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Pastry Boy  PV   Closed 

A small boy stood anxiously with a basket in his hands, he's been attempting to make a good impression by going around to offering other students home-made pastries, giving them a big smile, and perhaps a compliment if he can manage. Lyrell told him this is how she made quite a few friends from her days. It all started with a few pastries and a warm smile. Of course, Lyrell was always more of a charmer than he'll ever be. It was something about her carefree attitude that hid the fact she didn't speak very well that sets the two siblings apart. Despite her heavy accent, she seems to be able to hide it behind her loud, maybe even a bit cocky, attitude. She always held herself high, even if she felt the worst. She didn't let anything get in her way, not even a language barrier. For Marco though, it seems to be the exact opposite. He's shy and timid and makes himself seem smaller than he already is. He can't hide how he stutters and trips over his words or play it off like she can. The way she speaks like it's nothing, even if he himself can catch her make mistakes sometimes as well. Oh, how he longs to have such confidence, how he wishes there was just a bit more Gryffindor in his Hufflepuff veins. Maybe then it wouldn't prove to be such a task.

Many were kind enough to accept his pastry and warm smile, even going as far as to compliment him or his baking briefly before carrying along on their day. Others though didn't give him the same comment, throwing statements like 'what's up with your voice?' 'you sound weird' 'your voice is silly'. It makes him want to curl up and give in, but he knows he shouldn't. Despite their rude nature, some still accept his offering and pass along. It's very stressful for him to do.

Carefully, Marco approached another girl, a Slytherin girl who looked to be around his age. He doesn't know what it is, but Slytherins make him nervous. It's not like he dislikes them, or thinks that they're evil, no, not in the least bit. He knows that some of them are actually good people. But it's their aura hat makes them a bit... intimidating. But he still smiles though, holding out his basket towards her. "H-hallo! I'm Marco, would you like a pastry?" He said brightly, though the words sounded mechanical, almost rehearsed. Though a bit of his accent definitely shined through, especially with the words 'hello', his name 'Marco', and 'pastry'. It's those 'a' sounds that are getting to him.
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"Podnimat'sya, chtoby (To Rise, To Concour)"

Pastry Boy  PV   Closed 

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Ava had a bad day.
First, a D in Defence Against the Dark Arts, then two As in Herbology. Herbology was her favorite class and she was getting only Os and Es so far. She knew that she will have o tell her sister about this, and her sister had high expectations, especially when it came to herbology and potions, mainly because she was the best in those classes when she was a first-year. Ava was not only sad because of the As, but also angry because of her sister repeating it all the time. All. The. Time.

It wasn't hard to guess, that she was quite annoyed when someone tried to talk to her. Therefore, when the innocent boy offered her a pastry, she wasn't the nicest about it. She barked at him before actually seeing what he offered and trying to smile and ignore the fact that she was in the probably worst mood possible. She took the pastry and thanked the boy before noticing an accent she wasn't familiar with.

"What's up with your voice? You have an... interesting accent. Are you Polish? Polish and Ukrainian accents sound pretty similar. Maybe you're Russian?" she asked. Maybe too much at the same time, but she was curious, especially since she knew basics of Polish. 

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Pastry Boy  PV   Closed 

It seems that Ava and Marco have something to relate to in terms of older siblings. While his sister doesn't expect him to get good grades, he expected himself to get good grades because she did. Lyrell, despite being in the same shoes as him in terms of not knowing the language very well in her first year, still passed with flying colors. Marco on the other hand, even with the help of Lyrell's old notebooks from her classes, is still not getting grades like she did. He's very disappointed with himself over it, despite Lyrell's constant reassurance that he was going perfectly fine, and shouldn't beat himself up over it. He doesn't seem to follow that very well, it seems. He just wants to be as good as her, though seems to fall flat most of the time.

He flinched at being barked at, his smile wavering and his heart beating in fear of the girl, though he seemed to relax a bit when he accepted his pastry and thanked him, in return, he said a small 'no problem'. His smile once again brightened. Too bright, Marco, you're going to scare the poor girl off.

"A-ah, yes! I am Russian. Not many people recognize it." He stated nervously. "What about you, you from around here?" He asked the girl.

"Podnimat'sya, chtoby (To Rise, To Concour)"