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Shy And Sassy  PV Leah, Ana, Mary   Closed 

Leah hurried through the corridor, her small feet tapping on the stone tiles, a huge book bag under her arm which she hopelessly tried to keep closed even though the high amount of papers inside seemed to be desperate to burst out. Her flaming red hair was blowing out behind her as she ran, passing one of the many suits of armour every few seconds. "Charms Class", she muttered, "Charms Class, in - oh my god - three minutes, third floor", trying to remember name, time and place of her next lesson.

In her head, she tried to make up an excuse for the Professor, racking her mind for something she could say without being all awkward - blushing and stuttering around as she usually did when it came to the hard task of actual social interaction. She was so absorbed in her thoughts and her brooding over the annoying cons of shyness she didn't even look where she was going - and of course she didn't have luck for once.
"Oof!", she cried out loud as she toppled backwards. Her bag burst open and scattered quills and parchment full of scribblings over the floor. The girl she had bumped into was also staggering, Leah blushed with humiliation. "Oh - oh no", she croaked hurriedly and in a very quiet voice; "oh, I'm so sorry..." She bit her lip, trying to think of something to say. 

After all this time?
- Always.

Shy And Sassy  PV Leah, Ana, Mary   Closed 

Anatasia was fuming. She'd put off writing back to her parents and she knew that would offend them, and now she had managed to earn herself a detention for the next day. She could almost see the grey storm cloud hovering above her head as she rounded a corner. She was slowing down to glance at a clock to see what time it was. She had a bit of time until her next class, but she still needed to actually get there. As she turned her attention back to her path, she saw a scrawny redhead barreling towards her and as that was registering, they had already collided. 

Anastasia had braced herself a bit, but not nearly enough. She went stumbling backward several steps and the textbook she had been holding went flying out of her hands. She looked down for her book, which had landed just by the redhead who had crashed into her. She was rather angry since this encounter could end up making her late to class. She looked the girl over and wrinkled her nose. She was rather un-put-together, by Anastasia's standards anyway, and she was practically covering on the ground. Anastasia was quite irritated by shy people. They always seemed uncertain of themselves, and her parents had always said that anyone who seemed less than perfectly sure of what they were saying, then they didn't need to be saying whatever it was. 

"Watch where you're going!" Anastasia snapped, grabbing her book before drawing herself to her full height. Her lifelong breeding was quite evident in her pristine uniform, perfectly arranged hair, her commanding voice, and her distaining glare. She sighed as the girl stuttered an apology. "Honestly, it's your business if you want to be scatterbrained and stuttering, but leave those of us who aren't out of it."

She is beauty, she is grace, she will hex you in the face.
Baby, I’m the only one of me. Baby, that’s the fun of me.

Stats - Strength: 5, Agility: 6, Control: 12, Stamina:7

Shy And Sassy  PV Leah, Ana, Mary   Closed 

As on the first day of class Marianne was run over by a crowd who did not want to miss breakfast and a Gryffindor stepped on her necklace and broke it, now she was careful with the speed she was walking in the corridors between classes. The Slytherin was naturally attentive, but after the disturbance with the Gryffindor who discovered to be called Aurelia and the difficulty in finding someone willing to use the spell Reparo on her necklace, Marianne paid attention to the smallest details. She was terribly late for the Charms class and carried only a book in her hand and some scrolls and paint in a side pouch. She walked as fast as she could and before she took the shortcut for the class, she heard in the corner of the hall a characteristic sound of someone crashing to the ground. She heard voices and decided to go and find out what they were saying. Then the redhead appeared to the two girls behind the other redhead on the floor just in time to see the Gryffindor mistreating her. The girl seemed only shy and awkward, while for some reason the one standing did not seem to like what she saw.

"Get the hell out of here, Gryffindor!" She said in a loud, clear voice with a posture from someone who was superior. Not because of her pure blood, but because of a rivalry between the two houses. "Apparently you all like to mistreat Slytherin people and I'm not going to let it happen right in front of me. Honestly, what's your problem?" She questioned indignantly then crouched beside the girl on the floor, gave her an encouraging smile and took the initiative to collect all the papers lying on the ground. "It's all right now. We go to Charms class together. I know a shortcut and we can tell the Professor that a Gryffindor has treated you badly." So unlike the treatment given to the brunette, Marianne was truly kind to the other snek.
I apologize for the spoiled and arrogant personality of Marianne, Anastasia! And thank you for letting me in, girls. :) 

You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.