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Moreland walked through the corridors of the second floor, observing other students as he passed them, noting how people were interacting and presenting themselves. There seemed to be an even spread of well-presented students compared to the disheveled. Ties loose, shirts untucked, shoes scuffed. Others were more put together, like Moreland who had a perfectly knotted tie, shined shoes and pristine and lint-free uniform and robes. Appearance was very important and the Slytherin couldn't stand people that didn't understand that.

For years Moreland had been groomed by his parents to move around the social circles of the Wizarding community. Elite status came with his family and bloodline, and being a pure-blood brought with it certain responsibilities and expectations. And anyone who was anyone could tell you that immediate appearances and first impressions were far more important than personality or ideas. The latter came with time, once you got to know someone, so the former was the indicator for almost everyone.

So, when Moreland saw students who gave very little thought to how they looked, it irked him on a number of levels. But when it came down to it, he couldn't expect much less from some students, given their status in the Wizarding world. However when other members of more respected families 'let themselves go', it just filled the boy with a sense of personal annoyance whether they realized or not. And as Moreland rounded a corner, smiling at a pair of female students that passed, he caught a brief glimpse of red out the corner of his eye, before walking headlong into another student...

Moreland Harceler - Stamina: 3, Agility: 8, Strength: 2, Control: 4, Arcane Power: 4, Accuracy: 9

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Eris Fawley was quite bored. Many students talked of the evident greatness of second year, finally being able to be in the Quidditch team, finally able to not be the youngest in school, but Eris felt little gratification for her new second year title. It was just another fancy title to add to the long list of growing titles. Pure blood, heir, second year, violent mess. The list went on and on, and Eris had learned to care little about mundane things, such as going up a year. The homework was still the same, but the people were not.

Eris had never grown up, truly. Her childhood had been horrid and depressing, while her first year at Hogwarts had been new and insane. Yet, her friends had grown up. Max had broke his arm, Adam seemed more distant, and Eris hadn't seen Rhea yet. She wouldn't let the sadness get the best of her though, even if Eris found herself wishing for the activity of first year--masked figures and all.

Sighing, Eris hoisted herself up yet another flight of stairs, hating that she was on the second floor. Second floor, second year and she hadn't grown a damned inch! Everybody had grown, rocking above her, but Eris was still so small and so tiny.

The only consolation was her hair and appearance, and the way she was able to change it at will. Eris knew she could make herself taller, but couldn't figure out how to. The only thing she could change was her hair color, and the rest of her power seemed so out of reach. Eris, personally, was a fan of pink and red, so when her hair could be controlled, it was one of those two shades. Currently, Eris's messy head of hair was a bright red, as she swung the heavy book-bag over her shoulders, rolling her eyes at weight of the poor bag, which felt even heavier than her, as Eris swayed forward.

There seemed to be nobody around, as the small child plowed forward, about to fall over. There was some sort of wall in front of her. A black wall, with green stripes. Eris, confused, rocketed backwards. She, of course, then realized how small she was, and looked upwards. She had not fallen into a wall, rather a tall smirking blonde boy, who looked awfully alike her grandfather. At least, his facial expression did.

Crossing her arms, Eris dropped her backpack on the floor and raised an eyebrow. Painfully aware of her height, Eris resisted the urge to jump up, scowling. "Watch where you're going! What the hell? I know I'm short, but seriously? You can't just run into someone".

i punched a wall and cried. BAM BAM BAM!
Eris Fawley:
Strength: 6 //Agility: 10 //Control: 9 //Stamina: 10