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It had been three years since Pavlina had announced her engagement and was subsequently cast aside. The news struck controversy among the broken family, and not only that, but her wanting to become an Auror, too? It was considered a disgrace to the Stavrou lineage.

Phaedra's parents spoke so much about the importance of blood status and family bonds, yet were so quick to disown their eldest daughter all because of who she loved. Phaedra's parents were hypocrites and she hated them for it, but she hated Pavlina too - all she had to do was fall in line and marry one of the pure-blood men their parents wanted, and their family could be normal again. Instead, she found some muggle-born man far more important than any of them. That was always Pavlina's style; fight for love and everything that's right. Phaedra couldn't say she was surprised it turned out the way it did, but that didn't make it hurt any less. Despite their differences, her big sister was her role-model and greatest friend. Without her, Phaedra felt robbed and bitter.

Phaedra rushed into the library, her brown bag bouncing against her side with every determined step. The Ravenclaw was hit with the smell of dusty old books, and she couldn't help but let out a content exhale. The library was her favorite place in the castle. Thousands upon thousands of books each with a different story to tell made for a great distraction from her problems, and burying her face in one gave her the illusion that she was significantly less lonely than she truly was. She turned sharply for the "Reference" section, pulling her bag over her head and dropping it onto the floor as she went. 

Too short for the taller rows, she settled on starting at the very bottom to make her way up as much as her height would allow. Her dark eyes scanned over tattered spines for anything related to the Ministry or its Auror Department. 

Ever since her sister had been disowned, any attempt of contact with her was met with opposition. Strict curfews, intercepted letters, festivities and parties without invitations extended to her sister and new brother-in-law, and other repulsive tactics were commonplace after the incident. Something even worse, however, was the sudden change in her parents. Phaedra briefly recalled back to one traumatic moment, when she was dragged out of her bedroom to labor away for hours on their grand piano, with any wrong notes or rhythms being met with yelling and a stinging swat to her fingers. Her mum must've thought that if they lost the first girl, they would have to prevent the second one from following suit by any means necessary.

Reliving the memory, she let out a choked sob, only to realize it was the library and she could be heard. Biting her lip, she lifted an arm to wipe away those stubborn tears and took a deep breath - she was far away from her parents, in Scotland now. She could owl whoever she damn well pleased, and today was the day. She would just have to find her sister's residence. Problem was, three years without contact, Pavlina could be anywhere in Britain. She wiped the back of her wet hand on her skirt and bent back down to continue searching.

After the water in her eyes cleared, the girl saw the first book to catch her eye, titled Modern Auror History. Phaedra grabbed it, and turned to lean her back against the shelf.

Her sister was married and an Auror-in-training now - that much Phaedra knew. Maybe she could find her sister mentioned somewhere in the book, and with a new surname from marriage, she could discover Pavlina's new residence, or even who she worked under. It's worth a shot, she thought, eagerly opening the red book to its first page.
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Parcel squinted with his eyes to try and get a better look at the books furthest up on the shelf. His classes were done for the day, and in a lack of anything better to do he had decided to scour through the library for books of any interest. That's what led him to the quidditch section.
He let out a sigh, he found a book he wanted to read. The only problem, it was on the highest shelf.
Parcel scratched a scar on his cheek while thinking. He looked around to see if anyone was around. But all he could see was the bookshelf's all around him.

He brushed the dust of his shoes by scrubbing them against the back of his pants before he put his right leg on the lowest hanging shelf. Gripping another shelf with his hand he could feel the dust that had gathered after the last time anyone had taken a book from the self. Hoisting himself up he started climbing. It wasn't far up, but trying to climb up as quiet as possible while constantly looking around to make sure that no one see him, made him feel like this was a true act of bravery.
Brushing his hands on the side of his sweater to get rid of some of the dust and then getting a better grip on the shelf he pulled himself up the last step. And there! he glimpsed the book he was looking for. Quidditch tactics in theory and practice: From the early to late 18th-Century. "Yes, yes, not the most exiting title" Parcel thought, but was it worth it? "Yes, definitely!"
He seized the book before letting go of the shelf and landing as smoothly as possible on the floor below.

Standing up straight and checking again that nobody is around he lifts the book up in both hands turning around in a circle. Feeling like he is one of the heroes from the old wizarding stories he grew up whit he imagined people gathering in a crowd around him ready to cheer over his accomplishment. And he... And he! he was of course ready to receive the praise! This was after all a amazing achievement! To climb the deprived bookshelf of imminent peril and overcoming it's doom?! unheard of! absolutely Amazing!
The imaginary crowd lifted their hands ready to clap!
The imaginary crowd open their mouth ready to cheer!
Parcel keeps spinning in a circle ready to receive the praise from all around!
And he hears! Aaaaaaand heeeEEEEE HEARS A CHOKED SOB!!!! YEEEEAHHH!!!
wait.. a choked sob?..
Parcel quickly puts his arms down and looks around again, did someone see him?
Finding nobody in his immediate vicinity he walks out of the row of bookshelf's he was in between and turns around the corner to the next row of shelf's.
There a girl is standing, reading a book. Although she was reading a book her eyes were puffy, and it looked like she had been crying.
Tilting his head so he could read the title of the book she was reading he tried to get her attention "Umm, are you okay? I thought i heard someone crying, you know, if you really want to be a Auror that bad you still have plenty of time.. right?"
He scratched the scar on his chin a bit embarrassed, thinking about if he should have brought up that he heard sobbing or just have let it pass.

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At the sudden appearance of someone peering on in her peripherals, Phaedra perked her head up from between dusty pages and made awkward eye contact with the new face. As evident by his scarlet and gold tie, he was a Gryffindor. Normally that house tended to be alright in Phaedra's eyes - a tad overbearing at times, but respectable nonetheless. At this particularly embarrassing moment, however, she was caught crying, and did not look forward to someone trying to be her hero of sorts.

She had originally come to do the research on her own, and she hoped he would stay a distance away and forget he had ever seen anything, but instead, he began to make his way towards her. As the Gryffindor got close enough to analyze the library book, she brought the thing closer to her chest and twisted her body away from him. He ended up catching a glance of the book's title anyway, and Phaedra's bewildered scowl diminished into a thin line, her lips pressing together in annoyance as he read off the subject matter.

He had passively mentioned the crying. Of course he would notice - it was quiet where they stood, and even more obvious to the fact were her red and puffy eyes. "Tsk. I'm not the aspiring Auror in my family," Phaedra began, securely tucking a fallen strand of hair behind her ear. "That would be my... my sister." Sister. Saying such a simple word had managed to leave her mouth feeling dry. It was a term she hadn't used in reference to Pavlina in years. Bitch and disappointment usually sufficed amongst the adults at the dinner table, for a while at least, until they quickly ran out of their enthusiasm. After a couple of months, the family settled for not even acknowledging the reject by any name at all. A wave of guilt hit her whilst thinking back to those memories; she could have stood up for her sister, yet she didn't. Her free hand went to rub at her temple. She could feel a headache brewing; this was all too much at once.

"Listen, don't be so loud, I'm begging you. This is kind of personal, and I don't need anyone finding out." Her right hand fell from her forehead to gently fan the boy away, as if she were shooing away a dog begging for treats. "So if you don't mind, you may toodle along, now. Um... Please. And don't tell anyone you saw me crying!" 

Hey, sorry the reply is late! Honestly, Phaedra is just being difficult. With a bit of coaxing she'd allow Parcel to assist her.

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Parcel glanced down at the hand shooing him away before looking back at her face. He didn't really understand the girl, who would cry in the library, and then when you come to ask if they are ok, you just get shooed away. "Was it his fault she was sad? no. So why would she be so cold towards him? was it just this girl, or are all girls like this? wait, should i know this already? Are there etiquette? Do i know to little about girls?" Thinking over how the girl seemed pretty cold he got the mind to just leave her be.
He lifted his hands in the air as if surrendering he started to turn around. "Was there any reason for him to cheer here up anyway?"

Thinking about it he couldn't really find any reason to stay.
While thinking this he could almost feel the disappointed look his mother would give him if he just left a girl sad like this. Behind his mother he could imagine his grandfather crouching down on his knees in defeat either banging his fists on the floor or biting excessively over a handkerchief, blaming himself for not raising his grandson better.
Then he would be dragged along by said grandfather for all types of training until he finally understood how a real man of the Myth house was supposed to act. He never understood how training on dueling stances and such would ever make him more of a honorable man, neither the honorable or the man part, but that was just the way it was his grandfather wold say.
After long days of training with his grandfather he would try to sneak up to his room as quietly as possible as not to wake the beast within. Like many times before he entered Hogwarts, this time would probably be all the same, and the sleeping beast in his house, his mother, would mercilessly drag him trough etiquette in how to treat a "lady". Which mostly meant cleaning out his mothers alchemy lab or doing errands for here. And where would his father be in all this?... probably slouching about in a chair somewhere, reading the paper. In fact, he seemed to understand as much about both etiquette and girls as Parcel himself.
While almost feeling the looming form of his mother and grandfather over him, with glowing eyes piercing into him. Just daring him to leave this girl alone like this... his courage wasn't strong enough. He might be in Gryffindor, but no way he had enough courage to face those two if they ever found out about it..

Before being able to even take a step away from the girl he turned back around. He brushed some dust from the front of his pants. Straightened his shirt collar and cuffs. He took his time before looking at the girl. He thought about what he should say. He stuck his tongue just a little bit out of his mouth and..

Made a fart noise with his mouth..
"Are you stupid, Stupid?"
"There is no way i can leave you alone crying by your self in a library, do you know how sad that sounds? crying in a library? Ohh, what did you do today? nothing much, just cried in the library... that's just sad."

Trying to find the best words to explain how he felt about the whole situation, he ended up babbling a lot of un-necessities instead.
"Oh! And now you have brought me into this to! If my monster, ugh, i mean mother, finds out about me leaving you here alone i wouldn't be able to bear it! And don't try to run away from me! I will follow you all the way to your commonroom asking you REALLY loudly about why you were crying in the library"
Feeling like he had escaped the two imaginary looming shadows he let out a relived sigh.
"And i'm Paracelsus by the way, Paracelsus Adger Myth. But you can call me Parcel.... no, really... pleas call me Parcel"

It's okay, i had a pretty hectic week myself, so i wouldn't have been able to reply before the weekend anyways. And, umh, Parcel might not be the best at coaxing, or really treating anyone delicately liket that in the first place, but he has a crippling fear of his mother finding out he ever treated a girl disrespectfully, or at least the way he sees as disrespectfully.(it's a upbringing thing i think) but yeah, with that driving force he might just stick on here until he thinks she's happy whether she likes it or not(because apparently he don't think that's acting disrespectfully...)
OH, and by the way, i noticed that i wrote he has ha scar on his cheek, i meant chin, he has a scar on his chin, bloody second language, i get them mixed up sometimes :sweatingbullets:

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