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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

It was late in the evening, after dinner at the Great Hall, and Lilith was doing something she probably wasn’t supposed to be doing.

She was in the library and at first, she was studying her Transfoguration like she was supposed to be doing. The library was packed with people from every year and all the houses, most glaring diligently into a book of some kind. Lucky for Lilith, she managed to find a little table all to herself in the corner of the library where you could only see her if you were looking for her or one of he many books on he shelves around her.

Lilith finished her Transfiguration homework and perfected turning her unlit matchstick into a silver needle. It was only an hour till they were all supposed to be in their respected dormitories, fast asleep. Most of the students began to filter out until Lilith was left alone with the snoozing librarian, who had a line of drool falling from her mouth.

Shivering with disgust and he chill from the approaching nighttime air that was swishing violently outside the castle, Lilith wrapped her cloak around her a little tighter. Regretting not bringing any other homework, Lilith stood up and began to pace around the shelves, not quite feeling like she wanted to go back to her dorm.

Books sat upon the shelves around Lilith and she picked up any that interested her before setting them back down. Boredom began to set in and Lilith’s Saul blue eyed flickered to the librarian momentarily before her feet started to move on instinct.

Sneaking past the towering stacks of book and aisles of information, Lilith discovered a little shadowed area of books surrounded by a dirty glass and sturdy door.

This must be the restricted section, Lilith discovered with interest as she tried to pry open the door to no avail.

Lilith looked around the corner to check and see if the librarian was still asleep. She was. Lilith turned back to the door and took out her smooth wand. She pointed it as the rusted lock and whispered, “Alohomora.

Nothing happened for a moment. Suddenly, a spark shot out from the door, hitting Lilith’s arm and causing her to yelp. That door just shocked her!

Lilith covered her mouth to disguise any of the sounds that might break free and checked on the librarian again. Still asleep—good.

Lilith’s hand fell back to her side and she let out a small breath. At least no one heard.
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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

Annabelle's head shot up as she heard a small yelp from the corner of the library. How long have I been here? she wondered. the busy student had been staring at her textbooks for hours. She had been scrambling the past few weeks, exploring, studying, organizing events for the drama club... the poor girl was at her wit's end. At least she must have been, for it seemed she had fallen asleep in a small corner of the library. Oh no! What time was it? Anna looked around for a clock, but every wall was covered from bottom to top with books. She could not hear anything though, save for the sound that had woken her.

"Crap, crap , crap..." The Gryffindor muttered under her breath. She had sworn to herself that she wouldn't stay out past curfew again. After her little adventure in detention, she most certainly didn't want to go back there. But if the dorms were already closed than sneaking back in would not be an option either. She scrambled for a moment to collect her thing, she mind reeling. This was bad... very bad... Then she paused for a moment. If she went back now, she would almost certainly be caught. Would it not be better to stay out and quickly join the other Gryffidors when they left their room to go to breakfast?

A mischievous smile broke out across the girl's face. If she was going to be out all night anyway, why shouldn't she do a bit of exploring. Stashing her bag and schoolbooks away in a corner, she made her way down the isles. After a few steps, she realized that this would not go well. The clacking of her shoes echoes through the empty room. She returned to the desk and took them off, stashing them with her things as well. That was much better. Now, back to exploring! First things first, she wanted to check out that mysterious noise. As she grew closer, a black-haired girl came into view.

Annabelle was a bit surprised to see another person out and about so late, but also a bit relieved. The little socialite hated being alone. At least this way she would not have to wander around by herself, and if she ran into any trouble she would not have to face it without backup. Annabelle walked up behind the girl, her footsteps silent now as her bare feet met the wooden floors. She did not stop to think of whether or not the girl would be surprised, though it seemed she had yet to notice her.

"Try to open the lock?" Anna suddenly inquired. "At least you did that and didn't try to get past the rope. I've heard some of those books start screaming if you touch them."

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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

Lilith whipped around, her wind raising to eye level, but she rolled around and let her wand fall back to her side, but didn’t put it away. Lilith guesses she was wrong about her original assumption of being alone.

She refused to admit that she jumped at a few little noises. That only proves she had good instincts. It was all he stupid girl’s fault. For all she knew, Lilith could have hexed her into oblivion. Turned her hair bright colors or made her hands into webbed feet, but then again Lilith was a first year and didn’t know how to do any of that.

What are you doing?“ Lilith hissed quietly. “You could have just got us both caught!

Lilit glances at the clock, signaling it was past curfew and then he librarian, who snorted in her sleep.

Lilith’s eyes scanned the new girl in front of her. A Gryffindor that she’d never seen before. She looked to be in her same year with brown hair. And she was smiling. Lilith didn’t like smiley people.

What do you want?” Lilith growled. The back of her mind rang. What if she gave her away? Lilith pushes those thoughts away. No way. This strange new girl was out past curfew as well. That would just get hem both into trouble.

Lilith’s eyes narrowed suspiciously as she looked down. “And why are you not wearing any shoes?
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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

"I'm Annabelle," she whispered. The little optimist was entirely oblivious to the girl's harsh tone. She followed her gaze to the clock and nodded. "I don't want to get caught either. That's why I'm not wearing shoes, actually. You ever notice how noisy shoes are? I guess that's one of those things that people just don't notice until it's really important. Silence is important when sneaking around though..." she trailed off, finally noticing the other girl's worried expression. Annabelle tended to speak in long trails of thought without even pausing to breathe. She had been whispering of course, and the librarian was still fast asleep, but she would have to be careful in the future.

From the look of this girl's robes, she was also a first year. She seemed annoyed that Annabelle had approached her, but she doubted that her fellow student would turn her in. After all, she was out this late as well. If either of them tattled, it would only mean that both of them got in trouble.

"Trust me, you do not want to get detention." The brown-eyed girl muttered. "Professor Leer is... well..." Flashbacks to her time in the detention room sent a shiver through her whole body. "Just trust me you don't wanna go there."

She paused for a moment as the girl inquired as to what she wanted. It took a bit of thought. "Well... safety in numbers, right?" Anna flashed an innocent smile. "So what are you looking for in the restricted section?"

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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

Lilith was half shocked and half impressed. Usually when she spoke coldly to others, they took the hint and walked away. They certainly didn’t follow sarcastic instructions and introduce themselves. It was not brave or stupid, but something non between that makes The girl a Gryffindor.

Lilith would be lying if she said the girl was dumb. She knew that they were safer together as did Lilith, but that didn’t mean Lilith had to be happy about it.

Who says I can’t get to the common room on my own?” Lilith questioned, trying to get the upper hand. “If there is anyone who needs help, it’s you.

Lilith glared back at the doorknob to the restricted section. The electric pulse could still be felt tingling in her arm. Lilith did hope that went away soon.

That is none of your business.” Lilith picked at her sleeves as if they held some type of video game or interesting book. Her adult eyes looked up to meet Annabelle’s brown. She said softly, “Westlocke. Lilith Westlocke. Pleasure is mine.

The door taunted her, remaining locked. If there was one thing Lilith hated, was locked things. Hey held secrets and what use are books that no one is allowed to read? Besides that and the boredom that once took hold on Lilith’s mind, she really had no reason to break it.

Her knuckles rolled roughly across the surface of the door. “You wouldn’t happen to know how to open his, would you?
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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

"If anyone needs help, it's you."

"Never said I didn't." Annabelle shrugged, unphased by the girl's attitude. Anyone would be annoyed if someone snuck up on them, right? She did feel a bit bad about that, though she figured the time for apologizing had come and gone. Besides, she doubted her fellow Gryffindor was actually set on going back to the common room. Anna certainly wasn't, and the girl seemed to share in Anna's adventurous spirit at least.

"Well..." Annabelle thought for a moment. She hadn't been to this part of the library since her first day on campus, and that hadn't exactly been the most pleasant of experiences. She'd been searching for the librarian's desk when an enchanted snowball had struck her in the chest, nearly sending her tumbling into the restricted section.

Wait... that was it!

"Actually, I might. Follow me." Anna creeped slowly down the isle, glancing back occasionally to make sure that Lilith was following. Eventually she paused, pointing to a corner roped off by a large red band. "You can get in through here." she said. "We gotta be careful though. I'm pretty sure there's an alarm around somewhere. Only students with a permission note from a teacher can go back there, or I think maybe 6th and 7th years..." she trailed off again, hoping that the librarian could not hear her explanations.

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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

Following her fellow Gryffindor, Lilith examined the rope carefully. Lilith sent the girl a sarcastic smile. "I'm obviously not on a run from the teachers and I'm a little too young to pass off as a sixth or seventh year, don't you think?"

Taking out her aspen wand, Lilith turned it in her hands expertly. Her mind spun as she tried to think of a spell in her mind that could help her. Being a first year, nothing appeared and Lilith highly doubted that lighting up her wand or floating some pen was going to get her through.

"What about magic words? That's how we open the Gryffindor Common Room. You think it takes a password of some kind?" Lilith offered, and began to spew out different words, "Hogwarts, Dumbledore, Harry Potter, books, Librum, Livres, snakes, lions, badgers, eagles . . ."

No response from the door.

Lilith rolled her eyes at the door and her own stupidity. A magic word? Ridiculous, even by magical wizarding world Hogwarts standards.

You can think smarter than that, a little voice mocked her in the back of her head. Lilith looked around and her eyes fell on the librarian, who has moved to a new position with her head laying against her desk.

"Do you think the librarian has a key? Her desk drawers are looking very tempting, don't they?" Lilith turned to her fellow Gryffindor with a mischievous twinkle in her blue eyes.

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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

"I dunno..." Annabelle glanced over toward the sleeping librarian. Why would there be a door and a roped off section anyway? Were the books behind the locked door even more secret than the ones behind the open rope? Were they so dangerous that even 6th and 7th years couldn't access them? Sudden flashbacks to her pre-Hogwarts shopping trip caused her to hesitate. She'd seen some very questionable books in that store. Some had flown around the shop and some had turned invisible... some books even had teeth! Anna shuddered. What sort of crazy books would be so bad that even the Restricted Section wasn't restricted enough for them.

Then again... the little devil on her shoulder seemed increaingly aggitated. What sort of forbidden knowledge lay beyond that door? This place was fantastic, but there were so many restrictions... Potions and spells she was not allowed to learn yet, forbidden arts that even her textbooks refused to properly speak of... Heck, students here weren't even allowed to practice outside of their classrooms. Annabelle didn't consider herself to be a rulebreaker by nature, but she did have a certain hunger for knowledge that made that locked door seem awfully tempting.

"Well, okay." She glanced nervously at the librarian's desk. "How are we gona open the desk without waking her up though... teacher's desks are sealed with magic, aren't they?"

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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

Lilith rolled her eyes as if it was obvious. "The desk's locks are the only things protected from magic. We just don't try to get past the lock."

Not particularly caring about if Annabelle understood or not, Lilith's eyes scanned her surroundings expertly. At the moment, Annabelle was a helpful pawn in Lilith's grand game of chest. Lilith just might find some good out of meeting a new person.

As always, the Gryffindor felt a swell of pride in her chest at the knowledge that she had the answers and another didn't. Lilith was good at plans (especially underhanded ones that broke the rules) and telling others what to do. The back of her head screamed, god-complex, but Lilith chose to ignore it.

Crouching behind one of the bookshelves, Lilith tugged Annabelle along with her. "You have to cause a distraction. Go knock over a pile of books or something to draw the librarians attention. Leave it to me to get into the drawer and get the keys. It'll be easy," Lilith reassured. "Like taking a mouse from a cat."

Lilith paused before continuing, "And make sure the librarian doesn't catch you. Just cause some noise to wake her up and then hide. The librarian is sure to check the whole library once she hears the noise. Hopefully she'll just think it's Mrs. Norris or something."

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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

Annabelle nodded slowly. She wasn't certain how comfortable she was with being that bait in Lilith's plan, but it seemed preferable to whatever her fellow Gryffindor was planning to do. Whatever it was, Anna doubted it would be any less dangerous. "Alright," she agreed. Even as she spoke, her palms began to sweat. Optimistic as she was, her eleven year old mind had not determined how this optimism applied to breaking the rules. She believed that in the end everything would turn out for the best, but did that mean the best for her? If she was breaking the rules, did the "best" mean getting caught and punished. Anna shivered again at the thought of returning to detention. No way...

Leaving Lilith behind, she crept slowly through the isles. The closer she came to the librarian's desk, the more her nerves began to eat away at her. She glanced at the nameplate as she passed by, terror growing with each step. If she was going to be on the run, she at least wanted to know the name of her opponent. Adelbert A. Quarren. That didn't seem right. Annabelle wasn't used to the strange names that came out of the wizarding world, but "Adelbert" sounded like it must be a man's name. Upon closer examination, this woman didn't look old enough to be a head librarian either. That sort of profession took years upon years of study, and this girl couldn't be older than twenty. She must be the librarian's assistant...

For some reason this eased her nerves a bit. Logically she would get in just as much trouble no matter who she was caught by, but the thought of confronting an older student was far less terrifying than that of confronting the Head Librarian. She picked up her pace once she was past the desk, making her way as quickly as possible to the proper section. As soon as Lilith had told her to cause a distraction, and idea had come into her mind. Now if only she could remember the title of that book.

K...L...M... she silently mouthed the letters engraved on the sides of the bookcases. It was certainly the fanciest library she had ever been in. Even the guidance signs were written in precise calligraphy. She waled down the M isle, searching up and down. It was a rather huge section in comparison to many of the others. Heck, there were thousands of books here that started with the word "magic" or "magical." It was a wizard library after all. Finally she spotted the books she was looking for squirming in its place.

The Monster Book of Monsters

This was the book she had seen on her trip to Diagon Alley, the one that she had been warned not to touch. Surely of all books, this one would make for a nice distraction. It seemed to be sleeping at the moment. Anabelle slowly lifted the book from the shelf. It began to stir an whimper. Then eyes on the front of it flew open, glaring at her intensely. Here goes nothing... Annabelle unlocked the book and thew it as far away from her as possible. The monster book howled, and she took of down the isle. There was no way the librarian could sleep through that.

As the book ran about wildly, Annabelle ran a few more sections. T... Was T far enough away? She wasn't quite sure, but she did not have the time to contemplate. She jumped onto one of the bookcases and began to climb. The Gryffindor scrambled upward, gripping each tiny ledge with her fingers and bare toes. It was lucky that she was no wearing shoes, and that her eleven-year-old frame was so tiny. She could barely fit into the space between the top of the shelf and the ceiling. There was no way anyone could see her from the ground. The library was known for its towering shelves. Annabelle stared at the ceiling two inches above her nose, struggling to catch her breath without making any sound.

It's up to you now, Lilith...

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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

Lilith wanted to laugh aloud. She held back the will to scream at the top of her lungs, "It's brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!" and instead moved quickly and stealthily from her hiding place behind the bookshelves when the librarian jerked away to check what was happening.

The Book of Monsters! Lilith wanted to skip. She couldn't have done better herself. Why push a few books when you can unleash a beast? She really underestimated her fellow Gryffindor. Looking around the library, Lilith caught no sight of her. Good. That meant she was hiding well.

Or she left you, a voice in the back of her head whispered, but Lilith ignored the thought. She did use the girl as bait.

Lilith ducked around the librarian's desk and quickly got to work. Who knew how long she had before the librarian managed to stop the book. Lilith wiggled her body under the desk, leaving her vulnerable to what was going on around her. Lilith suddenly realized she could potentially get attacked by that book, but pushed that thought aside as well. She already got this far.

Taking out her quill from her satchel, Lilith crackled the tip on the wooden desk, trying to remain as silent as possible. Using the broken, now flat-headed quill as a screwdriver, Lilith began to unscrew the screws that held the drawer to the rest of the desk from beneath.

The thing about the wizarding world these days was that they were so reliant on magic. Sure, it was helpful, but even being raised in a Pureblood family, Lilith knew that magic wasn't the way for everything—especially other magic related things. Sometimes, it was best to work around magic.

The lock was protected against spells and other means of opening it, but the drawer itself? The same as any other. If Lilith flew her broom at it with enough speed, it'll break. Now she just had to rely on faulty manufacturing.

She got the first screw loose and moved onto the next one. Lilith counted four screws in total. In the distance, she could still hear the made trample of fallen books as the Book of Monsters continued its reign of terror.

The second screw came loose and fell to the floor. Lilith's quill was struggling on the third and kept slipping due to Lilith's own shaky hands. Her adrenaline was soaring high and her heart beat in her chest like a child banging a drum. She never felt more alive.

The third screw came out. The fourth screw broke the rest of Lilith's quill after a few turns, but Lilith managed to do the rest with her hand. The fourth screw fell into Lilith's hand, along with the whole drawer.

Lilith crawled out from the wreckage, searching through the drawer feverishly. Her stomach suddenly dropped. What if the librarian had the keys on her when she was asleep and they were on her at this very moment? All of Lilith's work and Annabelle's sacrifice would have been for nothing.

Any doubts Lilith had disappeared when she found the ring of keys. She held them tightly, restricting them from jingling as she put the drawer back and started to re-screw the screws in with her fingers. She only managed to get them in halfway, but it was good enough. What type of librarian would check her drawers anyway?

Scrambling to her feet, Lilith quickly moved back over to the restricted section and hid behind the corner of the door. Hopefully, that cursed monster book would be caught quickly so the librarian can go back to sleep and Lilith (and Annabelle) could finally get into the restricted section they worked so hard for.

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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

Annabelle held her breath, listening to the ruckus below. She did not dare move for fear of being caught. There was not much room for her to move here anyway. She could see the rafters mere inches away from her and it was quite obvious that they had not been cleaned in years. Cobwebs lined the ceiling, and the smell of dust was becoming nearly unbearable. She felt her nose twitch. No...

"How did you come unlocked!?" The librarian's voice echoed in the isles below. She must have woken and tracked down the Monster book of Monsters. That should have meant that she was a few isles away, but Annabelle could not be certain. How fast did the book travel? How far had it gotten before she had caught up to it. The echoes of the massive library made it near impossible to tell where the noises were coming from.

"A-ah..." Anna's eyes watered as she struggled to hold in the sneeze that was building from the dust. Her nose twitched again, desperate to release it's burden. No! She forced herself to hold it in. The sounds of rustling paper and grunting below may not be enough to cover such a noise. She listened carefully, hoping for a particularly loud moment when she could release the built up pressure without fear. Unfortunately for her, everything soon fell silent.

"Gotcha!" the voice spoke again. "They really ought to put a better lock on this thing. Don't they know first-years have access to this area?"

First-years have access indeed, Annabelle thought with a smirk. She shifted ever so slightly so that she could see the librarian's desk from her perch. It looked the same as it had before. That was either a great sign or a very bad one. Either Lilith had completed her plan and gotten the keys without disturbing the area, or she had taken off and left Anna to take the fall for staying up after curfew. No, she wouldn't do that. The young optimist refused to believe such a thing about her newfound friend.

Hurriedly she crept back down the bookcase, careful not to disturb anything. The librarian was sitting at her desk. She had turned a desk lamp on now, and was recording something in a rather large tome. Perhaps she had to keep a log of disturbances. Either way, Anna was grateful for the distraction. She made her way slowly through the isles, her bare feet only lightly touching the floor.

Suddenly a flood of panic struck the girl. What about her bag? It was still in the corner where she had been studying. Anyone who checked it would see her name written on her homework and know she was here! Sure, she could say that she accidentally left it in the library before going to bed, but how was she supposed to explain the shoes that were resting with it? She rushed to the area, hoping against hope that the librarian had not seen her things.

A small sigh of relief escaped her when she saw that they were just as they had been. Annabelle gathered everything as quickly and quietly as she could, stuffing the shoes inside her bag and sealing it. Some of her books may get shoeprints on them, but it was better than being sent back to detention. Once she had gathered everything, she returned to the restricted section. Lilith was nowhere to be seen.

She wouldn't abandon me here... would she?

Annabelle cannot see Lilith from where she is hiding. I know she's actually right behind the door ^_^

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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

Lilith rolled her eyes in annoyance as she reached through a gap in the bookshelf to grab Annabelle's shoulder and using her other hand to place it over her mouth to stop any screams from the shock of being grabbed from behind may cause. Lilith was nothing if not careful.

Having watched Annabelle make her way back from her wonderful hiding place, Lilith was silently cheering her on in one side of her mind and throwing curses around in her mind if she was to screw up. Good thing the ladder never happened.

"Well, c'mon," Lilith whispered harshly. "Do you want to see what's in the Restricted section or not?"

Lilith softly removed her hands, prepared to replace them if Annabelle decided to start screaming bloody murder or something like that. Moving back around the bookshelves and towards the Restricted section, Lilith made sure the keys made no noise as she moved them into the keyhole.

You should wait till morning, Lilith chastised herself. No, Lilith thought back. "She might notice her keys are missing then. The voices in her head silenced as Lilith put the key labeled, "Restricted Section" into the slot and slowly started to turn it. She could hear the gears in the door move.

Hoping none of the books felt like screaming, Lilith let the door pop open, the hinges squealing quite loudly as it did so. Too loud. The librarian definitely heard that one. Not soon after she thought, quick footsteps started to echo through the silent library to their direction.

Lilith glanced into the Restricted Section, swallowing the lump in her throat. Her mouth felt dry. She They went through so much just to give up know. Maybe Lilith can rush in and shut the door behind her, spending the whole night reading through the books silently and hoping the librarian didn't decide to check in the hiding place, but that would mean leaving Annabelle to the wolves.

She seems like a happy person. She'd be fine, Lilith tried to convince herself, but despite the brilliant facts, Lilith couldn't push herself to walk through the door or leave the door behind altogether.

Lilith took in a deep breath and turned around, grabbing Annabelle's arm. She planned to say, "Sorry, but you know how it works. I can't pass this up. Cover for me, yeah? You'll be fine." but instead, Lilith said, "Let's get out of here before we're thrown into detention until our teeth rot."

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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

A flood of relief came over Annabelle as Lilith emerged from behind the door (even if she did grab her like a kidnapper). She hadn't abandoned the naive young Gryffindor after all. And what was more, she had the keys! Anna smiled at her companion, doing her best to hide her newfound reassurance. It was silly of her to be so suspicious. Lilith may have been a bit abrasive at first, but that was no reason not to trust her, right? Then again, she did give off a particular vibe...

Her joy and relief were not long lived. The two girls seemed to be metaphorically on the edge of their seats as Lilith turned the key in the lock, but the loud noise that echoes from it was certain to attract attention. Sure enough, a faint "What was that?" could be heard from the corner of the room. Annabelle's heart sank. She was going to get caught, to get sent to detention...again... There went everything she had worked so hard for. There was no chance she'd become a Prefect now. Heck, that was the least of her worries. The Library Rules posted on the inside of the door stated that anyone caught breaking into the restricted section was at risk of being expelled.

She looked up at Lilith, her mind reeling in panic. The black-haired girl looked back at her, then at the door, then her again. What was she thinking? The obvious answer was betrayal, but Annabelle refused to believe such a thing. After all, Lilith had been trustworthy up until this point, right? Still, that look in her eyes said something different. Even the little optimist had her doubts. If it came down to it, would she take the fall of this girl? Well... yes. Even if Annabelle had gotten caught, she would never even consider ratting out her fellow student. She would be in trouble anyway and there would be no point in making more enemies. Yet the fear of expulsion loomed over her like a Dementor ready to strike.

"Let's get out of here before we're thrown into detention until our teeth rot."

Anna nodded and came back to her senses. Lilith was trustworthy after all. The young student was still absolutely terrified of course, but if felt a lot better knowing that somebody was on her side. Now they just had to find a way out of here. The clumsy Annabelle would likely not be anyone's first choice in a partner-in-crime, but she did have a few tricks up her sleeve. Noting that Lilith was attached to her by the arm, she took off down the hallway. She ducked and weaved between rows, pausing occasionally to listen for footsteps.

Crap! She held out her hand, indicating for the both of them to stop. The sound of high heels clacking against the wooden floors seemed to be growing ever closer. Anna looked at her compatriot, unsure of what to do. They could not go back toward the Restricted Section of course. Nor could they move forward without running into their doom. What was it Lilith had said about her? Hopefully she'd think it was a cat or something? So much for that. Unless...

A sudden idea struck her worried mind. She inhaled deeply. This had better work.

"Meow!" Annabelle gave her best cat impression, throwing her voice toward the other side of the vast library. One of the many perks of being a drama kid was that she had developed a few useful skills. Puppetry had been one of her favorite subjects at theatre camp and she was not too bad a ventriloquist either. She had never imagined that such a thing would be useful to her for breaking the rules. It did seem to work tough, as the footsteps stopped, then began to fade.

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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

Lilith let her fellow Gryffindor lead her on bravely, stopping when she said. Lilith gave her a wolfish grin when she meowed, attracting the attention of the librarian to the other side of the library. Lilith swiftly moved away from Annabelle, putting the keys back onto the desk. It didn't matter if the librarian had suspicions. Once they were gone, they'd get away with it This time, Lilith took lead and dragged the girl to the door as they escaped from the library.

Lilith ran down the hallways, a savage smile splitting her face as she resisted the urge to laugh aloud. "That was brilliant!" Lilith gasped for air between the small run and her heart rate banging in her chest from the pure excitement of it all. "Absolutely brilliant! You were wonderful, it was very impressive. I didn't think you had it in you. Anyway, I don't think I got your name, Cat."

Turning down another hallway, Lilith hopped up the steps to the grand staircase two at a time, hoping not to wake up any of the portraits. Some of them blinked open to glare at her, but immediately went back to sleep. Taking a breather on the sixth floor, Lilith turned to Annabelle with a sad smirk. "Too bad we didn't get into the Restricted Section. Maybe next time, aye?"

Lilith continued on her way up the steps, eventually arriving at the Gryffindor Common Room. She yelled the password at the Fat Lady, awakening her from her snoring slumber. She grumbled as she opened the door. Before Lilith stepped in, she looked to Annabelle. "Well, it has been fun, but the adventure is over. You're not half bad, Cat."

Stamina: 6; Agility: 6; Strength: 5; Control: 3; Arcane Power: 5; Accuracy: 5