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Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Quite a few embarrassing things had happened to Khris during his youthful years. Some worse than others but most memorable being the time he'd fainted in 4th year classes due to Patricia Reed's perfume being too strong. He had been sitting behind her all day and honestly, nine year olds should not be permitted to choose their own scents none the less apply them. The entire room was in need of an airing after that girl had walked in and after spending the entirety of basic maths with that sickly sweet scent drowning him, fainting had really been the best escape.

But I digress.

That was years ago and Khris really ought to be focusing on the issue at hand.

The issue being his fingers and locks and the mess the two of them combined had made.

"Ow! Ow ow ow ow ow!!!!" Another huff of frustration was given as he pulled and pushed, carefully combed and prodded, tugged to the point of tears and more at the rats nest he'd created. "Stupid, miserable, terrible bad habits!!!!"

The refelction in the mirror merely mocked him as he glared at the awkwardly bent angle of his right arm. "Look at you. You look ridiculous. This may even top the Patricia Reeds fiasco." It said. He was inclined to agree. Khris' lip curled at the hand shackled tightly to the nape of his neck by golden curls. This was the epitome of embarasment.

He should have listened to his mum when she said that this was a habit in need of breaking. That one day this hair twirling, finger spinning, nervous tick of an action would need to be cut lest literal cutting was needed.

It seems it may have come to that.

"Ddddggttt!!!! Fine. Fine. I needed a hair trim anyway." The blond conceeded, shrugged his shoulders in defeat and let his free hand flop to his side.

Embarassing as it would be (defintely far more embarssing than the case of the too strong perfume) it appeared that Khris would need professional help. A mediwizard or a professor with steady hands and a sharp pair of scissors.

His biggest wish now? That no one would spot him as he snuck his way through these student filled halls.

Yeah well... I guy can hope.

The old wooden door to the bathrooms creaked open and silver blue eyes peered warily out into the corridor beyond.
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"Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness." -Unknown

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It was freezing in Hogwarts. The cold Scottish air swept through the halls whenever the main entrance was opened for any reason, and beyond that, it was the kind of cold that simply penetrated the walls of the ancient castle. This same frigid air was penetrating through Luna's robes and coat as she moved briskly down the corridor. 

She had just finished her Charms class, adding two more spells to her repertoire. Satisfied with her now consistent grades, she had decided to wind down in the Ravenclaw common room with a good game of chess. Her recently acquired board was begging to be used. That was the thought lingering in her mind as she passed the boys bathroom. As she was moving past the door she detected movement in her peripherals. The door had slowly creaked open, and a pair of eyes peeked out into the corridor, as the air moved into the new escape created by the pressure change. 

Her own amber eyes narrowed, a reaction caused by instincts honed on the streets of Cardiff. Narrowed eyes allowed her to focus her vision quickly on any possible threats. In quick order, Luna had her wand in her hand. It moved in a loop and she softly exhaled "Lumos". A soft white light formed on the tip of her wand, casting back any shadows the walls of the castle might have cast. 

It was a boy. He seemed very distressed to Luna, or at least she thought as much. She'd seen anxiety in the eyes of others before and the same light possessed his silver eyes.

"Are you OK? Do you need help?" 

Luna was still guarded but ready to assist if she could.

Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed.

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Cold air nipped at her ankles as she walked. She was already dreading the path she had to take to get to her common room. It was unfair that it was placed down at the bottom of the castle, she had heard the winter chill down there was horrible. Looking around, she started to grow nervous. The corridors were oddly deserted. Usually, the corridors were full of students from all years. Now they were as empty as the Sonoran Desert. She wouldn’t be at all surprised if a tumbleweed blew across the floor in front of her.

Turning around a corner, she saw a Ravenclaw girl standing in front of a door with her wand lit. A door to the boys bathroom. Furrowing her brow, she set off towards the girl. As she got closer she started to recognise the features on the girl. Anger flooded through her body and her eyes narrowed. The girl standing in front of the bathrooms was the Ravenclaw she had ‘touched toes’ with in the Great Hall one night during supper.

She stopped a step or two away from the girl. Reaching out her arm, she tapped the girl on her shoulder and spoke in an icy voice that could rival the polar ice caps for chill. ”What do you think you’re doing? You know this is the boys bathroom right? You can’t just go poking around wherever you choose.”

Her eyes moved from the girl, to the door, to the gap in the door. She was taken by surprise as she caught sight of two silver blue eyes in the gap between the doorframe and the actual door. Her first thought was to punch whoever they belonged too. Internally kicking herself at her initial thought, her surprise turned to worry. Was the owner of these eyes alright? There was something in them that made her feel like something bad was happening. And if something bad was happening, then she wanted to help.

OOC: I’m really disappointed in you guys if you don’t get my Hamilton reference

You see? Even death has a heart.

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OOC Note: Lucy was not a prefect at this time in the game, but canonically, prefects are kinda a year-round gig, so you guys can decide if you want her to just be a normal student at this point or a prefect. Whatever you think will be spicier. Thanks for letting me join.

A warm cloak, a roaring fire, and a mountain of homework were the three things on Lucy's mind as she absentmindedly walked through the chilly corridor. The warm cloak was wrapped around her, keeping her mostly protected from the severe air around her. She thought with a slight longing for her own home - her family had air conditioning and central heating. Why don't wizards take advantage of muggle technology? she thought to herself, a bit perplexed. If wizards were so powerful, why didn't they seal the castle off from the frigid air? Or, why hadn't they come up with a spell equivalent to muggle heating technology? At that moment, Lucy was glad to be a half-blood with the comforts of muggle temperature regulation. 

The roaring fire of her common room was the next pressing matter. The further she walked, the more she longed for the cosy round room full of cheery colours and plants. It was much warmer and cosier than this particularly desolate stretch of hallway. Besides, there were probably more students to talk to there. The relative emptiness of the corridor was a bit depressing. Wait - strike that. There were people up ahead, one who had her wand out and lit, probably with Lumos or something. Another girl stood close to her and they were both looking at a partially cracked door. Interesting.

Lucy forgot all about her third thought as she approached the group, attempting to practice her observation skills. Unfortunately, she wasn't that great at reading scenarios. She gathered little more than what she already knew - two girls were staring at a door. Oh, but wait! There was someone behind the door. See, I can be observant, she thought triumphantly.

"Hi guys!" she called with such cheer that it almost sounded off in such a cold place. Lucy failed to notice this juxtaposition, however. "What're we doin'?" she asked, immediately including herself in this ragtag 'group' through her choice of words. In her mind, every person was a potential friend and every group could use another person in it. She was just glad to see her fellow students after walking alone for at least two minutes. She leaned against the wall next to the door hiding the boy and smiled at the two girls, oblivious to the slight tension in the air.


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Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. A book by someone named Newt Scamander. Really, she should be reading her other books, like her book of spells or the history of magic. But no. Here she was, sitting on her knees in the hallway, reading a book about magical creatures. After all, magical creatures were her passion.

"Wow." She muttered to herself. "Occamies can what?"

"Are you OK? Do you need help?"

Frost glanced up from her book. 

Help? Did someone say help?

A glow from a casted Lumos spell could be seen from little ways down the hall. 

Tucking her book into her knapsack, the ginger got up to go help whoever it was. Her short legs carrying her to the short distance. To the bathroom. Wait wait. She couldn't go in there. It was the boy's bathrooms.

You know this is the boys bathroom right?

Oh jeez. The people there obviously had a tense relationship with each other. The cold voice served as proof. 

The first girl was speaking to the door? No, silly. There's someone in there.

Are they stuck? Do they need help? What was wrong.

The girl shrunk in her robes to try to get warm. It was still chilly in the last month of Winter.

Okay, okay. Three girls and obviously a boy. She assumed the boy was the one needing help.

"You guys." She whispered. She could feel the tension between the Slytherin girl and the Ravenclaw girl.

"Let's just focus on helping whoever is in there." Frost nodded to toward the door. She really didn't want to have a fight start.

Taking a closer peek at the door, she could see a pair of worried silver-blue eyes. The door obviously wasn't stuck. So what was the problem?

Okay, think. We can't go in there. So either he has to come out, or we need a boy to go in there. Well, he obviously was weary about coming outside, so maybe that wasn't the best option. 

"You guys. Let's just back away from the door. He obviously doesn't want to come outside. You can see it in his eyes."

Frost felt good, coming up with a plan to be helpful. She felt proud of herself.

"So I say we wait for a boy to come and help him out. Y'know, because we can't go in there."

She looked at the three girls with a smile, hoping that they would agree with her plan.

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Murphy's Law, that's what this was. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong?

The hall had been empty mere moment's ago, he was sure of it. It was a cold and damp thing that kept students from lingering with icy drafts and chilly stone walls.

And floors.

And ceilings.

Truth be told, though the old and lovely look of the castle added to the grandeur that Hogwarts was known for, a bit of warmth in these corridors wouldn't go amiss during the chilly season. Carpets on the floors, a spell cast for some heat, etc.

The point was...

This time of year with the cold seeping in, no one should have any reason to be moseying at a pace that could get him spotted. They should all have been rushing hither and thither to get to their rooms and out of the cold. Rushing to their hot chocolate and fireplaces, to their biscuits and books. That's if they weren't there already. In short, these frigid halls should have been devoid of students and those who did happen to be here should have been rushing far too fast to notice a freckled and chilly nose peeking around a door.

But of course, Murphy's Law.

Khris was spotted almost the instant he peered through the small crack and not just a glimpse or a darting glance. No. It was a full blown 'I see you, and I know you see me, I'm heading your way to find out what's wrong, don't move or I will follow you, stay put' kind of spotted. At least... that's how it felt as amber eyes reflected a casted spell and steadily moved closer. He felt pinned.

From his narrow view between the door and the wall, Khris could make out the pale figure of a girl stepping towards him. A Ravenclaw girl with startling white hair and a glowing wand raised in her fist.

"Are you OK? Do you need help?"

Yes! We should say yes. His mind clambered in glee, the thought of escape for his poor fingers bypassing his nerves. We are in fact stuck and we really ought to say- Ow ow ow ow ow!!!!

Khris winced as his digits trapped in his poor locks pulled with each swivel of the lie. No. He shook his head, loose curls ruffling. No, I don't need help! I'm fine! Move along please! Silver blue eyes widened as the words stuck in his throat, the Ravenclaw only drawing nerear. He whimpered and tugged, pulled and plucked, wriggled and poked in desperation to free his fingers once more. Trapped digits didn't mean he couldn't speak but nerves caused his voice to merely come out in embarrassed huffs and mumbles.

Embarrassments of embarrassments this was.

"I...uhmm...eehh." Was all he could garble, his cheeks turning a brilliant crimson as he lowered his gaze. Brilliant.

If that wasn't bad enough, he blinked and there was suddenly a second one! Another girl standing right before the door. Two of them now. TWO! An arm was outstretched in front of his narrow vantage as she tapped the Ravenclaw's shoulder.

”What do you think you’re doing? You know this is the boys bathroom right? You can’t just go poking around wherever you choose.”

Oh my. Murphy's law indeed. A Slytherin. An angry Slytherin. Of course it was. There was now someone he'd have to see everyday walking through the common room and sitting at their table. Someone who would most likely remember this scenario and tell others.

And now she was looking at him.


He needed to do something, say something, get himself out of the way or more hidden or-
"Hey guys! What're we doing?"
Another voice!? Really?! It was cheerful and friendly with the owner was still hidden from view, but another voice none the less. The only good thing was that it was thankfully not directed at him. Chances were slim but there was a possibility that maybe the focus could shift easily off of him and the girls could become friends or become distracted and just drift-
"You guys. Let's just focus on helping whoever is in there."

Khris wasn't the type of lad prone to outbreaks of frusteration or anger. He was a calm child and much more liable to melt into the background or drift away if things became too much to handle. Ordinarily he'd take this moment to slip away from the gaggle of girls and dart to his dorm room but that was clearly not an option. The only way out was forward and forward was blocked by not one, not two, but FOUR other students.

"Oh gosh..." He whimpered.

He felt his stomach flop and his eyes burn in that way he always hated. He couldn't do that here though. Couldn't sneak off or hide because he was stuck, and his fingers were stuck, and he was stuck surrounded by girls and it was all his own stupid fault and now he was crying on top of it!

His free hand darted up to swipe at his eyes, a last attempt at salvaging his dignity.

Pfft. What dignity? Your hand is quite literally shackled to your head by locks twisted of your own accord. You're stuck in the bathroom blubbering in front of four strange girls you've never seen. It's cold, you're shivering, you need to get out. Throw your dignity out the window and just open the door.

Sometimes one's mind can be a vicious thing, even when it is mostly right. Oh well. There was nothing left for it. He had to go forward even if he was crying and even if his arm was bent awkwardly from fingers stuck in his curls. A shaky and still slightly tearful breath was taken.

"Just maybe?" His words were quiet. A plea. "Maybe could you all not laugh? Or, laugh if you must I suppose. Just..." The door creaked a low groan as he pushed it open a tad bit more, the soft glow of the casted lumos lighting the cold hall. He stared at his feet as he shuffled forward. "It was an accident. Sort of."

"Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness." -Unknown

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Well, here they were. She had just wanted to help, and yet almost as soon as she could, she herself had been spotted and been assumed to be up to something. This caused a schism in her mind, as she was torn between helping the poor boy in the bathroom and unleashing her own formidable anger upon Bella. Their... disagreement... in the Great Hall had left bitter feelings between the two. Her eyes briefly darted to the Slytherin girl as she dared to touch Luna. If no one were here that likely would've caused an actual fight. Like a fist fight. Personal space was not meant to be invaded, and Luna was very serious about that. But the situation was quickly defused, at least for her, as another girl approached.

Luna didn't know this one. A Hufflepuff. She seemed cheery. And oblivious. Luna didn't trust the blonde optimistic girl off the bat. Of course, she didn't really trust anyone who was especially happy. Life hadn't allowed her to have that outlook. The things she'd heard about Hufflepuff house, the fires and rumors, had her on edge quickly. The girl quickly included herself in the rapidly forming group of girls. Leaning against the wall, she seemed oddly excited, yet unaware. Luna was about to speak when another Hufflepuff appeared.

She had beautiful red hair and a knapsack and showed concern over the entire situation. Luna realized she didn't know either of the Hufflepuff names. She had slipped into considering what they may be when the Red-haired girl suggested they wait for a boy. That was absurd of course. What were the chances a boy might come down the sub-arctic corridors? Of course, then again, there were now four, count em, four girls here, all crowded around the boy's bathroom door. The light on the end of Luna's wand cast long shadows off the forms of the adolescent girls. Maybe a boy might appear but they couldn't just wait for that.

Once again, she was about to speak when the silver-eyed Slytherin boy started to speak again, though Luna had missed his attempt to speak earlier and was under the assumption he had finally decided to say something. He was begging each girl not to laugh at him as he stepped out into the wand light. 

The light revealed one of his hands literally tangled in his hair. There were no feelings of mocking or laughter in her. Just horror. How had this happened? How was this even possible? The hair curled and wrapped like reptilian vines around each finger. It had his hand pinned to his neck, and honestly looked quite painful. Luna kept her hair brushed out every morning and every evening. Tangles were the worst, and if she ever forgot, the process to correct her hair was an arduous endeavor in and of itself. But the hair was too far gone in this case.

Luna reached into her shoulder bag, withdrawing a pair of scissors.  Holding them up, she opened them slightly. 

"What's your name? My name is Luna. It looks like you're stuck. I only really see two options for you. Well, three. Stay like that, though I wouldn't recommend that. The second option is I can cut your hair." Luna shuddered at the very thought. She loved her hair, and if she had to cut it, it would devastate her soul. "And unless someone else here has any ideas, the third option is to go to the Hospital Wing. It's really up to you though."

Now that he was out she softly exhaled Nox. The light faded from the tip of her aspen wand and she quickly placed it back in its place in her robe pocket. Her eyes looked on in expectation of the boy's reply.

Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed.

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Another red-headed girl appeared, one that Lucy saw around quite often, but she never actually had the time or proximity to catch her name. She mentioned the boy in the bathroom, and Lucy picked up a note of concern in her voice. Oh. Was he in trouble? That makes more sense. This would definitely be a weird way to gather in the corridor - someone hiding in the boy's bathroom while others huddle outside of it. Yeah, come to think of it, that didn't make sense at all. Following Frost's advice, Lucy backed up a bit to the middle of the corridor,  behind the Ravenclaw and Slytherin girl. If he needed space, Lucy would give him space.

The boy's small voice floated to her ears in the drafty corridor, asking - no, begging - them not to laugh at him. Had his robes ripped or something? Nothing could be as bad as his embarrassment seemed to suggest. At least, that's what Lucy thought before he made his grand entrance into the corridor. He was looking at his feet, so she couldn't see his face, but she could see the mess on top of his head. Are his fingers actually stuck in his hair? How in the world? No one's hair could tangle that badly. Lucy stared, half horrified and half amused at the situation. 

The Ravenclaw girl pulled out scissors as she introduced herself and talked through the situation. "The second option is I can cut your hair," Luna said, and Lucy burst in without hearing the last suggestion. "Uh, hold on a minute!" she called, throwing herself forward so that she was standing next to the girl. "Surely his hand can't be that stuck. Just remove each finger one at a time. That makes way more sense than giving him a bald spot." In her mind, this solution made sense. Perhaps the boy couldn't see how to untwist his fingers - she had done that a couple of times with a brush - but surely they could help him disentangle his hair without shearing it! She turned to talk to the sad boy. "Uh, if you can't get it, maybe we can help untangle it? Because we can see what's going on. Just a thought."

The reality of the situation suddenly hit her, and a low chuckle escaped the blonde-haired girl. "Dude, you have to be pretty talented to get your fingers stuck in your own hair. What in the world were you doing?" Lucy's grin grew as she evaluated his handiwork. "How long have you been in there, anyway?" Her amusement was evident in her voice as she asked the final question, though she was really struggling mightily to hold back a full-blown laugh. Just picturing him in the boy's bathroom for hours on end all because his fingers were stuck in his hair - it was just ridiculous enough that it was hilarious. The boy had asked them not to laugh, though, and Lucy didn't want to be mean. It was just so hard when this whole situation was outrageous in the first place!


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Ignoring the note of amusement in one of the Hufflepuffs voice, she focused her attention on the boy that had just emerged from the bathroom. "Are you ok?" She asked in an concerned tone. She didn't find this funny, she'd had her fair share of embarrassing moments and had been traumatized by the laughter of others.

"My names Bella, Bella Hills." Catching a small hint of green on his uniform, she added in. "I'm a Slytherin, just like you. Don't worry, I'm not going to laugh at you, or let anyone cut your hair." She threw a glare at the Ravenclaw holding her scissors before continuing. "I think the best thing to do would be to untangle your fingers one by one. Is that okay with you?"

She could still recall the common room incident, where she had set her homework on fire from the use of the Incendio spell. If professor Scheinberg hadn't of been there, she could of been expelled for burning down the whole Slytherin quarters. Lucky for her, she had escaped with only a few scorch marks - and she didn't even get detention for it either.

But the incident had scared the living daylight out of her, not to mention the aftermath of professor Scheinberg that came with it. Disappointing her head of house was like disappointing a mother sometimes, she hated it and became way too embarrassed and flustered whenever she did, resulting in more failure and disappointment.

She wasn't gonna laugh at this poor boy because she already knew what it felt like to be teased and ridiculed over something that she had done completely on accident.

You see? Even death has a heart.

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A small sigh escaped Frost's lips. Merlin's beard, the boy who was in the bathroom must be feeling awful. Maybe that's why he didn't come out of the bathroom in the first place. Maybe he was trying to sneak away before someone could see him. But could his situation really be that bad? 

There were a total of four girls, including herself, outside of the door. Maybe he thought of them as intimidating. Frost saw something along the lines of embarrassment in his silvery blue eyes. 

The door to the boy's bathroom creaked open just enough for the boy's figure to slip through and stand outside. 

A boy around the same age stood just in front of the door.  Frost stood just to the left of him. He was at least a couple of inches taller than the ginger. The blue tint in his silvery eyes matched the ones that peeked behind the door earlier. And just like Frost, the boy had a face full of freckles. But the concerning issue was his hair. A nice fair shade of blonde and quite a bit curly, and it probably would've looked very nice if it hadn't been the way it was now. 

His fingers were quite literally tangled into his curly locks. No wonder he sounded worried.

"Oh goodness." Frost breathed, her hazel eyes growing a bit wider after looking at the mess of his hair. 

Well, guess we didn't need to wait for a boy to help him out. He came out on his own accord.

"The second option is I can cut your hair," The Ravenclaw girl who introduced herself as Luna said, holding a pair of scissors."Uh, hold on a minute! Surely his hand can't be that stuck. Just remove each finger one at a time." A fellow Hufflepuff, a nameless blonde girl, stopped Luna. "I think the best thing to do would be to untangle your fingers one by one. Is that okay with you?" The third voice chimed in, a Slytherin named Bella, added onto what the blonde girl was saying.

The boy had a bit of a crimson tint on his freckled cheeks. Seeing his state made her caring instincts act up.

"Hey," Frost spoke in a quiet tone, making her voice as smooth as she could. "You're going to be alright. We're not here to hurt you." The ginger looked at all three of the girls. "Can you tell us your name? It would make it easier to communicate with you." 

She kept a space between them as she spoke, trying not to scare him or make him anxious. Looking at him in the dim light of the hallway, Frost noticed that he wasn't wearing a scarf. 

Now digging in her leather knapsack, the small girl spoke to him, "You must be cold, no? I mean, you don't even have a scarf on." Rummaging through her bag, in between the books and emergency objects, she found it! Her extra Hufflepuff scarf. 

She held it up to him, the yellow and black fabric soft and wooly against her fingers. Frost cleared her throat. "I don't know if you have anything against Hufflepuffs, which I don't mind, but I couldn't just leave you freezing." The ginger looked up at him and smiled her small smile.

"I'm Frost, by the way," She spoke, still holding the scarf up to him. 

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