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Bloom waddled out of Charms class with a heavy head. They were given quite a bit of research homework and she was not ready to do so much study time- at least not by herself. With her crisp brown eyes, she saw that she was not alone. There were other students coming out of the classroom with an overwhelmed thought bubble in their minds. Bloom had some time to spare before her next class. She decided to go downstairs to the second floor in the corridor.

Walking towards the moveable staircase with her satchel on her shoulder and three textbooks in her hand, she headed towards the stairs that had already moved and she knew it would be safe to go down. Skipping every other stair, she made her way to the bottom and looked around. There were plenty of other students chatting among themselves. Bloom made her way past the Slytherin's and towards the other Ravenclaws.

Maybe we can come up with something that can bypass the time, she thought to herself. Bloom was always full of adventure. When she came up to the other Ravenclaws, she had the biggest smile on her face. Even though she did not know so many Ravenclaw's well, she still felt at home with them -- they were her soul housemates. "Anyone else think the Charms homework is ridiculous?" she asked them, trying to start a conversation.
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Lucille Stoatland got herself out of the classroom too, heaving a stack of books with almost problem.
"The load is ridiculous..." Lucille stood herself next to Bloom, which she sub-consciously decided to join in. "It feels like heaving tankards of cow's milk, but unlike cow's milk," Lucille's face pales. "Charms is so complicated!" Lucille whimpers to herself.

"Anyway... No point being too disappointed, I'm sure we can help each other right?" Lucille smiled, trying to give the mood some positive air. "I am at least glad that we have a small break after Charms, so we at least can shove some of this horrible homework aside..." Lucille then holds her stack with one hand as she rubs an itch.

"What was homework again? I'm so used to farm life I keep thinking it is time to shear the sheep or something along those lines..."

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Vee clutched her bag strap firmly, as if it would run away if loosened. She found it convenient to have people she can simply walk around with from one class to another. It was after Charms, a subject she dislikes due to her magic - it was still uncontrollable, a force that seemed to want to be used and let go of. She's heard of a past student that shared her affinity for making things explode. She slowed her walk to allow a few of her classmates walk beside her. "Anyone else think the Charms homework is ridiculous?" She heard one of the girls ask. Bloom is her name, she reminded herself.

She gave a non-committal shrug and responded quietly, "The papers aren't a burden, really - I don't think so. But it would be easier if it wasn't required to be able to put them into practice."

The other girl, Lucille, whined beside them - but immediately regained her composure. This amused Vee and gave the girl a soft smile. "I'm sure we can help each other right?" Lucille asked. "I am at least glad that we have a small break after Charms, so we at least can shove some of this horrible homework aside... What was homework again? I'm so used to farm life I keep thinking it is time to shear the sheep or something along those lines..."

"A two-parchment essay, to be able to explain the variations of Lumos and its origins." She replied. "For extra credit, discuss a variation you would add - should you ever create one and why. It shouldn't be too hard, if only it wasn't due in a week." Of course, it wasn't as if Charms was their only subject. 

All that stops you is fear. Do not allow it.

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Bloom was glad that she was not alone as to how intense Charms was today. The worst part was that this was one just one homework out of many more classes. Although Bloom was never really that great at studying because all she wanted to do was to think of fun games to play outside and explore, she had to live up to the name of her house, Ravenclaw. In Ravenclaw, there was no such thing as a day without studying either by yourself or with others. You just had to because according to Bloom, it was expected.

Bloom believed it was worth a try get her fellow Ravenclaws to do something fun. Her overactive imagination began to run wild of such fun things that they can do instead of studying and by luck, Venice reminded them that they had a week to do their assignment. That should be enough time to do something today and start tomorrow..., she thought.

"Why don't we do something fun today? We always study...," she said, testing the waters. "Like, why don't we go swimming in the lake and see how fast we can race each other or play with the owls in the Owlry?" she asked, her mind flooding with idea after idea.

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She rests her cheek on her palm, considering Bloom's suggestion. She didn't want to be behind any class, and there was a lot to do - but also enough time to do it all. Barely, but there was. It would easily be faster for all of them to work together through their tasks after having an afternoon off for themselves - they were Ravenclaws. She looks at the girl, rather fascinated by her eagerness and lets off a sigh.

"Sure," She tells her with a soft smile, "You can have me this afternoon."

Her face turns serious for a moment before adding, "On one condition, we will start on our work tomorrow. Also, I will agree to this if we all agree to help each other on our homework."

They don't always have the same classes, but perhaps they can finish which classes they do have together faster. She'd hate it if an afternoon off would be the reason why she'd stress for all her classes in the succeeding days. There should be a balance, of course.

"Now, if we agree..." She loosens her hold on her bag, and gives the girl a smirk, "What exactly did you have in mind?"

All that stops you is fear. Do not allow it.

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Lucille sighed, homework was going to be a bit tough. The girl was used to be knowledgeable on other things but Charms was one of her weaker subjects. To think of the variations of Lumos and to think of a brand new one, Lucille is going to have her work cut out for her.

The Stoatland listened to the suggestion and raised her hand. "I'm in too!" However she puts her hand down seeing how serious Venice went, but Stoatland had to agree, it was for the best. Turning to Bloom, she wonders what they would be doing this fine afternoon.