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Dead on Arrival  PV Charo & Ophelia   Closed 

As their exam dates continued to close in on them, Lettie had been spending more and more time in the library. It was funny, as a lot of her classmates that she didn’t normally see in the library had started to go as well, which she supposed only made sense, but Lettie found it to be bothersome. She really liked having complete silent stillness as she studied, so she preferred for no other people to be around. The thing about Hogwarts was that there were precious few places one could go to be truly alone, so Lettie had to make do with what she had. It was for this reason that she had planned to go to the library on a Saturday evening, as she expected a lot of the other students to be spending their night doing more enjoyable things and hanging out with their friends. She didn’t blame them, as she would much rather be spending time with Benji herself, but she knew there was work to be done. She could see him all she wanted once exams were finally over.

The pages of her History of Magic textbook flickered in the gleaming rays that were projected from the many torches that were lining the library walls. It wasn’t completely empty in the library, but it was certainly better that it had been during the day, so Lettie found it to be at least liveable. Her hair hung around her face like a drape, as she was fully consumed in the chapter on The Goblin Rebellions, which they were to write a two page essay on. She was just reading a paragraph on Albert Boot when she heard something scampering across the floor.

Lettie whipped her head around immediately to find the source of the noise and saw none other than her ginger tabby, Atlas. Before she could ‘coo’ at him and tell him how handsome he was, he leapt directly onto the table and dropped a vile, repugnant dead mouse on her book. Lettie shrieked, jumping out of her chair and almost falling over as she scrambled to get away from the creature.

ATLAS, NOOOOO! BAD BOY!” she wailed at the cat’s retreating backside. It was no use, however; the tabby was gone just as suddenly as he appeared, and Lettie was stuck with a dead mouse laying on top of her textbook. This was not going as planned.
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Dead on Arrival  PV Charo & Ophelia   Closed 

Charo reluctantly walked into the Library. She didn't enjoy going there, Charo didn't read much, and when she did Charo preferred fiction over long, boring history books. But, since exams were coming up, the Hufflepuff had to study as much as she could if she wanted to do well in them. Charo wanted to be well prepared for the tests, she didn't want to do badly on her first exam at Hogwarts. The lessons were, however, not all as interesting as Charo had imagined.

Charo sat down at one of the tables, putting her bag down beside her and looking through it for the books she needed. Charo didn't have to spend very long rummaging through her bag for the books since they were quite large and took up more space than anything else she had in her bag which wasn't much since Charo had only taken what she needed to study. The Hufflepuff leaned back in her chair and opened the page of her book which she was supposed to read. Charo sighed and prepared herself for a long day of studying and reading chapters of the many school books she had been given.

A while passed before she was interrupted. Charo hadn't expected to last this long without getting distracted, but there wasn't much else in the Library to focus on. Charo was in the middle of the chapter she was reading when a loud shriek made her jump. Charo nearly fell out of her chair in surprise, she hadn't expected an explosion of noise like that in the Library. She looked around, trying to find the source of the scream. It wasn't hard to spot her. A Slytherin girl with ginger hair seemed to be the person that shrieked. Charo was curious now. She picked up her book and her bag and slowly approached the red-headed Slytherin. As Charo got closer she could see what had caused the girl to scream. A dead mouse lay on the girl's book. Charo grimaced in disgust. It wasn't exactly a very pleasant sight. "I was really expecting some old, mean librarian to come over and shush you like they do in the movies," Charo said, smiling at the Slytherin girl.

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Dead on Arrival  PV Charo & Ophelia   Closed 

Ophelia entered the library as she released a sigh from her lips. The library was her escape place in Hogwarts, where she was no longer hindered by the constant chatter of other students mingling in the hallways. While the library wasn't completely silent, it was quiet enough to allow Ophelia to gain a little bit of peace. Since both of her parents were large reading advocates, Ophelia practically grew up swimming in books, and while it was quite suffocating having to meet up to their expectations, in a way, it was soothing. If she felt turmoil of any kind and wanted to spend time alone, she would lose herself in the stories of great wizards and witches.

Unfortunately for Ophelia, the studies that suffocated her, and this time in a not so good way, had eaten up all the time she reserved for free time, meaning no reading. Rather, she spent her library trips reading about transfigurations or on herbology rather than of a hero or heroine who saves an entire nation. Even when as she studied, her results that she gained from her classes didn't meet her standards; they weren't perfect, which greatly troubled the young witch. Ophelia wasn't a total bookworm like her parents were, and honestly, she read more for the sake of reading rather than using it as a passion, but she admits that she missed being able to capture herself within each story.

As Ophelia continued to study for each of her next exams, she suddenly heard a harsh scream from across the library. Somewhat irritated, Ophelia looked towards the source of the sound and found another girl, who appeared to be the same year as her based on her appearance, and a tabby cat standing by her. Another girl who also appeared to be the first year was standing there as well. She had come to the library in order to study, and she certainly didn't expect something so abrupt and harsh to interrupt her perfect setting.

Despite this, Oephali was admittedly... curious. She found herself making her way across the room to approach the scene, and before she knew it, a couple of words came out of her mouth: "Is.. everything alright?"