onto the back of her head giving her a fright. She and gave a little squeal only to find a chocolate frog jump from her head and onto the book she was reading and bounce away leaving behind tiny chocolate footprints on her page. "Sorry, Sorry" she heard a voice behind her say. Turning around she saw a small chubby boy standing behind her panting. "Oh, it's alright." She said smiling  "Get away did it? I hate it when that happens. Would you like some help catching it?" She offered with a kind smile. "Oh I should probably introduce myself I'm Leola, It's Oliver isn't it? I think I have seen you around before."  She said closing her book and holding out her hand for the boy to shake. She hoped the boy would accept her help and wouldn't shy away because she was a Slytherin. They did have a reputation after all but she liked to think of herself as one of the good ones.