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A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

Hogwarts was a beautiful place to live and study. Ben found himself constantly amazed at the wonders around him and how he could find something new each night. This wasn't his first late night Prefect patrol with his partner in crime anti-crime, Bloom. That said, it felt like one of the more beautiful nights so far. They had been assigned to some of the higher floors tonight which made for better views of the stars and moon. Towers and walls were less likely to get in the way the higher they went. Nature was always something Ben enjoyed observing, though it was for beauty not for study. Some stared at the stars and moon to get messages while others for their aesthetics.

Amazing. From this floor and this giant window, which itself is super cool, I can see... everything. The grounds with the stars reflecting in the Lake, the Moon with its soft glow casting shadows... This is way better than my old house for views... and everything.

The pair of Prefects had just reached the corridor leading up to the owlery and Ravenclaw's commons. Next stop was likely heading up but he stopped here to talk to Bloom. Partly so he could see the view some more and partly because he didn't want to be overheard which might embarrass his friend. His conversation with Felicity earlier that day had sparked some curiosity in the young Ravenclaw. He knew it was best to straighten it out quickly before it became weird.

"Bloom, hold on," he said as he stopped and fell a few feet behind. "I need to talk to you about something. It's... well... I... it's a bit awkward."

Wow way to make it worse than it was. Smooth move idiot. Now what is she thinking? If she really wanted a date she'll think I don't. Well, I don't! But... ugh!

Bloom had a glow to her it seemed. The slightly tinted glass with the clear moonlight being reflected through it cast an odd shade into the room. It went well with her. Her eyes had seemed to sparkle as if one of the stars above had fallen down and made a new home there. The constant smile warmed up the room that otherwise was cold due to their height, the wind, and the fact that it was night. Even though he fell behind for literally one second he found himself missing that view of her. Ben found himself waiting for her to turn and looked forward to her smile.

The light plays great tricks. She looks cool. Ha yep real cool. Like a friend. A cool friend that obviously wasn't trying to get a date with me. Ha.
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A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

The thought of patrolling late at night was uncommon for Bloom. This was her first time on the job with her partner, Ben Eckenrode, and Bloom would not have it any other way. Well, perhaps, some sort of tea to help her up. But even so, it was very much exciting and the emotions that were running high in her mind and body was keeping her up anyway.

They were assigned to take their patrols on the seventh floor and towers that were nearby. Bloom looked out the windows from time to time as they were walking and saw how beautiful their view was. She was glad that they had the seventh floor. The thought of patrolling the dungeons made her uncomfortable. No windows and filled with Slytherins, it would be terrible.

It was time for them to go towards the Owlery when Ben had stopped her. She was smiling, wondering what it could be about. He began to stammer on his words and she began to think about how she was nervous when she told Reid that she liked him. Was Ben about to do the same? she thought, ready to hear the words she wanted to hear.

"Don't worry, Ben. Just tell me," she said, her hand on his arm, a smile glowing on her face. She definitely had a strong feeling about this and it made her giddy on the inside.

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

It was obviously no secret Ben was nervous to discuss what he had heard with his friend. He really valued her as a friend and did not want to ruin the friendship by being weird. He felt lucky that she was so warm and friendly. It truly made talking to her easier. They could talk about anything it felt like even though they'd known each other for one day. In Ben's eyes that was the making of best friends. If his father had been in school with him, he would have slapped Ben in the back of the head by now. Unfortunately for Bloom, Ben's dad was far away at the present time. 

"Earlier today I was bored between classes, took a walk around the halls," he felt the burden lifting already and her hand felt warm on his arm. "Felicity found me and she said something odd... not odd... something interesting."

Ben stopped himself for a moment and smiled at Bloom. He was trying so hard to be diplomatic about this. He had to do everything possible to make sure his friends didn't fight him, each other, or both. Bloom was his best friend already and he hoped this didn't change it to an awkward partnership.

What do I say next? She said you were dating me? That we had a date? That you like me? What do I do! Ugh  abort!  No... It's too late now. She probably knows already now that I said as much as I have!

"I'm curious if I missed something or if she is just being her silly self," he added, not ever actually saying the word date out loud.

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

Bloom nodded slowly, disappointed that it wasn't what she thought. He began to talk about Felicity and it made the conversation awkward. She wondered where this was going. Why would he need a serious conversation after talking to Felicity? Bloom began to think about her past experiences with Felicity. She had seen her in passing, but then there was also the...


Bloom forgot to tell Felicity that the date with Ben was a lie to get back at Reid. Bloom had a feeling that perhaps this was it. Should she interrupt him or let him speak out his mind? Bloom wanted to keep their friendship strong. If she interrupted him, then she ruined his chance to express himself. She felt so stupid to tell Felicity and Reid that she was going on a date with Ben. Of course Felicity would run into Ben of all people.

Bloom was now freaking out, but she held it in. The worst part of it all was that Ben was not telling her right away. He seemed so flustered with telling her about the situation. What would Bloom say? She was getting back at Reid? She actually does like Ben? Bloom was stuck in thought with something to come out and say, but she knew she had to be supportive of his decision to talk to her about it.

"Well, what is it?" she asked, trying to get him to spill if she was right this whole time about the fake date.

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

Well this tells me nothing. She isn't volunteering the info... if I say it I will be introducing the idea! She has to know? What do I dooooOooooOoooo?

Ben was trying hard to read Bloom for any reaction but he couldn't get anything. He was going to have to say it and that made him nervous once more. It calmed him a bit to see her smile and the way the light reflected off of her. It was a wonderful sight that such a powerfully beautiful night time sky provided them. His emotions were calmed just looking at her.

The night sky really makes her seem friendlier. Maybe I can tell her.

"Felicity said we had a date," he said, trying to sound as cool and calm as possible. "Did I miss us setting that up in my tiredness? Is she being silly?"

Never was the young Ravenclaw Prefect more focused than he was now. He essentially gave her a choice to back out or tell the truth no matter what the truth was. Ben felt like he had been successful in his diplomatic work with the women. He wanted to know the answer so badly. Even if it was just a faded smile, a frown, or an explanation... he had to know.

If she wants a date, what do I say? She's a friend. Awkward dating ruins friends. And we work so close together we need to at least be friends. No matter what, I have to support her. But do I turn her down? That might hurt it just as bad, or worse, than saying yes. I should say yes. For her. I'd hate to see that beautiful smile go away...

Ben's mind was going so fast while he waited, but after the initial bit all he could think about was how beautiful she was tonight. She was intelligent and it showed in her eyes and confidence. That sparkle didn't go away even if she wasn't looking at the stars. Her attention was totally on him and he felt like the most important person on the planet. If he could make no one else happy but she was looking at him like this, he would be okay. The Scottish kid's cold heart was melting slowly. If slowly was nearly instantly, that is.

I hope it was a date. What's wrong with me? Don't get hopes up... she is just a friend. We can't be more. She has shown zero signs of being interested, I'm just being dumb.

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

Bloom's heart began to pound. This was it, he had finally asked the question that she dreaded. What was she going to do? Tell him the truth or tell a lie. If she lied, all that would come of it was one lie after another. It would be neverending. Plus, who would ever learn to like a liar? Bloom, of course, wouldn't. So why would he?

Her stomach began to churn and she took a deep breath. She needed some air first before telling him. She walked towards the open window and looked outside. She then looked back at Ben and gave a small smile.

"I may have lied to Felicity...," she started, her body feeling as though she needed to vomit. After taking in some fresh air, she walked back to Ben, her hands fig-leafing in front her, fidgeting with her fingers nervously.

"A couple nights ago, I confessed to someone that I liked them. Well, he didn't like me back," she said, starting it out terribly. Bloom was forming a crush on Ben and here she was talking about a prior crush on Reid. "I met Felicity before I met you last night and while she was helping me pull myself together, we also got talking about her crush and how it was going well. So... I believed that we had a connection so I told her about me becoming prefect and you, too, and that we had a date because well, I wanted to make Reid jealous since he was in earshot of us and I think it did?" she paused for a second. "And I realize that it was stupid, but I panicked. I don't like Reid anymore though," Bloom was panicking yet again. At least I don't think, she thought. Bloom had then realized that she spilled out his name. The moment that she and him forgave each other earlier that day, she went ahead and told Ben his name. Bloom sighed to herself.

Should I tell him that I like HIM? Bloom did not want to go through another heartache. She had confessed her like to Reid and it backfired because she thought there was something there. But with Ben, was she sure? What signs were there?

A bit flustered, Bloom's eyes started to get red. She couldn't tell him how she felt about him. She did not want the same thing to happen to her as it did a few days ago. She bit her lower lip, trying to keep her eyes dry. What was she going to do?

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

The moment of truth had arrived. It didn't start well at all. Ben had a moment of panic when her face changed instantly and she had to step away. That was a terrible sign in his eyes. Their friendship was over and worse yet, she didn't like him for a date. What had he done this time? His dad would have slapped him again.

I have failed horribly in my diplomacy. This was bad. What have I done...?

When she returned to speak, seeming to try real hard to explain, Ben held his breath. At first it seemed she at least had said something, but it was a lie. Ben was unsure if that was better or worse than his first impression based on her initial reaction. He simply nodded in response to encourage her to keep speaking, which she did.

She likes someone else? Liked someone else. Reid? The hufflepuff boy I've seen in classes? Felicity has a crush? Is it me? She does seem to be nice to me, and she did mention the date maybe to ruffle my feathers. Plus the ghost thought we were on a date... maybe it's felicity? I don't like Felicity. I hope I don't break her heart like Reid did to Bloom... Poor Bloom. She deserves better... I like her don't I? What if Felicity likes me, I like Bloom, Bloom likes someone else... and someone else likes Felicity? This is all messed up.

"Oh," was all he managed to say out loud at first, his smile transformed into a thinking face. "That is an interesting situation for sure."

If that wasn't a neutral response, Ben was not sure what was. He valued Bloom either way if she liked him or not. It obviously was a bad time to press the matter based on her reaction. Her eyes seemed to be near tears and she had just vented what was probably a big secret. Felicity took it as real, meaning even she did not know the complexity behind this. 

We might still be friends yet, if she trusts me this much. It's almost too bad, I was starting to think I would kiss her as she admitted to trying to get a date. A beautiful girl on a beautiful night. Wow I'm crazy. Stop stop stop. Be a friend not a weirdo.

"I understand. I'm glad you trust me enough to tell me the truth," he said, feeling like a liar for hiding his confusion. "Not mad at all! I was just confused about the whole thing. I didn't remember a date but didn't want to offend you if I had assumed it didn't exist..."

It pained him and took every bit of effort in his body not to be weird about it, but Ben put a hand on Bloom's shoulder with a smile. His friend was a good person and he wanted to comfort her. His dad's hand was back home burning red wanting to slap Ben in the back of the head most likely. He always made fun of Ben for missing the obvious when it came to girls.

She doesn't like him anymore...

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

He gave such a neutral response. Did that mean that she liked her or not? She could never tell with boys. Ben showed much more in terms of attention and interactions than Reid did, but perhaps it just meant that he was friendlier? Bloom, still new to the whole idea of crushing on someone, couldn't really hold in the idea of liking Ben. She needed to let it out, but she had no idea how to. Didn't she learn her lesson already? Was she ready for such a big outbreak.

It wasn't until he mentioned something about her lie being a mistake and if he overheard it. He never denied it... she thought to herself. Did he want her to say that it was real or that she wanted to have a date? She could not tell. He had been neutral this entire time, being unreadable about the whole thing. It just takes a leap of faith, she thought to herself. She decided to say something of the matter.

"But... But there is someone I do like now...," she said, quickly and quietly to the muggle-born, feeling his hand on her shoulder. She wondered if he would catch on or perhaps think that she liked someone else. It's you, she thought, finishing her statement to Ben in her mind. Bloom wiped her eyes dry, her heart pounding, waiting for a response to her statement.

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

Yeah, I got that hint. You like someone else. You implied that. Reid broke your heart so someone else got the attention. Whoever it is, they are LUCKY!

Ben gave a weak smile to Bloom after she spoke. The tears in her eyes meant she was feeling vulnerable and did not want to share anything else. That's what Ben thought at least. He decided not to pry further, just to be there as a friend like he was supposed to do. She was his favorite new friend so far and he wouldn't let incorrect thoughts ruin it. No matter how beautiful she looked even when crying.

"There is?" he humored, trying to hide his own emotions in favor of support. "I'm not trying to pry, but I'm here if you want to talk about it."

Lucky guy. If she tells me I'll have a hard time not treating whoever he is differently.

He did something he almost never did. Maybe he never had done before. Ben stepped closer and gave Bloom a hug, also offering a sleeve if she needed while they hugged. That was always the best support when he was sad. A good hug from a friend (ok probably from mum). He was a little sad that she had not wanted to date him, but mostly mad at himself for getting caught up with girls. Ben told himself when he was younger that he would not even try to like a girl unless she liked him first. Nothing was worse than a broken promise to yourself.

"I'm sure whoever he is, he would be crazy not to like you back." he imagined himself grabbing the words and taking them back as they escaped.

Idiot why did you say that!?

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

Yes, and it is you! she tried to answer him, but alas, it was only through her mind. He had wanted her to talk about it, and as much as she wanted to, she could not find a way to tell him how much she liked him.

Ben had done something she never would have thought would happen. He gave her a tight hug, while also offering his sleeve for her wet eyes. Bloom, embracing him back, rested her head on his chest.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

She could feel his heart beat, but it wasn't a normal pattern. It seemed pretty fast to her. Actually, it felt as though it was the same rhythmical pattern as her own heart beat.

"I'm sure whoever he is, he would be crazy not to like you back."

Bloom blushed almost immediately. She bit her lower lip and looked at the corridor wall, her head still against his shoulder. What does that mean? she thought to herself. Did he like her? Should she tell him?  Bloom's heart began to race, her body began to heat up. She needed to tell him. There was a pain in her heart the more she held it in.

Bloom moved her head so that her mouth was be closer to his ear. She hesitated at first, but then decided to make a go for it.

"I like you," she whispered, her stomach churning, waiting for it all to be mixed messages and hearing that he does not like her back. Two rejections in one week would just kill her.

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

Ben stared at the wall in shock. The world seemed to blur for a moment as he heard what she said. It took him extra long to process and he said nothing for probably too long. Bloom had been through heart break so he felt obligated to say something positive. Anything positive at all. He had no idea what to do now. This was impossible.

No don't say you like her back. What if she meant as a friend for hugging her? She likes how amazing of a friend I am.

His heart was going crazy up until she said it. It felt like his body dropped the moment she said those words. He could feel her nervousness and tears, yet she was still so warm. Ben liked her, he liked her a lot. Having all day to spin thoughts worked a wedge into his frozen heart. He never would have admitted such a thing to himself if not for Felicity and Bloom basically telling him she liked him before now. Even he knew he was dense when it came to girls.

"You like me?" he repeated, trying to not choke on his words.

The hug pulled apart as he wanted to look her in the eyes. It was slow, not instant. He wasn't trying to rip himself away or anything. Ben kept one hand on her shoulder almost awkwardly as he stared at her. He thought she was beautiful, kind, intelligent, and... she liked him? It blew his mind a bit to consider. Was it because he was second though? That had to be it, didn't it?

Stop doubting yourself...

"Bloom, I need a minute if that's okay?" he tried to smile and it failed a bit so he added more. "That's a bad answer, but can we each take a tower and meet back up here?"

He turned towards the astrology tower down the hall from them, breathing deeply as he apparently had not taken a simple breathe for a bit now. Time to think and really decide if this was a good idea felt necessary. He felt bad making her wait for any real response. It's what made the most sense to him though. Rushing into decisions was not the Eckenrode way. They were thinkers and they would think until the perfect solution presented itself.

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

Bloom felt like she was melting. She finally told him and the first thing that happens is not a rejection, at least Bloom did not think it was. Or was it? Everyone had their own version of rejecting someone, right?

He slowly got out of their embrace with one hand on her shoulder and he told her to take another tower and meet back in the same place. Bloom was very confused at what was happening. Does he not like me? Did he need time to think of a way to tell me he didn't like me?

Bloom felt a bit shattered as she watched Ben leave towards the stairs. Again she was rejected. But why didn't she feel as sad as she did last time with Reid? Perhaps she was used to this feeling. Bloom did not want to go anywhere. She did not want to check the other tower and instead, she walked up to the window, and leaned against the window pane looking out into the night. She sighed, waiting for Ben to come back.

Why did I have to tell him that I liked him? Why did I have to open my big mouth yet again? Hogwarts is supposed to be fun, not heart-wrenching, she yelled at herself.

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

It took so much effort not to turn back and make a mess of things by rambling. Ben had no idea what to say or do. Did he confess he liked her without really understanding? Did he turn her down to think about it? Did he run away and say nothing? He slowly walked away with his mind feeling numb.

What do I need to think about? What am I really afraid of?

He was really only a few steps away before he stopped in his tracks again. Ben's heart sank as he thought she was probably already in the tower feeling crushed. He had done some poor moves here. Would he be able to chase her? He needed to chase her. Fix his mistake. Was there a spell for that?

"Fixus lifeus. Idiotus undous." he muttered to himself before he turned around.

His heart skipped a bit and his stomach went up into his throat. She was still here, so hurt that she simply leaned against the window. He couldn't speak while staring, and he felt every possible emotion pass through him.

What is happening to me? I've never felt this way about anyone.

"Bloom," he said quietly from where he stood, choking slightly on his words. "I don't need a minute. I like you too."

Ben started walking back to Bloom. He needed to hug her, to fix it, to apologize, to make it right. Even when she was crushed, looking into the night out the window, he found her beautiful. He stopped caring if it ruined the friendship. If he felt this way about her, friendship would hurt if he tried to bury it. His pace was quick and getting faster the closer he got, almost running to recover the fifteen steps or so he took. A single tear escaped his right eye as he approached. As long as she did not stop him, he was going to kiss her (awkwardly of course) as soon as he was in range.

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

Bloom, still leaning onto the window pane was drowned in her thoughts. She had just told another boy that she liked him and she believed that she was turned down. How could that be possible? She was pretty, at least, right? She was fun and outgoing... Was there something about her that boys just see and did not like? Bloom had no idea.

She heard her name coming from down the corridor. Turning her head, ever so slightly, she saw that it was Ben. The way he called for her name was different. It wasn't apologetic nor was it sadness. She could tell that with the words coming out of his mouth, he was strong. She saw him make his way to her and she stepped back from the window pane.

Ben had then said the words that she was hoping for. Ben liked her, too. Ben likes me, too? Bloom was beyond happy. Her tears began to form, but they were not sad tears, they were happy ones. For once there was someone who liked her and it was someone who she truly did admire and perhaps wanted to be with.

Immediately, Bloom thought of Reid for a split second. She also liked him, too, but perhaps this was a sign to move on. She would rather have Reid as a friend. There seemed to be a lot of growth with Ben and in turn, they would be spending a lot of time together anyways.

Bloom felt Ben come in for a hug and she could not help but to smile. Her face glowing from the moonlight and her eyes looking happy, she was beyond excited to have such a connection with another person, especially with Ben. As they were hugging, she saw that his head was coming in close to hers.

A kiss!... she thought, worried about what to do and how to kiss. She had never kissed anyone before. Is it too soon? Should they just kiss now? If she did kiss now, would that make her 'easy'? Bloom had so many questions in her mind that she did not even think about moving away.

His lips had already touched hers and they kissed. Bloom felt like melting. This sensation was new to her, it was something she had never thought she was witness within her first year as an eleven-year-old, and yet, here she was, locking lips with someone she liked very much. With Ben Eckenrode.

Her heart beat faster and faster as the kiss kept going. Who was supposed to let go? Am I supposed to hold back or is he supposed to? Bloom, awkwardly, kept her lips against his, waiting to see what he would do next.

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

The first kiss ever for Ben was so surreal. He never learned how or had a desire to do it. But with Bloom he couldn't deny it. Their confessions and expressions were awkward, the kiss had to be awkward too. Not that either seemed to care. It was such an explosion of emotion that Ben had never experienced and did not know how to handle.

When is a kiss over? Is it over? Are we doing a bad job?

Essentially, their kiss was them touching lips and doing nothing else. He stood still and closed his eyes. Ben was glad no one was watching, but that' when he heard it. First it was a snicker, then it was whispering. Someone was watching? Ben opened one eye, partly to see Bloom and partly to look around. He saw nothing and Bloom was so beautiful he couldn't help but feel giddy. Both eyes opened to stare at her and he finally pulled away, ending the awkwardly beautiful moment. It was hard to look away even to spot their spy.

"Adorable!" he heard coming from... the wall.


"Heh, paintings..," he said after a second. "I forget they can talk... and see..."

A laugh escaped as he thought about how silly it was. This girl meant everything to him now. In so little time she went from stranger to... beyond best friend. He felt he could share everything with her. She was beautiful. Her smile lit up the room and would warm him up even on this cold night. Her eyes sparkled with joy, love, intelligence, and personality. There were no complains he could find. He was too blinded to any faults that might be there, if there were any.

"We should finish our patrol," he said, never letting his eyes leave Bloom as he offered his hand. "Together."