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Heirloom Discovery  Closed 

Luna found herself entering the library she had not been meaning or perhaps she did mean to come to the library. Ever since she received the family ring as an heirloom she had a lot of questions about its origin or maybe its meaning. It always felt magical and did not have any issue with showing that it knew what was going on around it.
Confused on whether or not there could be magical accessories such as a ring like hers in wizard history would be a neat discovery; however, she feared that if it is it could be taken away from her by the school. Often she would feel it become hot when certain things were presented to Luna, and she could sense something from it. She would ignore it more times than not scared that it was all in her head, but she is seeking answers to what she hopes is not just her mind slowly going insane.
Looking around, she had hoped to find someone to help her with the situation, because no one was in sight at the moment Luna took the opportunity to look among the shelves of books. She loved the smell the library gave off and it had a sense of ancient and new books mixed together in one place.
Luna let her hands lightly run over the spines of the books on the nearest shelve, reading of the titles in her head quietly she saw plenty of books about spells, biographies, and even romance novels. Finally, Luna decided to grab a few books to read while she wanted for someone to come and help, hopefully that would be sooner than later.
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Stay Magical- Luna Nott

Heirloom Discovery  Closed 

Kaede looked around in aw, it was the first time that he'd dared to venture into the library, but nothing could be done about it, he needed more reading material because he had managed to finish off all the manga volumes that he had brought with him and he would have to wait again until one of his parents could owl him another stack of new releases. He walked around, just exploring and taking in his new surroundings. This is amazing. He thought, he had only felt like this once before, when he'd been visiting Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley.

"Whoa, that's a lot of books." Kaede pronounced as he saw the amount that the girl he had come across had. "Need help with those?" He could spare a few minutes or a lot of his time, depending on the subject matter or if he could help in anyway. Though he did wonder what the purpose of the books were. Kaede smiled a little, hoping that he hadn't come across as pushy or noisy. He was really showing some of the traits of his house, he guessed.

Kaede studied the girl a bit, he wondered if she even needed help or wanted to be left alone, he was fine with either. "You can tell me to go away if I'm being annoying."