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Knight Takes Queen  PV Dymphna Teague   Closed 

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The library was seemingly endless. There were thousands of rows of books, with small alcoves and study spaces spread throughout. Because of the sheer scale, it wasn't hard to find a quiet area absent of large clusters of students; plus, a bit of space might let the pair actually share a laugh and have a bit of fun with the activity about to take place.

Thirty-three rows along, five rows back, Sebastian repeated to himself as he rounded the last shelf. I'll get us a small table.

The directions to the meeting point had been shared with Dymphna, so once she returned with the chess board, the pair would be able to play a game or three. From the last time they spoke, Sebastian had shared his interest in chess - or rather, the study and application of outwitting opponents - and had been pleased to hear Dymphna share a willingness to get involved, also.

Now all that remained was to gather the board, the pieces, and play. So, with a glance around at the books on the shelves, each title searing into Sebastian's memory, the boy found a well-lit but quiet table and sat down. While this wouldn't be on a competitive level, Sebastian still wanted to see what Dymphna was made of, and would use the opportunity to assess her skills with planning and reading an opponent...

This is going to be very informative.

Sebastian Leeds
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Knight Takes Queen  PV Dymphna Teague   Closed 

As soon as the Ravenclaw left the ballroom, she booked it to the common room to grab her messenger ball full of school books as well as her new Wizards' Chess set. After their previous conversation involving chess, Dymphna had written to her parents asking for a brand new glass chess set as an early birthday gift. She didn't ask for things often, preferring experiences and parties with her loved ones. Even her extra school supplies came from her allowance, rather large for a near twelve year old but her family claimed that it was because she was a good kid and made good marks on classwork. Privileged, definitely and maybe even a bit spoiled.

Surprisingly the library was open after the whole ball fiasco and for that she was thankful. It would be quiet, more private so they could focus on the game and their studies if they chose to do so. Even only knowing the Slytherin boy for a short while, interacting on a few occasions, Dymphna felt close to him. It wasn't uncommon. She had a soft spot for her fellow students, wanting to make a good impression and fast friendships that would hopefully last a long time. Much like her parents had with their own friends. It didn't hurt that Sebastian was also an individual who yearned for knowledge and they seemed to share a few interests as well.

Shifting her grip on the chess board, the blonde followed his directions to their table. It was only then that she realized they were both wearing their formal attire. "Think they'll expel whoever started the fire?" She said in lieu of a greeting, placing the chess board on the table and getting all the pieces set up. Her bag was sat next to the chair as she took a seat across from him, admiring the quiet area that he chose.

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Knight Takes Queen  PV Dymphna Teague   Closed 

┍━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 🆂🅻🆈🆃🅷🅴🆁🅸🅽 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┑

Sebastian smiled when he saw Dymphna, an expression that was becoming easier around the Ravenclaw student. In the short while they had gotten to know one another, there had been a friendliness for the boy that had developed, and unlike most at Hogwarts, Sebastian enjoyed spending time with Dymphna. They seemed comparable, both enjoying similar things, with the odd hobby or interest being different to bring a new level of curiosity for the boy; and in the end, wasn't that the point of developing friendships, to have someone similar but still different enough to learn something new?

The thought struck Sebastian that he considered Dymphna something of a friend. Or at least what he guessed was an early version of one, a friendly individual on the way to becoming a friend. It was an odd thought, considering the boy's general lack of close relationships prior to Hogwarts, save professional ones with his tutors, and superficial ones with his parents - for the most part.

"Part of me thinks yes," Sebastian said at Dymphna's question, as he watched the chess set being set up, admiring the glass pieces. "Another part of me wants to say no, so that I can meet York and confront him... such a moron, clearly."

Truth was, Sebastian had wanted to speak to Charles York. Not because of any need to befriend the misguided bigot, but simply to outmaneuver him and make York look the fool he was. One didn't act so blatantly, show such a temper, and react so poorly unless he truly was an idiot. Especially considering the gossip about how much York liked to toot his own horn, and praise himself around others, giving Sebastian the impression the boy would have folded as easily as paper with confrontation - similar to how he had at the ball, if what some were saying was accurate...

And that wasn't even including the smear York's actions had on the House.

"Sometimes I wonder what other crazies have been let into Hogwarts," Sebastian mused, giving a wry smile as he looked to Dymphna. Some of the students clearly had issues. "There has to be others who are equally unstable, but can just hide it better... not that I want to think about that, really, considering how dangerous this place can be without students like that."

With a shake of his head, Sebastian looked down to the chessboard. He noted things were in order and prepared.

"Do you have a preference on color? Feel free to pick."

Sebastian Leeds
Sta: 5 | Agi: 8 | Str: 1 | Con: 7 | Arc: 6 | Acc: 8