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🏳️‍🌈Welcome to the LGBTQIAP Club!🏳️‍🌈

This is a club for all of those Witches, wizards and wixes that are part of the
LGBTQIAP like me! (Jane Victoria) But not only for them, this club is also for supporters who acccept them as for who they are.
Everything in here will take place in-character
Rules n’ Stuff

Please be Respectful and don’t be rude, honestly just leave if you are homophobic or simply dislike these types of stuff. In here you can all talk in character and out of character, all of you can talk to each other and ask for advice. If any of you are having troubles don’t worry! We will be here for you!


Jane Victoria || First year | Bisexual! | They-them
Rorie Thomson  || First year | Bisexual!
Lily Gray  || First year | Pansexual! | She, her

Cheryl Gorham  || First year | Bisexual! | She, her
Elena Jones  || First year | Demisexual!
Cara Moore  || First year | Bisexual!
Dmitri Jones  || First year | Gay!
Augustus Pyke  || First year | Asexual!
Phoebe McCrary  || First year | She, her
Elliot Braginsky  || First year | Lesbian! | She, her
Elijah Huang  || First year | Asexual | He, him
Koko Riddle  || First year | Straight Ally | She, her

Stella Rose || First Year
Arran Magdaleno || First year
Sonya Carlson  || First year | Pansexual! | She, her
Ero Hallister  || First year | Pansexual!
Miko Limof  || First year | Bisexual! | He, him
Rosie Parker  || Second year
Marrisa North  || Second year
Ami Procoppio  || Second year | Lesbian! | She, her

Ember Jones  || First year | Sapiosexual! | She, her
Samara Heart  || First year | Lesbian!
Elio Fairchild  || First year
Morgan Kang  || First year | Pansexual! | He, her, them
Henry Reed  || First year | Gay!
Vales Minter  || First year | Bisexual! | She, her
Ash Rivers  || First year | Pansexual! | She, her

Sorrel Wright || Head of Griffindor | Herbology Proffesor || Lesbian!


 That’s a lot! Who knew there were this many lgbtq members at Hogwarts? Jay Victoria set down the paper and started to put up a poster of all of the lgbtq flags, today Jay was planning to play a little game of guess the flag— Jay themself sucked at this game but they knew that there was someone who probably knows all of the flags. With excitement Jay quickly took some sticky notes and posted them on the names below each flag. They then stood by the door waiting for the rest of the members to arrive!
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<They/Them pronouns>


Elena Jones stood outside the door to the club, waiting and looking around. Part of her wasn't really sure if she should go in, she knew she was different sure, but when she'd tried to find out what it was in a book. She just couldn't figure it out.

She wasn't asexual, she'd had one crush ever and that had taken years to form. The little booklet she'd found at the end hadn't really covered many beyond Gay, Bi, Trans, and Ace. So now Elena was here, hoping that someone inside might have the answers for her. The blue-haired girl swallowed and pushed open the door, her usual bluster had been drowned in her fear of the unknown.

Elena reached up and carefully pushed the door open, she saw someone with green hair inside, well, it was a nice colour too. Maybe she could ask where they got their hair dye, she'd been running low recently, but maybe she'd let her normal colour take over.

"Um, hi, I'm Elena. Here for the meeting?" The blue-haired girl rubbed her arms nervously and looked around, "Am I early? I didn't mean to be early, I can help you set up if you want. I'm pretty good at stuff like that."

"I got my ticket for the long way 'round, the one with the prettiest of views."
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The closer Rosie got to the club room, the more she thought that it was a bad idea.

She had been stressing so much about her secret being revealed, but here she was, walking to a club that was just about her "issue". She wasn't trying to think of it as one, but for her, someone who was scared of being confronted about her sexuality, it was. Rosie hadn't even told her dads, but now a group of random people, maybe one or two actually being people she knew, were going to know the truth. This was it. It was now or never.

By the time she was actually shaking and regretting her decision, she was already in front of the club. Rosie clenched and unclenched her fists a few times to get her hands to stop shaking, and took a deep breath. If it got bad, she could just leave. Besides, if she got nervous, she could say she's just a prefect making sure nobody else was being rude. Perfect! That would work.

She internally slapped herself in the face. No! You have to learn how to confront your fears, you loser. Rosie was a bit offended at herself calling herself a loser. Rude. She loosened her tie a bit out of nervousness, and finally entered the club room. Ah, barely anyone was there, even better. She let out a quiet sigh and let her eyes fall on the two people in the room. She didn't recognize either of them. Great start. She looked at the flags, rolling out her shoulders a bit. Rosie only recognized the rainbow flag. ... Nice. She forced herself to appear somewhat confident and outgoing, turning to the other two people.

She made her way over back to the door and waved at the two. "Hello! I'm not sure if I'm early or not, but... I can also help if you need it!" Rosie grinned at, presumably the founder of the club. She wanted to say how happy she was that someone came forward to make a safe space for kids like her, but that could be saved for another time.



Im Jay, Jay Victoria. Oh and I’ve already set everything up and stuff,”” Jay said then followed by a nervous chuckle. They couldn’t give up now... After all they created this club to support other like them. Suddenly, someone else entered, “Oh, hello I’m Jay,” They said once again. “Today we’ll be playing a game, I’m actually kind of nervous since well—” Aaand their it was, mood change just like that, “First of all I want to make something clear. My pronouns are ‘they/them’ got that? If you don’t use the right pronouns you will regret it,” Jay said very darkly, but their facial expression changed all of a sudden— again.

It was such a pain in the buttocks for them to have a terrible mood changing mind. At least their anger issues are sort of getting better, last summer they punched someone in the face for not giving them their sketchbook back. Now that was definetly much better than the other things they would of done in the past. Jay then took a piece of paper and pen and gave it to the two members, “Here is the check in sheet, just put your name, year, house, and date.”
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<They/Them pronouns>


Elena took the sheet and scribbled her details down in her remarkably legible handwriting, she missed pens, maybe if she asked a couple of the professors they might let her use a pen instead. The ink got everywhere and in her opinion was a disaster waiting to happen.

Elena smiled and nodded, "They and them, got it. No worries, there were plenty of non-binary kids where I'm from, so I should be able to remember. Don't hesitate to yell at me if I slip up though."

It was sort of sad to think about the past, so many children had been kicked out of home just because of the fact they wanted to be themselves. She herself had met more than her fair share of transgender street kids and a non-binary student was almost comforting. It made the fact she hadn't met anyone like her even more confusing though, she could've sworn that they had every possible letter out there.

"So, what are we doing today? If you don't mind me asking, also is there any chance you have some kind of book or something I could read, I sort of don't know some stuff..." Elena handed the clipboard over to the other girl that had come in.

"I got my ticket for the long way 'round, the one with the prettiest of views."
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Sorrel Wright had been one of the staff team's most firm advocators about the perils of working closely with students, but above all else, a defender of persevering their innocence. Every fibre of the shy woman's being screamed out in protest at the very idea of publicly telling a group of Hogwarts children about her own sexuality when she had been treated like rubish as a child. Smoothing her shaking and sweaty palms on her dress, Sorrel looked down at her outfit in distaste.

In all truth, she had been scared of showing up to talk to the children of the club. Then she had thought about Rosie Parker and deemed the cause too important to shy away from, even if she wanted nothing more than to hide in the corner and cry. Children scared her, but maybe there was a small trace of Gryffindor courage building up in Sorrel's veins.

Sorrel's dress was rather plain by her standards, just a yellow smock that was covered in mud and dirt. In truth, she had been in the greenhouses, even though they were under Bryony's care. She had spent hours covered in dirt and muck, trying to shovel away from her sadness through the painstaking work. With every thrust of the shovel and every weed yanked out of the soil, she could almost feel normal again. She almost could feel the presence of her bird, instead of a million problems regarding the quidditch world cup and the return of figures from her past.

Sighing, Sorrel's hands shook as she reached out to pet something. Something that wasn't there. Grimacing and stifling a gasp, Sorrel felt her eyes well up. The loss of Rhys, her pet bird, hit her hard at the strangest times. Shoving her hands into the pockets of her mud covered dress, Sorrel took a step into the room and cracked a smile.

The willfulness of kind-hearted youth often took Sorrel off guard. Looking at the poster with all the flags, she felt a certain sense of pride swelling in her chest. Pride for the children of Hogwarts, who years after Sorrel had been at school, were able to finally accept each-other. In that second, Sorrel promised herself that all the children in the room were to be under her protection. What little protection that a herbology crazed woman who ran a house full of rambunctious children could provide.

Seeing Rosie Parker, Sorrel waved once, offering the child a smile bright enough to light the whole room. She paid attention to the two others, studying the blue haired girl and the one of her own house who introduced themselves as Jay.

The other girl didn't say her name, so Sorrel presumed she had already said it. Kneeling down to sign her name, Sorrel said nothing for a moment as she wrote out everything.

Then the timid professor smiled at the three children. "Hello, I'm Sorrel. I know two of you already. Jay, you're in my house, aren't you? And Rosie, I'm so glad to see you. You look very pretty today." Sorrel grinned at both of them and Elena. They were just children, what harm could they do?

"This was quite a lovely idea, and the setup is quite beautiful." Sorrel commented, overcome with her own shyness again, even though she was around children years younger.

Sorrel Wright
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Rosie was a bit taken off guard by Jay's sudden mood switch. Pronouns didn't seem to be too hard! She could get used to 'they/them', it was a different way of referring to someone, that was for sure, but it wasn't bad in any way. They were valid, and that was that. When Rosie opened her mouth to respond, the girl next to her was already talking. It caused Rosie's eyebrow to raise. She was almost impressed that the girl already had so much experience. While the girl was talking, Rosie signed her name and other information at the sign up sheet.

When she found that it was her turn to talk, she leaned up at smiled at Jay. "Don't worry! I might mess up a few times, but I'll be sure to respect them." She said, reassuringly. Though, Rosie would've been lying if she said how Jay threatened them didn't unsettle her. But, her smile brushed off any potential nervousness that would've been given off. Rosie moved some hair behind her ear, and she put her hands into her pockets.

She heard the door open again, and she glanced up to see who had entered. Rosie's ember eyes immediately lightened up to see that the person who had walked in was no one other than Professor Wright. Thank God. The only person she had come out to was at the club! She immediately felt more comfortable with her around. Rosie fiddled with her robe sleeves nervously after she took her hands out of her pockets.

When Sorrel complimented her, she felt a burst of pride explode like tiny fireworks in her chest, and her face flushed red. She let out a little giggle and smiled up at her professor. "Thank you, you look beautiful today too!" She didn't even say beautiful. Rosie she didn't say beautiful.

Maybe this club was a good idea after all, she needed a few lessons on talking to girls.



Oh this was going to be great! Jay thought with sarcasm, but what could go wrong with their mood swings? “Today we are going to introduce ourselves once everyone is here, and then we are going to play a little guess the flag game,” Jay replied with a smile, “And I just wanted to say that I have certain mood swings... So sorry in advance if it happens,” They explained. Jay really hoped their mood swings would just end. It was very annoying. Jay suddenly realized that they were digging their nails into their palms. Ugh I have to get rid of this habit... Jay thought taking a quick look at the small scars on their palms. 

Then the door opened and Proffesor Wright entered, “Oh h-hi Proffesor,” They said as she entered, then she complemented the setup. “Thank you, it really isint much...,” Jay said with her face going a little red. No one ever complimented them. Never. Her guardian rarely complimented them, or his friends. If they did it would mostly be things like, ‘Oh I love the way you can read so fast,’ or, ‘Oh, you might grow up to be a dark witch,’ but for the second one Jay barely saw it as a compliment. 
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<They/Them pronouns>


Sonya walked into the room where this meeting was being held. She was exited to meet people who were lgbt and wanted to learn more about the community. She honestly had never really given much thought to who she liked. She just ended up liking whoever she liked and was always okay with that. Sonya was raised to be open minded and her family was as well. Her uncle was gay and her married a nice man and became part of the family, she never heard any other family members say anything bad about it. She thought it was fine to like whoever you like and wanted to meet other people who thought the same thing.

"Hello there. I'm Sonya, Sonya Carlson," she introduced herself to the people in the room with a smile. She kinda knew everyone there. Elena was in band with her, Rosie was a prefect of Hufflepuff, Professor Wright used to teach herbology, and Jane was the leader of the club. Although she never really got the chance to speak to these people, she was glad she could at least put names to faces and became a bit more relaxed. She was exited to get on with the club and meet more people.

"Life is never what you plan"


Henry was stood outside of the club, his hands were shaking and he was attempting to control his breathing. He was only eleven, why was he here again? Oh right, because of the many conversations with his sisters about who was hotter between Thor or Loki. Definitely Thor. Henry just wanted to try and see what other people say about the topics of LGBT. His dad wasn't homophobic, just thought that he should wait till he was 18 to decide his sexuality. His reaction to walking in on his kids having a fashion show was certainly a funny one, even if Patrick (his older brother who was happily dressing up) was fully confident in his sexuality of being straight at the time, their dad had automatically shut it down and shoved the lads off to go play outside and leave the girls to it. It had just been an unspoken topic in the house that Henry has always had stereotypical traits of a "gay male", but it was just Henry, so nobody mentioned it. Now that he'd joined the cheer squad, Henry figured he might as well try to figure out this confusing ordeal.

And that's how he found himself walking into the club. Until he froze, that was. There was a professor in here, and three girls. Was he in the right place? What if he wasn't even gay? Were there other boys even in this club? Henry's mind was too busy whirring through different questions and possibilities to register that he had indeed stopped in his tracks a few cm away from the door.

You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf.


If Elena was confused about this whole thing then the kid that stopped at the entrance was scared. She recognised him from a couple of different clubs, theatre arts and cheerleading in particular. Poor kid looked terrified, so Elena decided to drag him in Elena Style. Which meant she'd keep talking and being generally excited until he was in a seat and ready to go without even realising what had happened. Using cons for good, reminded her of a tv show she'd seen once. Leverage, she thought it was called.

"Oh hey Henry! It is Henry right, it's awesome to see you here, thanks so much for coming. Come on let's get you a seat!" Elena grinned and jogged over, he really did seem a bit scared, so hopefully this plan would work.

She slung an arm over his shoulders, "Just so you know, Jay over there with the fantastic green hair has they/them pronouns. They organised all of this, did you know? Isn't that cool! Also Professor Wright is in here, so you know the professors approve. You've met Sonya before I know that, that girl over there is Rosie. I'm Elena. Once again it's really cool to see you here!"

"I got my ticket for the long way 'round, the one with the prettiest of views."
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Henry'd jump slightly as he was pulled from his thoughts at the girl's voice. Elena, he immedietly put a name to the face. Henry was sure she'd been in almost every club he'd tried out for, though he didn't really expect her to be in this club. Perhaps he was just being his usual wary self and thought she was different than she actually is. After all, she did greet him happily and remembered his name. That was more than his dad does half the time.

When her arm went around his shoulder, he tensed for a moment before forcing himself to relax. He tilted his head to look at her as she spoke, introducing the others.

Jay, green hair. Sonya, he recognised her. Rosie, seen her in the halls sometimes. And of course, Professor Wright. He'd gotten an E on her homework for herbology, which he was pretty happy about. Though again, he hadn't expected any teachers to join so this was a mix of a shock and a pleasant surprise.
Elena probably expected a reply, he realised after he'd scanned over the group of people once Elena had introduced them all. He couldn't help but notice that it was a small group, though it's possible he was just early.
"Hello..ah, yes, Henry's my name..nice to see you all."

You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf.


Vales stood, silent by the door, debating whether to walk in or not, and if she did, what to say. It would be simple to say she was a straight ally, would be a lie. Did Vales really want to lie? Her dads did always tell her that she was a horrible liar, so it wasn't certain that the people inside would believe her anyway. Even if she wanted too, Vales was just beginning to figure herself out, and wasn't quite sure what label to call herself, and that added another level of stress to the young ravenclaw's life. Vales had always wanted the answers to everything, and this was one of the questions she just couldn't answer yet. Maybe if she came back later? When she'd figure everything out?

No. Vales was already there. It would be of no use to go back now. Pasting a fake smile on her face to feign confidence, she walked in. A few people were already gathered around the room, and a tiny bit of Vales's nervousness relaxed when she saw Elena. They had a lovely conversation about the arts, and it was nice to see somebody here she knew. There was someone else she knew, a boy who had also tried out for cheerleading and the theater arts club. Henry? That sounded like his name. A professor was also in the room, and Vales recognized her as Professor Wright.
"Hello, I'm Vales. " She said quietly, introducing herself to everyone in the room.

“You don't spend your life hanging around books without learning a thing or two.”


Miko was walking to the club room, feeling confident for his first time confronting his sexuality. That was going for a while until he was in front of the door. He kept wondering if the people wouldn't like him or maybe they are mean. The boy shook the thought out of his head and slowly walked into the room. There was Rosie which he knew was a prefect, a green haired boy, a blue haired girl, and a Proffessor which was all he could see now.

"U-uh hi guys and gals and other people. I-I'm Miko heh. he stuttered. Wow was he nervous! You idiot! You've already messed it up! Miko was scolding himself in his own mind. The Hufflepuff facepalmed and stared at the ground. "Am I late?" he asked, quickly.

Miko was messing around with his fingers and sat at the table keeping quiet in case he disturbed some of the other members. This was nerve wracking for him, although some of these people were kind of cute uh nice. Young Limof placed his head on the table and sighed. So much for a first encounter, the others probably thought he was weird by now! What a fail.

We could get killed! Or worse, EXPELLED

-Hermione Granger


Oh god. More people were coming.

When Rosie looked at the door, nobody was there. She turned away for at the VERY least five seconds, and when she looked to the door more people were piling into the room. She stiffened up felt the noise around her muffle. Her hands, that she had shove into her pockets, had started to shake. And her already pale face seemed to lose it's color. What was she thinking? She wasn't ready. Too many people would know. It was supposed to be a safe space, and it was, but Rosie wasn't ready for everyone to know her secret. The same secret that made her father break down into tears, because of all of the people who put him down for being himself. For liking the same gender.

With a shuddering breath, Rosie whirled around her, her long hair following her as she dashed out of the room, closing the door and running down the hallway. Her eyes were brimming with tears, her chest was tightening. The noises around her were still muffled, and Rosie was starting to really panic. What was happening to her? She brushed her hair out of her watery eyes and continued down the hallway.

This event would be known as Rosie's first panic attack.

Exeunt Rosie

ooc note: sorry it's so short! my writing muse has been at a bit of a loss lately. :')
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