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 First-year Gryffindor  A Lion's Welcome  Closed 


-This is an rpg and every post has to be at least 200 words (reducio don't count!)
-You may post two times between my posts, this is something we do to let everyone get a chance to post without feeling like the thread gets "taken over" by only a few students that posts fast.
-Pleas give other students room to post between every post you make (like, once a day is completely enough in this kind of rp) but other then that, pleas react and talk to each-other as we take you through the corridors of the castle, but remember, you only have two posts between my posts.
-You can react to stuff i have said exists in one of my posts, but pleas don't introduce your own npc's in this thread.
-have fun! 
-i will take the activity of the thread into consideration, but will most likely post once a week.


Looking over the desserts on the tables, or rather what was left of the desserts, vanish as the feast came to an end made Parcel glad he had wolfed down what he could when he could. There was always good food on the tables here at mealtimes, but the food just seemed to taste extra delicious on the welcoming feast. Parcel took his spoon from the table and using the reflection on the back he checked that he didn’t have any food stuck in his teeth. He would soon have to gather all the new first-years from his house, so he could show them the way to their common room.

While it was rather tedious work, Parcel understood the reason for why the first-years needed a chaperone on their first night in the castle. The Gryffindor common rooms door was a portrait after all. There was no way they would find it on their own. And not only was it a portrait, but you needed a password to get in! A password that the first-years didn’t know yet.

Parcel jumped up as he heard the Headmaster announce the end of the feast. In what Parcel hoped was a tough and manly voice, he shouted out over the Gryffindor Table “First-Years, come with me please! First-years this way, we will gather in the Great Hall together! Only First-years with me, the rest of you can find the way yourself, if anyone has forgotten the password then ask your friends or one of the Prefects, but Gryffindor First-years follow me!”
His manly shout was a tad bit more strained then Parcel had hoped, so it ended up more like barking then shouting.

Clearing his throat, Parcel looked around to see if everyone had gotten the message. As he saw himself satisfied by the result, Parcel nodded to himself before he turned towards the door with his cackle of first-years in tow. 

Parcel pushed through the door out to the Great hall where he gathered up all the first-years by the side of the door, around himself.
“Well! Congratulations with being sorted into Gryffindor, the greatest bloody house there is! We have heroes like Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the previous Minister of Magic, Hermione Granger!” Parcel grinned widely as he looked at all the excited and maybe even some frightened faces. “So, you all better not make us look bad, we have a lot to live up to after all” He said as he tried to keep his expression more serious, unlike his normal merry self. 

“My name is… mmh, long and hard to remember, but all of ya can call me Parcel, or Parce or anything of the sort really, I don’t mind it. I’m one of your prefects, so if you need anything then you can ask me. With me I have Max, another one of the Gryffindor prefects, also very ask-able if you need some questions answered.” Parcel pointed to another boy with a silver badge on his chest, much like the same badge Parcel was wearing on his own school uniform.

“There are more prefects from our house too, but they have to run around and make sure everyone in Gryffindor get the password to our common room” Parcel held up a hand to stop a student that seemed to want to ask a question “yeah, yeah, you all will get the password too, but I’ll tell it too you when we get up to the door, now, what was I talking about?” He scratched a scar on his chin as he was thinking “OH! Yes, the prefects, you might be lucky enough to meet more of them today, but if not, then you’ll see them in the coming days, the ones that was tasked with following you is me and maxy’boy” Parcel puffed max in the shoulder.

“Without dallying anymore, let’s get going! If anyone has any questions then ask them as we walk, we have a lot of stairs we need to traverse” Parcel turned and started walking out to an adjacent hall, motioning everyone to follow him.
As they entered the new hall, Parcel could hear several audible gasps from some of the first-years behind him. They had walked out in a great tall hall with stairs moving around in the air. On the walls all around them hang paintings in all shapes and sizes. And, probably to some of the muggle born students surprise, the paintings were moving! Motioning hello’s to them as they walked by, even talking to them! None of the paintings seemed to hold a conversation with the students, but now and again they could hear a “hello” or a “I hope you’ll find Hogwarts to your liking!” even a “Yes! New Gryffindor’s, how great!”.

As they started walking up the stairs, Parcel looked over the students again “Please do pay attention to where I walk, the stairs move you see, don’t want anyone of you getting lost.” He was about to move again before turning his head one more time, as if to add something he had forgotten. “and watch out for the step half way up this stair, it’s a vanishing step.” Humming to himself, Parcel started walking up the stairs. 
OOC- You can fall down the vanishing step, but its only a step that vanishes, so there is only enough room for your foot to get stuck. While everyone can react to someone falling down, i will only allow two people to forget about the step and actually fall for it, its first come first serve, if no one want's to fall, then i'll pick one randomly in my next post. (you neither gain nor lose anything by walking into the step, its only a way for you all to interact with each other)

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 First-year Gryffindor  A Lion's Welcome  Closed 


Brianna hadn’t ever thought that food could appear as endless as it was the night of the Welcoming Feast. Without her older sibling to stop her, she went on ahead to pile more sweet bread and pastries onto her plate than any other assortment the Gryffindor table had to offer. Some would think that perhaps being a Gryffindor fresh from the sorting hat, tieless, would have been intimidating– though this ginger, in particular, seemed sincerely thrilled to be there. It seemed she had been prepared for the house of the brave, to begin with, a hand-me-down red and gold scarf bunched in her lap. Judging by the yarn’s faded colors, it had weathered some rushed washes.

The girl had just taken a sizable bite of her roll when their prefect called for their attention, fumbling with the fork she had in hand. While managing to stop it from clattering onto the ground, her scarf met no such luck as it slipped off her skirt to coil at her feet. The ginger was left to brush against another first-year as she slowly slipped under the table for a moment, moving sheepishly as she didn’t want to catch too much attention to retrieve her article. The first year emerged just as the others in her grade marched off after their Prefect, leaving her to slip over the bench of the table and jog a few steps to catch up.

Once Brianna had made it towards the front of the group with some weaving– necessary since she was amung the smallest first years– she couldn’t help but give an obviously surprised and slightly disbelieving look towards their Prefect. Why, now that she was getting a good look at him– Parcel was it?– with his slightly lopsided smile and his young features, he couldn’t possibly be much older than her! She beamed once the names of the legends that arose from her house were listed, having heard them all in unforgettable tales from her brother on nights she couldn’t sleep. The girl’s features fell a little sheepish at Parcel’s warning, twisting the ends of the scarf bundled in her arms, though quickly shifted to one of admiration, wondering if she too could achieve such a feat by her second year and make her house proud.

Brianna’s sea green eyes, filled with wonder as they entered the corridors, faded to something like anxiety. If there isn’t a map with a list of times, I’ll be lost forever in a maze of stairs! I can just imagine the headlines now…
“Hogwarts First Year Presumed Missing– Found Stuck on a Stairwell”
The uneasiness faded once she sighted the paintings, an undeniable smile coming to her face as she waved enthusiastically at those who acknowledged her. Oh, how it was a dream to one day hang her own painting up on the walls of Hogwarts, some scene or creature company the others residing in the corridors would enjoy. She mentally noted to get their opinions at a later date.

The girl had been so caught up in her thoughts, she hadn’t registered exactly what her Prefect had warned her about. Of course, by the time she had mustered up the courage to actually raise her hand and ask, they had reached the midpoint of the stairs. A small squeak came from her as if she had been stepped on as her foot caught on the gap between the steps. Not used to catching herself quite yet, she ended up on her knees, her hands smacking against the stone as her wand fell out of it’s sewn in pocket and clattered on the steps. She hurriedly collected her chestnut magic tool from the ground with a sort of care. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” she repeated, leaving it unclear as to whether she was apologizing to Parcel, her wand, or the scarf under her knee.
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 First-year Gryffindor  A Lion's Welcome  Closed 

The headmasters speech had been the usual thing. Academics, school rules, expections, etc. This was something she had been expecting. It was different though. She had actually liked the speedh and paid attention for once. After the conclusion, she stood up unsure of her direction which was quickly resolved by a sharper voice calling for attention. A boy, he was one of those prefect students. She looked at him taking in his features. It was good to remember peoples face. She was good at that sort of thing. Quickly following him into the hall along with the other rabble of first years, he gave a brief introduction, a sort of welcoming. It was brief as he hurried along the staircase, his warning of the steps lingering in her head. What if she got stuck? She barely knew any spells.

As if on cue, a girl ahead of her happened to do exactly that. Slowing up, she looked at the female who seemed to be struggling. Elena decided to see if she could help. Not knowing how she could aid, she approached the girl speaking lightly."Are you ok? Can you get out by yourself?"The question was laughable at most. Of course, she could not get out, otheriwse she would be stuck. Looking up to the head of the line to where Parcel was, Elena decided to seek out aid. He would know what to do surely. Waving a hand to gain his attention, she motioned to the student."Can we get some help here, please? I think she got herself stuck."She spoke loudly trying to gain attention. That alone was a challenge. After all, the girl was not much of a talker. First day in and already gotten herself in a mess, she hoped she wouldnt be admonished for trying to stop and help. Trouble was not what she wanted before classes has even begun.

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 First-year Gryffindor  A Lion's Welcome  Closed 

Anastasia had only poked at her food, her mind swimming as it tried to think of what she would tell her parents. She knew they definitely wouldn't be happy about her not being in Slytherin, but maybe if she just told them she got Ravenclaw? No, that wouldn't work. They'd find out one way or another and she'd rather they heard it from her. At least that way, she'd know what they had to say about it instead of hearing about it from her annoying cousins. 

Anastasia glanced up at the older boy, a prefect she guessed due to the shiny badge on her robes, began to shout to gather up the Gryffindors. As always, she made sure she was near the front of the pack as they traveled. Just because she hadn't planned on being in Gryffindor didn't mean she didn't want to know everything possible about it. She had researched Slytherin practically her entire life and heard little about Gryffindor beyond the fact that it would be completely unacceptable for a Beckett to be sorted there or really anywhere other than Slytherin. 

She heard a bit of a commotion behind her and turned around to see what on Earth it was. It appeared a girl had fallen through the step that Parcel had warned them about. Pity. She really should have watched where she was going. Anastasia bit her lip and mentally scolded herself. That was rather harsh and she doubted she would make many friends if she voiced thoughts like that. So, she didn't say anything, just glanced back at Parcel to see what he would do. 

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 First-year Gryffindor  A Lion's Welcome  Closed 


Brianna’s face blushed an unimaginable shade of red that somewhat matched their house as she became insanely flustered, avoiding Parcel’s gaze with the best of her ability. How utterly embarrassing, she thought, to be fussed over by another student in her year after tripping... of course, she found the act kind, but she hadn't thought her clumsiness would be made so obvious so early in the year. The fact that she had tripped wasn’t surprising. Her expression fell slightly as she realized she didn’t have her brother around to steady her anymore until she was brought back to the present by Elena’s questions.

“Y–yeah, I’m alright. Oh, don’t worry, really. My foot got caught for a moment is all!” Her words tumbled out in a rush along with a string of bubbly, nervous laughter as she waved off the worry with her hand. Despite having hit her knee against the stone hard enough to bruise, she seemed to have barely felt it. She stayed on her knees a bit longer than intended as she gathered her miscellaneous objects which were scattered on the staircase in a bit of a hurried manner, knowing very well they might miss the next staircase because of her carelessness.

Winding up the scarf took a moment longer than expected. There was some tugging, as she herself was keeping the material to the floor with her knee. It did take her a moment to realize, but being fast enough to shift slightly and yank the material from under her was something promising for a future Quidditch player! If– of course– she could manage to stay on the broom all throughout tryouts...

The ginger scrambled for her wand which was a few steps down, tucking it behind her ear rather than the sewn in pocket that was present in all of their robes. That pocket was currently occupied by colored pencils instead, which someone might have caught since her clasp was undone at the moment. The wand itself had a slightly quirky appearance, not unlike Brianna. The chestnut was wrapped in a leather grip at the handle as if she needed assistance holding onto it, but stopped just where the wood began to swirl and twist around itself in a thinner manner. If the wand were treated any more carelessly, it might have broken.

She considered pulling her hood back up once she stood, visibly contemplating it as she messed with the trim after slinging the scarf back around her neck to dangle unevenly. “Thank you,” she said to the girl who had asked her if she was alright, nodding her head to their perfect to show she was quite alright despite how flushed she felt– and probably looked. The first year she caught staring just in front of her’s elegant, long chocolate locks left her to absent-mindedly comb her fingers through her own ginger curls as she gave a tentative smile Anastasia’s way. Of course, she hadn’t known either of the girls’ names quite yet. “I’m sorry if I almost tripped you both. It won’t become a habit.” Of course, being Brianna Devos in itself was an occupational hazard, housemates would discover. Of course, this was when she wasn’t focused. When she set her mind to it, she had the potential to be an incredible witch. Perhaps her quick recovery provided some testimony to their prefect some of that fact.

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Masika had been sitting quietly poking at the remains of some sort of tart when the food at the tables all disappeared at once. She blinked slightly, realizing that she had been lost in thought, before she put the fork down and looked up to listen to the Headmaster.

The moment the man finished speaking an energetic male leapt up from their table and yelled over the rising volume of the students in the Great Hall. Masika moved to stand, following his instructions and half-wondering if he had strained his voice given the tone he had addressed them with. She trailed towards the back of the group as the boy led them out of the large room and into the halls, the temperature dropping several degrees as they left the closely packed space.

Masika shivered slightly at the change in temperature, trying to catch what the Prefect was saying in case it was important. Her gaze drifted towards the other Prefect that the now-named Parcel indicated, before her dark eyes flicked back to the brown-haired boy as he continued to speak. She barely refrained from sighing aloud when he informed them that they would have to use several flights of stairs simply to get to their dorm, instead bracing herself for what was sure to be a daily misery that she would have to deal with.

As the group followed the boy into portrait-lined halls, Masika's eyes flicked around taking in the art and the moving figures within with a curious glint in her eyes. Portraits often tended to be interesting, holding information that might not be found otherwise. She refrained from lingering, picking up her pace again to match the others that she had started to fall behind. She would have seven years to investigate, and there was no sense getting lost on her first day; especially since she didn't know the location of their common room, much less the password to get in.

As they mounted the stairs, Masika looked up at the moving staircases with a grimace. Surely something like that had to be a hazard around children, though she was sure the magic behind it was fascinating. At the mention of a vanishing step, Masika could only sigh internally; not only did the staircases move, but now there were steps that were blatantly trying to trip the students? Had no one thought to fix—

Her thoughts were disrupted by a soft yelp of sorts, and her sharp eyes snapped to the fallen student who had immediately started to apologize for something that could hardly be considered her own fault.

Masika kept back to keep the situation from getting further out of hand as another student called for the Prefect, before the red-headed girl spoke again saying she was alright. Masika pursed her lips slightly as she watched the girl for a moment as she fumbled around for her dropped belongings, before she looked away, trailing her eyes over the stairs to see if there was anything else that she had missed. She noticed a coloured pencil pressed up against the edge of the stairs and moved towards it before she knelt and picked it up, holding it out to the anxious girl without judgement. "Here you go, lass," she spoke, her tone pitched so that it wouldn't carry too far. After a beat, she continued to speak, this time more loudly, irritation seeping into her voice, "You'd think they'd label somethin' like that if they can' fix it. You can' tell me no one's fallen down the stairs b'cause o' it."

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 First-year Gryffindor  A Lion's Welcome  Closed 

LOCATION: Corridors
DATE: September, 2018
WITH: Parcel & The First Year Gryffs

It was with no little amount of exasperation that Max had accepted the role of leading a bunch of wide-eyed first years to the Gryff dorms with his fellow prefect. Sure, it was something that came with the job (and truth be told, he didn't have many issues helping out students in his House since it was always a good networking experience), but he'd been dragged away from his dinner much too early and hadn't had the time to catch up with his friends. It put him in a slightly more sour mood than usual, though he plastered on a polite smile that was just a touch cold in order to look like he was doing his best. Merlin, he didn't want any bloody questions.

Remaining silent and allowing Parcel to do the talking, he glanced over the new students in Gryffindor with a critical eye. One of his jobs was keeping these people in order, and since his mood wasn't the greatest he wouldn't tolerate any horsing around or problems from them. You might say Max was like the bad-cop of this experience, content to let his partner take over with grins and kind words while he glared from the background.

When he was introduced he gave a slight nod, wishing he could cross his arms to give off a more menacing vibe so people really wouldn't want to ask him a question. It was harder than usual to be off-putting with his arm up in a cast after breaking it during some summer mayhem, but he'd do his best until he could relax with the gang later that night during the birthday party. Shifting impatiently, he eyed Parcel and nearly snarled when the other boy had the audacity to touch him. He didn't know his fellow prefect overly well (and had seen him only a couple of times the last year during that game of tag and briefly in the Lock-in), so he didn't have any real opinion, but it would quickly go negative if the boy insisted on breaching his personal space.

When the speech was finished up, he eagerly turned away from the group to go with Parcel up the stairs, glad that he was about to go back to the dorm he'd considered home for the entirety of the last year. He supposed he might as well try to strike up conversation with his fellow prefect since they'd be working together for the next few months. That, and he knew the boy was a pure-blood, though what the boy's family made of the whole blood-purity thing he had no idea. "Rumours say you talked to a snake in the Lock-in, Myth," he began conversationally, not really interested in the small talk at this point. "That's an interesting skill. Do snakes have anything cool to say or are they - "

He was interrupted by a ruckus amidst the throng of students, some girl calling for help. Turning back with an annoyed sigh under his breath, Max assessed the girl who'd fallen through the stair Parcel had explicitly warned them about. He was about to go down with some possibly sharp words when a couple of other girls went to ensure she was alright and she got up, looking healthy enough. Taking a few steps down and motioning for people to continue on, he gave the girl who'd fallen a flat, frank stare.

His patience was further tested by one of the girls helping her, who rather loudly voiced her low opinion of the school's safety measures. Not that he himself hadn't thought similar things a dozen times over after all the accidents and injuries his classmates had faced in year one, but if a single step was enough to cause injury then his expectations for this year's new students had just hit an all time low.

"As a matter fact, the people who follow instructions and listen to the warnings their prefects give them generally don't fall," he stated, keeping his tone neutral despite a sharp glare that took in everyone who'd stopped and held up the students behind them. "If you're fine, let's get a move on - we don't have all night. If you're not, I can show you to the infirmary. Either way, please keep up or you'll risk being left behind and getting lost; that goes for all of you lot who stopped as well."

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 First-year Gryffindor  A Lion's Welcome  Closed 

Parcel skipped energic over the vanishing step as he led the students up to their dorm together with Max.
"Rumours say you talked to a snake in the Lock-in, Myth,"

Parcels smile froze for a second before he turned his head over to the other prefect with the usual grin back on his face. Parcel kept his voice low, to make sure that none of the first years heard him “N-No, well, I-I did, but, well, its not like it was a real snake, it was one of Professor Lears inventions. We all could talk to it, I’m sure of it, right? It’s not like I can talk to any old snake, I-I’m not a parselmouth or anything” He didn’t know how word got out, but he would really like to pinch it in the butt before it became known to the whole school. Parcel would very much like not to have a reputation of knowing something mostly associated with dark wizards.

While Parcel didn’t know the other prefect very well, Max seemed to be intent on talking about those dang snakes. Parcel was about to retort him on asking so many questions when the dull thud of someone falling took his attention instead. Turning his body at the same time as the prefect beside him, Parcel looked down at a girl that had walked straight into the vanishing step.

Parcel had a relived grin on his face as he watched some of the other students help the girl. He let Max finish his little power tantrum while waiting for the girl to get back on her feet. This would hopefully get Max of the topic of snakes.

“Gosh, yes, there we had one unlucky student” He gave a reassuring grin to the girl that fell. “Lets all pay attention to were we walk from now on, okay, it won’t be as easy if someone take the wrong staircase, then you’ll have to sleep in the cold corridors instead of your own warm bed tonight.” Parcel laughed as he turned around again and motioned the students to follow him as they began walking up again.

“The stairs get you to mostly anywhere in the castle, except furthest up the towers and down in the dungeons, that’s some side doors and stuff for that. We keep the entrances to our common rooms secret, don’t want students from other houses snooping around. That’s also why I won’t give out the password or entrance before we actually get there.”
Parcel was talking rather loudly, trying to keep the student’s attention on him instead of on the talking paintings.

“The trick step we walked over was one of Peeves creations, if you ever meet Peeves then your best option is just to run. He’s a poltergeist you see, the strongest one in Britain. He has a real thing for making our life hard. If you encounter a prank, then its almost a 60% chance its one of Peeves, heck. He has a few he keeps up year-round, like, well, like the trick step, so better not remove it, it has become a prank in itself to do it because Peeves puts up a new one, but he never tell where, so you know, it could be on any one of these stairs”
Parcel pointed up and down the hall, they were nearly up on the seventh floor now.
“So, in a way, the scary part is when the trick step isn’t where you are used to it, because then anyone of the steps might be a vanishing step. Some older students get a real kick out of changing it during the owls and newts, well, it’s probably the sixth years, it’s no easy magic to undo one of Peeves contraptions, nothing one of us early years can do.”

As Parcel finished speaking, the students had finally made it up to the seventh floor. Parcel pushed open the thick wooden door that lead of to one of the corridors.
The corridor was much more sparsely lit. which cast many of the archways and columns on the walls into shadow. Every few meters there was a window. The September sky was dark outside, but the moon cast some rays of light into the corridor, illuminating spots under the windows on the marble floor.
There were a lot less paintings here, then in the hall they had just been in. The paintings that did hang here looked older, and most, if not all the inhabitants of the frames seemed to be wearing something red on them or even sporting a Gryffindor badge.

“Not too far now” Parcel chimed as he led the students down the hall.

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 First-year Gryffindor  A Lion's Welcome  Closed 


Hugh was still calmly enjoying his cake until it simply vanished in the span of a blink. His head jumped up as his eyes tried to look if what had just happened was normal. Judging by the empty tables, he could see it was indeed time to stop eating. Does that mean beds disappear too, when you're supposed to wake up? His nose and upper lip pulled up a bit as the question kept floating in his mind.

His ear caught the voice of another boy calling for all first year gryffindors to follow him to their dormitories. Looking at the boy, he couldn't have been much older than Hugh. But he was wearing a shiny badge on his robes. The other guy with a badge didn't seem to happy either that his food had decided to disappear in thin air. Hugh eventually followed along. At the back of the group, as usual.

A small girl hopped past him in a hurried state. She seemed the clumsy type, but those could always be fun. He himself wasn't immune to dropping his pen or fork on a regular schedule. He tried to keep a close eye on everyone's faces and manierisms. Not to exploit them, but to see who seemed more like him than others. As the temparature and atmosphere changed, they entered a grand hall full with larg, changing stairs and... talking portraits? The scottish lad had to blink twice at the little piece of art trying to tell him he should move along and stay with his group. He had to learn how they did that. He could imagine his own sketches coming to life already.

His dreamy state got interrupted by the little girl getting trapped in a sudden missing step. A nice girl helped her up while he saw some others exchanging glances. Seems like some things are not so different after all. His eyes flared up at the grumpy badge-wearer remarking to the girl she should listen more carefully. "Give her a break" Hugh mumbled quietly.

The agitated boy made him nervous, maybe a bit scared. Hugh was never one to pick a fight, nor did he often stand up for himself. He mostly kept to the background and if someone did have a problem with him, it would pass in time. The other badge-wearer seemed nice though. He almost caused a small smirk to grow on Hugh's face. But he realised he was almost smiling in time.

They went further up the stairs and into another hall. This time the colour red seemed to be represented more often in all of the paintings. Almost there? He thought by himself. He was starting to wonder if Gryffindor even had a dormitory.

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 First-year Gryffindor  A Lion's Welcome  Closed 

She smiled at the girl nodding in assurance. She waved a hand as the girl voiced her concerns at tripping them."You're good. We're fine. I'm just glad you're alright. We should probably get going though."She said offering a hand to the female. Elena heard a prefect's voice cut through and she looked up. It wasn't the same prefect she had seen at the table in the Great Hall. He seemed...cold. Clearly, he was not pleased by the holdup. She was beginning to regret her current course of action when the other prefect began to proceed muttering something about Peeves and his tricks before beginning to lead the line onwards. Where on earth was this common room? All these stairs, Hogwarts was literally a maze to her. "C'mon. Let's catch up. What's your name, by the way? Mine's Elena." The first year said speaking to the two girls. She had better make some friends while she was still here. Inside, she was a nervous wreck as she anticipated their reactions. She had been given strict instructions from her own parents, her own damn parents to interact as little with anyone as possible.

She still didn't understand that but she was breaking it right now and frankly, she didn't care. If she was to survive this school at all, she needed friends. A chance had presented itself here and she was going to take it. She wanted to get up there before the line left them behind and they missed out on whatever the password would be to enter the common room. The prospect of sleeping in the corridors with Peeves zooming about here and there seemed terrifying. For all she knew, he could be bewitching statues or paintings to annoy her while she slept. The idea seemed horrible to her and a common room seemed much safer than a school corridor that held moving staircases and paintings that seemed to move and talk."So, I hope you guys haven't run into this Peeves character yet."She said cracking a small smile. It was an attempt at some humour, she wasn't really good at this sort of thing but she had to socialize somehow. It would be tough, she never had really interacted much with people her age before Hogwarts and here she was now. So far though, Elena though she was off to a good start.

Strength:5 | Agility:10 | Control:10 | Stamina:5

 First-year Gryffindor  A Lion's Welcome  Closed 

Anastasia rolled her eyes at the fallen student. Honestly, did no one listen? Even though she knew that was quite harsh, it was exactly what her parents would have said, and she couldn't help smirking a bit when the second prefect said almost word for word what she'd been thinking. He seemed a bit harsher than the first one, Parcel, but maybe that was a good thing. Harsh wasn't the exact word she meant, maybe stern. Whatever it was, it was far closer to the reaction she was used to receiving from authority figures when something went wrong. Back home, if she tripped and scraped her knee or asked for help on schoolwork, she'd end up with a snide comment from one of her parents and having to figure it out herself. 

She tapped her foot as she waited for things to be sorted out and the group to move on. Honestly, so far, she hadn't learned much about her new house, other than apparently no one else in it actually listened to warnings. She made her way towards the front of the group, closer to the two prefects. It was for two reasons - one was for hearing purposes, and two was she was far more likely to be friends with the type of person who stood near the front of the group than to be friends with someone who got their feet stuck in trick steps. 

She is beauty, she is grace, she will hex you in the face.

Stats - Strength: 5, Agility: 6, Control: 12, Stamina:7