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Time After Time  PV Leola Thrussell   Closed 

Wandering the halls of Hogwarts late at night was something that she did too often. This time she hadn't actually planned on coming out, which was a first for her. Usually she snuck out. But on this occasion she had fallen asleep in the library after hours of studying for her Astronomy homework,the subject she was failing.

Cursing under her breath, she ran as fast as she dared through the corridors. Her ears strained to hear any other noises in the castle. She shuddered as the thought of the Masked Man came into her mind. If there was any time she didn't want to run into him, it was now. It would be just her luck if she was to find him, or if he was to find her.

Turning another corner, she quickened her pace. The quiet unnerved her. She was half expecting to hear footsteps following her around the castle as she made her way back down to the dunegeons. The downfall of having the common room ar the bottom of the castle was the spookiness. She had noticed it the first time she had made her way down there alone. The shadows seemed to jump out at you and you went past them. There were so many twists and turns you could get lost easily. It would be the perfect place for an attack.

As she reached the end of a corridor she heard footsteps behind her, or in front of her. Sounds seemed to echo off the walls so easily in the large castle. Her walk turned into a run. She was desperate to get away from the footsteps that seemed to echo everywhere. Turning another corner she saw someone standing at the end of the corridor. Stopping dead, she held her breath. She couldn’t quite make them out in the dim light. Looking around, she decided that if it was indeed the masked man she would simply jump out the window. She wasn’t bothered by the fact she was two stories high, or that she might break at least 5 bones in her body, if it really was him she was sure they someone would find her body hanging from the ceiling in the morning if she stayed where he was. No one could be sure what he was going to do next, and she didn’t want to risk anything.

You see? Even death has a heart.

Time After Time  PV Leola Thrussell   Closed 

Leola woke suddenly lying in a seat next to a window. It took her a while to gather her thoughts and realise were she was. Everything around her was dark, she remembered sitting down on the seat to have a rest from running from class to class but she didn't remember falling asleep. It was so typical of her.  Then something hit her,  She wasn't allowed to be out in the corridors at night especially now with the masked man walking corridors. Filled with panic she started running towards the common room.

Until she heard footsteps somewhere they were slow at first but then started to get faster. Leola's run turned into a sprint. She sprinted down the corridors trying as fast as she could to get to the common room but the footsteps kept getting closer. She rounded a corner only to stop dead, someone was standing in the middle of the corridor. Leola froze she was so full of fear that she couldn't breath properly and all the running didn't help either. "H-h-hello" She stammered "who's there"  When she didn't receive a reply she took a step closer trying to see who was standing in front of her.  She took another step forward and saw some familiar features "Bella?... Is that you"   


Time After Time  PV Leola Thrussell   Closed 

Edging towards the window, she heard a familiar voice. "H-h-hello. Whos there" She sighed in relief as she recognised the voice. The sound of a footstep echoed through the darkly lit corridors. A second later a voice spoke. "Bella?... Is that you" She moved back into the center of the hallway before whispering her reply. "Yea, Leola, it's me. She flinched as her voice echoed slightly in the hallway. They would be in trouble if anyone stumbled upon them, and dead meat if the masked man found them.

Running forward, she launched herself at her best friend. She hadn't noticed before but she had been shaking, and she couldn't identify whether it was out of fear or cold. Hugging the girl, she spoke. "What are you doing out here? We shouldn't be out this late. Especially with the masked man out and about." She pulled out of the hug, looking at the girl. It wasn't like Leola to be out this late. She was sure she had never been out this late before.

"I fell asleep in the library, I was trying to study for Astronomy. You know I'm failing." She said, offering a quick explanation of why she was out so late before the second girl could answer. Isabella was eager to get back to the dorms, she didn't want to hang around for too long. It felt weird being out this late, no matter how many times she had been out before.

You see? Even death has a heart.