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Limited Potential  Closed 

Despite being in his second year at the school, Michael, admittedly, knew close to nothing about it.

He knew that the school was hundreds of years old, there were four founders, and that it had way too much history to remember, sure, but he had no idea what it was like. Not really.

And so he did what any normal twelve year old boy would do, naturally, and sneak around the castle in the dead of night.

In retrospect, Michael was well aware that this was a terrible idea and that there were teachers roaming these very halls. However, at this point, what could he be expected to do? He certainly wasn't going to walk around during the day, when he had classes.

Michael trailed his hand along the stone wall, feeling the cracks and crevices along it. He nearly screamed as his arm made contact with a metal suit of armor, the only thing stopping him the reminder of how much trouble he could get in if he was caught. The material felt cool under Michael's fingers, smooth and almost perfect (save for a few chips here and there).

The hallway was lit with torches, hardly the best thing to light the way in a dark corridor with few windows. Michael had to squint to see, trying to make out doorways and bumps on the wood floors.

Which is probably why he couldn't see the person just nearby.

"I'm always doing things I can't do." -Pablo Picasso

Limited Potential  Closed 

Astrid roams the halls as she tries to find her way back to her common room, her slightly poor eyesight not helping her make out what's going on in front of her. Someday she might need glasses, to be honest. She wasn't really just there to find her dorm, she also kind of wanted to explore as well. She is a first year after all, she has no idea what's going on around here. She continues to walk slowly down the corridor, looking all around her. Her mind was spaced out until she felt something brief touch her sleeve. She looks beside her a sees... a person!

She almost screamed as she saw a person next to her. She was frozen in fear as she tries to make out what's next to her with her eyebrows furrowed together. After person continues walking post like nothing happened, she figured out that it was another Hogwarts student. Probably a boy too. She debated if she should bother him and scare him or not. She didn't want to get caught her either. She said screw it anyways. She could just pretend she didn't know. She pulls down her mask so if she gets caught, her trademark mask won't get her get recognized as quickly.

She goes to him, "Hey!" She whispered yelled at him.

"If you touch my tools again, then you're really unlikable"
- Astrid being passive aggressive

Limited Potential  Closed 

Michael nearly screamed in surprise, yanking his arm away. He made a face, whipping his face around to see who had spoken.

He couldn't see very well, admittedly, but he could tell it was a girl. Probably.[/left]

"What the-oh my gosh you scared me-" Michael whispered frantically, reaching up to clutch his chest before realization dawned on him.

"You-you're not a prefect, are you?" He gulped, nervously bringing his hands down and wringing them in front of him. It probably looked quite pathetic, as he was quite a bit taller than the girl.

In all fairness, he really wasn't sure. If she was a prefect, he'd be in trouble for sure (probably not something he'd want to tell his dad about later).

Michael crossed his fingers in front of him, hoping that she was just another student. Lost, perhaps. Maybe exploring just like him? The possibilities were endless.

Michael didn't want to admit that 'the possibilities' included her being a prefect.

She didn't look old enough to be a prefect, really. More like a very young second year, maybe first. But certainly not old (or experienced) enough to be a prefect.

Michael certainly wasn't taking any chances.

"If you are a prefect, I'm terribly sorry. I was just trying to find the bathroom, really! I couldn't find it, so I was just looking around?"

He refused to believe he was a terrible liar.

"I'm always doing things I can't do." -Pablo Picasso

Limited Potential  Closed 

Astrid raised her eyebrow at his sudden "panic attack" and puts a finger up to her mouth to show him to be quiet. Her hair were covering her eyes so it was hard to see what he looked like, but he is definitely a boy from that voice.

"No, I'm not, I'm just a first year." She goes in front of him and at least attempts to look at his face, "But if you keep freaking out like that, there will be one! And then we'll both get in trouble" She lowers her voice and tucks her hair behind her ears. She got tired of staring at her own her and gets a slightly clear view of him. He still looked scared. She REALLY didn't want to get caught right now.

"I'm assuming you were just wondering around the halls like me, right?" She saw past his lie, because the bathroom was in another corridor somewhere else, "If you want to stay away from prefects and teachers like what I'm doing, we should probably hide somewhere where no one could find us." She wasn't sure if that sounded creepy or not, but it was worth a damn try. She started walking forwards and motioned the dude to come with her. She was about to go in a coughing fit when she almost inhaled some dust, and quickly puts back on her black mask and coughs into her hands, muffling most of the coughs.

"Come on, the dust in here are messing with my lungs."

"If you touch my tools again, then you're really unlikable"
- Astrid being passive aggressive

Limited Potential  Closed 

Michael exhaled in relief, reaching his hand back up to his chest again. "Thank god, you almost gave me a heart attack."

He watched the girl curiously, following closely behind and almost tripping over his own shoelaces in the process.

"I'm glad you're just a first year. I cannot afford to get in trouble for this, my dad'd kill me." Michael whispered, though it came out as more of a half whisper-half yell.

Michael watched the girl pull up her mask, making a face. "Why do you wear that? Not that there's anything wrong with it, but. Still. It's super, like, I don't know. Not weird! I'm not gonna offend you by saying it's weird. Which it's not!"

He flushed red, thankful for the darkness for once. God, he was a mess with everyone. He couldn't even speak coherently.

"My name's Evan, by the way. Not Evan, Michael, sorry. Michael Evans. That's it. I'm in Slytherin?"

God, he was the absolute biggest trainwreck.

Michael stayed in the shadows, reaching up to tussle his hair before straightening himself and getting behind Astrid once again. "Why are you out this late at night? First years. They can't be out of bed at this hour."

"I'm always doing things I can't do." -Pablo Picasso

Limited Potential  Closed 

Astrid let's the boy say some things without responding, not really knowing what to say. This is the first time she been this brave towards a stranger. She could celebrate this milestone later though. She heard him say something about his dad. 'So his dad is strict?' She thought to herself. She forgot that quickly after he asked about her mask.

She froze a little, not knowing why. Not many people ask about her mask, so this was surprising, "Uh... It keeps the dust and other stuff out of my lungs. If there's to much dust in my lungs, I go into an aggressive coughing fit." She tried to causally explain it and stands up straight, "I'm not offended, just surprised you asked." She's still trying to not be loud, but it's starting to get a little hard with this conversation. She didn't notice him blush though, which would have brought an other worldly level of awkwardness upon her.

She walks and looks at him as he tries to explain his name, "Well hi Micheal, I'm Astrid, and in Ravenclaw." She hoped no one heard that but herself and Micheal. She became slouched again and starting walking slow as she became paranoid as all hell. Her hair got into her face again so she had a greater chance of not getting her face seen by other people.

"I got lost and I still haven't gotten seen, even though I was just wonder about the place and hiding behind plants." She didn't feel like lying for that question. She continued walking, but she wasn't sure where. She can't anywhere good but...

"Do you think we'll be caught at the grounds? Like, in a forest-y area."

"If you touch my tools again, then you're really unlikable"
- Astrid being passive aggressive

Limited Potential  Closed 

"So you're just lost?"

Michael stepped over a loose brick, making a face. "I've never really been in a place this big before, actually. So I'm looking around."

He reached down again to scratch his knee, shaking out his hair.

The work in this castle was incredible, he had to admit. The walls, he'd heard, had been there for years. Still in amazing shape. The tapestries that lined many of the walls of Hogwarts looked as if they'd been woven by gods, really. Suits of armor, standing tall and bold, looked oh so proud lining the halls. Even the doors looked like something out of a fairytale.

"Pretty. The castle, I mean." Michael mumbled, reaching out again to touch the wall. Who could blame him? It was just, for lack of better words.

Michael looked at Astrid once more. "So you wear it because if not you'll inhale too much dust? Like asthma or something? Or just allergies."

He was probably talking too much. Most likely talking too much. Definitely talking too much.

One of the things he considered to be among his many issues, probably. Normally he didn't talk, no. And it wasn't that he was already comfortable with this girl he hardly even knew (he'd forgotten her name already), it was just that he was nervous. Talking tended to do that sometimes.

"I'm always doing things I can't do." -Pablo Picasso

Limited Potential  Closed 

"Ya, pretty much." She shrugs and chuckles.

She started getting annoyed by his talking, but she was nice enough to not mention it. Even if it increases the chance of getting detention. She not the one for confronting people about those things. She looks around the place, "I guess it is pretty big." She stated. She takes a right into another long hallway. She scoffs to herself, noticing how tedious this is.

"I know what you meant." She smiles, but not really showing because he's behind her. She went next to an armor set and pokes it's head. She wonders what a fat dude would look like in this suit. She shortly after went back to walking. Her legs are going to kill her in the morning.

"To be honest, both. A doctor recommended to wear one of these everyday because of how dusty everything is here," She traces her finger across one of the suits and looks at what gathered onto her finger, "Like look at this!" She whisper-exclaimed, showing him.

She decided to herself that she would at least attempt to find her way to the grounds. It become a game of trail and error, but it's worth a try. She fixes her appearance and starts to speed walk down the hall.

"If you touch my tools again, then you're really unlikable"
- Astrid being passive aggressive

Limited Potential  Closed 

Michael reached out a finger to drag in the dust, bringing it back and wincing a bit at the amount gathered on his finger.

"Ew. Gross. I wonder how much of this stuff is actually just dead skin?"

He made a face, reaching up to rub his forehead at the awkward statement. It had really come out as much more of a question, usually not the result Michael was aiming for. It'd have to do, he supposed, as even wizards didn't have the ability to take words they'd messed up on and put them back in their mouths.

Even his thoughts sounded awkward.

Instead of trying to fix it, Michael resorted to singing something under his breath, examining the dust covered surfaces and the rusty suits of armor.

Vaguely, he wondered how irritating he was being. Probably more irritating than Winston's presence in the entirety of Ghostbusters, which really was saying something. Considering Winston joined the team super late, didn't add anything all that valuable to the team, and wasn't even funny, it was actually saying quite a lot.

"Opinions on Winston Zeddemore?" Michael almost blurted, having been too caught up in his thoughts to think about the fact that he'd just asked some girl that he'd just met about her opinions on Winston Zeddemore from Ghostbusters.

"I'm always doing things I can't do." -Pablo Picasso

Limited Potential  Closed 

He glanced up from his place in the in the library, faintly hearing some voices in the hall, then raised an eyebrow as one of the voices got louder, and much more awkward-sounding. Huffing, he closed the book he was reading, slowly getting up from the chair and walking over to the door with a swaying gate and letting out a tiered yawn, like usual he couldn't sleep, he already had mental trauma. Sighing afterwards, he really wished he had his cat with him, he didn't dare sleep, in fear of the twisted horrors his mind would play of that night. Opening the door, not caring to put on his childish façade, he looked at the two figures in front of him with half-lidded eyes.

"What in Merlin's name are you doing out here?", he quirked a silvery brow, staring dully at the boy and girl, mind coming up with all sorts of conclusions, "Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you should sneak out of your dorms." he stated bluntly, not caring if it made the two uncomfortable, he was too tired. He stared at their embarrassed faces and smirked lightly under his mask, ah this was indeed amusing.