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Nectar Of The Gods  PV - Group 4   Task 1   Closed 


The corridor was eerily quiet. The early darkness of october had already cast most of Hogwarts into shadows and blacks and this passage was no exception. It was a little walked hallway, not leading to any particular class room. It had even been rumors going around about a big three-headed dog once living here. There was torches on the walls, illuminating the middle of the hallway, but casting its nooks and cranys in even deeper shaddows. The perfect atmosphere for someone, or something jumping out.

There was no one in the hall, no one except one student. Parcel was standing close to the wall, waiting for someone. But although there was only one beating heart in the passage, Parcel was speaking to someone. A muffled voice could be heard. Parcel straightened the cuff on his white uniform shirt as he seemed to nod is agreement to something the muffled voice had said. Parcel was wearing his normal school uniform. No makeup or costume. But he had his school robes on, not only the normal shirt and black uniform sweater. There was a couple of main reasons for that. 1. He had his hood on, making him look like a Dementor as he stood alone and waiting in the deserted hallway, and 2. It was really cold. The October month had brought with it the beginning of winter, and in a mostly unused corridor like this, there was not much heat.

Dinner had just finished, and most of the students had gone to their common rooms for the day, except the students that was now walking around the castle looking for treats… or tricks. Parcel turned his head as he heard the creaking of a big wooden door, the students was starting to arrive.
He motioned them over and nodded hello. Some of the students didn’t seem to know each other and all of them didn’t come together, but Parcel waited patiently for all of them to arrive.

“Welcome” Parcel said, in the coldest voice he could muster under the hood he was wearing. “Tonight i’ll bring you through a little tour of some of the more sinister parts of the castle, we start here, on a third floor corridor once said to have housed a terrible man eating dog!” Parcel tried to make the atmosphere as ominous as possible for the students that had signed up for his group. “It’s still possible to hear the beast growl late at night, if you walk here by yourself… But, we didn’t come here for that, we came here for him, and that

Parcel turned to the wall, where the him was hanging. Hanging on the wall, like a painting should be doing. It was a old painting, older then all the professors, probably older then most of the professors combined. The paint was chipping from the old, thick, wooden frame and the paint was turning dim. The man sitting in the painting was an old one. It looked like he had wrinkles on his wrinkles and he mostly resembled a shriveled up prune. He was wearing a ghastly array of bright colors on clothes looking like they belonged to a medieval court wizard.

The that, that Parcel had motioned to was a tiny wooden table, filled with plants, bottles, a kettle and brewing equipment. It quite frankly looked like Parcel had raided the potions classroom.

“Hmm, this is the students?” the painting asked Parcel as he looked over the kids that was standing around. “They don’t look like the brightest bunch, now, do they?” the painting chuckled as he leaned back in his old rocking chair. “You know this is what killed me, right boy? You sure you want their deaths on your hands?” The painting chuckled, but Parcel just shook his head “Just get on with it please, it was hell to get all this stuff anyways, and your names was entirely different than what we use now a days, i’m still not sure i got all the right ingredients.”

“Okay, okay,” the painting nodded as he looked down on the table that was placed in front of the students. “It's really only five of the ingredients they need, and i’m not learning the new names for stuff, i’m a painting, i have no need.” The painting seemed to mull over something, like it was recalling something distant in its past.

“The story is unimportant, i was old, i wanted to be young again, and i found a potion for it. But the old fool that had made the potion wanted the recipe for himself, so he wrote it in code, when i finally managed to decipher it i found it to be spelling only riddles, either i deciphered it wrong or the old fool had coded it double, but it is solvable… i just didn’t do it right… it wasn’t even a age reducing brew, what a waste. I’m not going to make you decipher the whole thing, only the final piece, the correct order for the five last ingredients, the boy over there have brewed the rest, with my help of course.” The painting motioned to Parcel. “He has also been so kind as to put them all in different colored flasks, to make it easier for you to decipher it, now, the rules of this game is simple, you kids choose the order of the five ingredients, The boy puts them into the already boiling potion in that order… and you all drink the brew, if you are alive afterwards, i tell you the way for the next puzzle, got it?... Good the painting didn’t really wait for an answer before it continued.

“The five flasks are the ones in the front of the table. The black, the red, the green, the yellow and the blue vials. The recipe goes like this,
The black potion is not first.
The red potion is sometime before the yellow one.
The green bottle is not before the black, but it is sometime before the yellow.
The blue vile needs to be the second to be mixed.

The rest is up to you, look on the bright side, if you die then you might get a painting her like me… Muahahah”
The painting laughed ominously as it left the students to discuss among themselves.

I want everyone to post one time before the rest get to post again, BUT, if someone have not posted their first response before the 17.10, then its free go for the rest to post again.

You are allowed to discuss as much as you want among yourself, but no double posting.

If you all agree on one answer then i will post again, if not, then i will wait one week (so to the first Sunday after i post this) and just mash together the vile's and make you drink it anyways, godmodding and all. If you all agree on a solution before Sunday however, then i’ll move the plot along as fast as i get the chance and we’ll continue on the adventure.

Have fun with it.

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Nectar Of The Gods  PV - Group 4   Task 1   Closed 

Serena frowned as she noticed a large group of boys standing by the entrance of the Great Hall. They were sort of blocking the way and probably annoying everyone who was entering. It was dinner time and some people wanted food. They did not what she could only guess was first years being a pain. They were whispering in hushed voices and all round generally being a nuisance. However, she was no longer Head Girl. She was no longer responsible for the students. Stepping down was probably the most relaxing thing she had ever done. Without all of the pressure, she instantly felt so much better about just ignoring them.

At least, that was the plan. They suddenly stopped talking as she approached the great hall. One of the boys - Gryffindors, apparently - walked up to her. He was bright red and looked terrified. Serena blinked, wondering what the heck was wrong with these boys. In fact, what was wrong with most of the Gryffindor boys that she had met? They all seemed to be weird. For a house that claimed to be brave, they sure did seem to have a large number of timid folk. It was odd. But she had a few friends amongst the house, so it could not have been all that bad.

"This is for you" he said and he handed her a piece of paper and legged it out of there like she was going to eat him alive or something. It was strange. Nonetheless, Serena opened up the crumpled paper and looked at it. 

To the chosen few

Meet me in the third floor corridor, the one no one uses. After dinner on the 15 october.

Tell no one!


Serena blinked as she read the letter. It was weirdly vague. The only indication of who it was from was the letter 'P', which meant very little in a huge school like this. She could not even tell if it was an initial of someone's first or last name? Perhaps it was off their nickname? Perhaps it stood for 'Professor'? Who knew at this point?

Looking up, she noticed she was alone as the group of kids had hurried off. Serena sighed, crumpled up the letter and gone for dinner. She tried to eat as much as she could but the whole time, her mind was focused on the letter. She did not even engage in conversation with anyone. Curiosity had gotten the better of her. 

Post dinner, Serena grabbed her stuff and quickly made her way to the third floor corridor. She reached into her bag as she walked, pulling out a magical candle that she lit on the nearby torches that lined the walls. It was getting dark and the second year was still afraid of the dark, as stupid as that was. She had never been afraid of it, even as a child. But after her first year at Hogwarts, everything had changed.

Her hand was tightly wrapped on her wand as she walked, preparing for something to go wrong. This was Hogwarts, it always did. But at least this time, she was no longer responsible for anyone else. She just wanted to find whoever sent this letter. 

Making her way to the corridor, she heard voices. Serena paused for a moment. She pulled out the invisibility cloak from her bag and threw it over her being careful not to touch the candle to the cloak. It was a gift from her grandma that she had grown to love. She could sneak around without getting caught with such an useful tool like this. Taking a deep breathe, she steadied herself before turning into the corridor on the third floor. She blinked as she saw a boy standing there conversing with a painting. He was wearing school robes, his hood covering his face. Was it Ben again? Was it the 'masked man' again? Serena would have been afraid for a second if she did not know Ben well enough to know that whatever happened in the past was not his fault. He was her bestfriend... He would not have done it on purpose. Right?

"You!" She suddenly said, probably drawing attention to herself and the fact she was standing there. It was only at that point that she realised she was still invisible. Pulling the cloak off and shoving it back into her bag, Serena revealed herself to the Gryffindor Prefect that she recognised, "You're P?" Serena questioned before rolling her eyes. Of course, P for Parasite. That was his name, right?

As she stood there, others appeared too. The 'Parasite' boy explained the purpose of today's activities. It was that Halloween thing she signed up for weeks ago, when she thought she had to attend as Head Girl. She probably should have crossed her name off the list when she stepped down but she forgot. It was not exactly a priority for her. Nonetheless, Serena was here now. She may as well, right? The painting started to talk to the group. It spoke of a story before pointing out some vials.

Serena stood silently, listening to the story. Wait - they could die if they got it wrong?! That was not what she signed up for. Then again, this was Hogwarts and death seemed to be lurking in every adventure that she signed up for. It was bizarre that she did not expect it at this point. The Hufflepuff looked around the group, wondering if anyone else had any answers.

Speaking to herself, she recalled the rules, "The black wasn't first... so it has to be second to fifth. The red and the uh green, was it, was before yellow? So that makes the yellow uh third to fifth 'cause they both gotta be before it... Wait but the blue was second. So put that second." Serena moved the blue in a row on the front, towards the second position so she could try and work out the other four. "Wait there was the rule about the black? It was after the green? No, that was yellow. Uh, before the green. So uh it could be fi- wait..." Serena was rambling. The black could not be first. That was the rule, right? "Okay so if green has to be after the black and the black can't be first and the second is already taken then that makes the black the third and the green the fourth. Which would put yellow at the end - which is after the green and the red if we put the red in the last spot... right?" She rambled out loud to the rest of the team. 

"That sort of makes sense right? Red, then uh blue, black, green and uh yellow..." Serena guessed... Unless she misunderstood a rule. She went over the whole thing again in her head, trying to work out if that was totally wrong. Hopefully the rest of the group would pitch in with more accurate guesses than her. She was not exactly brimming with self-confidence these days and did not believe her own thoughts.

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Nectar Of The Gods  PV - Group 4   Task 1   Closed 


Cecily was confused as she made her way to the third floor corridor. She had just received an owl from a mysterious person supposedly with the name of "P.". What was that supposed to mean? Cecily had debated with herself whether to go to the third floor. How could she trust someone that just wanted to her to on the third floor corridor?

If the owl wasn't adressed to a group of people, Cecily would not have gone. Most of the time Cecily didn't like doing things alone.

But there were people there. She didn't know if "P" was a student, a prefect, a ghost, or a professor, or some other being, but she guessed that there were other students going to be there as well. This amde her feel better, because if something went wrong, there would be other people there to help each other. At least that is what Cecily hoped.

Nervous, excited, and somewhat terrified, Cecily found a group of people in the hall. They all looked just confused as she was except for a boy who quite honestly looked like a dementor.

"Hi, am I late? Could someone explain what is going on, please?" Cecily asked, looking around.

"You! You're P?"

Cecily jumped as a Hufflepuff girl joined the group. Did she know what was going on? Did she realize who P was? Cecily certainly did not.

After a few minutes, the boy in the hood started speaking. Cecily guessed that was who "P" probably was. He seemed the most calm, creepy, and after all, was telling the group what to do.

Cecily was even more creeped out when he started talking about a painting on the wall. Yes, a painting. What was more, is the painting started talking!

Instinctively, Cecily reached for her wand. She was ready to use it if this painting did anything to them. Eventually, her hand fell away from the wand as she listened curiously to the painting's story.

So we're supposed to make a potion by figuring out a riddle. Great. I love riddles. Cecily thought sarcastically to herself.

She was not good at riddles. Every time she went up to the common room, the eagle door knocker always got her stumped on a riddle she could never figure out. She had always wanted to become good at riddles, but was there really a way?

The Hufflepuff girl who had spoken earlier started guessing what the answer of the pattern could be. Cecily shook her head. This was going to be too confusing. She raised a hand.

"Okay, wait everyone. Let's just calm down and do this step by step. So we know the blue vial is second. We know the black vial cannot be first. Um, let's see. The green cannot be before black. Oh, wait! Just like you put it! I don't know you name," Cecily said, looking at the Hufflepuff girl. "but how about Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow? Oh dear, this is too confusing."

Cecily sighed, trying to think hard. This one was already very hard, and this was only the first one! And why should the group even listen to a painting?

Well, there was one thing Cecily could do when she got back to the common room, if she ever did. Write down in her journal that a painting talked to her and told her to figure out a riddle.

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Nectar Of The Gods  PV - Group 4   Task 1   Closed 

Daniel liked potions, but as the morning dragged on, he was getting tired of sitting in class. An eleven year old, after all, only had enough patience to sit through class for about an hour. Plus, it was almost lunch. While Daniel didn’t care for how loud and crowded the Great Hall got, he did enjoy the food. If anything, the food was pretty good in general. That’s where he was heading towards pretty quickly once Potions let out. Of course, what drove him nuts was that he had maybe gotten about five steps out of the door when his robes were tugged. He walked more or less in the middle of the hallway, so he doubted it was that he got caught on something. He turned, half way, and his face twisted into this anger. He hadn’t meant it. He wasn’t a fan of people being in his space.

The girl was in his class, and she still sort of blocked the door. She had her slender fingers wrapped around his robes, but as soon as she saw his look, she released him. He was about to walk off when she handed him a letter and scurried back to her group of friends. Gryffindors. Why were all of them so annoying? Especially the girls? He didn’t doubt that that girl was a friend of Anastasia’s. They were all so gross and annoying.

He glanced at the letter and, for a moment, debated crumpling it up and throwing it away. But, as he thought about it along his walk to the Great Hall, why not go humor this “P” jerk? After all, whoever they were, in Daniel’s mind, it was pretty pathetic. Yes, that’s what this “P” stood for. Pathetic. He pondered this as he went about the rest of his day.

The remaining part of the day seemed to drag on. Daniel, for the most part, could ignore the stupid note that sat crumpled in his pocket. It was a piece of parchment that dug at his skin and remained an annoyance for the day. Good. He wouldn't want to forget it, anyways. Pathetic had made it obvious. So, once dinner was finished and Daniel could slip out of the annoyance of a crowded and rowdy Great Hall, he made his way up towards the third floor corridor.

Honestly, being a first year of Hogwarts, with only limited amount of time to get acquainted to the school gave him little ability - if any at all - to find his way to where he was supposed to go. He didn't care if he was late. He stepped into the corridor (after, of course, going to the fourth floor first, and having to back track off a set of stairs he didn't even know existed) and ran into two girls and some hooded... person. Wearing Gryffindor robes. The girl who touched him earlier was a Gryffindor. Two plus two.

Before he could say anything, though, the conversation between the "scary" guy (Daniel didn't think he was all that scary, considering how annoyed he was already) and the portrait. Again. With the portraits. He sneered in irritation as an older Hufflepuff took the reigns to brainstorm. Sienna. Sierra. Something... S-related. He had met her previous. Former head girl. Goodie two shoes. Okay. He liked her enough that he'd work with her. Maybe, he figured, she was equally annoyed at this Gryffindor loser. Who knew.

The other girl already there, someone Daniel didn't even know, was also agreeing. Daniel didn't care. He didn't do riddles. He pondered it for a moment before he shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever order we put them in is probably a better result than the way this loser talks," Daniel said, jabbing a thumb towards the portrait. Of course, should they ask, he was simply going to agree with whatever they decided to choose.

He knew he wasn't smart enough to figure it out. He'd let the older ones deal with it... for now.

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Nectar Of The Gods  PV - Group 4   Task 1   Closed 

Aurelia didn’t like the cold at all, anything below ten degrees celcius was cold for her, the temperatures in Autumn were always unpredictable. The girl didn’t want to wake up, especially not to get out of the warm sheets. But somehow forced herself to get up and start towards the bathroom. The floor was freezing cold that she had to walk on her toes. It wasn’t Long before she was shrugging on her coat and trotting down the steps to the common room.

The common room was fairly isolated, many had most likely headed for breakfast already and Aurelia was very late. The girl was about to leave the room when a white piece of parchment caught her eye. It had instructions to meet p. after dinner. Aurelia wasn’t sure if it was designated for her but she took it anyway. Besides, she didn’t have anything to do after dinner.

- - - - - - - - - - -

As soon as she left the great hall with a full stomach, she was greeted with cold again. Aurelia pulled her coat tightly against her body trying to keep warm. The girl ventured towards the small hall already four students were there, huddled together around five vials or potions.

Apparently after some explaining from a painting, they had to solve a riddle and create a potion. Honestly, Aurelia wasn’t good at riddles, she took hours to solve them. But the riddle seemed fairly simple. She tapped her index finger on her lip, the way she did when she was trying to solve a math problem.

I was thinking, following all the instructions, Red, blue, black, green, yellow. The same with the Hufflepuff.”

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Nectar Of The Gods  PV - Group 4   Task 1   Closed 

Soft footsteps could be heard as she walked down the long corridors, her shoes tapping lightly against the ground. Her eyes scanned the not a million more times, eyebrows cinching together. Who was 'P'? Did she even know anyone who that could be? How did they know her? Ten thousand questions ran through her mind that moment as they had been doing since she received the note. She couldn't remember agreeing to meet with anyone, as she was usually reserved anyway, so it wasn't as if she were expecting the note. Searching for the answer, she discovered it was to no avail. She could conjure no thought in her mind as to where the mysterious note's origin would have been placed. There was no memory, no recollection or conclusion to this mystery. She sighed, running a shaky hand through her thick, blonde locks of hair. She would just have to trudge along to find out.

As a boy came into sight, she decided that she must be in the right place. He couldn't have been much older than her, she realized, and she couldn't seem to place any connection between the older boys and himself, but what did she know? This was a mystery in itself, she had no clue what was true anymore. She decided it best not to jump to conclusions. And he did look familiar, a face she may have seen once or twice but never directly confronted or attempted to befriend, as he was quite scary looking. She shrugged, moving closer anyway.

Her mind could have gone fuzzy listening to him speak, as she did find it quite boring. Still, she kicked the ground, suffering through it. He greeted them, and this was when she recalled the Halloween thing that she had signed up for. It all made sense now. A lightbulb went off over her head, much as it probably had for the other students here; though, she confessed, she was not paying much attention to those around her. She had noted a few familiar faces, including Aurelia, whom of which she had a tragically negative history with. She cringed at the thought of such being brought into tonight.

Listening to the painting speak, she began to panic. Alexx never was handy with riddles or potions or any of the such! This was not her field of expertise, then again, nothing was her field of expertise! If Alexx could say anything about herself, it was that she was entirely useless in these situations! She nodded as the other students voiced their opinions, trying to figure out which one to agree with.

"Yes, I agree with uh-" She gestured in the direction of the Ravenclaw girl whom she did not know. "this is quite confusing, yes, but the last order she suggested sounded to be right... I think." The French girl sent a silent prayer to the Gods that none of them knew how terrible she was at this stuff, or that she was guessing just as much as she hoped the rest of them were. It was not as though Alexx had such an opportunity as to pride herself in always being right, as that was very far from the truth. In fact, how did they even know the painting was telling the truth? Ever the skeptic and conspirator, she allowed her mind to wander into every corner that was a new possibility. So anxious, her brother would have stated, why so anxious, little Alexx? Why must her mind drag her into the dark pits that were unspeakable in moments such as these. "Though, I confess, we are only chasing our tails. These instructions may as well lead us in circles!"

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Nectar Of The Gods  PV - Group 4   Task 1   Closed 

They all arrived one after another. Parcel was expecting them all to be arriving rather excited, but to his surprise it looked more like they were uncertain about coming. And the kissy prefect almost seemed angry! Parcel shuddered, she had gotten her hands on an invisibility cloak now, who the heck would give someone like her an invisibility cloak!

Well, it didn’t really matter now, they had all showed up anyways, so the game began. Perhaps it was the death potion that was making them so testy. Parcel let them talk among themselves, giving them space to come up with an answer. The kissy prefect came up with a solution first and the other seemed to agree with her. She was kind of assertive actually… Parcel made sure to stand as far away from her as possible. The fear of cooties might have started to waver a bit, but well, just to be on the safe side Parcel would rather prefer it if the Slytherin boy was between them, just in case the yucky girl got into a kissing frenzy.

The painting chuckled as Daniel made a snide comment directed at it. It didn’t really care what happened either way, it was a painting after all, feelings and consequences was beyond its wants and comprehension.

“Well, I guess we’ll leave it there. You all seem to be pretty much in an agreement anyways” Parcel said as he walked in front of the table.
He picked up the bottles one after another and filled their contents into the cauldron. The first bottle was the Red. A green thick liquid exuded from the bottle before dropping down into the pot like a big bunch of boogers. Parcel let the liquid spread into the potion before adding the next two vials in quick succession one after the other. Both was powder, one bright purple and the other jet black. The fourth vile was a couple of leaves, dark green and small. Parcel smacked his hand together, before dropping the leaves into the pot. He stirred the brew before adding the last ingredient. Another liquid, but this was transparent, looking like water, but with a tangier smell.

Nodding to himself, Parcel stirred the brew a final few rounds, two clockwise, then a couple counterclockwise.

“There, it should be done” Parcel said as he put on a couple of thick heat resistant mittens.
He picked up the cauldron and poured the content into five identical cups. The potion was brightly colored. It almost looked like a rainbow, or an oil spill in water. As Parcel put the cauldron back on its stand and turned off the heat, a minty smell spread from the cups.

When he was done, Parcel pulled off the mittens and turned to the five students. “Well, its time I guess, lets see if you got it right.” He chuckled as he moved away from the table, giving them space pick up a cup each. “Just take a cup and drink it, easy as that.”

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Nectar Of The Gods  PV - Group 4   Task 1   Closed 


Drink it? Already? Cecily was surprised they were already going to be testing their results.

She did not stop the "P" boy, however, as he started to make the potion. Instead, she looked around at all the other students with her.

There were four girls, including her, and two boys, including "P". They all seemed a little confused just like she was, except for the Hufflepuff girl. She seemed the only person who knew everyone, including "P".

As "P", continued to make the potion, Cecily started awkardly at her shoes. She knew no one's name, and would have to been with them for the rest of the evening. Finally, as the boy came to the end of making the potion, Cecily decided she couldn't handle not knowing who anyone was.

"Sorry to interrupt," Cecily blurted out, as the boy began pouring the potion equally into five cups. "but do you mind if everyone's introduces themselves? I'm sorry, I just would like to know everyone's name. It will be a lot easier, especially if I'll be spending the rest of the evening with you all. Uh, my name is Cecelia Queen. You can call me Cecily, or whatever else you like, I guess. I'm from Ravenclaw."

It was true. There was no way Cecily could be figuring out things with other people if she didn't even know their name. She was even surprised at herself that she had made it through the first task without knowing anyone.

She was also surprised that the "P" boy didn't ask everyone to introduce themselves at the beginning. If he was the leader of the group, he should make sure everyone knew each other, right? Well, Cecily could have understood maybe why the boy didn't do that. First, a painting that had a really creepy and evil attitude was with him, and second, well, it's not like he looked like the nicest person ever. Or maybe he just forgot to, or expected everyone to know each other.

The Ravenclaw girl turned her attention to the glasses the boy was handing out. This was it. It was time to see if they had done the riddle right. Cecily was confident, but at the same time wasn't. There was no telling what might have happened. Maybe each of them had forgotten a rule, or something of the sort.

A little nervous, Cecily took a deep breath before drinking. She took one last look at everyone in the room, including the painting, and drank the rainbow-looking potion.
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Nectar Of The Gods  PV - Group 4   Task 1   Closed 

The other Gryffindor spoke and began pouring the different coloured vials one by one according to the order they had just agreed to into a cauldron pot. Aurelia watched carefully, but nothing had happened, no exploding effects like coke mixed with mint, not even a bit of effervescence. Aurelia had expected something a bit more dramatic to occur, perhaps some smoke or the water freezing, something like that, but to her disappointment, nothing.

The Ravenclaw girl spoke, introducing herself and had asked others around her to do the same. Aurelia admit that it would have even awkward if she didn’t know her own team member’s names later on. “Aurelia Bezuidenhout. I know, the last names a bit of a mouthful.

As soon as she had introduced herself, the Gryffindor spoke, he had instructed them to drink the cauldron. Drink? She didn’t event know what was inside, a few leaves, who knows what kind of poison powder was added inside. Aurelia knew it was part of what they were supposed to do, however, she certainly wasn’t going first. It was fear of the unknown.

Thankfully, the Ravenclaw was the first to put her lips on the glass filled with the cauldron. She took a deep breath and gulped it down. She looked alright and nothing seemed to have happened to her. Aurelia was now reassured and took a glass of her own. She did the same, gulping it down.

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Nectar Of The Gods  PV - Group 4   Task 1   Closed 

The rest of the group arrived shortly after she did. She recognised a few faces but said nothing to them. They appeared to agree with her order, which was what ended up being chosen. Serena had no idea if she was right or not but she would soon find out - they all would, it seemed. A few girls introduced themselves. Serena paused, observing the Ravenclaw who had prompted the whole conversation. She nodded silently, in agreement, "Serena Towers." She replied, in a matter of fact tone.

She added no further embellishments. None were needed. They could recognise her house from the school robes she had still got on. The Hufflepuff house colours stood with pride. Her Head Girl badge had been recently removed but her house was something she would always be proud of. A few people would know who she was already, some of the others would not. She had no interest in exchanging pleasantries right now when they could have been mere moments away from their death.

Serena watched the Gryffindor Prefect that she knew more than she would have liked mix the ingredients. She narrowed her eyes, watching him carefully. There was a clear lack of trust in her eyes, despite his position of authority. She did not know him that well but there was something off about him. His inability to communicate efficiently, for starters, worried her. She knew nothing about his ability in Potions but nonetheless, she did not trust it. So she watched him carefully, trying to see what he did.

The Parasite seemed fairly confident in his own abilities, at the very least. It was a surprise, given his nervousness around her and his inability to duel but perhaps he made up for it in his potion skill. A lot of things had gone wrong over the months in Hogwarts... What was one more? Serena picked up the cup, staring intensely at the Gryffindor who brewed it. If this was the way she died, she needed to know who to haunt. With that, she chucked her head back and downing the cup quickly as she threw the drink into the back of her throat.

The liquid was a pretty colour, to be honest. But she did not pay attention to that. Serena was a little more serious right now but she followed the instructions nonetheless. Whatever happened next, would happen. And if it was bad, this parasite was the one she would blame for it.

Serena Towers
OLD --> Sta: 3, Agil: 8, Str: 2, Ctrl: 4, AP; 4, Acc: 9
NEW --> Strength: 2 | Agility: 15 | Control: 10 | Stamina: 8

Nectar Of The Gods  PV - Group 4   Task 1   Closed 

The young Slytherin, the youngest one there, allowed his eyes to narrow as he watched the Pathetic boy who brought them together move. He watched in curious nature as the boy mixed in each of the liquids or powders into a cauldron. The Slytherin was annoyed. All this just for a stupid riddle to help him with potion making? Daniel liked potions, but this was relatively stupid. And it only became more so when the Gryffindor poured the potion into cups and then told them to drink it.

Daniel stared in disbelief. No wonder he was in Slytherin. Something about the innate trusting of others went off, and his eyes narrowed. Something about this didn’t sit right with him, and perhaps, that’s why he was in Slytherin. His gut feeling was never wrong.

Before he could complain about this, one of the girls spoke up about at least introducing themselves. He already knew Sienna. Though, before he could complain, he knew the names of at least three of the girls - Cecily, a Ravenclaw, Aurelia, from whatever house, and Sienna - Serea - from Hufflepuff. His eyes danced towards the other girl, who he vaguely recognized from the Slytherin common room. Did she get this feeling of distrust from the Gryffindor, too?


His voice was even, despite the fact he was completely uninterested in sharing any more information than that. The Ravenclaw girl took a cup but didn’t seem to ask about the liquid before she drank it… and then Aurelia followed. His eyes narrowed. Did nobody else think this was… insane? He knew never to trust taking candy from strangers, but this was over the top. They didn’t seem to care about what consequences followed. But then, Sienna-Serena took a cup and drank, too. He liked conversations with her, but wow.

Just wow.

“I’m sorry, you all are crazy. Did any of you realize that this jerk didn’t pour himself a drink? I find that just a touch sketchy,” Daniel’s voice hitched a little in irritation. He was fine with people being stupid, but he was not going to agree to dying for some stupid painting. Never. His face twisted in irritation, “Let me just remind you all that if we’re dead, I’m going to haunt your ghosts to tell you what a stupid, bloody decision you all made.”

He hated this. He hated having no say in a thing, considering the majority. Irritated and in a foul mood, more than likely not willing to engage much more after this, he took a cup and downed the potion. The taste was weird and he couldn’t help but make a face. This made him sour. He was not going to be a happy camper regardless, if these girls just made all the decisions for the whole group. That was sheep thinking, in his opinion.

Str: 7 | Agility: 7 | Control: 7 | Stam: 9