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A Ravenclaw Reception  PV 1st Year RC   Closed 

Open Thread for 1st Year Ravenclaws
This is an open thread for any first year Ravenclaw to join. Please only post once in between any Prefect posts so everyone has a chance to talk and to respond. This is all IC, and the 200 word count minimum must still be met in your post. Let's have fun with this and happy RPing. If anything is unclear, you can owl me directly for clarification.


Luna looked at all the new students occupying the table of Blue and Bronze. Her robes had been freshly cleaned, her hair neatly braided, a badge donned upon her. A good first impression went a long way after all.  Besides, this was her first day taking on Prefect duties. She hoped to exceed the expectations placed upon her.

The first day of school was an important one, and many new students would require guidance. This was the job of each and every Prefect. To show those unfamiliar with the great ancient halls the way around. How to get to the Ravenclaw tower was the very first thing on the docket. A good overview of basic rules was a good idea as well. Things like curfew, off-limits areas, etc. And getting those new to feel like they have someone on their level they can go to for any issues that may arise. Adults could be intimidating after all, and while Luna trusted the Professors implicitly, some kids struggled when talking to adults.

Luna would be the first to speak. She stood proudly, all five feet of her, ready to represent the house. The dim roar coming from the feasting students came to an end, indicating the completion of dinner. The first years would no doubt be tired, and ready to unpack, relax, or just plain rest. The amount of energy expended on crossing the Great Lake, waiting to be and actually being sorted, and taking in the scope of everything would be exhausting. Luna knew that for those unfamiliar with the Wizarding World, it would be even more taxing.

As the time came, Luna stood, moving to the front of the table. She hoped her appearance wasn’t too startling. Standing tall, or as tall as a five-foot girl could stand, she did her best to raise her voice so everyone could hear.

Everyone! Your attention please!” Her voice carried its elegant tone over the roar of the students.
“You all are excused to the dorms, except for First-Years! All First-Years please gather in the corridor outside the great hall with the Prefects.”

Luna waited with her fellow Prefects in the corridor, watching the older students make their way to their familiar dorms. She waved at friends she had met in the previous year as she watched First-Years gather into a crowd before her. Some seemed excited, taking in everything with bright curiosity. Others...not so much. She waited a few more minutes, and once she was satisfied everyone was present, she stood before the new students and members of her house.

Welcome First Years! To Hogwarts, and to the House of Ravenclaw. The Sorting Hat has seen fit to place you in the House of Wit and Intelligence. Perhaps some of you may think you don’t belong here, that you aren’t “smart” enough. Possessing knowledge is a good indicator, but the drive to seek it is what will stand us apart. And so I welcome you to the House of Blue and Bronze. I hope you have had a good feast as now we Prefects will be leading you all to your dorms in Ravenclaw Tower.” She glanced among the students, checking to see if they were paying attention. “A quick introduction is in order. My name is Luna Aurelius. I am one of the two female Prefects. The remaining Prefects here with us today are Delilah Stewart, Kaegen Deathmote, and Adam Harrington.” As she spoke she motioned to the remaining Prefects standing nearby. “If anyone has any questions, now is the time to ask. We will do our best to answer as we proceed on a tour of the Castle. Don’t wander off from the group, or you will face detention on your first day. Also, be sure to prepare to think. After all, it’s what we do best”

And with that, she motioned the group to begin following her.

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A Ravenclaw Reception  PV 1st Year RC   Closed 

*“Everyone! Your attention please!” Her voice carried its elegant tone over the roar of the students.
“You all are excused to the dorms, except for First-Years! All First-Years please gather in the corridor outside the great hall with the Prefects.”*

Sariel's head popped up along with the others sitting at the buzzing Ravenclaw table which was littered with the remnants of their welcome feast to see a girl with white hair straining her voice over the crowd. She managed to hear the gist of what the prefect was trying to say and it appeared that this was the first year's cue. Scooping up one last bite of the delicious bread pudding, Sariel snuck in her last bite and then joined the herd of new students down the length of the Great Hall. She was eager to see what was in store for them now after such a showy meal.

In the hallway, the white haired girl whose name was announced as Luna, continued her speech. A tour of the castle sounded incredibly exciting and Sariel rocked on her heels ready to start. There was so much to see and the portraits all seemed friendly while the staircases moved or disappeared of their own accord. There were tons of stuff to explore already, and it was her goal to see as much as she could. One of the portraits was already waving, a scattered looking knight with his banner was crammed into another painting occupied by a stuffy old man with a scowling face and holding a candle. The group lurched forward some and Sariel followed automatically as she waved at the knight with a giggle. Entirely distracted, she bumped into one of the other first years, and quickly backed off and gave them a smile. "Sorry," she smiled, "I got a little distracted. Have you ever seen so many portraits in one place?"

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A Ravenclaw Reception  PV 1st Year RC   Closed 

If she thought riding the Hogwarts Express was exciting, Frankie wasn't prepared for this. Being around a lot of children her age who came to learn magic was really exciting, but her face didn't show it at all. Actually, Frankie looked like she didn't want to be here at all, with her arms folded and a tiny frown on her face, but she was only analyzing the school and it's interesting features.

She followed a little slowly behind the others, gazing up at the moving potraits that seemed to amaze the other students. It wasn't her first time seeing moving pictures because her grandfather had taken her to Diagon Alley and other places wizards liked to go, and he liked reading the Daily Prophet. But it was still somewhat amusing to see the different personas of the subjects in the paintings.

It was while Frankie was walking was it that someone bumped into her from behind. She kept her face expressionless and turned around, identifying the person as a girl who seemed to be as entranced by the walls as nearly everyone else, and wasn't looking where she was going.

"Sorry," she smiled, "I got a little distracted. Have you ever seen so many portraits in one place?"

Frankie unfolded her arms and held them in front of her, looking at the potraits again. "In art museums, but I don't think they have museums with moving pictures, especially talking ones." She pointed at one of the paintings, a beautiful woman on handsome black horse. "It's funny how most of these pictures show women who are quite sassy and exasperating, like that one." The woman was particularly big and she seemed to be hot and angry, fanning herself and she gazed down at the students in a disgusted manner.

A Ravenclaw Reception  PV 1st Year RC   Closed 

Suddendly our delicious meal was interrupted by a blond girl. She must be a prefect, Kiya thought to herself. She actually had no idea what a prefect was, but she had overheard someone talking about them during the feast.

Kiya quickly ate her last piece of pumpkin pie and stood up with rest of the Ravenclaws. She heard, that all the first years should gather up in somewhere, but she missed the exact palce, when someone near her noticed an old friend and loudly greeted them.

Kiya looked around and noticed a girl from before the sorting ceremony. She must be another first year, she thought and decided to follow that girl.

That turned out to be a smart decision and the girl lead Kiya to the right place. Without even noticing it. Kiya thanked the girl in her mind and decided to pay attention to the prefect, who started to talk again. She said her name was Luna and that she and other prefects were about to give us a tour around the castle. "That sounds great", she accidentally whispered outloud. She quickly looked around to see, if someone noticed. Kiya came to a conclusion, that everyone was paying attention to Luna, so no-one heard her. She sighed.

Kiya was standing behind nearly everyone in that group of first year Ravenclaws and decided that she needs to get closer to the talking prefect to keep up with the group when it starts moving. Kiya thought that it would firstly help her to hear better and secondly it would definitely keep her from falling too much behind. So she starts to slowly make her way to the front. After succesfully going past few students she accidentally pumps into someone. "I'm so sorry!", she says a bit too loudly.

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A Ravenclaw Reception  PV 1st Year RC   Closed 

Tina ran as fast as she could to catch up with the group while tying her long, wavy, bright red hair in a ponytail. She had just become friends with another first year while sitting at the Ravenclaw table in the Great Hall, but they parted ways when Tina decided to stick around a little longer. She had been very hungry, so she stuffed as much food into her mouth before running off. Out of breath, tired, and sleepy, she slowed down when she was near the rest of the group.

She hoped the tour would make it easier to find her classes and thought that the prefect, Luna, seemed nice. As she dragged her feet to keep up, she could't help to admire the castle. She could feel the magic everywhere she went and it brought back the excitement she had felt before she arrived. She wanted to learn spells very badly, since her parents only allowed her to read spellbooks. She hoped she could use the spells she learned to help her family at home when they were in the wizarding world. Most of all, she wished for an adventure that was dangerous, exciting, and unforgettable. She wanted the most memorable first year at Hogwarts.

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A Ravenclaw Reception  PV 1st Year RC   Closed 

OOC: I'm not sure, but aren't we supposed to wait for Prefect posts inbetween? I'll post now because everyone else did too... please owl for clarification :/ 
Ember ran through the corridor, then, finally skidding to a halt, joined the group short of breath. "Um, hi!", she gasped. "I'm Ember... Ember Jones, new first-year, obviously... well...  Am I late?" She cursed herself for the silly question, obviously she was not, the group had clearly not gotten far yet - or had there already been important announcements? Like, maybe... next years' exam results? Ember chuckled a little, then ducked as she remembered her loud voice echoing through the corridor, everyone's heads turning around to her. She put on a wide grin to compensate her mistake, then quickly glanced around to survey her new fellow Ravenclaws. They looked nice. Ember was quite glad with her new house, the house her mother had spent her time at school in too... 
The young student hoped to get to know the huge castle if she participated in this tour or whatever the prefects called it. She loved discovering new places, and this building seemed like one huge adventure itself - an adventure carved in stone with hundreds of students milling through it. She smiled. 
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