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Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

(This takes place at 12:25PM)

Azaiah wandered the darkened halls for the seventh night since he'd been here. He was, once again, unable to deal with laying on his bed awake, his mind wandered too much, and if it wandered too far, he could get stuck in a memory of 'that night', once again. He had tried to go to the common room, but he had been stuck, pacing around like a caged lion, and his motions had become erratic. In a fit of panic he had rushed out of the Slytherin House and down the halls, still in his Pj's.
He scanned the room, paranoia setting in, but calmed himself, he had ended up doing this for six nights now, and no teacher has noticed, or just didn't care. It was quite disappointing to think about, for how famous Hogwarts was he'd assume they'd at least punish those who break the rules. Though, he supposed he shouldn't complain, if they had actually enforced their rules he'd be stuck in his dorm, and most likely have a panic attack.

He took a deep breath and scanned the corridor he was walking through, the candlelight lit up the hall well enough, and glinted off the suits of armor, causing eerie shadows to dance across the old stone walls. Flashbacks of 'that night' ran rampant through his 'mind palace' causing his breath to come in short gasps, and his steely eyes flash around unseeingly, he couldn't get under control.

There he was, that sick, sick man, he was approaching the small boy, knife clutched tightly in his pale hands, a twisted grin of morbid delight spreading across his face. The knife lowered tot he immobile child, who couldn't move, his mind frozen in fear....

Azaiah was now crouched beside a suit of armor, eyes blindly looking at something that wasn't there. Tears streamed down his face and choked sobs echoed through the halls, disturbing the silent corridor. Unbeknownst to the traumatized boy someone had heard his silent pleas for help....
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Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

The man. The man that had been coming out of his common rooms with some evil plan. The professors may not have noticed, or just not said anything about it, but he had noticed. Oh, yes. The school corridors were watched by the prefecting marvel himself, Kaegen Deathmote. He had been tasked with patrols a few days ago, and no one had told the boy when exactly to stop patrolling. So he had lurked and skulked all through the night. That had, of course, led to him spotting a small furtive old man running about through the corridors. Some professor that he didn’t know about, perhaps? But he had checked, and there was no new staff that he didn’t know about. So who was the old man?

Small and white haired, obviously ancient, he must have infiltrated the school along with all the death witches that kept popping up. 10 years spent in the fens had served the boy well to some extent, poorly to others. But he knew how to stalk prey, exactly how to stalk prey. And so stalk he did. Every night now, he would follow the boy about, silently moving in the shadows. Being wild was, perhaps the only thing the boy could do well, could do really well. He didn’t understand humans, or the school. He saw the world as a spectrum of black and white doom. Brain searching for peril even when there wasn’t any, turning the most harmless of things into the most catastrophic of cataclysms.

After all, that was how the world worked, wasn’t it? Monsters lurked around every corner, Monstrous people not even giving you the courtesy of hiding behind a corner, standing in plain sight directly in front of you, smiling as if daring you to notice who they were, what they were. But he didn’t understand any of that, didn’t grasp the layers behind his reasoning. Evil was everywhere because it was. That was how the world worked, how it always had worked and always would. He had one friend to his name, and one creature companion currently in the guise of a ordinary student.

Kaegen certainly looked odd, black, burned, messy black hair topping a face that looked like it was close to death. Pale white and pasty grey skin that looked like it was taken from a corpse, heavy sleep ridden shadows under dark blueish grey eyes like piercing storm clouds. He wore a grey scarf that moved about with the slightest breeze and a large dark robe that was patched and repatched. Strapped to the boy’s back was a unreasonably large umbrella, long and wooden. It was almost a miracle how quiet he was, how undetectable despite all the odd and ends he carried. Every motion he made was smooth, quiet. Natural, a part of the background.

He had almost decided to take out the old man with a slingshot when he heard him cry. Cry behind a suit of armor. It didn’t make any sense, it was unreasonable and stupid. Unless he was trying to lure Kaegen out, crying would only serve to make the infiltrator’s position known. But Kaegen knew about crying, although he made sure to do so silently, making sure not to attract the predatory creatures that roamed the fens. This old man had no such practice. You couldn’t decide when you cried, you cried when you were at your lowest. When you were vulnerable.

And so the prefect moved forward until he was 5 feet away from the old man, give or take. He had no idea what to say, and didn’t want to state the obvious with a “you’re upset.” Or was that what you were supposed to do? It wasn’t likely. Thinking about it, Kaegen wasn’t entirely sure what he would want a stranger to do if said stranger found him crying. Give him food, probably. Food was good, tasted delicious and helped you think. If food didn’t do the trick nothing would. And so he produced a short log of dry sausage from a inside pocket he rolled it across the floor to the man and then sat down on the stone floor. He would wait until the old man finished eating, and then maybe they could talk. Maybe.


Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

(Old man?? XD)

He couldn't see anything, couldn't hear when a Ravenclaw prefect walked up to him with a sausage, no, he was busy being trapped in a flashback of 'that night', he was looking right through the boy in front of him, grey eyes wide and unseeing, mouth open in a wordless scream, and hidden behind his medical mask.

"the sadistic man walked closer to him, and plunged his knife into Azaiah left chest, his lung, causing him to cough up a chunk of blood, then tore the blade across his arms in a violent fashion, too gory to detail..., his mind flashed with strong phantom pains, and he let out a reals scream, full of terror and pain, full of a suffering not many have endured.

He reacted by banging his head against the wall once, and he was back in controle of his mind, his eyes were still unseeing, as he was busy trying to shove those memories back into the strong steel mental door he kept them locked behind, and lock it he did, turning the levers until a metaphysical, loud click rang through his 'mind palace'. His mentality sagged against the door in relief, utterly exhausted and shaken. His trauma once again fresh.

He snapped back to reality, and started when he saw the Ravenclaw boy in front of him, almost having another panic attack. But he smothered it down, he was already traumatized enough for the night. He took a couple deep breaths, then noticed.....wait was that a sausage? Why.....? He gave the prefect a dubious look.

"Why did you give me a sausage...?"He was indeed truly puzzled be the act, but then long had the boy been standing there, and why didn't he take him to the nurse, or his house... "Ahhhh…. how long had you been standing there?" His uncharacteristically young-sounding voice rang out in the silences, ash e stared at the odd boy in front of him.
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Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

Amanda slinked out of the Ravenclaw common room, glasses and sketchbook in hand. She put them on and squinted as fuzzy blurs morphed into definite objects. Much better. God, I hate these stupid glasses. She shook her head and continued down the corridor. Sometimes Amanda felt like she couldn't concentrate in the same enclosed space as others. She needed to get out for a bit to get some fresh air.

Amanda had just settled down and started to sketch when she heard someone cry out. She shut her sketchbook quickly and looked around, eyes wide. There it is again, she thought as the noise echoed through the halls for the second time. Amanda stood up slowly, sketchbook tucked under her arm. Taking care to be extremely quiet, she tiptoed over to the edge of the hallway and peeked around the corner. There was a young boy on the ground, crying. Amanda almost approached him but froze when she saw who the boy’s company was: Kaegen Deathmote. Amanda frowned and clenched her fists. That vampire boy’s never up to any good. I trust him as far as I can spit, the bloodthirsty scoundrel.

Then the crying boy let out a terrifying scream. Amanda jumped in fear, her heart pounding against her chest. She summoned up her courage and walked over to the two boys. I can’t let that poor kid sit alone with Kaegen. Amanda sat down on the other side of the boy who had been crying. “Hey, is everything alright? I heard some screams.” Amanda narrowed her eyes at Kaegen. “Is this your doing? Why are you always so awful towards everybody?” Amanda words were mean, but she didn’t hate that strange boy, not really. She’d never admit that to anyone, though, not even herself.

“Oh, I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them.”
~ Amanda Sparrow ~

Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

“Why did you give me a sausage?”

The old man’s voice shocked Kaegen, a youthful and babyish sounding voice. And then it hit him. It all made sense. He was sick, a debilitating illness that causes the hair to turn white prematurely. He was a young child, worrying about his imminent demise at the hands of some disease, probably the flu.

“It’s food, eat it. It will help.”

The prefect’s voice was quiet, a whisper that sounded a bit like rustling leaves. Everything about the ravenclaw was soft and quiet, born of a necessity to not be found by the creatures of the fens.

“How long have you been standing there?”

“I don’t know.”

He didn’t, after all. Time was a fuzzy concept for the boy, mist and fog having blocked the sun from sight for 11 years of his life. He didn’t ever remember what time it was, and didn’t really see the point in learning. When he saw Eris going to class he knew it was time to go. When people went to great hall it was time to eat. He was keeping his distance from the boy, giving him space to work out whatever he wanted to work out, consistently staring at him with tired eyes. The boy’s eyes looked a bit like his, although they seemed more alive.

The young boy had spasmed, obviously ill. Hit his head against the wall and then sagged. He looked pathetic, tiny. A little kitten someone left out in the rain too long. A baby animal that people pitied. But kittens had claws, after all. Just because the boy looked weak didn’t mean Kaegen was going to underestimate him.

“Don’t hit your head against the wall. It hurts.”

Kaegen paused for a second before continuing, the thought dawning on him that the boy probably knew that.

“If you can’t stop yourself, get someone else to stop you.”

He was fine sitting there watching the boy, it was an alright arrangement. He might have been a prefect, but surely there was no reason to send this boy to detention. But he had promised to be a good prefect, after all. Had promised. But what exactly did that promise mean? Was being a good prefect picking on someone that just needed some food? As he was deliberating the death witch came along. THE death witch.

Name Wraith, threat level 9. Known abilities: Extreme intelligence, cronies. Known weaknesses: ________
She sat next to the boy and then started to lie. Making it sound like it was Kaegen’s fault. He was the one helping. As he started to be defensive his brain stopped and did a backflip. A trap. This was another trap and she wanted to get close to that boy. The injured boy that wasn’t ready to defend himself. In the blink of an eye something black was in Kaegen’s hands.

It was shining, jagged and wicked looking. A slingshot, loaded with a smooth rock was pulled back and focused on the girl’s forehead. It was a hunting slingshot, made for killing, not playing. If he let go she would die. She would die and no one would fault him. She was a death witch, after all. But her blood might scare the other boy, he was a bit close. It probably wasn’t the best idea to take her out.

“I have two statements. The first is that this slingshot will kill you if you don’t comply. The second is that you are going to stand up, walk away from the boy, or old man or whoever he is, go to your dormitory and report for detention tomorrow.”

It was essentially death or detention. Either way she was going to leave this place. The firelight illumined the boy’s eyes, illumined the pupils that were starting to expand, warping and reaching and morphing out. Growing larger and larger as he started to feel the familiar pain in his gums. Was this death witch really that brave? She really thought that she could walk in and trap him, or the boy with old man’s hair? If one of them was going to die that day, it wasn’t going to be him. It was going to her, and no one else. His eyes didn’t narrow, they didn’t even move, contorting pupils the only discernible motion other than his lips.


He was starting to lose his voice, he could tell it was sounding a bit hoarser, unused to the exercise it was getting. But it was going to have to last if he wanted to calm down the boy after he saved the kid’s life. Or the old man’s life. But the voice did sound pretty child like. It was probably a kid. Yeah, that sounded right.


Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

“It’s food, eat it. It will help.”

He quirked an eyebrow at the response, to both the questions, then shrugged, grabbing the sausage and munching on it absently. He didn't really like sausages, or hotdogs, or porkchops, or chicken-He cut himself from his tiered ramblings, then looked up with dull eyes as the student began to talk once again, quiet, but he could hear his voice well enough.

“Don’t hit your head against the wall. It hurts.”

Again, he quirked an eyebrow, even as the boy thought over the statement and finished it with a slightly less obvious statement.

“If you can’t stop yourself, get someone else to stop you.”

"Oh? And how am I to do that if I'm in the middle of a panic-attack, hmmm?" , He drawled out, then paused, thinking over the inquiry he made and looking up at the boy with slight pain stabbing through his head, a concussion most likely, "Though, you don't need to answer that question, your logical, you can figure out the correct response to such a situation yourself." He finished the sausage, his stomach churning a bit at the unpleasing food, but quieting down, no need to care over such a petty thing.

Suddenly, a girl appeared, another Ravenclaw, honestly, why were so many Ravenclaws wandering the corridors? He doubted they had insomnia. And when she began to spew things about the Ravenclaw boy before him, painting pictures of him being some horrid person, he just sighed and rolled his eyes, trying to silence her with a held up hand.

"Please stop your ramblings, I already have a headache from that cursed panic-attack. Besides, don't jump to conclusions about people, I thought Ravenclaws were supposed to be smart?"He let out a world-weary sigh, tired of how many ignorant witches and wizards messing up everyone's self-confidence.

He jumped a little when the boy who 'helped' him pulled out a friggin slingshot with a ragged stone sitting in his pouch.

“I have two statements. The first is that this slingshot will kill you if you don’t comply. The second is that you are going to stand up, walk away from the boy, or old man or whoever he is, go to your dormitory and report for detention tomorrow.”

He blinked slightly, processing what he just heard, and within seconds he matched a face with one of his mental student profiles, which just held the name and photo of the boy before him, everything else just had question marks sitting beside stat names. This boy was obviously a prefect, with the way he was ordering around the girl, which explained why he was wandering the halls. Instead of interfering he let the prefect do his job, not really caring if the girl was struck down, he just hoped there wouldn't be too much blood, that would most likely trigger another panic attack. The boy was smart, even if a bit blunt, and probably had a good reason to react in such a way.

he then re-processed the sentence the prefect spoke, "Old man....?"

When the boy grew fangs he was mildly shocked, and just added that info to the profile he was filling in. Beside the weapons slot he marked, 'slingshot', and 'Vampiric powers'. Beside 'species' he wrote 'half-vampire', seeing as how the boy didn't have the physical appearance of a full vampire, nor was he devouring his blood, due to the fact Azaiah himself was open and vulnerable just moments ago, and wasn't eaten.

He watched the dramatic scene play out on his position on the floor, leaning idly against the wall. he was in no state to stand up, with a concussion and all, probably caused by hitting his head against the wall the wall. A stupid move, but the past was in the past. Than bottle of Dr. Pepper was pulled out of his robes...somehow...and he opened it with a loud hiss. He wouldn't interfere, no point in defending the girl since she must be some kind of threat and was being annoyingly naïve a second ago. Even if he did defend her, it would be a dumb move, the boy before him with the deadly slingshot was a half-vampire and a prefect, you don't interfere with prefects doing their jobs.

So he just sat there, watching impassively and sipping on his drink with a nonchalant air. He'd have to ask the Ravenclaw prefect questions after this dramatic scene was over, and inform him that he most likely had a concussion. Shrugging, he watched the show.


Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

Amanda glared at the Slytherin boy. “Don’t criticize me, twerp. I could easily break you in two,” she snapped. “Besides, I already know this freak and he’s crazy. He thinks I’m evil, which I am not by the way. And I’m certainly smarter than you.” Amanda rolled her eyes and sighed. She was in no mood to be sassed by some little boy.

Amanda flinched when Kaegen whipped out a slingshot and pointed it at her. “Told you so,” she addressed the young Slytherin. She then turned to Kaegen. “Listen, I don’t know why you’ve got to be such a jerk! I don’t want to hurt you or this boy. You won’t kill me anyways. You didn’t in Madam Malkin’s, and you won’t now. It must be really sad and lonely to be you.” Oh no, here I go again, giving that psycho an opportunity to kill me. He won’t, though or at least I hope he won’t. Amanda summoned her courage and strode up right to the Ravenclaw prefect’s death-like face. “Come on, I dare you to.”

Amanda whirled around and sat right back down where she had been. She leaned her head against the wall and closed her eyes. “Sorry about that,” Amanda said to the Slytherin.

“Oh, I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them.”
~ Amanda Sparrow ~

Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

"Oh? And how am I to do that if I'm in the middle of a panic-attack, hmmm?"

"Though, you don't need to answer that question, your logical, you can figure out the correct response to such a situation yourself."

“Stay with someone. Get a friend. It’s not easy, but it’s… worth it...”

The boy was a bit reluctant towards the end. It was worth it, right? Staying up late, having no time to do anything, but being there for someone that hardly ever noticed you were there? Sleepless nights worrying, hours of training just so that he could get to her level. And for what?

“Yeah, for what?”

Death witch magic, death witch magic was speaking in his ear. How was she doing that without a wand? His face registered no sign of surprise, it had never had need to. That was just another sign by which things could find you in the fens. It was worth it. It was worth it because she was a friend, he had promised to be worth it, to be as good a friend as he could possibly be and there was no way he was going to go back on that promise. When she did notice him, she was fantastic. And it wasn’t like she hadn’t proven to be his friend, on multiple different occasions. As the boy quieted down his franticly wandering mind, he realized that the old man, or boy or whoever had done a pretty good job of stating he wasn’t giving in to the death witch’s insanity.

And then the death witch stated that she was about to rip the old man, or boy, or whoever he was in half, pretended to not be evil and then claimed her intellectual superiority. And then pointed at Kaegen and his noble act as an example of more of his “evil.” How did that even work, was she trying to cast a spell, and that was why she expected anyone to buy any of that? And then she stated something that made the prefect’s blood run ice cold. With perfect certainty she said he wouldn’t kill her. She knew he wouldn’t. How on earth did she know he wouldn’t? What was she, how was she doing that? Kaegen’s hand drew back a little, the taught rubber less tight as his legs started weakening, softening.

He was going to die. She knew it, he now knew it. There was no hope at all for him, none at all. Why did he think he could stand up to Name wraith? She was threat level 9. 9!

“What… What are you doing? Are you giving up, are you going to die here?

I won’t allow it, I won’t let you. SCREW YOU Screw you and your weak blood. She dies NOW”

The boy’s eyes shot black. One instance his pupils were squirming about, the next his entire eye was a pitch, soulless black. The kind that expected no mercy and didn’t intend to give any, either. His tiny fangs fully extended, along with a decided rip and slice of his fleshy gums. The same instance, he let go of the pouch and the rock flew forward. Straight for the girl’s forehead. As soon as the eyes saw it was going to hit the black receded rapidly, no longer possessing all of his eye, but just a little bit beyond the pupil. The fangs, too, retracted.

That girl had no hold over him, none at all. He could see the stone leaving the pouch as if it was in slow motion, clearly travelling straight for her. Why did she say he wasn’t going to hurt her, was she just calling a bluff that didn’t exist? Was she operating on instincts, hoping for the best as she tried to buy time for something? What the heck was she even buying time for? Who and what was important enough to warrant a threat level 9 death witch putting herself in the way of that much harm? What was he missing, where was the link he didn’t have yet? And what had she been doing down there by the old man boy? The Omb? She was about to kill him, right? Had said she was going to rip omb in half, no less. It just made a complete lack of sense. But there was one thing he was going to be firm on, if she died he would drag her corpse in tomorrow.

”You still have detention.”

Red words are those you people cannot hear ^^
I rolled a 16, all said and done. Not sure if it matters considering the distance is just from one side of a corridor to the other, but I rolled nonetheless. It's reduced tension so that's a K.O or serious concussion, maybe bleeding etc. Up to you! :grin:


Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

“Don’t criticize me, twerp. I could easily break you in two,” the girl snapped, then continued, “Besides, I already know this freak and he’s crazy. He thinks I’m evil, which I am not by the way. And I’m certainly smarter than you.”

He raised an eyebrow at her aggressive response, "Good luck getting people to believe you're not evil with that attitude", he paused, "threats don't help either." Taking another sip of his drink he decided to make another point, "And, by the way, i'm also clinically proven to be mentally unstable, so I'm not one to judge the prefect you're provoking."

The girl turned her attention to the Half-vampire, “Listen, I don’t know why you’ve got to be such a jerk! I don’t want to hurt you or this boy. You won’t kill me anyways. You didn’t in Madam Malkin’s, and you won’t now. It must be really sad and lonely to be you.”, she seemed to think for a second before continuing, "Try Me."

He almost choked on his drink when she decided to threaten the Half-vampire. Was she some kind of suicidal idiot? Sure, he has more controle than a full vampire, but he'd still have aggressive tendencies. Provoking a half-vampire was dumb, no matter which way you look at it.

He saw the Ravenclaw prefect mull over the statement in slight shock, seems he came to the same conclusion he did. The boy tilted his head, as if listening to something, then, as if to prove Azaiah's point, his eyes turned black, and he means, full-on, Black-Eyed-Children black, it was quite disturbing if he does say so himself. The prefect's fangs also grew, poking into the fleshy gums and drawing a slight bit of blood.

Deciding it would be smart to get out of the way, he stood up, staggering as his vision blackened, and stumbled backwards, practically collapsing onto the floor when he was a decent range away, which, in his case, was three meters (he also couldn't go any further).

His took another sip of his Dr. Pepper, determined not to fall asleep, which is a bad thing when you have a concussion , and almost choked on it once again when he saw the prefect let go of the sling-shot. It really shouldn't be surprising, she provoked a half-vampire, who's obviously a bit mentally unstable, though, he doesn't mind of course, because he was, also, mentally unstable. he hoped this prefect was up to the job when Azaiah and the girl he shot at collapsed with bad head-injuries.


Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

Amanda’s eyes widened when Kaegan’s eyes turned completely black and his fangs sprouted. She could feel her heart thudding against her chest, adrenaline pumping through her veins. Holy shit, he’s actually going to kill me. Oh my god. Amanda blinked back the tears that threatened to spill onto her cheeks. She was never one for crying; it made her feel weak. If you were weak, you lost. Everybody else just walked right over you like a doormat.

Then the stone flew out of the pouch and struck Amanda square in the forehead. Little lights swam before her eyes. She reached up and touched the spot where the stone had struck her. When she pulled her fingers away, they were stained with blood. Amanda heard Kaegen mention something about detention. That stupid psychopath. No wait, stupid me. Stupid me for thinking that I would make it out of this alright. Stupid me for putting my faith in dumb luck and sheer guesswork. She felt a single wet drop roll down her cheek. Crap, I can’t cry. Not even when I’m going to most likely die.As her surroundings began to fade, Amanda lifted her eyes to meet the strange and chaotic ones of Kaegen Deathmote, her enemy and the boy she harbored feelings for. “How could you, you freaking son of a bitch.” Everything went black and Amanda slid to the floor, knocked out cold.

“Oh, I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them.”
~ Amanda Sparrow ~

Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

The omb made a pretty decent retort, calling out the death witch’s duplicitous nature and pointing out her sudden and expected shift in character, obviously trying any and everything to achieve whatever end she happened to be trying to achieve before stumbling backwards out of the way. He wasn’t part of the equation any more. The stone worked, it flew straight and true, striking the death witch on the face, a line of blood trickling from the wound as she breathed her last. But before she died, the death witch managed one last spiteful comment, final words of a dying force of pure evil.

How could he? He could by letting go of the pouch, it wasn’t like he had accomplished some herculean feat that required in-depth explanation. Come to think of it, she had fallen a lot easier than he thought. The boy’s eyes remained plastered to the limp bleeding form in front of him as he reached a hand into his sleeve, placed the slingshot back in its sheath and unclasped a leather pouch that had been strapped to him under his loose robes, pulling free a book that be swiftly carried out of his sleeve and into the dim light offered by the torches. It was a rather crude book, but the binding was sturdy enough. Black inked letters on the cover read “Dangers and how to kill them”

His eyes shifted from the girl to the pages, which he flipped a few of before coming to a halt and placing the book on the ground his hands went back into his sleeves, this time emerging with ink, and a quill. It only took a few minutes of scratching before he seemed satisfied. Putting away the ink and quill in whatever container he had produced them from he proceeded to make the book vanish up his sleeve as well. The same proceedings befell the now slightly bloody slingstone. It was a good stone, and he wasn’t just going to leave it on the floor like that.

By the time he was done tidying up the black had receded a good deal, his eyes were darker than they usually were, to be sure. But they were at least grey now, and you could easily distinguish the white from the center. It was in this calmed state that he approached the omb, finally able to continue along with his original intention of finding out what he was doing before the death witch tried to destroy them or whatever her plan was. It didn’t matter, she was dead now anyway.

”What’s wrong?”

But he had a nagging feeling in the back of his mind, a nagging feeling he couldn’t shake. Had he heard a voice in his mind, earlier? It wouldn’t make much sense if he had, I mean, he was the only one in his own mind. You couldn’t just walk in there. It was this nagging feeling that successfully drowned out the cries of the other nagging feeling. The nagging feeling that tried to remind the boy that he had loosened the slingshot before he fired it, that there was a very good chance that the death witch had survived the shot. That he should go finish it off now while he had the opportunity to do so.

”You’re not supposed to be out here. And why are you on the floor?”



Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

He studied the fallen girl with impassive eyes, sure the half-vampire went a bit overboard, and he should maybe report this to the headmaster, but he couldn't muster up the motivation to do either, he wasn't a very motivated person.

He looked at the girl's chest, and saw the faint, yet steady rise and fall with each breath. Good, she wasn't dead, he didn't want to deal with all the legal work that would come when you witness a murder.

His half-lidded eyes looked over at the boy who had 'shot' her, he was looking through a book, for some reason, though he didn't much care. He took a sip of his drink, still sitting cross-legged on the floor, and waited for the prefect to do whatever he needed to do.

The boy walked over to him, and Azaiah watched him with cautious eyes, ”What’s wrong?”

He carefully read the Ravenclaw's body language for any signs of lashing out, and found none, letting him relax a little. He took another sip of the drink before answering.

"Nothing, just making sure you won't lash out at me, not that I blame you, she did provoke you. Though you might have gone a bit far", he paused, looking back down from the prefect, "Though, I didn't know that you were a half-vampire until a few minutes ago, she might not have either...." he took another casual sip of his drink, through his medical mask, by some miracle, "and if she didn't, well, she couldn't've known that half-vampires don't have the best controle over their emotions, better then full vampires mind you, and aggravated you."

He took another drought of his Dr. Pepper, and let out a content sigh. He was feeling a bit groggy, due to the self-inflicted head injury, and, as you should, was trying to stay awake with liquid caffeine...though he did just enjoy the drink in general....he cut off his incoherent thoughts, just in time to catch the words he had been waiting for from the prefect.

”You’re not supposed to be out here. And why are you on the floor?”

"Wondering when you'd ask that", Azaiah sighed, "well, see, I have insomnia, and staying cooped up in my dorm with nothing to do leads to my mind thinking too much, per say, which leads to panic attacks, which you witnessed. Every night I wander through the halls, steering clear of the restricted areas mind you, to try and keep my mind off things, though the atmosphere triggered a panic attack despite my trying not to," he seemed to zone out for a few moments, then snapped back to reality and attempted to focus on the prefect, "As for your second question, I'm on the floor because I have a head injury and will most likely topple over or throw up is I try to stand, that and I wanted to get out of your range when you went into vampire mode."

Azaiah tapped the bottle he was holding and it filled up with the use of simple magic. He took another sip and seemed to realize something, "hmm, too bad the nurse is clocked out, I'd rather not slip into a coma. We, well you since I can barely stand, should probably treat the head-injury you gave the girl too, she may be quite rude, but she's still a student, and I'd think the headmaster won't be pleased if we accidently kill her." he nodded his head absently, and his eyelids began to slide close as unconsciousness gripped the edges of his vision, but he snapped himself out of it and took several big gulps of his soda, be fore turning back to the prefect and looking him in the eye, slightly unfocused, "Yes, I probably have a concussion due to banging my head against the wall, and she most likely does too..." he shook his head as if clearing it, "yes....hope you know how to do your job," he chuckled humorlessly, before taking another sip of the drink.

"Didn't expect my night to go like this."


Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

Provoke him? She had done more than provoke him. Far, far more.

“Threat level 7 death witch. Previously thought to be threat level 9. I saved both of us.”

The omb was scared of him, worried about the prefect lashing out at him. Why would he be scared? It wasn’t like Kaegen lashed out without reason, without cause. He had cause, right? That girl was horrible, evil. She didn’t deserve to breath, to live anywhere near society. Or anywhere near himself, for that matter. He would be perfectly content if no one like her ever existed. But evil did exist, it existed everywhere, it was everywhere. The realization dawned that perhaps that was why the omb was scared. Perhaps he saw the realization of evil around every corner, just like Kaegen did.

What the omb said next, however, was more than a bit confusing. What the heck did half vampire even mean? Who was half vampire? His words were unmistakable, but he was wrong. Kaegen looked just like everyone else did, acted just a little bit different than everyone else. Not enough to actually warrant being considered a different species or a half breed. Half breeds were practically unheard of. The omb was probably just wrong, that wasn’t impossible, was it? Or maybe he was lying? But hardly anyone lied. That particular act was reserved for the crazed, evil and insane. For those that had no name and no want or need for one. For scum, and scum’s scum. The prefect doubted that the omb would stoop so low, it was probably just an error in judgement.

“I’m not half anything.”

But even as the boy said that, a few drops of blood dripped from his mouth to the floor, fangs having sliced the human gums, the gums that did not like being sliced at all. He went on to say that half vampires didn’t have good control over his emotions. That was pretty good news, as far as kaegen was concerned. The prefect knew for a fact that he had an excellent handle on his emotions. He was a prefect, his name had authority originating from the fabled conqueror of the 14th dark place. He was in perfect control over himself, and that might have been the omb’s point. He had just corrected himself, realized that the fact half vampires lost control over themselves easier than humans proved that Kaegen was fully human after all.

The omb went on to explain the situation. From what the prefect could gather, the omb couldn’t sleep and had been laying down in bed, but that made him think because he wasn’t braindead, and he was scared of thinking, so he decided to walk around because walking around stopped his brain from working as much or something, which explained why he had crawled backwards instead of walking, but then the air itself also scared the omb, and he freaked out and hit himself on the head and was now about to die because of some disease.

And the other thing he gathered was that the girl was still alive. So he had two problems. A level 7 death witch that had evaded death by a hair, and a omb that had was scared of both thinking and air, and was currently about to die unless he talked to some medical professional or another. And that meant Kaegen had to decide between finishing off a death witch or saving the life of a omb. It was a fast decision, but a hard one. He had sworn to fulfill his duties as a prefect, and that was what he was going to do. Pulling a piece of rope from some pocket inside of his robe he looped it twice around the omb’s arm, and then he started pulling.

Kaegen wasn’t especially strong, but his strength was surprising considering his size. If you saw the sickly boy that looked more like a corpse than a child you would probably attribute hardly any strength to his arms. But his greyish white pasty skin hid enough muscles to pull the omb. Especially considering the omb’s less than considerate size. Still, all the other boy would have to do is pull back and it would probably stop the prefect. Surprising strength didn’t mean much when it was surprising to see him walking at all.

It was the opinion of several students that he should have died a while ago.


Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

“Threat level 7 death witch. Previously thought to be threat level 9. I saved both of us.”

Death witch? The crap is a death witch?

He decided to ask as much, pushing through his haze, "The crap is a death witch? Going by the name, why wouldn't headmaster Blackburn notice such a thing?"

The next statement by the prefect made Azaiah deadpan.

"I'm not half anything."

"Uh-huh, sure. If you think I'd treat you any different if you were a half-blood, then you're wrong, I don't care about trivial things such as 'blood statues' it doesn't affect the power of the wizard or witch much anyhow, as shown by your previous action,"he looked back up at the Ravenclaw, and saw that he truly didn't think he was a Half-vampire, "Your kidding my right? You think it's normal to have your canines grow an inch longer and your eyes to become pitch black?"

Azaiah sighed, and then shook his head, afterwards immediately recoiling from the action as pain decided it would be fun to stab his brain with a hot spoon. When he felt the rope warp around his arm he looked up at the boy in confusion, and when said boy started to drag him down the hall he shouted quietly in discomfort.

"Wait, No, Don't drag me, wha-!" he stopped protesting when a tug, harder then before, caused his headache to somehow grow worse. He slumped back down, submitting to being pulled by the odd prefect.

"You do realize the nurse is clocked out right? Dragging me to the first aid room isn't going to do much, unless you know how to heal a concussion." He pointed out in an impassive voice, "also, you're leaving the 'death witch', as you call her, laying in the middle of the hallway, where, might I remind you, she'll be found, and asked what happened, therefor bringing the headmaster down on your head. You might even get you're prefect title taken away," this was all stated in a way that sounded like he was just stating a simple fact.

He took a sip of his ever-present soda, trying to ease the pounding, white-hot, headache assaulting him with its' unholy presence, and mulled over the enigma that was this Ravenclaw prefect.

"You honestly don't think you're a half vampire? But the facts are all there, you're pitch-black eyes, you're unholy aggression towards the proclaimed death witch, you're fangs growing an inch, and judging by the bags under you're eyes, a lack of sleep. What else would you be?"
Azaiah was honestly confused, and curious, about the prefect's situation, and was about to continue his statement when a wave of nausea and a rather large spike of pain assaulted him. He blacked out for a moment, but forced himself to stay conscious.

He really hoped that a teacher would find them soon and help, he'd rather not slip into a coma.


Night Time Panic Attack  Closed 

What was a death witch? At this point in time, Kaegen had assumed them to be common knowledge. How could anyone miss such a huge threat lurking in their very midst? It seemed completely ludicrous that someone would be walking about blissfully unaware, but this boy clearly had no idea. The prefect stopped dragging the boy, letting go of his arm and retracting his own arm back inside of his sleeve, emerging with that same book he had scribbled in earlier. The sallow face looked down at the cover, beginning a rather short tale. The omb deserved to know.

“A group of wizards and witches taken child form. They are everywhere, and wholly evil.”

Opening the book, he began to read.

“Bones cull-them, threat level 4. Hufflepuff. Fast, sharp teeth. Adept at blades and climbing and as quiet as a falling cloud. Is vulnerable to physical force. The effectiveness of flames is unknown, but empirical.

Airheat, threat level six. Ravenclaw. Adept at secret rituals, detection and wandless magic. Again, physical force is the best method.

You’ve already met the name wraith. Threat level seven. The black burn hasn’t done anything. I’m beginning to think that all of this is a test. That they let in the death witches on purpose so they can kill off those of us not prepared to fight. I’m going to survive, I’m used to this.”

As he had read through the book the boy had flipped through pages, each page a journal entry on some threat he had encountered. That threat’s strengths, their weaknesses. How to defeat them, what to do if you encountered one. He was going to use the book to defend Eris, give it to her as a present. A complete survival guide of everything deadly.

It was true that this kind of bizarre test was not new to the boy. It was something he had great practice in. His grandfather would pull stunts like this all the time, whenever it wasn’t expected and sometimes even when it was. So the conclusion made sense to the boy. This was how you learned things, how you became better. Your leaders and protectors set untold horrors on you and everything you loved, a cascade of water on the rocks until only a few stones remained. And those that did remain were smooth, polished.

The omb started talking about blood equality, a topic that Kaegen had almost no interest in. At least when it came to understanding. In truth, all wizards were not, could not have been created equal. Some were born of the dark, evil creatures known as muggles, some had fully magical parentage others had only half. It was stupid to erase that, to label them all wizards. There had to be a difference somewhere, there had to be inconsistencies that no one had picked up on. And that, even as a wild hypothesis, was extremely interesting to the boy. Extremely interesting only when he was feeling like it, however. And he was not feeling like it. Why had he not killed that death witch when he had the chance? Why had he fallen for her weak magic and faltered just enough to loosen the rubber?

The omb kept talking nonsense, asking if Kaegen thought that having his canines grow an inch and his eyes turn pitch black was normal. But there was an obvious problem with that question. His eyes didn’t get pitch black. Eyes didn’t do that, that didn’t make any sense. He had met a few pupil less creatures, but never a human with black eyes. That was stupid, pure and simple. His tongue reached out to feel the tender gaps in his teeth were he knew his canine’s slumbered underneath his gums. That was normal though, wasn’t it? Other people just had slightly smaller teeth that didn’t retract under their gums. It wasn’t a big deal or anything, right? Choosing to temporarily disregard the bit about his teeth, he went on about his eyes. That, at least, he knew was nonsense.

“Eyes don’t turn black.”

And then the omb turned to complaining. Complaining that the nurse had climbed out of a clock and was unreachable or something like that, that bringing him to the hospital wing wouldn’t do any good unless kaegen could heal him himself. And then he said something ridiculous. The black burn wouldn’t care if kae had tried to kill the death witch. If anything, he might reprimand the boy for not having finished the job. On second thought, it was highly likely he would be yelled at for failing to kill such an easy target. What was wrong with him, he was going to get in trouble now. Because of a terrified omb getting in the way. Brilliant.

“I don’t have to heal you. The nurse will come out of the clock sooner or later and if you haven’t died yet, she can tend to you. The black burn let them in because we’re supposed to kill them, omb. Besides, it’s not like a death witch would go complain about not dying to the headmaster. She’ll just try to kill me later. How did you survive this long?”

And then the omb went on to present ‘evidence’ to support kaegen’s supposed vampiric bloodline. He was wrong about the eyes, everyone’s teeth did that and he only had bags because he was getting old. Reaching for the omb’s arm once again, shortly after stashing the book, Kaegen continued to drag away, headed for the hospital wing. It took longer than it should have for the prefect to answer the omb. Not because it was hard to come up with an answer, but because the boy’s voice was starting to give.

“I wasn’t aggressive. Aggression only blinds the senses.”

It seemed odd, even to him, that he had chosen that to answer. The other implications the omb had thrown out were much more pressing. But that one was the option Kaegen had gone with. The one he felt had to be answered.