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Tell me the Truth or the Fat Lady gets it..  Close 

"Which one of you told," Erin snapped.

"WHICH ONE OF YOU IS THE RAT!" Her voice cracked and echoed down the halls.

"Tell me or the fat lady gets it," she threatened.

This strange conversation had been going on for several minutes, there was a cacophony of noise - mostly distressed pleas. The muddled murmurs were for the most part lost to the rest of the student body, it was early in the morning and many students had yet to rise. 

She had just spent the last 2 weeks in detention. In Lear's detention none the less! The man was a monster, regardless of what those pudgy rays of sunshine want to claim. There was no way she should have been caught, that deuce in front of [random professor's] door was untraceable, the only way that the truth could be made known is if there was a rat among the paintings.

Large black marker in hand, Erin's hand hovered over the face of a pudgy woman with frizzy red hair and far too much blush. That painting was not her first victim and quite possibly it would not be the past. A monocle was drawn on two, mustaches and beards on three others, fangs and giant lips on two more. 

Erin was in the process of interrogating... Paintings?
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Just a trick of the lighting they said...

Tell me the Truth or the Fat Lady gets it..  Close 

There he was, walking through the corridors three floors away from his dorms because again, he got lost, he knew there should have been much closer, but as clueless as he is, he simply cannot find his way through this castle. Already at he shifting stairs, he got a couple of flights down as he suddenly heard a distant voice, possibly female and seems to be quite intense. Before he knew it, he was already making his way over towards the origin of said voice, his curiosity taking over, sort of an auto-pilot for his feet and at that point, it didn't really matter to him, he simply wanted to know, what is that.

It didn't take him long to see the girl with the green vest and the slick black hair yelling at the wall, menacingly waving around some sort of a black object in her hand. He started picking up his pace and then it broke into a run.

"Hey! Its you!"

He shouted in a bit of an excitement, he haven't seen her in quite a while, definitely wondered what she was up to this whole time, probably sinking more pebbles. He quickly covered the rest of the distance and he found out what she was yelling at, it was one of those magic paintings of the moving variety.

"W-why are you yelling at the painting, they cant hear you... Can they?"

He really didn't know, they might as well, or maybe it was just like his father used to yell at their TV when watching a show, the TV would never respond but he would do it nonetheless, he never quite understood why they'd do that, but maybe now he could find out.

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Tell me the Truth or the Fat Lady gets it..  Close 

Well, there was a small racket going on down the hall, to say the least. It was a little disturbing on his walk to the Great Hall for some lunch. It was the kind of racket to make the boy stop and think about what school he had really gotten accepted into. As of today, it sounded like an insane asylum rather than a school for gifted wizards and witches.

So naturally, the strange threats sent Anatole's feet racing towards the sound, and when he came across a girl about his age, he stood there in disbelief.

"...the FAT LADY GETS IT!" Whoa, wasn't that a little harsh? Of course, Anatole was under the impression that she was speaking to actual people before he turned the corner. Then, he discovered the rather sad truth: the girl was threatening paintings; she was talking to sad canvases like the ones he had come across with Lucy.

From across the way, another voice. "Hey, it's you!"

"Me?" Anatole replied in the spur of the moment, suddenly realizing that it wasn't him that the boy was referring to. Instances like that happened all too often. "Oh, her."

"Well, you do have a point. Why so...harsh? They're just paintings!" Anatole hoped his voice wouldn't come out as some sort of whine, but it accidentally happened. He shut his mouth and let this apparently crazed girl reply.

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Tell me the Truth or the Fat Lady gets it..  Close 

The painting was not going to squeal. All for one, one for all and that bit. She kinda liked it, they were dedicated. It was stupid but sweet. She pressed down on the painting with the felt tip of her maker and in a rough, hard motion she gave the fat woman in the painting a thick unibrow that united one temple to the other.

"This is getting nowhere," she grumbled through gritted teeth. She let out a huff through her flared nostrils as she reached up and lifted a painting from the wall. The painting would cry out in protest, it was the painting of some sailor-looking chap with an eyepatch, a crooked potato nose and a clean shaved face. It would have been a better cliche if he had a bushy salt and pepper beard but who was she to judge art? Well, just today she became an artist, so she was somewhat a judge now as she saw it.

The wire on the back of the painting would be relieved of its hook. The painting was heavier than she thought. "We are going to go on a field trip -- how familiar are you with the abandoned bathrooms upstairs?" Erin had missed her calling, as an interrogator. 

Then she heard it, someone coming. It was probably one of those damned goodie-goodie Prefects, back to send her to detention again. Didn't they have anything better to do like kiss Professor Cazarez's Spanish @$$. Polish the DADA's professor's fetish shoes? Comb Professor Lear's back hair?

 Then that weirdo Gryff would come dashing in. She met him once a few weeks into the schoolyear, apparently he got lost entering the school. Chased a butterfly or some **** and was lost on the ground for a good week or two before he found his way to the giant castle on the top of a hillside. "Shut-up," she warned as she flipped over the painting she had taken from the wall and let it face the grey stone.

"Oh hi... Al... berto?" She could not remember his name. He was just some blonde red coat schmuck as far as she was concerned. Too dumb to get anything more than a wide-eyed stare so not really worth her time sadly. She got part of it right, that was an accomplishment he should be proud of if he was bright enough to to realize.

And there was two of them. Another red coat. Was she near their dang hive? She was

More witnesses it would seem, she did not know the boy. He looked soft around the edges. "Yelling, what yelling?" Really bad lie, sure. But it was worth a shot! "I did not hear any yelling. Did you hear yelling?" Her lie was too dumb even for these two nitwits, sadly she too was only eleven so the easiest means was still the best means.

Of course they had heard yelling. They had heard HER voice yelling.

Then there was the paintings. All these paintings of rats. Would they admit her crimes as well. **** yes.

In a chorus they would beseech the attention of both Anatole and Alex. About the massive deuce she had taken in front of a nearby Professor's office. How she was punished for her terrible crime. How she had come back to seek revenge. Erin would sneer at the paintings, her childish face sorted into a terrible visage. She was frustrated, but moreover she was angry and it felt so ****ing good.

It was too late, the paintings had already told. They were going to tell again... 

Guess she is going to have to make sure that there is no witness this time.

It was harsh wasn't is? **** no. But for the sake of conversation, for the sake of moving on and hiding the bodies she would relent. "Gosh," she took a few deep breaths. How did this go again. Make a weird face. Did it appear contrite? Embarassed? No, it looked somewhat constipated if anything. "I never thought of it like that," she lied. "I am super sorry... but these paintings are liars and they were bringing the worst out in me."

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

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It somehow slipped from his attention, there was actually another person there, he wasn't sure if this guy was there the whole time or arrived around the time Alex did. By the time Alex has already arrived the girl from before already scribbled on the painting it'd seem and while both Alex and Anatole reflected on how odd it was she would speak to these paintings, it seemed like the most obvious thing to her, at least from Alex's prospective. She would try to dismiss how there wasn't yelling before, but he knew what he heard, it might be early... Really early, and it might he might have heard it from afar but there was definite yelling.

Upon further consideration, he started to doubt himself though, was it all in his head and he somehow managed to stumble upon that place by mistake? Maybe it was, he might still be half asleep. Regardless of that though, the paintings started to bicker, they started to say some things about this girl vandalizing professor's offices, or rather near their offices, about how they are being vandalized as well, and now it seems like one of them got flipped by her. He has encountered these sort of people before, but for whatever reason he also thought of this fairly random girl he had seen only once so far as a friend, and if anything Alex was loyal to a fault.

"Are these things supposed to lie like that? What sort of sh** they are spewing at you? I don't get it"

He didn't know who to believe, but it didn't matter to him, his friend was being obviously bullied by these pictures, just thinking about it made it seem incredibly absurd, PAINTINGS, REALLY?? He swiftly looked towards his fellow Gryffindor

"Did YOU see her doing any of those things?"

His tone was almost accusing rather than questioning, the response wouldn't even matter there, be it confirmation, denial or being as clueless as Alex is about the whole situation, he'd find a way to twist it around to work in his favor, at least in this instance he had to make it so.

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Everything had already grown into a confusing blur of shouting that Anatole wished his curiosity hadn't gotten him into. He was exhausted and starving...what was with these people who grabbed his attention? Why were they worth more than the food in the Great Hall?

The girl was growing annoyed all of a sudden, and Anatole could partially see why. Yes, it's frustrating to not get what you want...but becoming enraged with paintings? That was even more strange. And yet, he heard a wild uncharacteristic cry and assumed that it wasn't the boy, whose back was to him for a quick moment, and it clearly wasn't the girl. Then, he noticed it was the painting itself...

Anatole was quite flabbergasted, trying to control himself (unlike the other two). The girl finally spoke of something supposedly logical. A field the abandoned bathrooms? Anatole had learned that bathrooms were partially abandoned, but restrooms particularly designated as abandoned? That would be fun. "I'm honestly nowhere near see, I..." His voice drowned out as his attention shifted other places.

And suddenly, it delved into chaos once more at another comment from the painting. Mobs of "Shut ups!" and eventual cursing. This caused Anatole to take a few steps back. More screeching from the girl and protests from the boy.

And suddenly, this..."Alberto" turned and addressed Anatole.

"Did YOU see her doing any of these things?"

"Me? What...uh..." Anatole lost track of where the conversation went. "I technically didn't see her doing anything, but I doubt she'd just scream to herself! Yeah, you might seem a bit like the type who would do that, but---" Anatole cut himself out. He didn't want to offend whoever this girl was.

And for once, he was playing the straight man.

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She had to think quickly. What was she going to do about these two and the paintings? Eyes were everywhere. The gears in her head were turning. What would a goodie goodie like them do in a situation like this? 

Find a teacher and cry like a *****.

That was pretty much all they had. There was a problem with benevolents such as them of course, an out for people like her if they were willing to dig a little bit deeper. She would...

"Are these things supposed to lie like that? What sort of sh** they are spewing at you? I don't get it"

Oh wait, that actually worked? She would look at Alex dumbfounded. He is really that dumb? H-How?She was not going to correct him. Why would she?

"Well they did!" She insisted. Well, she lied. Still confused by the fact that he was on her side and partially wondering if this is a trap of some sort. 

The bathroom, anywhere without windows really and a single means of entry and egress. Easy enough to barricade with a suit of armor, breaking the knob or somehow jamming the lock. Yes, she had a plan. It was not a particularly good one but excellent plans are rarely determined on the fly. Eventually they would get back out and she would be punished then, but she was still a child and she had not considered taking things a step further. Not yet in any case.

"I technically didn't see her doing anything, but I doubt she'd just scream to herself! Yeah, you might seem a bit like the type who would do that, but---"

Erin shot him a look, she was perfectly sane arguing with these-- yes, arguing with herself, she was going to keep with that. "I did not do anything, these paintings are just crazy!" She complained, of course with a choir of protests and accusations regarding the marker in her hand. Oops the marker that was on the floor now. "I just found it here," she grumbled. She was a liar, and at the moment not a particular convincing or good one at that.

She needed to get the attention off of her. Another lie to cover up for her previous lie? Maybe. Perhaps she could return to PLAN A. "But I thought I saw someone run off that way, if you are super interested in chasing trouble," she gestured to the right down the hall. "Not that you gotta believe me," she shrugged. She was bluffing of course, lying through her teeth but that would not matter in a couple of minutes. "Think he ran into the Abandoned Toilets down there."
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Oliver strolled along the corridors, hands in his pockets, a little bit of a penguin sway with each step. He smiled as he looked around, wandering through the corridors. He didn't have any friends, after nearly 10 months here, nobody sticked around for him. Humming quietly, he walked past a door and then stopped and looked at it.
"I've never been in here before..." he quietly said, speaking to himself with a tune. He strolled in, entering the abandoned toilets.

Oliver looked about, it smelt a bit in here, but no smell could put him off eating a chocolate frog. And that's exactly what he was about to do!
His mouth begun to water and he sat down in a cubicle on a closed toilet. Opening a chocolate frog, he begun moaning in excitement. When the little sugary amphibian was released, Oliver immediately caught it. One of his few skills was being able to always catch chocolate frogs. He turned it towards him and spoke in a weird grumbly noise from his throat. To Oliver, the conversation went like this:

"Hey there, Mr. Yummy!"
"N-no! Don't! Don't eat me!"
"I have to, you're so delicious!"
"Please! I'll do anything, anything!"
"Even if you could give me all the galleons in the world, you're too tasty to let go. I'm going to eat you!"
"No! NOOO—!"

And the frog was gone. Just like that. Oliver sat and chewed happily before packing away his rubbish into a pocket that seemed to be crammed with chocolate frog wrappers. He put the card into another compartment, checking it later.

Getting up, the small boy with now some chocolate on his lip, looked around once again before preparing to leave.

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Alex was surprised to hear what his fellow Gryffindor had to say, unlike Alex, he was blunt about it all, basically said exactly what Alex was thinking, still this complicates Alex's position quite a bit.

"Would she though?"

He promptly replied partially speaking over Anatole, he didn't like acting like that, it felt a bit forced but he was in a complicated position nonetheless. He actually didn't notice the girl's reaction, well, expression at the very least, but it seemed like she simply went with it. Accusing the paintings to be crazy, well, they could be or she could be lying, though who wouldn't lie in her position, if he was caught after doing a prank, he'd denie everything too, nobody liked getting into trouble, that's how it goes. Simple as that. He shifted his attention to her as she continued, now saying that the real culprit has ran off towards the bathroom... Bathroom! That's what he wanted to know, how he can get to a closer one without traveling several floors from his common room. A good opportunity as ever.

"Well then, how about we go catch the culprit then"

He was fully aware that there was no other culprit, the whole trick with the dropped marker could have worked if he haven't seen her waving it around a minute ago as he arrived. Still, putting the location of the bathroom aside... Which he might forget all about 10 minutes after leaving it, as usual, still seemed like a fun thing to do, so he might as well humor her by chasing this mystery culprit around the castle for a bit before heading to get something to eat.

"Are we waiting for someone else? Comm'on, lets go!"

He urged everyone else to start moving, it didn't seem like they would otherwise, he didn't know how much Anatole would have known about this situation, well, he seemed fairly smart, he would probably know whats going on too.

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And sadly, it was still chaotic. So much screaming in such a short amount of time was getting to Anatole and basically ruining his vocal chords from all that shouting. He wished he could stop it, but didn't really know how. The other Gryffindor screamed over his words, anyways.

With a sigh, he let the other two have at it. Once there was a quick moment of silence, Anatole chimed in. "So... you're saying it's the paintings' fault...and not yours? They were the ones making you scream?" Keeping his gaze steady on the girl, he inched toward her and the paintings, cautiously investigating them both. The paintings refused to move in front of the boy, but yes, her case held true...for now. "Well...sure. I'll take it."

With a heavy sigh, Anatole then watched the marker drop, rolling across the floor. It was a pleasant distraction from all the vulgarity of the situation. It was black and supposedly harmless, but with a girl like the one he saw, anything could happen. "What kind of person would just leave a marker in the middle of the corridors?" Anatole placed his finger and thumb to his chin, trying to think. He looked back up at the girl, curious to see if she would admit or not.

The Abandoned Toilets? What? There even were abandoned toilets? That surely seemed like a haven for trouble! The boy had re-entered a state of gullibility, falling easily for the girl's plan. "What? Where? Lead the way!"


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Erin had no idea that some fat **** was eating some chocolate on a busted *******. She was simply placing a thread of doubt in the back of their minds, she was the obvious culprit but there was an inherent issue with the goodie-goodies, they loved their second chances, sense of justice and proof. She gave a counterproposal and they were going to feel obligated to oblige even if the logic seemed implausible. 

The plan was simple, stupid but briey effective: lock them in and theu would not be able to rat her out. A terrible plan because eventually they would be gound, even if it took a day or two. Once found, she would be in trouble for the additional offense. She was taking the painting she was interrogating with her, one less witness she reasoned.

They agreed, as she hoped and expected. With a lopsided sly grin she would lead the way if the adventurous, brave and gullible guys did not beat her to it. The door would swing open with a forceful and wide swing. "The wack job has gotta be in here somewhere! Check the stalls!" She shouted with more drama than strictly necessary. She would scan the room, the wall for something to use as a barrier to lock them in. She was encouraging them to check the stalls, to enter first and then never in her childish mind.

But plans change...

As if by providence, a stooge, an unfortunate fall-guy, some random fat dork would meander out of one of the stalls. Thinking on her feet quick she would point her little finger at Oliver and shout "there he is! IT IS HIM!" No need to lock these white knight schmucks in, she had a better story in mind.

She would rush poor Oliver, attempting to push the student back into the stall from which he exited. She would attempt to tackle him like a football player, her head low and likely in his ribcage. Her hands gripping his jacket and the seat of his pants unless he somehow avoided her with enough power and force to drive Oliver into the tile wall, cracking and dislodging tiles.

Her goal: to overpower him and stuff his head into the toliet bowl that was hopefully flushed and clear of contents. Otherwise, he can bob for chocolate frogs.

Note: all hits optional. Any hits on me, consider a success. Low evasion and luck suffice.

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

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Oliver wiped his chocolatey fingers, still chewing as he slowly made his way to the door. God, it's stuffy in here... He slowed down as the door opened and a pack of students entered. A Slytherin, usually bad but Oliver was hoping that it'd be fine. He took about one step before realising it wasn't. She was pointing at him and shouting. His stomach curled. Why him? Why always Oliver? He groaned in sad frustration as he knew his destiny. His arm reaching for his wand but he was too slow, he didn't even get close to it. She gripped him and he was too weak to do anything but slap her back with the lightest, most ridiculous whacks. Before he knew it, her strong arms had pushed his head into a toilet.


This... this is actually quite refreshing...

Oliver pretended to resist so she'd give up on him, but the young boy was enjoying the cold water cooling him down. The smell wasn't very strong but thank the lord it wasn't two stalls down, Oliver had left a stinker in there a week ago and it was really starting to stench the room, the flusher incapable of dealing with it.
He waved his arms and yelled as the water washed over his face and hair. This was definitely the best bullying Oliver had ever received. Wedgies, locked in dark rooms, homework stolen right before class, you name it, few things haven't been done to Oliver by now.

He cried out, grasping Erin's ankle and holding onto it, trying to pull away. "H-HELP!"

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To Alex's surprise the other Gryffindor was actually enthusiastic about all of this, he wanted to tag along, eagerly. Unlike Alex himself who was pretending to be excited about all of it, odd, maybe the kid had the same idea as him and started pretending too? A fun game for sure, but still surprising. They headed out, following Erin through the corridor aligned with screaming pictures and after several turns and twists they got there. Alex trying his best to make a mental image of how they got there, but he already had forgotten, surely he will do better on the way back... Surely. With a wide and forceful swing Erin came in busted in, pausing for a moment and then started yelling

""there he is! IT IS HIM!""

"What? What does she mean 'its him'? Wasn't she behind all of it to begin with? I thought we were chasing an imaginary vandle to make her feel better.."

That defiantly took him by surprise, he didn't even consider an option where she'd actually throw the blame on someone else, thinking back, that might have been the plan all along which flew right over Alex's head. Then again, even if it was actually him, how would he be able to get there so fast? Was he rolling the whole way? Is that a thing? He reluctantly entered the bathroom, he wasn't consciously hiding his reluctance as much anymore, just sort of forgot.

"Um who--"

Before he could finish his thought Erin darted in and pushed the somewhat rounded kid into one of the stalls and started shoving his head into the toilet. Alex rushed after her, stopping by the entrance and just staring. It took him a while before he actually understood what was going on, was this girl always like this? If he really was the culprit it'd be one thing, it'd be justice but, he wasn't, clearly wasn't! Alex took a step in attempted to grab onto her shoulder, the one with the arm that forces the kid's head into the toiler and pulled against it, hard.

"Hey! That's enough, so he ruined some paintings and pooped in front of some professor's office, so what?"

He caught himself telling her off, his expression at that time, for a brief moment flashed with anger. His father used a term once before when when he was much younger 'Tough Love', Alex still not fully comprehending what it means hoped that it was exactly that, maybe this way she'd see that she has done enough to the poor kid. Alex's face settled back and went back to its usual relaxed state, his expression no longer flaring and his eyes are no longer budging. He cleared his throat.

"Lets get out of here, I'm hungry, are you hungry?"

He tried to resolve it peacefully, he tried to show her that he's still on her side, he was a bit concerned to see what the other Gryffindor would do now that everything started getting heated, he didn't want anyone to get into trouble nor did he want this to escalate any further, though knowing himself he'd probably get into way worst trouble if this presists

[[OOC: Whether he'd succeed on stopping Erin or not, he'd still say the same thing]]

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Like noble yet completely gullible steeds, the three of them set off toward the bathrooms. Anatole watched everything with prying eyes to make sure that something even more unfortunate did not occur if he had his back turned for only a moment. Once again, this girl was dangerous. A force to be reckoned with (and to mess with paintings, apparently). With a sigh, he followed along swiftly, noting that if he could handle Anita Norwood, he could handle whoever this little devil was.

And a devil she was.

Anatole wasn't sure how to define it himself, but there was something sinister...but also innocent. It was only playing, right? No serious harm?

"There he is! IT IS HIM!" Quick to the chase, the girl launched herself at the poor chubby child. Anatole grit his teeth but didn't dare interfere. They were like puppies and would only tackle each other for fun...right?

Well, what a coincidence. The chubby one got tossed into a stall himself and blabbered off a scream for help. Anatole had never experienced a so-called "swirlie" in his young life so far, and was thankful it hadn't occurred as of yet. He just hoped all the contents in it were already flushed. The stench of the abandoned bathrooms made Anatole choke and wished he had never entered or turned around that corner or found that girl fooling around however she liked. It was all too dangerous.

Placing his shirt on the bridge of his nose to block the smell, Anatole realized he had no choice but to break it up for the good of the both of them. Following the other Gryffindor's tactics, the tan one charged into the stall and grappled the other shoulder, daring to reach toward the boy to pry her fingers from his clothes. "Let him go already. Not kidding!" With white knuckles, he tried to coordinate his efforts with the other one. Hopefully, it paid off.

[insert Anatole/Alex's success of prying her off or eventual surrender (Erin, I'll let you decide Anatole's success/failure)]

Exasperated, the boy fell out of the stall a little nauseous. The other boy changed the subject once everyone caught their breath. Food...FOOD? Food at a time like this? Food at a time where Anatole was on the brink of puking his guts out into one of these toilets from the sheer smell of this place? "God...I...I wish I could eat..." He couldn't help but lie down on the musty, moldy floors. "...but I'm tuckered out."

It was a good excuse, really, but the last thing Anatole wanted to do was eat.


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OC: You know I hate winning, Alex.

She did not expect to find anyone else in here. This was meant to be.

Erin rushed poor Oliver, the little girl made a better linebacker than wizard. Oliver folded beneath her, a token thwack to the back that she barely felt. Bullying was an instinct for the girl, cliches were banal acts and for her this was simply a logical progression of events. She was half done with dunking his head in the drink when she realized what she was doing. Of course a revelation was not a deterrent as her fingers knotted into his hair and she pushed him down harder into the water. 

Oliver pretended to resist...

The kid was F'd up.

Slimy, potentially chocolaty hands wrapped around her ankles, granting the boy the leverage to pull his head above the water line. With a gasp of air, a splash of water that made Erin instinctively recoil but not release him. It was long enough for the Ravenclaw to get a mouthful of air and cry out for HELP.

Alex seemed to consider swirlies a form of justice for the 'guilty.' But culpability was relative in the Slytherin's mind. Everyone was guilty of something, she felt no remorse or regret but she was a selfish, short-sighted little girl.

"Hey! That's enough, so he ruined some paintings and pooped in front of some professor's office, so what?"

Alex shouted, she did not know him well enough to identify the sharpness in his tone but she felt it, That flare of enmity that washed over her, albeit brief made her toes curl. She felt something. It distracted her, her grip loosened on him, her weight still on him but she was not well-balanced. Well, that was just an excuse really, something that she was going to tell herself to make her feel better. Alex had grabbed hold of her shoulder, he was almost as strong as her which was somewhat uncommon. Anatole would grip her other shoulder, with their strength combined Erin had no chance. 

"Let him go already. Not kidding!"

Anatole warned. She did not get the same feeling from Anatole that she got from Alex, still a novelty of course. She felt or at the very least perceived concern, trepidation and exasperation. With a violent motion she was ripped off the unfortunate youth, a splash of awful water hit her face causing her stomach to churn and her gastric contents to nearly revolt. She would swallow back the bitter bile as she wordlessly fell into them and more than likely crashed into the floor. She was dizzy and disoriented for a moment.

"That was neat," she exhaled. A strange reaction to being ripped off a fat kid that was being bullied. She was not looking at either of them, in fact she was looking past them as the residual passions she felt from the both of them throbbed a few moments after. Their intervention was hardly a discouragement, she reveled in their reaction and the intensity of their sentiments. "That was fun," she unintentionally slipped without realizing. Her head ached, had she hit it on the way down. Probably.

"Lets get out of here, I'm hungry, are you hungry?"

As quickly as Alex's temper erupted, it receded back into whatever hidden place it shot out from. It was disappointing, she loved it when they got mad. It meant something mattered. It eliminated the sense that she was simply a watcher, even if the experience was still via a proxy. She wanted more, her avarice knew no bounds. By now Oliver would have likely surfaced and for some strange reason these two boys seemed intent on protecting the fatty. 

"God...I...I wish I could eat..." 

Anatole was not interested either.

 "...but I'm tuckered out."

A platitude for an excuse. Everything went from a boil to a tepid pot within seconds. It frustrated her, an emotional addict. She did not see this as Alex trying to give her an out, of course as far as she was aware he had the insight of a soulless, thoughtless suit of armor and the acumen to match. "But-- HIM" she complained with outstretched finger as she attempted to get her bearings.

Just a trick of the lighting they said...