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There Was a House Built Out of Books  Closed 

If the number of people in the library right now was anything to go by, Rowan had chosen the exact same time as the entire castle to do her homework. She could have done most of it in her common room, but she needed to do at least a little research for one of the papers on her list, and she'd already put it off longer than she probably should. If she'd known that this was going to be the state of the library though, she might have just gotten up a little earlier in the morning.

She pushed her way through the crowds of people, finally coming across a free table at the far end of the library. She had to stop herself from letting out a cheer of excitement. How sad was that? She was actually excited at the fact that she could get a table in the library to herself. Theo would be so disappointed in her and her nerdy ways. Shaking her head at herself, she plinked down in the nearest chair, pulling out her books and parchment and getting started on this whole stupid essay.

She wrote one paragraph, then two. And then her attention started to wane, and her progress all but slowed to a stop, unless you counted drawing a very good cartoon cat on her essay was productive. It was just so dull! Not even a subject she cared about. She set down her quill, before her cat became a cat army. That would definitely not benefit her grades. Instead, she started stacking the books on the table in front of her, turning them into a little hut, like muggles used for their dogs. She grinned to herself, pleased with her construction project. Another book from the shelf behind her made a lovely little door. Now she just needed a pet to go along with it!

Looking at her little hut, Rowan was inspired to think bigger. There were millions of books around her - approximately - and if just a few could make a hut, what could she possible make with these shelves and shelves worth of books? She immediately began pulling them from the shelf, stacking them in random piles on the floor, creating walls and corridors and turns. This was so much better than homework!

Footsteps approached, and Rowan looked up. Dang, caught by the librarian, who would probably string her up by her toes for something like this. But she was pleased to find another student. Or, at least, they looked like a student. "Want to help me build a fort?" she asked, just the slightest bit sheepish. She motioned at her construction so far. "Gotta defend ourselves against the evil books, you know." She could only hope that they'd say yes.

There Was a House Built Out of Books  Closed 

Jessica was deep in thought, reading through her astronomy notes for about the thousandth time. It was exhausting to a whole new level, but she knew that the only way for her to do really well was to know everything like the back of her hand. No way would she let petty things like sleep overcome her so she couldn't do well. That's why she probably looked very serious and unwelcoming to others, with her furrowed eyebrows and narrowed eyes. If she saw herself in the mirror she would've thought she was just getting over something that had made her mad.

That didn't last long. Jessica dropped her quill and slumped in her chair, tapping her fingers against the wooden table with an annoyed expression on her face. She had her hair braided in two thick long braids and a black ink stain was smeared across her ear, but it was barely visible. She looked a bit disheveled but really she just wanted something to do. Maybe she really should join the Quidditch team and represent Ravenclaw.

Jessica heard some noise behind her. She turned her head to the side and noticed a girl doing something very, very strange, pile up books like it was some sort of blockade. Jessica raised an eyebrow and chewed on the inside of her cheek listlessly. Focusing back on her work, she scanned the paper, not really reading the words. What she was really thinking about was the correct way to protect oneself from flying books, especially when your only defense was books itself. Jessica sighed and rubbed her face tiredly. She was about to get up and aide the Gryffindor when she saw the girl approaching her instead.

After the girl asked her to help, Jessica at first considered declining but she decided that she really needed to have fun, despite the amount of time she could've spent studying. She eyed the girl's progress wearily and then stood up. "First off, you're not angling them properly, especially since they're flying books themselves, you have to make sure that they barely have room to move so they won't fly away. And then you have to make sure that you covered your own head, of course."
Jessica grinned at the girl and ran towards the pile, ducking and giggling at she went to help build the fort.

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There Was a House Built Out of Books  Closed 

A book fort! This was the best idea she'd come up with in ages! Or, at the very least, it was far better than sitting around and doing her homework would have been. It would be like the blanket-and-pillow fortresses that she and Theo had built when they were at home, only this would stand up far better to attacks, because books were stronger than blankets. Not that she was expecting anyone to be attacking them in the library, or anything like that. But the whole point of a fort was to defend people, wasn't it?

But she couldn't build a fort by herself. Well, she could, but where was the fun in that? So she approached the closest person, asking them to give her a hand. The girl looked at what she'd created so far with an expression that Rowan couldn't read. Did she approach the wrong person? Was this girl going to go and tattle on her for what she was doing? She was beginning to regret even thinking to involve someone else in this process, when the girl started critiquing what she was doing. Rowan grinned, despite the comments on her handiwork, because it obviously meant that this girl was going to help her!

She listened eagerly, eyeing her work. "Wait, what do you mean flying books?" she asked, surprised, when that was brought up. "I thought that was just a rumour." Well, didn't that make things all the more exciting? Their fort could actually get attacked! "So how should we set these up so that we're best defended from these flying books?" she asked. Covering their heads seemed simple enough, but she didn't know much about building steady forts outside of stacking your materials into piles. She grabbed another dozen or so books from the shelf, ready to take the other girl's advice. "I'm Rowan, by the way. Gryffindor."