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Treats For All!  Closed 

Dakota grinned as he walked around, humming softly to himself. The plan to make friends was going more well than he thought, to the point he didn’t want to hide in his dorm anymore. He managed to get some ingredients from the the Hogwarts house elves, and decided to practice baking like he would back at home. The fact he was home sick was a tad bit obvious-and after days of thinking, he finally found a way to have fun here. He was currently walking through the corridors, smiling to himself as he held out a tray of freshly baked cookies, of all variety. Sugar, chocolate chip, brownie-all of their scents combined to form a warm, homey one that filled the corridors. Dakota inhaled deeply to calm himself  for a moment before calling out, “Samples! Get your free samples!’

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Treats For All!  Closed 

Sally was walking back to her dorm when the scent of fresh cookies invaded her nostrils. She looked up and saw a boy carrying around cookies.

Oh wow, seriously? Could Hogwarts get any better?

Should she take one, or not? She really wanted to, but the words of her mother came back to her mind. Sally's mother would never let her have stuff like this. It was supposed to be unhealthy for her, so she would tell her to swear off all such sweets and junk. Sally was generally obedient, but food was her weakness and sometimes she couldn't resist. So she had cookies, but only once before when her friend brought it to school.

And now that she was in Hogwarts, she could do whatever she wanted, so why not?

She immediately rushed towards the boy. "Can I have one?" she asked, almost timidly. The chocolate chip ones looked really appealing. "Did you make these? They look so good!" 

Sally was only now discovering her rebellious streak. She had broken so many of her mother's laws within a few days in Hogwarts. But everyone was so free here, and she felt that now she could never go back to being her old self.

All of a sudden Sally realized that she had been looking at the cookies all this while, almost greedily, and hadn't even introduced herself. "Umm I am sorry, I am Sally, hi! What's your name?"

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Treats For All!  Closed 

‘Please, please, take something,’ Dakota thought to himself, being quite desperate for someone to come along  and snatch a cookie, even if it was done so rudely. He stopped and sighed to himself, about to head for the dorms when he saw a girl in the corridors, his heart lighting up. With a grin on his face, he took his chances and called out again, “Free cookies!” He exclaimed once more, looking at the Ravenclaw only once, he wanted to avoid appearing rude. 

He could notice that she was hesitating, and if he wasn’t so patient he’d move on, a relaxed sigh escaping from his lips when he finally noticied her heading towards him. “Yeah, I did, the kind folks in the kitchens helped me.” He responded with a shy voice, an eager expression plastered on his face, “And of course you can have one, take as many as you want, I can always make more.” He didn’t think of the girl’s desire to rather eat cookies than talk to him as rude at all...who wanted to talk to him?

Extending his arms, he allowed the girl to take any variety and any amount of cookies she wanted, his cheeks flushing a light pink, “Oh, no need to apologize-they are cookies after all! I’m Dakota Parker.” He responded, relieved that he didn’t have to be the one to start the conversation. 

You would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies~

Treats For All!  Closed 

Walking down the corridor, I smell this smell. A smell that reminds me of home. The smell of sugar cookies. I look around frantically trying to see where the smell was coming from. I follow the smell down three different halls until I found the smell source. A kid, that I had heard his name was Dakota, had a tray of baked goods. Brownies, sugar cookies, chocolate-chip cookies, so, so many sweets! I walk up to him as he yells, "Free cookies!"

"Um...May I have a sugar cookie? I'm Alecks, and they smell so, so good and they reminded me of home, so like, sorry for going into a emotional spell, but yeah...May I have a sugar cookie?"

I look up at the face of the one who is handing out the baked goods. 

'He some what looks like a little kid, but at the same time I feel that he should be 2 or 3 years above me. Um...weird but cool! I wonder what house he is in...'

"Um...excuse me sir?" I say timidly as I nibble on a cookie, "What house are you in? I was just curious and...sorry if I passed a line for a stranger..." 

I turn and start to walk away from the student holding the tray of baked goods.

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Treats For All!  Closed 

“And of course you can have one, take as many as you want, I can always make more.” Did the boy really say that? How can he resist cookies like that, having them right in front and not eating all of them.

Then he pushed out the tray, showing off all those wonderful delicacies.

Sally wanted to pick out one of all flavors, but she hesitated. After all, there were others wanting these cookies. She picked out a chocolate chip cookie and one that looked like brownie flavor.

Meanwhile, the boy was introducing himself. "Thank you so much, Dakota!"

Nibbling at the chocolate chip cookie, Sally was transported to the first time she had ever had cookies. These were better than those. It shattered in her mouth into a tiny little pieces, the chocolate so heavenly, and in moments, it was all gone.

She wondered what Dakota would think, seeing her eating the cookie the way she did. A big goofy smile probably covers her mouth.

"Mmm these are so yum! How do you make these? I would love to learn," so I can eat as many cookies as I can in all meals of the day, she thought to herself.

Curiouser and curiouser

Treats For All!  Closed 

Dakota noticed that another Ravenclaw was walking up to him, making sure the tray was accessible for everyone, “Yes, yes, of course you can! Take as many you like, I have another tray in the kitchens!” He exclaimed, “I actually made these cookies because I felt homesick.” He admitted, there were 5 rows on the tray, there being at least 25 cookies in total, every 5 being different. For example, there were 5 chocolate chip cookies and 5 sugar cookies. “Nice to meet you Alecks, I’m Dakota!” He exclaimed, “And I’m a Hufflepuff.” He responded, now raising a brow when he realized Alecks was walking away. He wanted to say something but decided to keep his mouth shut, he actually thought he was going to make more friends but he supposed he shouldn’t get so excited. 

Turning to Sally, he looked expectant, wondering how she would react. He made his homemade recipe, making sure to make it so accurate, fournately having the ingredients to make the chocolate from the chocolate chip cookie melt in your mouth as soon as you bit into it, almost like a lava cake. He hoped that she would like them, he made sure to put an even amount of sugar, so that it wouldn’t be to unhealthy. “You’re very much welcome! You can have all of them if you want-I don’t know how many other people will come around here.” He chuckled softly, his cheeks becoming a light red, “Oh, well my grandmother taught me! She always says that if there’s a whisk then there’s a way-so why not make cookies with the help of the house elves? They seemed to like it after all!” He added, a grin now appearing on his face, “Oo, maybe I can start a baking club-but I would need help of course.”

You would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies~

Treats For All!  Closed 

Adohiro smelled something extremely sweet, it didn't remind him of home at all. He grew up eating traditional Japanese and Korean sweets but guessed it was cookies. He walked closer to the smell, he was ready to eat his first cookie. His eldest brother who raised him after his parents died was strict about what he ate, but of course, he always snuck sweets growing up. He then reached the plate of cookies and a brown-haired boy holding the cookies. He noticed there were different kinds and he wondered which one to take. "Hello, I am Adohiro Moira. Thank you very much. May I have please one." He spoke with a small customary bow, but he then realized this wasn't Korea or Japan. Why the heck was he bowing, it was a hard habit to break. Once Dakota said he could take a cookie, he took the chocolate chip cookie. He began to nibble on the cookie, sweetness outpoured on his tongue and it was quite good. "If you made these, you're an excellent baker. Thank you." He replied and soon the cookie was all gone. The chocolate was gooey and warm when he had eaten it and he kind of craved for it more. 

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