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Destined to Flail  PV J. Kim   Closed 

Normally, Ami wasn't one for sleeping in, but today was an exception. The first night back was always going to be an exception, in her book. The train ride from London, the Sorting Ceremony of all the teensy little incoming first years, the feast full of food she still couldn't, wouldn't, and didn't eat; all of that? That was all noise, background noise, white noise. It was routine.

Unlike last year, every bone of her body had been aching to come back, to come back to her friends, to see everyone once more. She missed her best friends, she missed the paintings she so often chatted with, she even missed the crushing weight of homework bearing down upon her shoulders.

But so much had changed this year. She had to adopt the mindset of not wanting to be here, still, and all of those Gryffindors were evil- they had to be. She'd strangle every last one of them if one even dared to cross her path.

Most importantly, however, was that she had a new book, and she just had to finish it.

Who knew that a book could be so deceptive, so tricky? Leading her down a path composed entirely out of lies and deceptiveness, Ami practically devoured We Were Liars that first night. She finished at sometime around 3 am, and as a result, she was going to be late to class in... thirty seconds, and counting. It was fine, though, it was only Flying.

She sucked at Flying.

Robes wrinkled, hair a mess, and bag dragging along the ground, Ami desperately tried to make her way down to the Quidditch Pitch as quickly as humanly possible. Well, it wasn't possible, actually, because before she could even being to comprehend what happened, she had slammed straight into someone who had been coming around the corner.

Belongings sent flying, Ami tripped over her feet, tucking into a somersault as to not crack her head open on the ground. "Holy crap!" she panted, American accent stronger than ever. Leaping to her feet, she dashed over to the poor kid she had just ran over. "Are you alright? Oh my god, I'm such an idiot..." Shaking her head, she helped the boy get to his feet. "God. So, so sorry."

Destined to Flail  PV J. Kim   Closed 

As a Muggle-Born, this magic stuff made absolutely no sense. He didn't understand any of it; how he made that vase float, how these people knew his address (which probably scared him the most out of everything about this), if his wand even worked, if this was all a prank. Like, what kind of name is Slytherin? He though to himself, as he jogged through the corridors to get to the staircases that lead to Defence Against the Dark Arts - that he was to be late for, because he was too busy enjoying his breakfast and getting lost.

When he first read his schedule, he was much more than confused. Potions? More like stinky green water-making challenge. Charms? More like glitter and smoke. Flying? More like jumping whilst holding a stick under you. You get the idea; Jimin didn't believe any of this, and really thought it was a stupid joke. If he were younger, he would have loved this. But now he was eleven, only two years closer to being a teenager. Not that that is an important subject.

Everything about this school was unusual; Jimin had passed many peculiar-behaving students in the halls, ones that didn't look quite healthy because almost all of them were almost the size of sticks, and the staircases moved, like, every single second. That is how Jimin appeared here.

On his way up one of the staircases to the First Floor, it began moving to another floor! Jimin decided to just follow on with it so he didn't seem like an awful idiot in front of the older years. He had completely missed the First Floor, and was now in the Second Floor's corridors, grumbling at himself under his breath.

And then it hit him. Literally! As he was turning a corner, something or someone actually ran in to him, sending him down to floor. This was it - he had just gotten into a human car crash. Despite feeling sad, he couldn't help but laugh to himself.

The thing that had hit him, or should I say person, was a short girl. Sure, she was short but her face was rather mature, so she was definitely not a First Year. She leaned over him, offering a hand and uttering out many 'sorry's in an... American accent. At least he wasn't the only one with a different accent. When Jimin was pulled up, he immediately bowed, saying sorry. "I am sorry for bumping into you," he said worriedly, biting his lip right after, remembering 'You aren't in Korea, you don't bow'. Jimin stared at the stone floor, at the mess of bags and books and whatever sprawled out at his feet. Now he was bound to get a Detention; he was positively late for his first class.

Destined to Flail  PV J. Kim   Closed 

Ami had an aptitude for remembering faces, and she knew that she'd never seen this face before. She also knew that she was not a short child- that indeed, the average height for kids her age ranged from 5'0" to 5'3", and that she was still quite a bit above the average height, which made her pretty pleased. It was an excuse to offer her mother when she questioned Ami's love life, or lack thereof- "Mom," she'd whine, "None of the boys are taller than me yet!"

Okay, that was a lie- Scott was a good inch or two taller than her. But she couldn't date her best friend! That would be like her dating Thomas... and he was gay. No. Nope. She wasn't going to date Scott.

Shaking her head, she tried to clear her mind as she focused on the situation at hand. She had just run a boy over, which was awful, and yet he was apologizing? "Lord, no, it's not your fault," she laughed, smiling kindly at him. "I'm crazy clumsy. Here, let's get all your stuff off the ground now, 'ight?"

Crouching down, she picked up two different handfuls of paper, squinting at both of them. "Crap." The realization that all of their papers were now mixed together finally hit her, and she glanced at the kid with a pleading expression. "Help me out? If we work together, we can both get to class faster. If you want, I can walk with you to whatever class you have to explain that I ran into you and caused this... mess. The professor will probably let you off the hook once they hear it's my fault."

Destined to Flail  PV J. Kim   Closed 

With worry in his eyes, Jimin stared at the girl. She had scorching red hair, which Jimin had never seen before, at least natural red hair; other than proper fully red velvet red hair, and just plain unnatural ginger hair. He really just took a moment to look at her hair, because he liked it a lot, and was beginning to want it over his brown-ness.

When the girl began speaking, Jimin darted his eyes away from the hair to act as if he had been staring at the floor, unless she was watching him watch her hair, which would be terribly awkward.

Even though Jimin thought that he was the one who had caused the accident, by standing somewhere someone would run into him (which is a stupid thought, but whatever), the girl quickly and briefly said that it was her fault, because she's 'crazy clumsy'. As Jimin kneeled on the cold stone floor, the connection with his knees sent a shiver up his spine, and gave him goose pimples. He was mostly packing his books and his wand in his bag before he would move to papers, trying to not talk to the girl too much.

But obviously that wouldn't last for long...

The girl muttered something under her breath and then turned to him. She explained that she needed help to figure out whose paper was whose, as they had been all mixed up - and there was a lot of paper. Jimin nodded, because he obviously didn't want any trouble in his first week, he knew that, if he did, Zoey would probably hate him more.

As he picked up papers and looked through them to identify whose paper it was, Jimin couldn't help but think. Should I ask her name, or introduce myself? He glanced over at her. Or else I'll probably just continue calling her 'girl' or 'The girl', which isn't very helpful. Jimin found a paper that looked unfamiliar, so he turned to the nice girl, and tapped her shoulder. "I think this is probably yours," he said, holding the paper in front of her.

I just remembered the height thing. Sorry about that :sweatingbullets:

Destined to Flail  PV J. Kim   Closed 

She glanced over at the unnaturally tall kid as he knelt down on the floor in silence, taking in his hair to his skin color, to his heavy accent when he spoke English. It was obvious he wasn't British, but if she was entirely honest, she couldn't tell exactly where he'd come from; it simply wasn't an accent she recognized. With a shrug, she returned to sorting out the papers, picking apart the ones with her tinily cramped handwriting from his.

Ami flinched as Jimin tapped her shoulder, and without even thinking about it, she slapped his hand away,  the paper in his hands fluttering to the ground. Before she could even stop to think about it, she lunged forward, grabbing his wrist and pinning his arm behind his back. 

As she finally got it through her thick skull just exactly what she'd done, her panicked breath finally slowed down and her eyes widened at what she'd just done. With a grimace and a sharp exhale, she let go suddenly, stumbling backward. "Sorry," she gasped, chest heaving. "Reflex."

Stumbling backward until her back hit the wall, she let her head loll back as she closed her eyes, desperately trying to fight away the images of fire rapidly appearing in her mind. How could she explain just exactly what had happened to her? That her back still tingled with phantom pain, even if the burns had healed by now?

How could she explain just how much she wanted to strangle Eris Fawley?

Her cheeks lit a fiery red, she took one last deep breath before leveling a look with the first year standing across from her, eyebrow raised, just daring him to say something about her freak out. She knew she could be scary when she wanted to, and now, she summoned every last bit of that power to glower at him, using her extra inch over him to stare him down.

Finally tearing her gaze away from him, she directed it instead at the ground, returning to sorting out the papers. Shuffling her own assignments into a neat stack, she shot a glance at the first year whose arm she'd nearly just broken. Wow, he was going to be late.