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A Question Worth Asking  PV Dmitri Jones   Closed 

Kyden leaned up against the hidden entrance to his secret passage he had found recently. He was waiting for someone it was quite obvious. From any passerby he also appeared to be talking to himself. In fact he was talking to himself. Kyden was extremely nervous. He stood there wringing his hands. 

"Come on Kyden it's not that hard it is only a few words. Dmitri, would you go to the Blossom fest Ball with me. It seriously is not that hard. Yeah but if he says no there goes that friendship. The first friendship you ever made at Hogwarts. Come on just do it!" Kyden muttered to himself. He wasn't crazy, just extremely nervous. Dmitri was after all his best friend. He stared down at the floor for a few minutes and sighed. He looked up as soon as he heard footsteps and looked around. 

Kyden stood slightly taller. He was trying to make his very short self seem taller, though that was very unlikely. He watched a few people pass by and let out his breath that he hadn't even realized he was holding. Alright he could do this. He could ask Dmitri to the Ball. He looked towards the end of the hall and started sweating as he saw Dmitri round the corner. 

"Alright it's now or never"

Kyden Zarye Goodlow // Editor for the Slytherin News-magazine //

A Question Worth Asking  PV Dmitri Jones   Closed 

Dmitri looked at the wall clock then the door, and proceeded to continue wearing grooves down on the Slytherin Common Room's carpet. He has been pacing for the last few minutes, fretting and anxious about only one thing--The Blossom Fest Ball. 

There has only ever been one person he has been meaning to ask, and this person just so happens to have asked to meet him somewhere in the castle today to show him something he had found. It's like the universe conspired against Dmitri--pushing him into a prime moment where he could ask him out to the dance. Lining up a sequence of events that could end up with the raven-haired boy losing one of his friends--one of his few friends, that is.

Kyden Goodlow.

Dmitri stared at his reflection at the Common Room windows at probably his 274th lap of just pacing back and forth. He patted his face with both hands and groaned. You could do this! You have never not capitalized on something when an opportunity presents itself. It's Kyden for gods' sake! If he's ever gonna let you down, at least he'll let you down gently.

At least he hoped he would. Nothing is ever really certain in these kinds of situations--either Kyden has already found a partner or he hasn't but just doesn't see himself with Dmitri as his partner... Argh! Running his hand through his already-ruffled hair to set it in hopes of being at least presentable, he steeled himself and slammed the door on his way out of the common room.

Throughout the long walk to the corridor Kyden asked to meet him, the raven-haired boy has already thought of 89 different scenarios where this thing could go massively wrong. And when he saw the said boy right at the end of the corridor watching him expectantly--another hundred presented itself in his mind which was running several miles per second.

He smiled a shaky smile and waved awkwardly as he walked closer to the other boy. "H-Hi! You had something to..." He swallowed thickly, " me?"

Behind his back, he was crossing the fingers of his other hand.

Alright, it's now or never.

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A Question Worth Asking  PV Dmitri Jones   Closed 

Kyden watched Dmitri craw closer and smiled. Then his smile quickly turned to a frown. He could tell something was bothering Dmitri. He wish he knew what it was so he could fix it. After all Dmitri was his best friend. His one true friend truthfully.

"Something bothering you?" Kyden asked as Dmitri drew closer. He looked the boy up and down. Something was most definitely bothering his friend. "Actually hold that thought," He said as his friend opened his mouth to talk, "Let me show you something first. Then we will have all the time in the world to talk."

Kyden then turned away from Dmitri and towards the wall, he took a torch of the wall which quickly replaced itself. He then pulled down on the new torch and a doorway in the wall swung open. He turned back to Dmitri. "Follow me." He walked inside of the secret passage way in the wall.

After the two boys were inside the wall Kyden turned and sealed the doorway up again. He was always extremely careful. He didn't want to leave any traces of the passageways that he found. He had searched for these and he didn't want others to just quickly find them because his own carelessness. 

Kyden turned to look at Dmitri once more his confidence being to falter. "So what has you so bothered.

Kyden Zarye Goodlow // Editor for the Slytherin News-magazine //

A Question Worth Asking  PV Dmitri Jones   Closed 

If Dmitri's mind was full of 189 worries and scenarios of what could go wrong--as well as a heart that slowly started to beat in an erratic pace--just as he neared the smiling Kyden at the end of the hallway, it was nothing compared to what he felt when the smaller boy apparently noticed his distress and called him out on it.

Several beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he started to stutter. "I--I... Th-There's..." By this time his hand were starting to feel clammy and his knees weak--and all the time, he wondered if the other boy could hear his heart jackrabbiting a million miles per hour in his chest.

If only people could see him now--angsty, bitchy, asshole Dmitri is quivering in his figurative boots because of a boy smaller than him. The usually well-spoken--albeit a more than a little barbed--Slytherin was rendered speechless and stuttering. 

It was quite a sight to behold. And it wasn't exactly a sight the raven-haired boy was particularly proud of.

He was saved from further embarrassment as Kyden interrupted him. 

Dmitri let out a breath that he didn't realize he was holding and sagged in relief--only to freeze up once more when the smaller boy led him into an isolated passageway and closed the doorway behind them.

Kyden.. And I... In an enclosed space... 

Dear God, I think i'm going to faint.

Dmitri suddenly felt so... Hyper-aware. He could suddenly feel how alone they both were. Here, in this secret passageway, it was only just the two of them. Every breath the other boy took, Dmitri swears he could feel on his skin. Every movement and every sound was amplified--and if his heart was jackhammering a while ago, this time, it was doing a Miley Cyrus and smashing a wrecking ball through his chest. The Slytherin boy had to hold a helpless hand through his chest to make sure it really wasn't breaking open with how intense his heartbeat was getting.

Dmitri had to conceal a little squeak as Kyden spoke suddenly into the silence.

"O-Oh..! I! Nothing! I'm... I-I'm perfectly fine! Wh-why do you sa--wow! What a nice s-secret passageway th-this is, Kyden! H-How'd you find i-it!"

Mentally, Dmitri had to facepalm. If he was going to change the subject, he had to at least be smooth.

But this boy right in front of him flustered him to no end and he did not even know why.
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Dmitri Kazimir Jones | Second Year Slytherin
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A Question Worth Asking  PV Dmitri Jones   Closed 

Kyden walked into the passageway until it opened into a wide room. He sat down and looked around. He smiled at Dmitri. "Sit," he patted the spot next to him and waited. He swallowed and looked over at Dmitri once more.

Dmitri was his best friend. He didn't want to do something that would jeopardize that but at this point it was now or never. Kyden wished he could travel back in time a few hundred years. Back then being 11 almost 12 couldn't have been this hard.

"So Dmitri I have something I want to ask you. I wanted it to be different than this but I just I have to do it now before I back down and just let sleeping cats lie." Kyden set down his bag that had been slung across his back and dug through it. He found a folded up paper and handed it to Dmitri. Once Dmitri opened up the paper he could see that it was a drawing of himself (Dmitri) and at the bottom of the page a question was scrawled out. "Would you go to the Blossom Fest Ball with me? Lots of Love Kyden"

Kyden sat extremely still exhaling slowly waiting for a reply. He looked at Dmitri and waited. It felt like he had been waiting forever. All the worst case scenarios started running through is head. He was just waiting for Dmitri to laugh in his face or worse tell him he didn't want to be friends anymore when he heard Dmitri take a breath as if he was going to start talking. Kyden looked at him hopeful.

Kyden Zarye Goodlow // Editor for the Slytherin News-magazine //