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Don't You Just Love Your House?  PV   Weaver   end 

Private RPG between Anastasia Beckett and Daniel Weaver
Date: September 4, 2018
Place: Hogwarts Corridors
Time: 10:00 a.m.

Anastasia was finally beginning to get into the flow of things at Hogwarts. She was starting to settle into Gryffindor, although that was an adjustment. She was even starting to make friends with people who were what her parent would call "inferior blood", although she wasn't sure if that was good or bad. Overall though, she was fairly happy or at least, she would have been if she had heard back from her parents. She had sent her letter the morning after she was sorted, and hadn't heard back since. It had already been more than two days since she'd sent it, and she knew the owls delivered it the same day you sent it if you sent it in the morning. 

She brushed a piece of hair out of her eyes as she left charms and began to make her way to her next class. She had more than ten minutes until it started, so she wasn't rushing or anything. She glanced down at her uniform and tightened her already perfectly tight tie as well as making certain that the rest of her clothing was perfectly neat. She knew it made her look a bit stiff, although she was sure she looked rather stiff anyways. She tossed her hair and nearly walked smack into a Slytherin boy.   

She was about to apologize when she recognized the boy and inwardly groaned. She was absolutely not in the mood to deal with Daniel right now. She just rolled her eyes and tried to move past him. She wasn't sure what she would say to him, seeing as their last conversation had involved her bragging about her certainty of being in Slytherin and how he wouldn't get into any decent house.

I only act like I know everything. Maybe I'm scared that someone will find out I don’t. Stats - Strength: 5, Agility: 6, Control: 12, Stamina:7

Don't You Just Love Your House?  PV   Weaver   end 

It had been a few days since classes started, and honestly, Daniel was getting used to it. He enjoyed the pace of Hogwarts, if not the bedtime that was ensured. Why should anyone bother to keep tabs on when he fell asleep? He understood the curfew, especially to keep those without any magical spells under their belt safe, but that was besides the point.

Classes were boring, but they gave him enough to work with that he didn't exactly lose interest. He had gotten plenty of acquaintances, most of which were fellow Slytherins, in which he could manipulate for his own world. Things were looking up for the eleven year old, at least that's how he felt about it. He pondered all of this as he walked from one class to his next. His mind wasn't necessarily in the clouds, as he was paying attention to where he was walking, but that didn't mean he moved if people were coming towards him.

And, low and behold, who ran into him. He side stepped Anastasia Beckett so that they weren't both in the middle of the corridor (if people came up, he'd simply point out that she was a space hog, and at least he moved out of the way), and allowed himself to raise an eyebrow. "Excuse you, Gryffindor, but I think the polite thing to say is 'I'm sorry'. Weren't you paying attention to where you were walking?" he quipped. He had said her house with such sarcasm. Miss 'We all Know I'll be Slytherin'. He snorted. Now who was eating their words.

"I bet your parents were so ecstatic to hear what house you were in. No offense, as I know some great Gryffindors," his father, for example, was a Gryffindor, "but I don't think you quite fit there. You're... let's just say you lack Gryffindor qualities. Whatever the hat saw in you, well, who knows." He was simply having a conversation with her, no venom outwardly said in his voice. Of course, he knew she'd get that sense, take his words literally. He gave a little smirk, amusement creeping onto his face. This was going to be a fun conversation.

Don't You Just Love Your House?  PV   Weaver   end 

Anastasia moaned inwardly. She absolutely, positively did not have any patience for Daniel and his idiocy right now. She had classes to get to, and more importantly, teachers to suck up to. She did not have time to exchange insults with a bratty eleven-year-old. Mentally, she decided to be the most Gryffindor-y Gryffindor to ever Gryffindor. He wouldn't try to use it against her if he didn't think it was a weakness or even a tender spot. 

"See, generally, the etiquette is for people to let a lady pass in an instance such as this. Not that you would know that since you have quite minimal breeding," Anastasia said, smiling venomously. "And wouldn't you like to know exactly what got me into Gryffindor? Suffice it to say, the Hat found it quite convincing and it's been quite lovely so far. " Her voice was cold and a bit threatening, and she doubted that Daniel would really be that concerned at her tone. The Hat had been quite set on putting her in Gryffindor, but she was certain her cursing at it for fifteen second straight hadn't exactly persuaded him otherwise.

"Anyway, if Slytherin is taking the likes of you, it clearly isn't what it used to be," Anastasia said, cocking her head as she began to walk back on her way.  

I only act like I know everything. Maybe I'm scared that someone will find out I don’t. Stats - Strength: 5, Agility: 6, Control: 12, Stamina:7

Don't You Just Love Your House?  PV   Weaver   end 

Daniel rose an eyebrow as Anastasia went about saying stuff like letting ladies through, and at that point, he purposely stepped in front of her. Childish, he knew, yes, but it got his point along. He looked around the corridor as if he was trying to find something, and shrugged when he couldn't find it. "I see no lady here, just a troll who claimed she was a Slytherin," he said simply. He tilted his head a little, not allowing Ana to pass him and get to her next class on time. Not that he cared if the little teacher's pet was in a rush. He couldn't help but snort at his thoughts and pushed them away. He'd have time to use it against her later.

He let her ramble on about how he wanted to hear exactly what got her into Gryffindor, and even pointed out that if he was in Slytherin, it wasn't what it used to be. "I have no issues with Gryffindors, if you could remember what house my father was in. Of course, if you're trying to be as cool as my father, well, you're nowhere even on the scale with him," the Slytherin retorted. He stopped her, again, from going too far - at least he'd make it super hard for her to pass. You know, he'd do that thing where if she tried to move one way, he'd instinctively go that same way, just to be annoying. He let a curve trace his lips, a smirk, the bemusement in his eyes.

"The hat must've sat on your big head and didn't want to put you in Slytherin because you lacked something, Beckett."

A little bit of amusement seeped in his voice. How much could he rile her up?

Don't You Just Love Your House?  PV   Weaver   end 

"You really ought to think of a better insult than a troll, it's not terribly original or effective, just juvenile," Anastasia said, her voice sounding bored. She wanted to get to class, and she was on the verge of shoving Daniel into the wall. Or the crowded corridor for that matter. She smiled a bit as she pictured Daniel being trampled. Her mother would definitely scold her for thinking like that, but obviously, her mother wasn't there. 

"Honestly, Daniel, I know the real reason that you care so much about me not being in Slytherin. It's the same reason that you won't let me pass. You're just dying to spend more time with me," Anastasia said, her irritation at having to converse with Daniel hidden. She knew that it would take longer if he thought he was irritating her and she wanted to get to History of Magic and meet the teacher. She was actually rather excited about it, despite the fact, her parents had both said it would be "unimaginably tedious". 

She glanced at a clock on the wall and saw she was now only seven minutes early instead of ten. She mentally resolved that, if Daniel tried to stop her again, she was going to shove him. She hadn't decided whether it was going to be into a wall or the walkway. If it was the wall, it was guaranteed to keep him out of her way, but it would be so much more satisfying to shove him into the walkway.  

I only act like I know everything. Maybe I'm scared that someone will find out I don’t. Stats - Strength: 5, Agility: 6, Control: 12, Stamina:7

Don't You Just Love Your House?  PV   Weaver   end 

He blocked her path - this time, on purpose. Any time she moved left, he'd move right, and vice versa. He wasn't going to just let her get the last word; he was being a traditional, well, "Gryffindor" with the confrontation. He let a blond eyebrow tilt upwards at her as she pointed out that his insult was juvenile. He snorted. Troll was what she was, but other insults wouldn't suffice for her. Maybe a gnome. She was ugly like one, in his frank opinion. Big head, big feet, tiny little body. He rolled the thoughts along his tongue for a long moment before he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I knew you were a suck up when we were kids, always trying to get the parents to believe your side of the story, but I didn't realize you'd become such a suck up here, too," he pointed out flatly. He was being stubborn. "I'm glad to know that you're the same girl who is so proud of being from such a pure Slytherin family, only to be sorted into the opposite house. Your parents aren't too pleased. They've sent me tons of cauldron cakes, though." he added.

As if an added bonus, he produced a cauldron cake from his bag and held it up. He knew it was from the Trolley Ride, but her parents had indeed sent him plenty of owls congratulating him to their former house. His parents, too, because houses weren't really a deal in his own family. He gave her a cheeky little grin and took a step back from her, but still in her way, still not allowing her to pass.

"Also, because I know you, don't try to go all troll on me and try to push me. That just shows who the childish one between us really is," he pointed out. He knew how she was upset. He was just trying to push every single one of her buttons.

Don't You Just Love Your House?  PV   Weaver   end 

Anastasia rolled her eyes at the idea of her parents sending cauldron cakes. They rarely approved of anyone having sweets, especially if it was someone that they were proud of. She knew that they had, in fact, exchanged letters, since her father had mentioned it in his most recent letter. It hurt more than she wanted it to - the fact that they threatened to disown her and hardly wrote her and wrote loads of letters to Daniel of all people. Being a Beckett was everything to her, and she felt like as of right now she wasn't. She wouldn't let Daniel know that though. She hadn't grown up in the most "stiff upper lip" family for nothing - she was quite good at hiding her emotions when she wanted. "I can think of exactly where you can put that cauldron cake," Anastasia said, smirking a bit. Despite her parents' insistence on proper behavior and manners, Anastasia had quite a mouth on her. After all, that was what had landed her in Gryffindor. 

When he mentioned her shoving him, she rolled her eyes for what felt like the millionth time. She was impulsive at times, but generally, she didn't shove people. Generally. Meaning not including Daniel. She tossed her hair and turned on her heel and walked in the complete opposite direction. She could either turn back after Daniel went on his merry way or figure out another way to History of Magic. After all, with the way the castle was, there had to be more than one way to get to that classroom. 

I only act like I know everything. Maybe I'm scared that someone will find out I don’t. Stats - Strength: 5, Agility: 6, Control: 12, Stamina:7