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A Masked Assault  Closed 

I want to make a thread according to the 'Dark Rumors' of a masked man in the entrance hall. In this thread, Dot spots someone similar to masked man and creeps out. Join, and your character and Dot will find the source of the voice together.
Note: Of course, the 'masked man' won't be the actual, original Masked Man.
Update: Masked Man turned out to be just another player, Akhar Haik. No godmodding without permission here, folks.

Time: 07:29 AM
Place: Corridors

Dot pressed her lips together as she marched towards the Great Hall for breakfast, her eyes set to the way in front of her.
To avoid her housemates, Dot had woken up early. She still couldn't believe that, after all the intelligence she's known for in her school, she managed to get herself stuck in Gryffindor. Why Gryffindor? She wasn't some raise-sword-and-attack hero. She wasn't even brave. Hell, she was scared of cockroaches. Then how could she, scared of cockroaches and a brilliantly bright witch, be sorted in Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw?
Even though Dot woke up early, she couldn't leave the common room by 6AM, no matter how much she tried and how many spells she casted on the entrance. After trying for so long, Dot finally gave up and sat by an armchair, waiting, while she thought about her poor luck.
Since the time Dot got to know about Hogwarts, she became a die-hard fan of Ravencl --
Dot halted and whipped around sharply. Her heart rate picked up speed as she narrowed her eyes and scanned the area. No one. Yet, Dot felt sure she heard something. She took small breaths as she skimmed over the place to make sure she's not in danger.
Suddenly, the idea of being alone seemed to bite her.
She reached for her wand in her pocked and pulled it out, clutching it tightly in her hand. "Lumos," She whispered, and the tip of the wand brightened. She looked here and there again. Just as she was going to put her wand back, she heard footsteps. Behind her.
She whipped around again, her eyes wide as diamonds. "Who's there?" She called out with fear lacing her voice. Her voice echoed in the hallway and bounced back to her.
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A Masked Assault  Closed 

Despite the hours he'd tossed and turned, sleep just hadn't come. The boys mind had been busy, too full of questions and thoughts and sore from cleaning. So... so much cleaning. It was all that stupid hats fault really, but he was starting to get over it. Working his hands numb over the ballroom floor had helped cool his temper some, though he was still irritated enough to lose sleep just over the thought of that troublesome accessory.

He was up when he finally couldn't take it anymore. His gaze swept the rest of the boys dormitory for a moment. He wasn't unused to sharing a room with many others, this wasn't all that many, but the trouble was that they were all strangers. Strangers whose breaths and sleeping patterns he wasn't yet adjusted to, and being a light sleeper, could not avoid stirring at every little hitch or sneeze. He hadn't expected to sleep much his first day anyways, but with the additional drain of physical labor taking its toll, he wasn't happy.

Finally giving up, he got to his feet and started to head downstairs, only to pause when he realized he wasn't the only early bird. Lingering partway up the steps, he tucked himself against the wall, eye locked on the girl below. At least she didn't seem to notice him, but now he had to decide whether to bother loitering in the same room as a stranger or not. In the end, he decided not was the better call. Afterall, being frozen, floated, and taken to detention his first night in front of the entire student body for trying to steal a stupid talking hat wasn't a good first impression, and he wasn't sure he was ready to face what his fellow students had to say. Let alone his supposed 'peers' he was supposed to get along with.

Gryffindor. He wasn't sure which howler was going to be louder this morning, the one for being sorted in the 'mudblood loving house', or the one for getting detention on his first day. Not to mention his aunt, father, and older cousin would all jump at the chance to get a word in about it. Six howlers in one morning. He wasn't so hungry when he thought about it, and could only pray they'd all be in Arabic so he could be spared at least the humiliation of his families close minded thoughts. Then again, maybe his father would be more discreet, and it would only be four howlers.

His stomach tightened with hunger as he remembered he hadn't even eaten much the night before, and he knew he couldn't avoid the breakfast table. Fine. He'd just get through this like everything else, head high, and ignore what others had to say. It wasn't too hard when half the time it took some effort just to understand them. He could block it out, no problem-

Oh. She'd already left. Well, that made things a bit easier. He'd watched her try to spell the door open early with some amusement, but he'd missed any actual success while being lost in thought. Still, it didn't seem he missed her much, since he only had to leave and turn the first corner to spot her again. Well, he wasn't intentionally following her. They just both happened to be going the same way, right?

Apparently she didn't seem to feel the same, as not a moment when he'd closed a bit of distance, she suddenly spun, wand alight and ready. Ahkar froze in place, hands half raised in surrender with a confused frown. Usually he was a pretty quiet person when he moved out of habit, but not quiet enough this time? He hesitated. Maybe he was too far, out of the light? It was still a bit dark, being so early in the day. Maybe he could just...

...Completely ignore any options to escape and step forward like an idiot the moment he saw the fear in her eyes. Not saying anything at first, just standing there with hands half raised like he was either surrendering or calming cattle, or both. After a moment of debate, he lowered his hands a little, about two inches, and chose his words with some care.

"Ahkar." Okay, not that much care or thought went into that one.

A Masked Assault  Closed 

Dot kept her wand high, breathing quickly as she steadily stared ahead. It was a figure, swallowed by darkness.
What if it is the masked man? She thought nervously.
The students were talking about some 'masked man' these days. A person who cut through Hogwarts' security measures and came in. A person who frights the students and attacks them. She gulped. When she first heard about the Masked Man, she thought it was a myth. Everybody was talking about it like it was a myth, too. A sixth-year student even joked about it. But others, the ones who claimed they had seen the Masked Man, seemed very frightened. Rumors were that they were spotted in the infirmary a few times, drinking calming and relaxing potions.
Students, including Dot, assumed they were attention-seeking. Whenever they -
Dot stifled a gasp.
The figure had moved. Forward. In light.
And now that Dot saw him, he wasn't masked.
He was kind of small, with fairly tanned skin and dark hair falling on the right side of his face, hiding his honey-colored eye - or other colored, perhaps, but the left one, the visible one, was honey-colored.
A few seconds passed in silence, as they stared at each other, Dot's wand still raised.
Just as Dot was going to repeat her question, he answered: Ahkar.
Dot breathed a sigh of relief and lowered her arm - but then straightened up again, irritated. "You scared me, you know. Not very kind, if you ask me."

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A Masked Assault  Closed 

The girl looked rather on edge, maybe even ready to start a fight when he didn't answer quick enough for her taste. Every muscle tensed, ready to retaliate if she did. He didn't give one care if it was a girl, he'd fight back and defend himself with the same ferocity if she decided to start something. Manners were for people that could afford it, or those that sought death. He was neither of those at the moment.

Fortunately she backed down, though the displeasure on her face was in no way reassuring. He still remained a bit tense himself as his hands dropped to his sides, ready to grab for his wand if she decided to rethink her actions and pick up the attack where it was left off. A strange way of thinking for a first year student, but it was something bred into him, a wariness that kept him in one piece - mostly.

Her jab was met with a small roll of his eye. "Too much jump," he shot back quick as a whip, though the thick accent and lacking grasp of the language gave some difficulty to understanding him. Both shoulders rose in an almost lax shrug, but there was still some edge to his stance, not letting down his guard fully. "Not is fault me if you are think to... if you are think you are being only one uh... awake in good morning."

He was pretty sure he butchered that, but he did his best to play it off as if he spoke adult English.

A Masked Assault  Closed 

Dot frowned, trying to understand what the guy was saying. His accent was deep and...somewhat difficult? And what was he trying to say?
It clicked in her mind a second later that - oh, he might not know English well. Raised in a Pakistani family herself, she might have a little bit of accent herself, but her words were chosen well and good. The only one in her family who could not speak English well was Sahirah, her three-year-old baby sister.
Dot pocketed her wand, and stared at him coolly as she folded her arms. "Well, you could have said something that won't fright the hell out of me. I thought you're the Masked Man!" She pulled a few breaths and shook her head.
And then she wondered if she was being a brat. Being bullied by the mean girls of her school, she knew what a 'brat' is like. Mawra, the cheerleader of her muggle school, used to babble for hours and hours about her new hundred dollar perfume or an automatic bicycle or some designer branded clothes with matching shoes her millionnaire father bought for her. But that was nothing.
The way she picked fights with people - that was the real drama. If someone near her dropped something, she'd act all frightened, then accuse that person of trying to 'scare her' and trying to her 'attention', and then start complaining about the person's 'cheap clothes' or 'odd behaviour'.
A type of girl Dot hated.
So she thought, shall I apologize? Then decided against it, zipping her mouth shut and saying nothing.

"When I die, I want free Wi-Fi fitted inside my tombstone, just so people will visit more often."

A Masked Assault  Closed 

Though the two held some similarities, from facial shape to their skin tone and other such styling, there were distinct cultural differences that could be found between their accents, their grasp on English, and so on. One from the depths of Asia, the other from the heat of North-Eastern Africa, and yet on a cultural standpoint the two were practically neighbors.

Not that he understood any of such things. There was just some mild similarities he noticed between himself and the girl, but other than that his mind was more concerned with the relief that she didn't seem interested in pulling a wand on him anymore in 'self defense'.

Instead she had swapped to childish accusations that earned a roll of his eye, and something about mistaking him for some sort of criminal legend. That instead caught his attention, and his eye narrwed, puzzling over the words. They didn't sound like ordinary English, more like some sort of title or something. Someone famous? He'd heard a few folks talking about recent criminal activity, but he hadn't been paying enough attention or picked up on enough to connect it to the name she used. He'd been more preoccupied with getting detention and dealing with the inevitable howler pile waiting for him at the breakfast table.

The girl reminded him of his older sisters. Privileged and spoiled, always pleasing their parents and fighting over attention, always quick to blame everything and anything that wasn't themselves. There had even been a time his sister had blamed the stairs for when she ran too fast and tripped down them. And she was almost twenty!

He responded to her words with a shrug, a tilt of his head presented as he spoke again, keeping his words simplistic. "Masked Man? Who?" He almost mistakenly asked what the Masked Man was, but instead caught himself at the last second, slowly getting better as he was regularly exposed to the language, though still having a long way to go.

A Masked Assault  Closed 

"Masked Man? Who?"
Dot raised a brow. Masked Man seemed to be pretty popular here, with students all chattering about him left and right. By now, she supposed everyone knew about him. Judging by the boy's question, she must be wrong.
Instead of saying What? You don't know about the Masked Man? which will make her sound more bratty, she decided to provide him an answer. "Masked Man. He's a guy everybody's talking about. Supposedly assaults the children." Dot rolled her eyes. The idea seemed so childish, now that Dot saw the boy wasn't actually him.
Dot had bet on all her money - which was seven sickles, twenty two knuts to be precise - that the Masked Man didn't exist, and was a group of students' imagination (probably Ravenclaws, but living with Gryffindors from a small amount of time now, she didn't suppose other house members are non-imaginative themselves) who wanted to seek attention. Maybe a group of students wanting to pull a big prank before the classes started on first September.
Clock ticking by, Dot checked her watch for time. 07:44 AM.
Dot, who got out of the common room at 7 o'clock sharp, had created a mental morning to-do list: one, get to the Great Hall and finish eating by 8 o'clock, then make her way to the library to read whatever she wanted till 9 o'clock, but after that she'd be sitting by the Black Lake or somewhere else peaceful and studying her textbooks. She'd been reading nonfiction books on Hogwarts and the Wizarding World from very long now to gain knowledge about the place, but now she wanted to read some nice cute muggle sci-fi book like she used to before. She had a few in mind, like Scarlet by Marissa Meyers, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.
That is, if Hogwarts library had muggle books.
And if she gets there at time.
Glancing at the wristwatch she wore at her left wrist, she clicked her tongue. "Well, if you don't mind," She started, throwing sarcasm in her first few words. "I've to reach the Great Hall and finish eating before 8. Got some study to do."
Then she offered him a small smile - small, though genuine - to try to make up for her earlier rudeness.
OOC note: If you want, we can finish this thread after your post, or we can continue. For myself, I'm up for any rp all the time *smile toothily*

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